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Replace or repair wheel hub, 2008 Subaru Legacy.

falcon193falcon193 Member Posts: 1
edited September 2014 in Subaru
2008 legacy passenger side wheel hub recently stared to hum....can I have a new bearing pressed in or do I have to replace the entire assembly. How many $$$


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    brian125brian125 Member Posts: 5,244

    When a wheel bearing fails, the most common symptom is a roaring noise that increases with vehicle speed. Most commonly we hear the roar from 15 through 50 MPH. The noise may not be noticeable at low speeds and may even go away at higher speeds. As the bearing gets worse, the roar will normally grow louder and more pronounced.

    The balls in a wheel bearing are hardened steel. They roll in precision-machined grooves and held together by the axle shaft or a thread fastener. They do not design pressed-in bearings to be disassembled. Any force applied to the hub will dimple the bearing races, which results in premature failure. This type bearing is destroyed when removed, so no service is possible other than replacement. They are lubricated when assembled, and the lubricant lasts the life of the bearing. I would not mess around and replace the passenger side wheel hub.

    good luck

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    oppamenoppamen Member Posts: 6
    I'm having issue with humming as well. Getting mine replaced once it stops snowing
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