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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 3amadors3amadors Posts: 10
    edited July 2013
    I'm sorry for the experience. Don't know what to say...See if they get you the car tomorrow or early next week at the latest. EOM is too long to wait! I don't know if you can back out since they have your trade in.

    I got a quote for $24,899 on exl (I'm, sure it includes destination) + fees. I really do not know what it would take to have the car delivered to you, just a thought.
    The Sport was $21,929 (includes destination) + fees. Probably not worth having the sport shipped.

    The dealer's name is Pohanka in Fredericksburg, VA...ask for Brenda.

    Good luck and I'm sorry for the hassle you are going through.
  • rouzbehrouzbeh Posts: 6
    I bought an 2013 Honda accord 2013 exl cvt for 24818 including 199 admin fee, does that sound good?
  • rsvrrsvr Posts: 21

    That is an excellent deal if it's OTD price.
    Please share the details of the dealership so that others can benefit too.
  • nomoretoyota07nomoretoyota07 Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Hey all, I just got offered a 2013 Honda Accord LX for 22,815 OTD. The price INCLUDES all tax, dealer fees, and tag/registration fees. Do you guys think this is a good deal??? Thanks for the input!

    Also, what do you guys think is a good price for an EX ot the door with taxes, dealer fees, everything included?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If i was putting addition alarm my Ist choice and one of the best car alarms is

    The Viper 5901 top of the line ....... $500

    My second choice depending on my budget and what exactly i need would be

    The Python 991

    You wont be disappointed with either alarm system. Both alarms have lower grade model systems.
    I know on the viper 5901 you could monitor your car and activity from your phone. Well worth it if you live in the projects or in the hood.

    The only problem i see with alot of these alarms is How and Where they are wired to your vehicle. Your vehicle has alot of high Tech features I would call honda and also i would speak with several people in the alarm profession 1st.

    A) If you live in the projects then you are most likely a low income family, i.e. falling under the governments definition of low income, and most likely will not have funds to purchase a $20,000+ vehicle.

    B)Having grown up in the Bronx, not the "hood portion" but it seemed that people from the "hood" would deliberately travel to our area to break into cars. I can tell you that no matter what alarm you have, they know how to disable it. So, if you live in the "hood" save the money you would be spending on the alarm, and park, in the under the building secure garage. However, that is not a guarantee either. Someone broke into the garage once, too. But, it was under video survelance, and they were cought. But, they did break into every single car (busted at least 1 window in every car).

    Having made the 2 points above, I will tell you, Alarms are USELESS. They are just noise makers, and no one is paying attention to them. Thieves will disable the alarm before it even has a chance to go off. The only people it will deter, are the kids, who are starting out as car thieves. They will quikcly learn how to disable any car alarm.

    Most cars these days come with immobilizers, meaning that they can't be hot wired. But, it has not stopped people from towing them with a rogue/stolen tow truck.

    If you live in a questionable neighborhood, you are better off getting into secured parking, and/or increasing your insurance coverage. Those are pretty much the only 2 guaranteed things.

    Speaking of insurance, back in the 90's, when I lived in the Bronx, full coverage on a brand new Honda Civic was $5,000/year, or 1/3rd cost of the car!!!!
  • ziggy25aziggy25a Posts: 24
    PLEASE, no more of the very off topic alarm discussion. Please respect the board's topic and stay on topic.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,574
    I work in the Bronx (the bad part, although its not as bad as it was back in the day) and agree with you 100% about car alarms. They are useless!

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  • Hello everyone - thanks for all the detailed information. This has been a very useful forum. I live in Atlanta, GA and can get the LX for $21,700 OTD. Due to my budget, I offered the dealership $21,500 OTD and walked away. Can I get some input on how good these prices are?

    Thanks in advance.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    You need to provide more info on your deal.

    Your states sales tax rate and amount
    Dealers doc fee's charge
    Any other charges applied after sale price on vehicle

    Then someone can help you?

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  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 665
    Blueiedgod did not initiate the discussion about alarms but I, and I'm guessing others found his input insightful, therefore useful to the readers of this forum - if you did not, you have the option to move on to the next post.
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  • xiaolinxiaolin Posts: 1
    edited July 2013
    Hi, I am in atlanta and I try to buy a Accord LX too. Would you please tell me the name of the dealership which give you the $21,700 OTD?

    Thanks a million.
  • happyman6happyman6 Posts: 4

    It is a great deal if it is an OTD price.

    Could you please share the dealer's information with us? Please include the dealership name, city and state. Thanks!
  • $21,700 includes $1421 of tax, $41 tag fee, and $699 dealer fee. Regardless of what it includes, $21,700 is the OTD price including whatever they want to include in it.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    edited July 2013
    If your OTD numbers are final at $21,700 for a lx model w/taxes included

    your deal is 1090 below dealers invoice. this is how i arrived at your number.

    Invoice plus /dest charge= 20,579 + 790= $21,369

    Sale price= $ 19,580 + 699 doc fee's = $ 20,279

    This is a good deal If dealer did not add flex cash money to your sale price. Most LX models are selling for 1k or more below invoice at this time of the year.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • rouzbehrouzbeh Posts: 6

    This price includes only dealer related fees, It says on the contract " the amount to be financed". They said that I will have to deal with the license plate and tax through Illinois (since the dealer is at Missouri). But they said they can add tax to it if I want to. Is this still looks good to you? should I pay tax through DMV or add it to my financing amount? Please explain.

    The dealer is westcountyhonda at St.louis Missouri. Try to chat with them online and you can get this deal.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    One quick follow up on your Accord alarm. most people dont add any other security to there cars except what the manufacturer gives you.

    Bluiegod..... makes some valet points on most cheap alarms especially years ago.. He fails to realize the new systems like the Viper has GPS tracking... Alerts you if car doors or anything is opened. Has both engine immobilzers and Ignition shut offs. Unless the crook can disconnect this alarm it has shock sensors so you cant Tow it or steal the wheels.. If you add the gas cut off feature it makes for a monster alarm. Good security systems may not always work. The key is to deter the crook on the time factor where its not worth the time and effort to get caught. This Alarm is a major headache for any thief plus the time factor its not just cutting a red wire to disconnect a sound alarm its multiple steps to find and disconnect and then starting car.

    Gas cut off valves, engine immobilizers, and ignition shut off systems are time consuming to steal.

    Just something else to think about.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • jplatt2jplatt2 Posts: 24
    Sorry, I have to agree with Ziggy. This is a Prices Paid forum. Not long ago I think this forum went off topic with cloth vs leather seats or something like that. I don't think those were appropriate here but at least it had something to do with an Accord. If you read some other forums, you will find some where they have gone completely off topic with the same few people posting back and forth. Yes, the alarm posts were informative and I learned something but it would be selfish of me to post a question off topic to take advantage of a large readership so I wouldn't do that and I hope others agree.
  • Hello all,

    I am looking for a 2013 Honda accord EX-L in the Pittsburgh, PA area. Has anyone purchased one , if so can you provide info on how much you paid? Are prices more negotiable now that the 2014 models are comming out in several months? I do not plan on financing the car so is there an advantage or disadvantage to this in negotiating a price? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  • Purchased my car yesterday and this blog was a great source for me to figure out how my shopping was going along so I thought I would share my experience.

    I was quoted by nearly all the area Honda dealers, but the husband of a co-worker, worked at one of the dealers, so I was really trying to get a deal with him at his dealership and to use the other dealers as leverage. I think I did pretty good, and am happy with my purchase. The dealer included the wheel locks, mud flaps, and trunk liner as well.

    Numbers before my trade-in looked like this....

    Purchase Price - $21,472.11
    Doc Fee - $299.00
    License and other fees - $119.25
    Taxes (7%) - $1,503.05

    Total OTD - $23,393.41
  • rsvrrsvr Posts: 21
    In my opinion that is still a good deal. If it includes tax too then it is too go to be true. If you are financing thru honda, not sure if they finance the tax amount, but you can give it a shot. If I was you, I would be all over that deal. Does the price include any accessories? If not have them include the accessories u like at dealer price. Good luck.
    I live in MO but 5 hrs from st.louis. I will get a quote from them and see if my local dealershp matches it.
  • I just got a quote from one dealer here in Los Angeles, CA for accord EX... The price is $23,000.00 plus tax and other fees....
    Just wondering what do you guys think? Should I go there and still try to negotiate the price or I'm getting a good deal here....
    Thanks for any feedback.... You guys are awesome here
  • mjk14mjk14 Posts: 12
    After months of research and hesitation switching from an SUV to a sedan, I finally pulled the trigger and made the purchase about three weeks ago. I already saved a bunch of money in gas and could not be happier with the purchase. Although the extra space of the SUV does help at times, you cannot beat the gas savings. Since I received much help from this site I would like to provide my numbers.

    2013 sport automatic, white exterior

    msrp- 24980
    selling price- 21947
    nj tax 7%-1536
    tire fee- 7.50
    doc fee- 359
    reg, 4 years- 301
    flex cash- minus 500
    total- 23651

    I was in contact with numerous dealerships and feel that I received a fair price being that I spoke with 2 managers who told me personally that they could not match or do better with this deal being that it was a loss for the dealership.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for the input Brian. Just to update: The dealership did not budge on $21,700 OTD so that's what I ended up paying for the 2013 LX. Luckily I wanted black and they were only offering this price on the black model. However, they were offering any other color for $22,000 OTD.

    If anyone is interested, I bought from Autonation Honda in Lithia Springs, GA. The salesman I worked with was Marion Yonder...very professional. Please mention my name - Pranav Patel. Thanks.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Good luck w your car.

    Oh ... Am i allowed to respond to this posts. seems like the 2 new members with 2 months in this forum have issues with a couple of off subject post advice.

    Sorry guys and thanks for your contrbutions here.

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  • jplatt2jplatt2 Posts: 24
    ok Brian. I will try to make a contribution to this forum. Here's my suggestion.
    Why don't you write one post with all your ideas about how to buy a car, and then just reference the message number when a newbie asks for buying advice or appears to be on the wrong track.
    You'd be providing the same great consistent advice but would do the rest of us a favor as it gets a little tiresome.
  • jplatt2jplatt2 Posts: 24
    btw, I did try to contribute via my original post. It was in response to your purchase. I asked for you to share the dealership but you chose not to respond.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    Sorry your post was overlooked. What was your Question.

    As far as me repeating my posts .. Believe me people will not go back and read 4 or 5 posts. Most normal folks can read simply advice and get a decent deal and not clog up this forum with stupid questions. Some need more help. Thats why many of us including myself post often. Thats what moves this board.

    You could go tru several other forums and none as good as this one. Why?? the contributors here post often and keep telling folks what they need to do.
    You take what you need from this forum buy or lease and move on. Then you wont be tired of reading buying advice posted over for different people.

    Blueiegod, who is a forum member for over 10 yrs in these forums has contributed in this forum with great advice to folks.. He responded to happymans' alarm question that i posted. Al thou i did not agree with some of his post it was Insightful and held some truths to alarms and new car tech and immobilzers. i agree the leather seat thing was a bit much but we dont need guys with no time in these forums posting move on when said poster ask for alarm help. Which in return generated 3 posts on it. And 2 were mine. Not 5 or 10.

    Please let us guys get back to helping this forum and stop worrying about a few posts off topic. Both those posts were Un called for.

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  • rouzbehrouzbeh Posts: 6
    Ok so I got my quote for EX-l cvt (25000+199 admin fee), so this price plus tax (6.5%) + other state related fees and 1.9% financing charge will be financed for 60 months. What other fees after that do I have to pay? My concern is about insurance, how is it gonna work?
    please explain!
    Thanks in advance,
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,896
    I always like to contact my INS. company first before i buy to see what the yearly cost is to insure said vehicle.

    To answer your question Dmv, plus your states tax gets you out the door. Unless this dealer tries to sneak in another charge on you.. Call and ask before closing the deal.
    Call your Ins. company and let them know you are about to purchase a new Vehicle. You need Ins. fax number so the dealership can fax over the buyers order with Vin number. In return Ins co. faxes back a temp Ins, card.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

  • Hi All,
    I just purchased 2013 Honda Accord EX-L V6 for $28,147 OTD at Pohanka Honda of Fredericksburg, VA. The following is the breakdown:
    27185 - Invoice Price(approx.)
    815 - Tax(approx.)
    128 - Title/Tags
    499 - Doc Fee
    10 - Out of State Fee
    I would like to know how I fared and if anybody has had a better deal/OTD price for the same model.

    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. - Please remember two things, if trying to buy at the dealer:
    1) AVOID Kristyn from the Sales Team. I would recommend Kingsley who was lot better to work with.
    2) Make sure you then agree in writing/email to give you the $500 flex cash if you qualify for financing through Honda Financial Services.
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