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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lucky620lucky620 Posts: 26
    I found that Paul Miller/Essex Honda came in with the lowest internet quote and was helpful in my negotiations, (in person), leading to me buying my 08 V6 w/Navi, auto coupe last week at Garden State Honda, (Rt 3 West, Clifton, NJ) for $27,300, no dest. charge, only after charge was the NJ Tax, (around $1900), $299. dealer doc fee, $255 NJ DMV, plates and Reg.

    I found that Hudson Honda was above sticker on an internet quote, DCH Honda in Paramus was $28530 + $635 destination, $199 Doc fees, NJ Tax, NJ DMV fees.

    Ended up at Garden State for purchase mostly because of the salesman and closeness to home. Route 23 Honda, (found them to be a pleasant experience and willing to work with me), almost had the deal but Garden State beat them by $200 plus threw in 1/2 price on Honda Factory Remote Starter.

    The advantage of the online prices is that you have something on paper to work with if you are going to enter face to face negotiations. I backed up my online quotes with phone calls to those dealers to see if they were true quotes.

    PS: if you are considering the extended warranty you can get them online from a couple different Honda dealers for almost 1/2 price. I got a 72/120 0 deductible for $815 from Reportedly this is coming to an end at the end of the month when Honda stops all dealers from selling online.
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114
    Just curious..What they cover in extended warranty? Is this something useful. I have AAA membership.

    btw I'm going tomorrow to pickup V4 EX-L with Navi..
  • lucky620lucky620 Posts: 26
    A ton of people say it is not worth getting but I look at it as if I am keeping the car for a long time and with all of the computer, wirings, and gadgets, ie; navi, I would like to be safe. After all I pay for my life insurance every month hope that I don't have to use it!!!!!!!!!!!
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114
    1st 3 year are covered by Honda for the same stuff....Right?
  • danesidanesi Posts: 11
    Last week in February paid $23250 incl destination charges at Boch Honda in Norwood Ma for exl 4cyl with auto wo nav. Even better, rec'd $18250 trade in on 2005 Odyssey exl with 47000 miles.

    This is my third Honda from Boch. If you do your homework, and go prepared, it results in an honest deal.
  • jaxs1jaxs1 Posts: 2,697
    The extended warranty isn't really comparable to life insurance.
    They more aware of the risk the "computer, wirings, and gadgets," failing during the window of time before the Hondacare expires, yet also after the factory warranty expires than you are, so you are not outsmarting them by buying an extended warranty.

    However, if you are buying an extended warranty because it makes you feel better, rather than as an "investment" that you expect to come out ahead on, then you should at least pay as little as possible so you minimize how much money is being thrown away.
  • gmitch7gmitch7 Posts: 7
    Thanks to this forum I was much better prepared to negotiate with the dealer. After requesting "Internet Quotes" (Few quotes mostly stock emails saying we have cars come in and talk ;) ) I went and talked to three dealers (Including one with the Costco plan) Closed the deal at Rusty Wallis Honda Dallas (Shilo at I635). Great people, more up front/honest than most that I have dealt with. Although they add a claimed $150 Metroplex Dealers Association Fee (Edmounds makes no mention of this fee.) Details = Diamond Pearl White Accord EXL V-6 including Dest, $26,501 plus $200 for what they said was $1200 worth of adds (Trunk Mat, Pin stripe, Wheel locks, Door edge guards, Mud Flaps) Total sale price $26,701 + 1907 TTL = Total Out Door $28608. Hope this helps someone else. Thanks!
  • lucky620lucky620 Posts: 26
    The factory warranty that comes with the car is good. Good luck and enjoy the car!
  • jwendlerjwendler Posts: 4
    I got a quote from the internet guys at VIP honda on Route 22 in North Plainfield of $24,854 for the EX -L no navi + 269 doc fee, 635 dest and 7.50 for tire charge.

    I am going to see if I can get the price of doc fee lower and price of car lower.
    Is this a good price. Its below Consumer Reports price for the car or Edmonds.
  • jrkflajrkfla Posts: 21
    you should be able to do better, i got 24.0 offer and did not even negotiate. I think invoice is 23.7. doc fee is rational, many are trying to charge 600$. plenty of dealers in NY metro area
  • jwendlerjwendler Posts: 4 states that a doc fee of over $100 is basically an attempt by the dealer to get the money they are giving you on the deal back.

    I would try to get them to lower the doc fee
  • jwendlerjwendler Posts: 4
    I just counter offered at 24,500 with doc fee of $180. CR stated that the invoice price was $25,541 + destination of $635 for a total invoice of 26,176

    They then deducted $842 for the dealer holdback to get a CR Bottomline price of $25,334

    I have asked for $25,315

    So should I go lower you think or is it too late
  • billtetzbilltetz Posts: 7
    According to Edmunds the invoice on an EX-L V6 w/ no Nav is $26,051, including the $635 destination fee. Are you perhaps talking about the 4 cylinder? I might be willing to drive from FL to NY for the kind of deal you describe for an EX-L V6!
  • billtetzbilltetz Posts: 7
    jwendler: I don't know if its too late, but I do think you'd be getting the EX-L V6 no Nav at a darn good price at $25,315. I believe even your earlier quote totaling $25,766 is better than most on this site. Somebody posted a while back from Washington, D.C. saying he or she got the car for somewhere under $25,500, & I have made a small down payment to hold a car to be manufactured & delivered later this month for $25,113 ($25,412 with the dealer fee).
    I'd pull the trigger on this deal.
  • parvizparviz Posts: 484
    Unless it is an old lot (sitting there for about 3 mos.) there is no sane reason for the dealer to give up his holdback just to sell you a car. You can check that from the manufacture date stamped on the door . Otherwise, at or below the invoice would be the most likely best quote you'll get and indeed a decent price.
  • sunnfunsunnfun Posts: 168
    If that price is for a 4Dr EXLV6 no Nav then that is a steal and I would go buy it right now. Just make sure that don't try to add on the accessories like mud flaps, etc.. to get some of the money back.
  • wgorillawgorilla Posts: 20
    gmitch, thanks for the info. I'm in the Dallas area. Is that without Nav? I'm assuming so. My wife wants the Diamond Pearl White, also. One person I've been exchanging e-mails with at John Eagle is trying to tell me that color has a premium of an extra $1500 associated with it. Yeah, sure whatever. heh heh
  • abhikuabhiku Posts: 114
    So today was the lucky day..I was going to Bellingham to pickup my car (90 miles north) then Renton honda called me when I was on the freeway just to take exit for Bellingham. He told me color I was looking for is actually here (was waiting for 2 weeks). I took exit for Renton Honda immediately.

    Inspected the car date on the door 02/08. Miles 5. Color silver with gray with Nav. have already splash guard & wheel locks.

    I said I have quotes of $500 less of invoice & one email of $300 less than invoice. Got approval from his manager & agreed for $300 LT invoice immediately..No BS..No Games.

    Price of car $25750 (Including dest) + Title/lic. $214 + Tax 9.2% in King county WA.

    I purchased all season mats & trunk tray for $301..I know it's little higher than online price but if I add this to car price it brings to $26051 (invoice price of car that includes 4 accessories). I was happy because all dealers I talked to giving me invoice price NO accessories. I think its good deal & I'm happy with car.

    Just for WA state potential are the review of WA dealers I dealt with in the past 2-3 weeks.

    1. Hinshaw honda in Auburn..they are rude, arrogrant & AH people. wasted my entire day. after make me wait for 2 hrs..Rob Preston - new car sales manager said his best price is on the sticker & can't match any price..BS..I asked him why don't he take sticker __ & start licking it and I walked away.

    2. Bellevue honda in Bellevue. They did show the attitude while price matching but was agreed to match price with Trunk tray for add. $100 dollar. I took the delivery of car but having two dents+scratches inside the driver door. Call my bank to stop the payment & return the car after two hours...I said Honda can't ship the car with these dents without passing the QA checks.

    Renton Honda..No games, very nice people. In the end, they were asking for my SSN number, I was paying with check. Talked to their GM (very nice guy, he wan't rude like other dealership in WA) & he did talked to his finance team & boom deal done.

    I have seen good review of Renton Honda inside my company forum ( I worked for large company in northwest) but today I witness that good service.
  • personatechpersonatech Posts: 105
    Are there colors that dealers seem to be more willing to offer at great deals? For instance, I've noticed our little local dealership (Alan Vester Honda, Roanoke Rapids, NC pop. 16,000) has two White Diamond Pearl V6es (one having been on the lot for at least 2 months) and another small dealership about an hour away has 3 of the same! Is the WDP proving to be an unpopular color (personally, I like it) :confuse: ?
  • I made a deal but I have question.

    I tried to get loan but I have financial problem so I decided not to buy any car.

    but the problem is I signed for purchased document and deposit 250bucks

    I dont mind to waste 250bucks since it's not refundable

    but im seriously wondering if I dont purchase the accord, I would get any serious problem or be in really big troble..

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