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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 665
    Yeah, if he gets his price AND his first color choice, he'll definitely be a happy camper. I know some dealers will offer an alternate color choice on an in stock vehicle and knock a few hundred off if they don't have your first choice.
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  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Sorry i did not post earlier. Both dealerships i talked with pretty much danced around price. If your not telling dealership your buying right at that moment your price is usually vague like i got. Bayridge honda never got back to me. We were at 600 below invoice on your model. Told them 1k below gets sale.

    S.i. honda sold me a EXL v-6 Back in Feb for $775 below invoice price.

    New Rochelle honda internet price is selling at almost 800 below on the lx models.
    I would wait til the end of the month and buy from New Rochelle for 1k below. You should call dealerships closer for this same price on june 29th. Telling each dealer if they wont meet the 1k below you are buying that day at New Rochelle.

    This is why i never make contact with dealers til the end of the month. You never get there full attention.

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  • vadcvadc Posts: 8
    So far the bext quote I got is : INVOICE (dealer) 26,300 - 1250 + 185 doc fees +tax/tag.
    Only porblem, they are asking to finance from Honda @1.99 for 60 months or pay 500 more. They have included the honda flex as part of price. I am still bargaining. If anyone see if this is best price or gets better than this, please let me know. Thanks
  • mycar6886mycar6886 Posts: 9
    Thanks a lot Brian.
  • inotanoobinotanoob Posts: 2
    Can u please tell me which dealer gave u 21.3k out the door dor accord sport mt?
  • sm31sm31 Posts: 2
    To be clear, the 21.3k was price + destination, so total ODT (with TTL) was just under 23k.

    But it was Superior.

    You might try TrueCar, as I did; guessing it returns a similar price, and I recommend the experience.
  • mzamborinimzamborini Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    Hello - looking for the expected price I should pay OTD on a 2013 Accord Sedan EX manual transmission. So far I have a number of $24,216.30 - OTD from a local dealer, but they said they would need to 'will locate vehicle for you at this price'.

    Just want to stay local, and get good price in Milwaukee area.
  • inotanoobinotanoob Posts: 2
    hey man can u please shoot me an email at trickmaster1020 at ya h 0 0? i needed to send u a private message ?

    anyone here in maryland bought a accord sport 6speed manual black? how much should i pay on the road price for maryland?? min and max for a good deal including all sorts of fees they charge tax title destination PLEASE REPLY! and a dealership name would help!
  • desismomdesismom Posts: 6
    Hi! I really appreciate all the tips and advice on these forums.

    I understand the process of how to arrive at a good price for a car whether it's before tax and fees etc. or out the door price.

    Please explain how to then negotiate for a good lease term. Thanks!
  • jborelljborell Posts: 2
    Last night we purchased a 2013 Accord EX-L (Sedan, CVT transmission, no navigation) from Brown Honda in Toledo, Ohio. Financed for 36 months through Honda at 0.9%. Best price within 45 miles. Modern Steel Metallic, Black leather.

    Price $25,500 (that includes destination)
    Doc Fee $250
    Title/Tag $33.50
    Subtotal $25,784
    Tax $1,738.13
    Total $27,521.63
  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 165
    Your monthly lease payment is based on a formula involving the length of the lease, residual percentage of the model, money factor based on your credit worthiness and the actual cost of the car. The cost of the car is the only one that is negotiable, the others are set by the leasing company (suggest you stick with Honda Finance and avoid third party leasing companies). Since you indicate you know how to negotiate the price of the car, all you need to do is decide what other items you want to put into the lease rather than pay upfront such as the $595 lease inception fee, TTL, etc). I generally recommending putting everything into the lease since anything you pay at inception is lost if the car is stolen or totalled in an accident. Of course, you should learn the leasing formula( the dealer can tell you the residual pct and money factor or you can probably find it in the leasing forum), and plug all the numbers into your calculator so you can keep the dealer honest.
  • joelv88joelv88 Posts: 7
    Received a quote through the internet department for a Sport 6-Spd Manual, Modern Steel, and it seems to be about $800 below invoice. Any advice on a counter-offer?


    $ 24,180.00

    Dealer Invoice

    $ 22,350.00

    Your vehicle price

    $ 20,592.00

    Destination Fee

    $ 790.00

    Window tint

    $ 299.00


    $ 21,681.00

    State tax fee

    $ 1,355.06

    Document fee

    $ 189.00

    Title fee

    $ 44.50

    License fee

    $ 65.80

    Inspection fee

    $ 23.75

    Deputy fee

    $ 5.00

    Inventory tax

    $ 48.91


    $ 23,413.02
  • jeffrey27jeffrey27 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info. Can you tell me which dealerships to try and or avoid? Are you negotiating with the internet manager or just any sales person? I'd like to know if the 2013 prices will drop much when the 2014s are for sale.
  • The best quote I currently have for a 2013 Accord EX-L (black, 4 cyl, no navigation) is $24,900 plus tax and title. Any thoughts on this price? Thanks.
  • azsunny67azsunny67 Posts: 1
    edited June 2013
    I am looking to purchase a '13 Accord EXL sedan automatic, without navigation here in phoenix but the dealers are pretty firm on their $26K + dest., tax(7.5% or more), tags, license, etc. Anyone here in Arizona been able to get the accord cheaper than that without a trade in? How about Southern Cal? Am willing to drive there for a great deal.
  • samilpzsamilpz Posts: 4
    Im in Los Angeles, Ca what should I be aiming for otd price on a 2013 accord sport cvt? Our tax rate is 8.75
  • pjl52pjl52 Posts: 26
    What are the last two days of the month when the last day of the month falls on a Sunday? Some dealers are open on Sunday others not. Also, in general, do "internet managers" work over the weekend? In other words, how to play June 2013?

    Thanks! Phil
  • buyer157buyer157 Posts: 40
    Hi - lots of info earlier on in the thread on this. I'm going to pick up my white sport this week on long island NY...and have a friend doing the same in NJ...our experiences were similar.

    After using the great information and tips on this forum, here is what I arranged:

    Sport with mudflaps installed, all weather mats, wheel locks, cargo tray and all first year maint. included for 200 under invoice + 500$ flex cash. Dealer took off all prep, delivery, etc. charges. Doc fee is 75$.

    So 22929 - 700 = 22,229 + 75 doc fee +TTL.

    Will finance at .9% for 36 months.

    Truth be told, I feel like I could get this for another 100 or 200 off if I traveled far and wide and waited another week. But I've asked other dealers to beat it and they can't (at least right now).

    Buying close to home by a dealer with a good reputation is probably worth the extra cost. This was the sales person who took me on three test drives.

    And do consider the cost of the accessories. If you want to protect your vehicle you will want these things...even if you go onto EBAY and buy non honda parts, you will still be paying 100 for good mats and 100 for a cargo tray. Mudflaps are as low as 60$ , but to have a shop install them is another 60-80$.

    So all in all, with these accessories and 1 year maint (and they are NOT included with the sport) I'm at about 600 below invoice + the 500$ flex cash. You can probably do a little better, but probably not much. Bigger savings on the LX right now...there are lots of them.

  • jatanjatan Posts: 92
    Then the 2 days before Sunday (Fri & Sat)
  • pjl52pjl52 Posts: 26
    It has been advised to deal with internet sales managers or a manager authorized to deal over the phone. So is it typically true that these sorts of folks work on Saturday?
  • nw_lanw_la Posts: 6
    I'm a 1st time Honda Accord buyer (soon to be). I'm going to buy a 2013 LX model. Does anyone know when the 2014's are coming out? Won't the 2013's be reduced at that time?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,261
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  • I'm looking for a 2013 Accord Coupe - V6 - Manual -

    I was just quoted:

    Base Price 28800
    freight: 800
    Doc: 200

    Is this a good price? To be honest, this kinda blew my mind...I was expecting it to be more like 26K.... I definitely can spend a dime over 27K (Base).... Am I just dreaming? Do I just need to look for another car then?
  • mycar6886mycar6886 Posts: 9
    Hi Buyer,

    Glad to hear your follow-up. Could you please share the information of the dealership you are going to buy from? Thanks a lot.
  • huskerfan5huskerfan5 Posts: 165
    They all work on commission so they wouldn't miss out working on a Saturday when its busy. Keep in mind that some dealers have several people dedicated exclusively to internet sales while others may make the most most junior salesperson the "internet manager".
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896

    Have not heard from you did you get my email.

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  • x88ox88o Posts: 2
    I live in VA and just got my new Accord EX back. Finance with Honda, after the 500 flex cash, my OTD is 23250, 22968+TTL-500. It was purchased in a MD dealer.

    Hope this can help others.
  • zazizazi Posts: 5
    Your OTD is $ 23616.4 That's correct?
  • juliankryejuliankrye Posts: 51
    I think tax is still to be paid, no?
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