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Infiniti I30/I35 Accessories and Modifications



  • port80port80 Posts: 3
    I recenlty got i35 without navi model. Just wonder can we installed navigation system in this one. Any tips, cost etc?
  • pethelmanpethelman Posts: 20
    Seriously... don't even think about it. MAJOR expense. Just about any of the hand portable units (Garmin, Tom Tom, etc.) are better than the original factory option. The original system requires mapping CDs for different regions of the country. The CDs are expensive, AND if you are traveling from one region to the next, you have to stop and change CDs. Only benefit, in my opinion, of the factory unit is that it is tied into the stereo system. Just go to Costco and do some research on a portable GPS, then take the $2000 or so you will have saved and take a nice vacation. ;)
  • port80port80 Posts: 3
    Thanks pethelman for good info.
  • I have a 04 I35 and the sub will work then go off for days then come back on. I just ordered an amp for the back sub. I have also had a problem when running over a big bump that the drivers side channel cuts out. (it is still on but very low, if you put the balance to the left side you hear it a tiny bit) Then it will come back on and stay all almost all the time. Any suggestions??? Please advise. I do believe each speaker is powered by an amp right? If so, do I replace the amps or that actual radio?
  • Hey,

    I have an 04 I35 and having the same problem with the sub going off and on at random points and recently my speakers (the left channel) are very low esp when i turn the cd player on. Please let me know if you figured out the problem or not because it is very annoying esp during the traffic or long commutes.

    Thank you very much
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