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Barometric pressure sensor. Suzuki XL-7.

mik2224mik2224 Member Posts: 2
edited September 2014 in Suzuki
i have a 01 suzuki xl-7 , only have little over 55000 mile on it . for some years now had a major problem , anytime it would rain or i wash it , when its start in just a few seconds the check engine light would come on. the vehicle would idle rough and run rough , it would also misfire and alot of black smoke comes out the exhaust pipe & would shut down . when i scan the vehicle it says a p1450 (barometric pressure sensor ),p0328 (knock sensor) and p0057 (HO2S bank2 sen2) . Does anyone know a solution and where to find the barometric pressure sensor? .from research it says that the barometric pressure sensor is in the ECM not 100% sure . :)


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    eliaselias Member Posts: 2,209
    hello mik2224. the pressure sensor is used for the evaporative/charcoal-canister/fuel system and is not inside the ECM. the fuel system is designed to maintain a particular pressure inside the fuel tank, with any "extra" fumes being captured and later burned, rather than being released into atmosphere.
    evap system failure is common in 10 or 15 year old vehicle, as is O2 sensor/heater failure. knock sensor failure is less common and much more severe an issue.
    the p0057 is for the o2 sensor behind the catalytic converter. this one can't contribute much if it all to the issues you report - it is for measuring catalytic-converter operation.
    p0328/knock-sensor is more urgent to address than the evap/p1450.
    ps - any of those 3 codes should cause vehicle to fail state inspection .
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