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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Owners



  • New to trucks, and I'm interested in purchasing this SLT with 260,000 km. The previous owner used it to tow a fifth wheel. If well maintained are these trucks and this engine (with the automatic transmission) generally considered reliable?

    Thank you
  • Hi TBDomenz, AUTOZONE sells the manual for chevy trucks. I have a flowmaster cat back dual exhaust with the 40 series muffler, 2 1/2" chrome long tips. It sounds awesome. David. :)
  • I haven't had the problem of warrenties. When I bought my trucks in the past, there was always a clause somewhere that always profited the dealer in a breakdown and somehow I wasn't covered.. So when I bought my last truck used, I didn't get any warranty other than the 30 day one here in east Mass. As far as Toyota goes the Tundra (used)is the same price as the Tacoma but the Tundra will give you that awesome car ride. Tacoma doesn't. In the Tundra you will lose 3 miles per gallon. Big deal since it is a v8 and the Tacoma is a v6 with a bouncy ride. with a smaller cabin. This info is from my brother inlaw who researched this as he just bought a Tundra. I own a silverado ( bouncy ride) But I'm glad to see you are making the dealers work for their $$!
  • well it is about at this milage that things start to break or need to be replaced do to wear, especially if he towed with it. Generally they are considered reliable but with this many miles i dont think it is worth it...
  • I know a fair amount and i hope this info helps you but i'm no expert, being that it's a diesel thats a plus, but if it's a 1995, it will have the 6.5L Turbo, i'm gussing it's the turbo version anyway, if it was a gas i would say absolutly not, but being that it is a diesel that helps things, but even for a diesel it's starting to get up there in miles, i'd say at most theres probably 75,000 left on it, before things like the diesel pump and injector pump start going out, and since it's a truck that allready 12 years old it's probably a leaky one too. But then again the guy might have taken real good car of it, and it might have been 260,000 easy miles too, but i would find out what he pulled as far as a fifth wheel, was it just a camper, or was it a 40ft, tandom axel flatbed loaded all the time, because if it did heavy pulling the tranny could be getting loose in it, and the rear end might be kind of loose also, but it was just a camper there not too heavy and that wouldn't be too hard on it, but beware of high mileage 6.5L engines they tend to have week turbos, and like i said the fuel pumps get bad, now i'm a chevy guy, but if it was a Ford, i know that the the 7.3L in thoughs years was a very good engine that could go forever, but i've heard things about the 6.5L, but anyway i hope this helps you in your desision, good luck.
  • Thank you for your input.

    The previous owner had a camping trailer and insists that he took good care of the truck. And yes, it is a turbo 6.5 diesel engine.
    Adding to my thinking that it might make for a fine truck is the fact that where we live we don’t get much of a winter and salt is never used. Also, the truck has never been in an accident.

    Thank you once again.
  • Can anyone tell me what I can expect to get out a tank of diesel? I drive like an old man and more often than not, I would not be pulling anything.

    Thank you
  • Has anyone out there purchased a Superchips Cortex programmer for there vehicle? I called Superchips and they told me it would add 32 horsepower & 35 ft lbs torque to my 2007 GMC Sierra Denali AWD with the 6.2L 403hp/417tq engine.

    I'm just wondering if it is worth it. Thanks.
  • If that's the case that the body is in good condition and that he didn't pull heavy loads and flushed the transmission on a regular basis, then i'd say all you'll have to worry about is high mileage diesel problems like fuel pump and leaks and that's about all.
  • Hi dlovesb, I'll check out the Autozone guys , there are 2 in my neighborhood.
    Coupla questions for you regarding the exhaust system....what year is your PU? what engine do you have ? did you notice any performance issues? have you heard the Magnaflow system? Those 2 seem to be the most popular. Someone said they thought Magnaflow sounded better but I haven't heard either one :confuse: If you have a digital camera, the time and inclination, you could record the sound and send it via email :) Maybe someone else could do the Magnaflow system :) And maybe someone could organise a library on the web of exhaust sounds, how cool would that be? :shades:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    If you go to the manufacturer's website they usually have .wav files so that you can "experience" their exhaust tone. Some sites like corsa will even have sound files for different vehicles with the corsa exhaust. I think you have a better chance there than having someone record it for you.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • Hi TBDOMENZ. I have a 1999 siverado z71 4x4 with the series 40 flowmaster.I had the exhaust installed at a muffler and brake( actual name) shop. It starts at the cat and flows into the flowmaster single inlet then splits into two 2 1/2 "pipes from the single outlet that are angled out the back behind tires. The tips are rounded stainless and are over 12" long each. This shop also installs the magnaflow but agreed with the flowmaster as the loudest. I love overpasses and the Boston tunnel! The cost 500.00 installed and garranteed.Performance is improved or at least I think it added pep. You can got to the flowmaster website and hear all the mufflers for yourself. If you want even more power and sound , remove square airfilter box right out of truck. Replace with an airhog square filter that will fit like any other one and zip tie the filter in place. Face the filter down and let the air from the bottom of the truck under the hood blast into it! I clean the filter about every 3 months with the cleaning kit that you only buy once. it gets about as dirty as it would in that big box but with the entire surface of air getting in it! :)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    remove the restrictive screen on the MAF with a dremel and watch the air flow.
  • Can I tell from a VIN just what size engine was built for a particular model ?? Also, is there any way to determine the difference between a Vortec 5300 and a Vortec 4800 by looking at the 2 engines ? Thanks so much for your help !!

    BTW - I just bought a 2005 Silverado Z71
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    LM7= 5.3
    LR4= 4.8
  • 99 silverado new ceramic vrakes and rotors all around tires big 3 months 4 months old engine has 120.000 on it.
    rust starting inside doorways and bottom of extra cab. It is a 4x4. It has alot of extra add ons on it for looks, grill inserts light covers. bed cover. When do you think? :confuse:
  • my 1985 gmc pickup stopped running on me . it will crank but wont start .i changed plugs, rotor,wires,distribitorand fuil filter and it still wont fire up.what can i try to do next to see where the trouble is at? any help ?
  • i just bought a 02 Silverado and was wondering the lights are under the headlights? there by the turn signals and there white. are they the daytime running lights? and if so how do i turn them on i cant find a switch anywhere and i dont have a manual

  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Yep thats the DRL. You can temporarily disable them by depressing the dome light switch 4 times. It will come back on with the next startup. There is no permanent off switch.
  • canwcanw Posts: 3
    I own a 2008 Chevy Silverado LTZ with the Vortec Max 6 Liter engine. This truck is a 4x4 regular bed with about 3500 miles. When the truck is in gear but stopped (ex. at a stop light) it idles erratically, going up and down several hundred rpm. Then when we're underway, it runs fine. I've had the dealer service guys check it and they tell me everything is within the computer specs--it's just the way the engine was designed. I contacted GM and they tell me the same thing--"it's just the nature of the beast." Anybody else own one of these and experience the same kind of problem?
  • Hi all. I have a '00 Silv ext. cab 4x4, 4.8L auto, with 95k miles.

    The parking brake shoes are shot, and the rear rotors look like they're in need of replacement. I had all my rotors turned back around 45k miles.

    I was wondering if anyone had comments about Napa-brand rotors / pads? They are the closest parts store to me, and I like them. If not Napa, what would you recommend? OEM ? This is a truck that gets little-use, so I don't need any HD or cross-drilled (over-priced) stuff.

    Thanks - Mark
  • Hi Mark, I just replaced my brakes. I went with ceramic pads. They last longer and hardly any brake dust. Autozone sells them or even NAPA should. I highly recomend them. How are your brake shields behind the rear brakes? If they are rusted out, you should replace those as long as you are doing the brakes. That is if you plan on keeping the truck. If they are gone then your emergency brakes will go. It is costly for labor for this. I didn't have mine done yet. David.
  • I have 2002 Silverado. I was wondering , is there any upgrade for the factory fog lights. I have one burned out and would like to upgrade to something brighter. Maybe those "blue lights". Any suggestions ?
  • Well my friend I have also wanted to up grade or add a set of foglights to the extra two vented slots underneath the front bumperof my truck 99 silverado. These lights have a particular shape to them. They are exspensive to replace. I would check to see if you can take the bulb out from behind like your regular headlamp and maybe swap it for a blue bulb similar size. Otherwise if you use aftermarket to fill the space it looks cheap. I did see a silverado with hd headlights and it looks awesome! it is in my neighborhood. it must of cost him a fortune to convert the lights. David :)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    The stock bulb requires a Sylvania 880. The upgrade to that is the 893. However, the 893 will melt the plastic housing and possibly cause a fire. How do I know this? Been there done that. Replace the bulb with the 880.
  • Has anyone tried those new sylvania silverstar ultras ? Are they worth the $50 bucks for two bulbs ? They claim in the add that they give a wider path which would be great where we live due to the large deer population.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Silverstar ultras are good bulbs increasing visibility. Downside is that average life is one year or less.
  • ljtoolman, I also wanted the brighter lights. I asked my local AUTOZONE store about which one was the best. They told me they are all the same. That they really don't make much of a difference. I had bought some in the past and I agree. The only way to get brighter as far as I can see is to replace the headlights with a HD kit. It makes a huge :D difference! It is pricey though. That is my opinion.David.
  • I should have posed this question before I made 3 trips to the parts store, trying to find the right Torx socket.

    2000 Silverado - front brake calipers: I've tried a T50 (too small) and a T-60 (too big). Is it a T-55? Where/who carries it?

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