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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 699
    Good point Blue - I'm guessing moe was able to do the math and arrive at a similar conclusion - USAA is a very good company with very good programs available to its customers. There is a slight fee for their auto buying service, but it is worth it if you save a good chunk with little to no hassle. There is also a rebate sometimes if the vehicle is financed through USAA (rebate paid by USAA). They also have competitive auto loan rates so it is worth looking into for those of you who are USAA members.

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  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    I am not sure using my name will help, since I did not end up buying the car from Prime.

    You can use my negotiated price to bargain with them but remember that my deal involved $500 Flex cash.

    Be forewarned that these guys are some of the worst sales guys I have ever met, so make sure that the car you want to buy is on their lot. Do not rely on a manager's word. Drive there and see the car in person first.

    I am sure you have read some of my previous posts about Prime on this forum. I would recommend Honda Cars of Boston to anyone who does not want to deal with BS and or sleazy car salesmen.

    At the end of the day, it was not just about price for me but also the buying experience and the dealership customer service.

    Good luck and post your numbers once you make a deal.
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  • Thanks Blue.
    Yes, i have read through your post and also others.

    My problem is i need a co-signer to get the honda finance and thus $500 flex cash. Since i don't have one, I am going with DCU finance. So happy to get the deal done at 24,900.

    Would you be reference me to Honda cars of Boston? I would like to done with the deal ASAP. I am ready to pay the deposit today itself.

    Thanks again.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    Sure. You can use me as a reference at Honda Cars of Boston. Ask for Ben C., the internet sales manager and tell him that Michael (the guy who bought the silver EXL a few days ago) referred you.

    BTW, their sales price was $24,998 vs Prime's sales price of $24,900.

    Give them a call and let me know how I can help you close the deal.
    2018 Audi A4 P+
    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • Thanks Blue.
    I'll contact him and let you know how it went.
  • I tried couple of time to get Ben C. online over the phone, but ended up in his voice mail. So far didn't get the call from him. I have wondered if he is on leave but the front office said he is working.
  • The Prime honda says they have only one car in EX-L category and that too not in my color preference (but their inventory shows they have multiple car available), They were trying to sell the 2014 EX-L to me.

    What is the good price can be paid for 2014 EX-L now?
    Is it a better deal to buy a 2014 over 2013 if it's few hundred above invoice price.

    Very much appreciated any help.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    I can shoot him an email.

    What is your first name and what color are you looking for?
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  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    edited September 2013
    No offense but I do not trust any dealer's online inventory. If it is not a far drive for you, you should take a look at their car lot for any 2013s EX-L. Last week when I went there, one of the sales guys showed me a black/black EXL but I was not interested.

    You are not going to get any deals on the 2014s right now. Brian posted some info about pricing on this forum.

    The difference in price between the 2013 and 2014 model is less than $300 as far MSRP goes, BUT you are not going to get any 2014 models below invoice.
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    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • Thanks Blue.
    My first name is Sivakumar.
    The color I am looking for is Black/Black.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    I sent him a note. I told him you were a friend of mine, so let's hope he can give you a good deal.

    I am sure he will get back to you within 24 hours.

    Btw, do you know if that color is on their lot/inventory (I trust them more than Prime).
    2018 Audi A4 P+
    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • It's not far off from my work place. I can make a visit and check.

    One sales person (Eric) told me they have my color car available and he will get back to me and took note of my phone number. He even asked if I can make the deposit of 500 if the deal is on and he would give me a call soon.

    Then I got a call from another sales person who told me that they have only one 2013 EXL model available, which is not my preferred color. When I stressed to him that Eric had confirmed my color car is available, he said that's the demo car which is 2000 miles on it.

    When i declined the demo car, he goes on and said he would sell the 2014 EX-L to me on the invoice price.

    I was very much doubted that they would sell the 2014 on the invoice price now. May be he was trying to sell me the 2013 as 2014 model... you never know.
  • Thank You.
    Yes, they have my color in their inventory.
  • gmanusmcgmanusmc SoCalPosts: 699
    From here on out, color and trim level choices will be limited and, in some cases, not available for the 2013s. Depending on how urgently you want or need a new accord, you will need to consider setting your sights on the 2014. For a few months, you may not be able to achieve the deeply discounted deals of the past few months but as Brian has previously noted, by December, below invoice prices will have returned. By April, we should be nearly back to the 1500+ off invoice range. We might even see better discounts because of being in the second year of this redesign. Just keep yourselves informed using this forum and other informative pricing sites.

    Bill G
    2016 ES350 Lux/Atomic Silver
    2017 Accord Sport CVT Mod Steel Metallic
  • Have you considered the demo with 2000 miles on it since it's in your color? Might be worth it considering the savings. You would have to get advice from the pros on the board to know what that goes for.

    I did close the deal on my EXL with Prime today and traded in my previous baby. I love the new car but am having separation anxiety! I miss her already, but I'm sure that will pass in a few days. I know I'm crazy.

    I know Blue had a much better experience at Honda Cars of Boston so that is a better place to start. If you want me to drop Eric an email, I'm happy to do it but i can't guarentee what they will do, especially given how they treated Blue.

    If I understand you are asking 24900 with no flex cash since you are financing through DCU. Is that correct? You might be able to get that from Boch if you push and say you are looking at other dealers. Boch initial prices are awful but seem willing to negotiate - I assume they still have a good inventory.

    Let me know if you want me to reach out to Prime.

    What is youe timing?
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    Eric and Prime Honda play too many games.
    2018 Audi A4 P+
    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • Also, for Prime, using Blue which was a failed deal, and mine which was muddled with a trade will not buy you much as you think. It helped me because Blue's deal was still alive and kicking and it was the end of the month and they were meeting quotas. They keep telling me what a great deal I got and not to tell anyone because there is no way they can do it again. I'm sure there is plenty of showmanship there (since honda cars of boston did the same deal they did for me for blue)...but be forewarned...if they truly have only a few they will be less likely to deal at the beginning of Sept.

    Plus I'm not sure I'm their favorite customer.

    But like I said, i'm very happy to drop Eric an email on your behalf. Pay if forward for all the help I got from this board!
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    Congrats on your purchase.

    Did Prime honor their original price? Did you get any flex cash with the deal?
    2018 Audi A4 P+
    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • Yes, I got the flex cash and it was for the price we discussed at our initial meeting. No funny business, no oh we have to add $100 for this or that. And the car only had 42 miles on it (I was worried it would have lots of miles if they had to find it and drive it from somewhere).

    Today was long but it went well. Eric did a great job today as I asked him to go over all the controls in the car again with me and I took it for a short test drive. And the financing takes awhile. So I tried a few people's patience today and they did a great job.

    The worse thing was when the manager said the car would be in on Tuesday (I bought it on Friday) and when I called on Tuesday all excited for my car I was then told it could take 4-10 days. I was pissed to say the least. Why didnt they just tell me that when i bought it on Friday 8/30? To have expectations set and then dashed was awful. But I said I just hope i have it for the weekend and he did make that happen.

    I'm glad it worked out with Prime because I got some free oil changes and they are closer than going to Everett.

    I don't blame you for being pissed at Prime. I hate Bernardi for how they treated me when I went in there a week earlier. I decided if you go into Prime you have to be strong and firm or they will eat you alive. They are high pressure and fast talkers for sure...but most car dealerships are.
  • bluemkn57carsbluemkn57cars Boston, MAPosts: 907
    Great job. Enjoy your car. I love mine. I am still trying to figure out all the features.
    2018 Audi A4 P+
    2013 Honda Accord EX-L (Sold)
  • Thanks - enjoy yours too!
  • Congratulation cars12345 on your purchase.

    Boch doesn't have my color in that trim level.

    I thought about the demo car, but not willing to go for it.
    Yes, you can drop an email to Eric. My price is 24900 with no flex cash. The color I am looking for is Crystal Black and Black.

    I am also looking forward to hear from Honda cars of Boston. Whoever says okay and have the car with them would get my business.

    My timing is 9AM to 6PM.
    Appreciate your help on this. Thank you.
  • It seems to be, though their online inventory shows 5 elx they said only one car available with different color to me. may be trying to put low inventory pressure on me.

    Lets see what do they reply for cars12345 email.
  • Their online inventory shows 3 black and black elx models. 2 with V4 and 1 with V6. Even if one of the V4 is demo car, the other should be available to sell. But they tried to sell me the Champagne Frost which is also available in the online inventory.
  • Hi Sivakumar.

    I sent Eric at Prime an email. I told him you were a "friend of a friend". I said you are only interested in the 2013, black/black no demo and the car has to be on the lot as you are calling all the dealerships in eastern MA. I asked him to give you a call to let you know if they have it either way. Let us know if he calls.

    I'm the woman that just bought the modern steel/gray interior EXL.

    You have to stay sharp, but if you are unhappy for any reason, just move on. Have you tried Herb Chambers? Their internet inventory shows a lot of Black/Black EXL's.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks cars12345.

    I am not able to get the better price so far from Herb Chambers.

    I'll keep you updated.
    Thanks again.
  • What price did you get from Herb Chambers?

    You might have to chance it and wait for the end of the month to get the price you are looking for.

    Good luck.
  • I had no luck getting any reasonable price for the black ex-l 4 cylinder in August. I'm looking to lease but talked to the dealers based on sale price only. I talked to about 20 dealers in the NYC area and tried to use Brian's methods, but I only got dealers offering $500 below invoice who had no flex cash, or $500 below invoice including flex cash (so, invoice price). I wasn't available at the end of the month so I had to make my calls a week early but I still expected better results. I think that despite what I was saying on the phone I must have been giving off a novice vibe. Since Labor Day I've gotten a few calls but they've been garbage. For example, Bay Ridge Honda called today and said they are all out of 2013s and tried to push me to consider a 2014. I said not interested, and after I hung up I checked their website which lists over 10 2013 ex-l in stock.

    Brian, since I'm in NYC would you be able to work your magic for me? I've seen that you've helped a couple other people in the area get fantastic deals. If you have some time available could you do me this huge favor and make a few calls to find a fair price?


  • brian125brian125 New york / S.C. myrtle beachPosts: 5,211
    edited September 2013
    I will help you at the end of the month in this area.. On Sept 25th you need to find out what dealerships in our area have your model EXL with color choice, or secondary choice you want.

    KEY Factor;; Depending on the Supply and Demand factor might not matter to even a skilled negotiator. With 4 exl models or less right now on any dealers lot will give him the upper hand in negotiations and leverage on pricing. Bear that in mind. Every week hundreds of buyers are walking into these dealerships clueless as [non-permissible content removed] and buying up the last of the 2013 models.

    This Accord is the Best rated midsize car. Demand is higher than its output.

    A clueless buyer thinks at invoice price or a few hundred below invoice price is a great deal for this vehicle.

    What i would do right now is send out emails to some of the Boston dealers Int MGR, telling each one you will make the trip up to them for xxx price and model. You will buy immediately. Use dealers that blue and few other have purchased at.... You may get lucky before the end of this month.. Otherwise prepare yourself for what could be a bad pricing market here in New york. I went thru 5 N.J. dealerships inventory with certain models and they are pretty much done. What they had left was limited.

    Your detective work here will help you on a deal this month

    Contact these dealerships later in the month and find out

    1_ If they have your model in stock

    2- How many EXL-4 are on there lot

    DCH Paramus , Joyce , Hamilton, Auto-Sport, Friendly, New Rochelle, Yonkers, Atlantic honda.

    Keep on negotiating with prior dealerships from last month. Every time they send you a new email let them know you will buy asap for xxx price. Yes or no. Challenge them to either step up to the big boys table or go away..

    Re-read my prior post 30,550 on out of state buying it also apply's to in house calls to dealerships. If you talk directly to the sales mgr you will make a good deal.Do not mess with salesman or sales reps your wasting your time. Read over some of these posts.


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  • misterscmistersc Posts: 22
    edited September 2013
    Hello everyone, there is a lot of good information here. I see much talk of 2013 but I have no interest in 2013 with the 2014's slowly getting into show rooms. Can someone advice what is a good price for a 2014 accord lx from invoice in New York Area? Also, i'm trading in a 2007 bmw, any advice on how to manage the trade in with the purchase of the accord? I'm getting good offers from private buyers for bmw but willing to sell for less to dealers to save on purchase tax of new car and avoid hassels of private buyers.

    Thank you
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