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Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500 Owners



  • delboydelboy Posts: 1
    can anyone tell me if i can fit an edelbrock 4barrel carb to my 1990 chevy silverado z71 and disregard the engine management sensors.
    also can anyone give me a list of fault codes and their meanings
    Many thanks
    Delboy :sick:
  • billb6billb6 Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 Silverado and the tow/haul switch is locked in and will not release. I was able for a while to rattle the handle and it would disengage. Now i can't get it to diengage. Is there a way i can take a fuse out or something else to get it disengaged?
  • keng97keng97 Posts: 3
    Hey guys,
    This is my first post. I am buying a truck but this is my first truck and kinda lost. I am looking at a 03 silverado extended cab 5.3. My questions are how reliable are these engines and what happened to the 5.7's. Why a 5.3? does it make as much power. What is the good and bad about this truck and engine.
    I am new to trucks and would appreciate all your input both good and bad.

    Ok also how does the 5.3 compare the the ford 5.4?

    I also test drove the 6.0 and loved it, that is a awesome truck, but 12MPG.
  • inthebizinthebiz Posts: 6
    Had the 5.3 in my 2000, 03 silverado and now my 07 GMC. I have never had any problems with the engine. Also have not read about any problems on this site. One of GM's strength is their powertrains. The 5.3 has plenty of power and pulled my 5K Lb boat as good or better than my former 5.7. As compared to the triton 5.4, it to is a good engine plenty of power but very thirsty. Everyone I know that had a F150 w/ the 5.4 said best case was 14-15 MPG. I drove one on a 800 mile trip and saw it for my self. My best friend just drove his f-250 to Canada and back on a fishing trip and we got 12-13 with his 5.4...$$$$$ My silverado got 19-20 on highway and 17-18 around town. Continue to buy the 5.3, no problems for me!
  • keng97keng97 Posts: 3
    hey bro, how can I get in touch with you. Can you email me.
    I am leaning toward the silverado. That was exactly the info I was looking for. but hey what do you know about the 6.0.
  • 2007denali2007denali Posts: 16
    I have a stock 2004 Chevy Silverado LS Ext Cab 285hp, 4.8L V8, with virtually no options (CD/cassette & privacy glass). Does anyone know what the performance specifications are for this truck? I'm going to buy a 2007 GMC Sierra Denali and I want to know how much faster my new truck will be.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    if you can get those mini tires to grip the road with an empty bed. I would guess your 4.8 would do 0-60 around 8 seconds and the Denali with the 20s would get you around 7.2. Course you would lose to an Escalade.
  • 2007denali2007denali Posts: 16
    How would a new Sierra Denali lose to an Escalade? All Escalade models weigh between 300 and 500 pounds more than the Sierra Denali and they all have the same engine - 6.2L with 403 horsepower.
  • frivvy89frivvy89 Posts: 1

    I have '93 chevy silverado 1500 cab and it was working fine for awhile then sometimes it would start then sometimes it wouldn't. What's happening now is when I turn the key my dash lights up but nothing else happens. It won't turn over at all. I cleaned the battery cables but still the same thing. I am guessing it's the ignition. Any ideas will greatly appreciated.

  • shadypop5shadypop5 Posts: 9
    Has anyone ever tried out and types of chips or programers, especially hypertech programers on a 1999-2002 chevy 1500 with the 5.3 engine. I'm looking to get one and am woundering if they really work and if it's worth it. :confuse:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Been there done that. There are a lot better programmers out there besides Hypertech. Course a lot depends on your desire to experiment with a lot of variables. The Hypertech doesn't offer a lot of options compared to say the Predator. They are priced competitively.

    Oh yeah I had the Hypertech on my '00 rado with the 5.3 and 3.73
  • shadypop5shadypop5 Posts: 9
    What do the predators run in price and what types of progrmas do they offer, and settings do they adjust.
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    This one comes with a $100 off coupon:

    You can read the specs for the Predator. No comparison especially with that coupon... ;)
  • bristol2bristol2 Posts: 736
    I have some questions for the GMC/Chevy truck guys,

    I am interested in getting a light duty truck and think the GMC Sierra is the best looking one out there. My question is that I put 20-25k miles a year on my vehicle and really want good mileage. Is there any information about GM putting a light duty diesel in the 1500's?

    Also, I notice that there are a lot of problem-forums in the GMC/Chevy forums, are the 2007+ models trouble prone? I thought they were being awarded for best truck all over the place?

    Any insight welcome.
  • Yes as a matter of fact there is some info on a new diesel for the light duty's. Check it out here:

    As far as the problem-forums, well one of the reason's there are so many posts about GMC/Chevy is because there are so many out there. So naturally there are going to be more problems reported. There are quite a few Toyota Tundra problems out there as well, both with the current tundra and the previous one. Reason being, at least in my opinion, is that cars and trucks are getting ever more complicated. The more complicated you make something, the less reliable it becomes. Some of it too is just skimping on quality parts. Hopefully they speared no expense but only time will tell if the new truck will hold up. There is no way to tell what problems will pop until they do start popping up.
  • dlovesbdlovesb Posts: 34
    How much should a rearbrake job cost? I got an estimate from a garage that I go to once in a while. The estimate is for $ 940.31 including 10% discount. They would replace backing plates, 2 rotors, ceramic pads, oils seal, rear brake cables,rear brake e-shoes. I thought this was outrageous. Then they wanted me to tip the employee for looking at my vehicle. The garage has no appointment necessary policy which I like and they do good work.These are just the rear brakes. I had my fronts done somewhere else for $180.00 including ceramics and turning of rotors.HELP!!!!!!! :confuse:
  • dlovesbdlovesb Posts: 34
    My truck is a 1999 silverado 4x4 1500. The garage claims that the e-brake is frozen and I have a month of brake pad left. As earlier I had the fronts done somewhere else for 180. The high estimate garage, mentioned that the axles would have to be removed to install backing plates which are junk. ( this I know). Is this reasonable or am being a good sucker customer? :mad:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    So how much would that $180 place charge to do the rears?
  • b36b36 Posts: 15
    I have a 2006 sierra that I bought new. I have had no problem with it. I ran the vin. through carfax just messing around. They claim they have 6 items on my truck. I have not bought the report. i am curious what they have on my truck. Has anyone ever done this on a truck they bought new? Is the report worth it.
  • Hi, I just had the rears done but not by the 180.00 garage. I didn't like how they lied about me providing the wrong pads which I found out later on was a lie by the place I bought them from. So I went to get another opinion and I paid 340.00 for a rear ceramic brake job and adjustment on the e-brake. No new backing plates. I will have them done in a couple of months or so. The entire job would of been 750.00 with backing plates and new e- brake cables. This guy is 300.00 cheaper than the the frist garage I am a good customer at or was...I should say. :P
  • Would putting your 4x4 truck in auto traction 4x4 or another setting for racing at the lights on a wet road give you traction enough to win? I had my tires spinning off the line and down the road but the front wheel drive car just pulled away. So it was usless for me. If it was on a dry day I would have been gone!!!! Also does this damage the truck?:confuse:
  • Hi I switched over to AMSOIL. The best you can do for your truck. Cheaper if you order online than buying from a dealer of this product in your area. They will list specifically for your truck what you will need. You change your oil and filter once a year! No kidding! They do sell a flush in a can to use before changing oil over. I recomend you drain oil then put on another oil filter like fram or stp. Run your truck with the cleaning oil junk remover then remove the fram/stp filter, drain junk oil from the truck replace with AMSOIL filter fill with AMSoil filter. AWESOME! ;)
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    I've seen a lot of guys launch in 4WD with no problems. Some have installed stall converters.

    FWD car eh?
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    Funny you mentioned oil. I have 3 friends that own independent shops. One says Mobil 1, another says Royal Purple, the third says buy whatever is cheapest and change at 4K.

    To maximize your OCI (oil change interval) I would recommend doing an oil analysis. This site has oil analysis covered as well as some other interesting reading...
  • Last time I used Carfax they listed things like titling, registration, transfer of ownership, etc. So that could be a lot of what you're seeing. I wouldn't worry about it unless you go to sell it and someone tells you there is something bad on Carfax.
  • Be sure to only use AUTO 4wd. That way, if you forget about it and drive on dry pavement, you won't overload the front transfer case while turning. READ your owners manual.
    I always turn on the AUTOTRAC when its raining. This stops any wheel spin when taking off.
  • Yes, the car was an older maxima stock. My truck was spinning on a wet road all the way down the street going no where. The maxima just said by by after 25 feet! What do you think? :mad:
  • obyoneobyone Posts: 8,054
    0-60 in 6.6 all day long. You would be hard pressed to run 7.5 without wheel slippage. Though I've heard the HD diesel Silverados will run 12.0 1/4 mile with minor mods... ;)
  • Hello to all, I am new to this forum and recently aquired a 1997 Silverado 5.7L ,185k miles. Looking for a shop manual to take care of a few odds and ends. Anyone know anything peculiar to this model ? Seems to run well and smooth but has some mechanical clacking on startup that fades away in about 5 minutes. Has a "gullwing" double door bed cover that I may want to sell. The cover came from a Canadian company-I think that's where the truck was built. Thinking about a dual exhast setup. Any recommedations and comments would be appreciated.
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