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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 5 oil change is 125, free state inspection is worth zero,
    Emissions is bulk of cost.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 365
    So far, most internet sales quote I have received on the Accord EX-L is around $25,500 with some dealers offering an additional $500 (on a first come first serve basis) if I finance through HFS. $25k is still above what I would want to pay. I was hoping to pay not more than $24.5k plus taxes, doc fees, etc...

    Do you think it will be a good idea to email some of the internet managers at dealerships I have already contacted at the end of the month or should I just call them up and state my price and see if they will bite?

    Since 2014 models are less than a couple of months away from release, when should I expect huge discounts on the 2013 models?

    Any advice will be well appreciated.
  • pistol45pistol45 Posts: 4
    Hi, What price relative invoice would you think a 2014 lx accord could be bought for in late Dec. Trying do decide 2013 in late August or 2014 late Dec. Thanks!
  • bender25bender25 Posts: 1
    I am looking for a particular Accord. All dealers that I've talked to and what checked in edmunds' inventory search shows that this dealer has 5 cars I am looking for whereas others only one. Should I be suspicious of this? These dealers are about two hours from me so I don't want to drive there for nothing. The dealer with 5 cars gave the best price so far, so I am somewhat motivated based on that. How can make sure dealer doesn't screw me over when I get there in person? Thanks!
  • Hey Brian,

    I would appreciate yours or anyone else's input. I am looking for the Accord Ex-L V6 w/ Navi and believe it is the Honda Clearance event at the moment. MSPR is 32,860, True Market Value said approx. 32k. Now with the clearance event, are you familiar with pricing? How can I calculate the best price during this time?

    Thanks in advance to anyone's input!
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    After calculating the dealerships doc fee's into your target price you should be shooting for 1500 below invoice price on most models. At worst case settling for 1000 below dealers invoice price.
    You could find model pricing on Edmunds home page.

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  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013
    Huge savings like 2000 below invoice... More towards the very end of the year. The bigger question is if i buy a 2013 model in Nov, or Dec, 2013

    How much did the 2013 accord model depreciate. On jan, 1st, 2014. it is now a 1 year old model.

    Is buying the 2013 Accord for 1500 or 1800 below invoice worth it in a couple of months.
    If you compare a 2011 Accord lx with 4k miles to a
    .....................2012 Accord lx with 6 miles here are your numbers

    2011 LX= $ 17,477 Dealers retail
    2012 Lx=$ 19,598 Dealer retail

    Going to re check my numbers against kbb, and galves

    Your Sale price on a 2013 Accord needs to be more than $2120 below invoice to recoup depreciation value not buying the newer model.
    If i'm buying its a no brainer i want the 2014 model.

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  • pootmapootma Posts: 2
    I did it by requesting specific config quotes through edmunds, then I got 5 replies, and after emailing back and forth, Keeler Honda had the deal I mentioned. Looks like the forum policy prohibit publishing the sales agent name. His initials is KH.
  • rsvrrsvr Posts: 21

    That post makes a lot of sense. 2014 it is....
  • Hi all,

    Just paid $23778.00 last week which includes destination in Michigan for a 2013 EX. Was able to get $500.00 off by financing but plan to pay off after the 3 months necessary to get the discount. Probably could of done better but they also threw in paying up to $500.00 on your deductible for collision on any make of car in your household for 3 years. Was also able to get their tire and rim protection plan, roadside service, paint and fabric protection, windshield protection and theft for $700.00 I know seems best not to do but in Michigan there are many potholes and because we plan to take alot of cross country trips the roadside is nice to have. Had one car's finish here get nailed by acid rain so this is covered as well. They will also clean out all the salt stains on the flooring when you come in for oil changes. Did not take the extended warranty at this time.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013
    You have to deal with the internet sales manager and only him . If your stupid enough to drive 2 hours on a dealers word without a faxed buyers order or some kind of agreement in writing you will be wasting your time, gas,and money. Not to mention very pissed off. Negotiate the deal on the phone letting that dealership know your 3 hours away and if he wants your business you need a faxed bill of sale/ with all the details of your purchase. You then hold that vehicle sale after looking over buyers order with a credit card deposit til you could get down to that dealership to pick up vehicle. 95% of all of my car buying is done this way. Read my prior posts on buying like this its pretty easy.. You just need to be by a fax machine.

    Sorry for all the run on's i'm late for my golf tee time. just keep on asking for help you'll get it in this forum... If you want i will post later what you should tell 2 hr dealer and how to nail down sale with him.

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  • Just got my 2013 EX-L V6 (no nav). Traded my 2010 Maxima in at Joe Morgan Honda Cincinnati. Had a couple months left but had the new car itch. I took about a $550 burn on my trade under current payoff but I would have to give Nissan $400 disposal at term so I was ok with it. They gave me the Edmund's very good condition quote on trade in. Even though the car fit dealerships usually only give the good range on trade. Got the car for $27150 with MSRP at $30,860. My lease payment including everything is $379 for 36 @12k per year. I believe the residual is around 18K(don't have paperwork in front of me)and the money factor was .00075. Did a lot of price comparing and home work and believe I got a good deal considering that of the $379 about $15 a month was my negative equity. I did not put a penny down and second payment due in a month.
  • That makes sense to me if your planning on selling the car in a year or two but lets assume you keep your car for 7,8, 9 years or longer. What would the retail value difference be between an 8 year old accord with 90k miles and a 9 year old accord with 90k miles. I'm guessing its difficult to make the same argument using that scenario. Being that i'm the type of person that keeps their cars for more than a couple of years I believe it makes more financial since to buy the 2013 model for $2k less, assuming there is not a feature in the 2014 model that I really desire.
  • tifosiantifosian Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    Hi All,

    I am looking for the 2013 EXl- v6 sedan in NJ Area . According to Edmund's True Market Value , the invoice is 27,500.

    1: Does this accurately reflect the dealers invoice,since

    2: When targeting 1500 below invoice, would my purchase price be 26,000 +destination+doc (Assuming no other dealer fees) ?

  • I believe that price does not include the destination charge which is typically 700-800. I believe the invoice is $28,292 on that model, which is what I have. I paid 27,150 which is about 1,100 under invoice. Another dealership offered me 26,995 but less on my trade...typical moving from one column to another on the doc sheet to make things look better on the trade side. I would think anything on the 27k range on the car itself is a good deal, plus your doc fees and taxes.
  • mvance30mvance30 Posts: 1
    whats your location? is your price with or without dest? $25,500 without dest is a bit too high. with dest its a good price. its going to be a stretch to get to $24.5 unless its a few months from now but keep in mind, you'll have slimmer pickings.
  • Is this a good price 2013 Accord sedan sport? I'm in Northern CA.

    $22,488.00 Net Sale Price
    $2,018.45 Sales Tax (8.75%)
    $296.75 DMV Fees
    $80.00 Doc Fee
    $24,883.20 Total Price

  • tifosiantifosian Posts: 6
    Hi Brian,

    If u don' t mind asking...can u quote the price with dest & doc fees for the EXL-V6 which u had earlier purchased.

  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 365
    I live in the North shore. My price includes destination.

    I received a recent quote from one dealer for $25,000 including destination charges (after $500 discount for financing through HFS). I have not accepted that deal yet. I am still shopping around.

    I have a few dilemmas:

    1. Wait till the end of the month and see what deals can be made
    2. Wait for the 2014 models to be released and see what deals can be made on remaining 2013 models.

    I am in no rush for a new car, but at the same time I do not want to wait till Nov/Dec.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013
    MY deal was on Feb,28th. purchased EXL V-6 with dest/ charge included in price below

    $27,500 about $775 below invoice price.

    My local dealer could not match some of my better offers so to make this deal work the doc fee charge was reduced to $25 dollars , gave me 3, free oil changes and threw in the splash guards on vehicle. Dealer only asked that i finance some of the car to make deal possible. Dealer matched Penn fed credit unions Interest rate. Paid off the 10k loan 3 weeks later and all party's were happy.
    Funning thing Ive been telling my local dealership S.I. Honda for the past 35 yrs how bad a dealership they are/ How much money they lose on locals going elsewhere, and how clueless there internet dept is. Maybe they just wanted to shut me up for once. Or maybe there stupidity is hitting them in the pocket with all the competition passing them by.

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  • nw_lanw_la Posts: 6
    Within 100 miles of Shreveport, LA there are 5 Honda dealers. Please tell me if you think this offer will fly on July 30-31. Honda LX invoice price: $20,579.
    - 1,000 (my attempted discount)
    + 790 (destination charge)
    + XXX (TTL)
    - 5,000 (down payment)
    - 500 (Flex cash if applicable)
    Final price.

    Am I being too optimistic? Should I send an offer to all 5 or just 2 in the beginning? I want an alabaster silver, but there's only a few left. I think that I should make my move now to get the right color. What do you think? Thanks for any information.
  • tifosiantifosian Posts: 6
    edited July 2013
    Thanks for the info...that was an awesome deal .

    As a matter of fact I haven't been able to get a quote below 27,600(dest+doc included) in NJ area ,the last time I checked with the local dealerships...which was the end of June.
  • tifosiantifosian Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info...My bad ..i forgot to include the dest fees as part of the dealer invoice 27500+792=28,292 in my purchase price.
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013

    You guys did a terrible job on the new Model and Prices web page. Trying to navigate thru models and get pricing with destination charges is frustrating. Are you guys trying to compete with kbb pricing page that is now very similar to yours..

    Come on keep it simply the last page was so much easier.

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  • pistol45pistol45 Posts: 4
    KBB puts the retail price of a 2012 lx accord with 12k miles 0nly $500.00 more than a 2011 lx with 12K miles. source
  • pistol45pistol45 Posts: 4
    Mpls. Sport with Sams Club Discount is 23k...
  • rsvrrsvr Posts: 21
    Can you share who the dealer is? $25k for an EXL w/o navi is a goooood deal in my opinion.
  • rsvrrsvr Posts: 21
    edited July 2013
    Will there be any new features in the 2014 sport model? Is the additional $1500 - $2000 worth it? Dealership tried to convince me that there will not be any change and '14s wont be out until December, which is not true as HONDA confirmed it's going to be mid August. Wish there was a way to find out about the features....anyone know people inside HONDA ;)

    I thought of waiting for a '14 model but the dealership called this morning saying my Sport was ready to be picked up. I'm in a dilemma now. I paid $500 deposit....I know I shouldn't have done that but that was in June as I was sure about '13 Sport and they said they will get it from another dealership next day. They messed up and said I will be getting the car in the 2nd week of August so I had to buy a truck thinking I'll be without a car for 45 days(didn't want to lose money renting it).
    Is there anyway I could get my money back as they said the '14s will be sold at MSRP?
  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013
    I also check kbb and you are correct. 500 dollars between model years seems very odd. I used Edmunds and Nada pricing and there is a 1200 dollar difference in years which seems fine on a lower end model Accord.

    The only other finding was On Nada you could search many dealerships and pricing.. Dealers have the 2011 and 2012 Lx models between 1500 to 2400 difference in years. I found no accords that close in the price range of kbb.

    Galves is a good indicator on used car pricing.

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  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 4,888
    edited July 2013
    New Accords will start to hit dealers lots at the end of Sept. Or early Oct. Your dealer already tip his hand he wants msrp for a 2014 and most dealership will try to get it.
    I posted on this subject a couple up on 2014 pricing. Make those calls....

    As far as i know on all reports the 2014 Accord there is no changes. Maybe Honda might tweak there CVT engine there have been alot of complaints on the 2013 model year.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2013 Genesis 5.0 R-spec, 2012 MB ML350

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