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2015 A5 Premium Plus Lease Questions

gator5000egator5000e Member Posts: 90
edited September 2014 in Audi
I was wondering if someone could post the current lease figures for an Audi A5 Premium Plus. I have received an offer and am waiting on the MF.

Edit - The Money Factor is .00188
Residual is 60%
The offer is basically as follows:

36 Month Lease / 10,000 miles
MSRP - $51,525.00
- Discount $3,161.00
- Rebate $1,000.00
Sales Tax $2,990.00
Fees Dealer/State $1,250.37
Upfronts $1,700.00
Payment $671.00

Thanks for any info or thoughts on if this is a decent deal.
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