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Jeep Liberty: Problems & Solutions

seeingwhiteseeingwhite Posts: 4
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Now that more and more people are starting to buy the new Jeep Liberty, we can use this discussion thread to talk about any early problems anyone may be experiencing with their new Jeep (small or large).
Yes, Its probably a little early... but the thread has to start sometime.

So -- has anyone had any mechanical problems with their Liberty yet, or know of any problems?


  • mark156mark156 Posts: 2,006
    Hi Folks, as a Jeep Grand Cherokee owner, I have been interested in the Liberty. A friend of mine (female) looked at almost all of the mid-sized suv's out there and decided on a white Liberty limited with taupe leather. I understand that she is having a little trouble with rough idle which causes vibrations to felt throughout vehicle especially the steering wheel. When she was looking and checking prices, she drove quite a few because this will probably be her last car and she wanted to make a good choice. She would kill me if I told her age.... anyway, she never noticed the other demo's driving rough. So, hopefully, it's a minor problem that can be corrected. I'll keep you posted on her diagnosis.

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  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Interesting there's already a "Liberty Problems" forum, and the vehicle has been on sale less than month. Is this because it's a "Jeep," and problems are to be expected?

    IMO, it would have been be nice to give this vehicle the benefit of the doubt, and wait to see if problems do develop, before starting such a topic.

  • rsholland,

    New model debuts almost always have some mechanical issues. Many people who are cautiously considering the prospect of buying a Liberty this year -- such as myself -- might be able to learn about some problems that may (or may not) arise in the early months of its release.

    This is also a forum where people can talk about how they haven't had any troubles at all with their new Liberty and how much they love it. This information would be equally as helpful.

  • I've owned my Liberty Limited for about a week now. I was reading some customer reviews over at, and noted many had written about a terrible noise that fills the car when your cruising at least 45 MPH or so with the rear windows down. Some had described it as the sound of a helicopter, pulsating inside the car.

    I tried it out on my way home from work, and sure enough, its bad! The sound is so strong it hurts your eardrums, no joke. The good thing is I will rarely ever need to drive with the rear windows down at any sustained speed. But I do wish there was some way to cure this problem!
  • dougmckaydougmckay Posts: 22
    This happens in a lot of cars. To fix the problem, simply crack open a front window. This relieves the inconsistencies in air pressure inside the cabin and reduces or eliminates the pulsating sound.

    To give you an example of just how common this phenomenon is...I currently own a VW GTI with a sunroof that is opened by twisting a dial (this allows you to open the sunroof at varying positions). If I drive at highway speeds with the sunroof all the way open and the windows closed I experience the "helicopter" effect. Apparently VW knew about this when designing the car, because they included a "comfort" setting on the sunroof dial (nothing more than a large dot on the dial). Sure enough, when the sunroof is opened only to the comfort position, the buffeting goes away. What's really amazing is that there is only an inch or two difference between the comfort position and full open position of the sunroof, but that little change makes all the difference.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Perhaps, but it also implies/suggests that there are, or will be, problems with the new Liberty based solely on the fact that it will inherit Jeep's somewhat shoddy reliability reputation. At least that's how it comes across to me.

    There are other new models popping up with other brands here at Edmunds that don't have "Problem-Specific" forums. Why Jeep?

  • Good to know. You may find this phenom a bit more pronounced on the Liberty. Regardless, I don't see this as a driving situation I will have to worry about much or ever.

    I will say this. So far I am extremely pleased with the Liberty! It just feels solid, like it was built with pride. Perfect name for the vehicle, if you ask me.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Actually this topic was named "Jeep Liberty" something else (see the first poster/topic creator's message at the beginning of this topic). I was the one who changed the name to "Jeep Liberty problems" because I felt that it would be more appropriate. It wasn't intended to predict anything though ;-) To be fair though, over in the Vans message board, even the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey, and Mazda MPV have "problem" topics. As for the DC vans, they have multiple ones ;-p

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  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    and its right on par with any import in this class as far as fit/finish goes. The 3.7 is wonderful, smooth and able. Even the shifting of the auto was nice and smooth. The salesperson was very knowledgable about this vehicle. He claimed Diamler wants this to be a winner and has taken great strides to make this a reliable vehicle. Heck, they spent millions on a state of the art factory just for the Liberty..
    Prices are also already beating the Ford Escape. You can get a V6 Liberty nicely optioned for 19.9K in my area. Not just one either, up to 5 or more to choose from... I have been a Ford owner for over 20 years and all have served me just fine.. The Jeep Liberty is however making me think twice.
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    I hope this particular subject area stays for problems only. If I love my liberty when I get it, I will post messages on the regular liberty area. I also hope this remains for ligitimate safety, design or mechanical problems as well, not for petty gripes about control layouts, storage space, rear legroom etc.

    as far as other problem rooms, just check out the escape/tribute problems; santa fe; get the picture.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    With that thought in mind, post #10 should really be in the "Liberty" area, not here.

  • thesaint2thesaint2 Posts: 1
    This is the problem in this society where we live. We like, we love the negative, the ugly and everything that is wrong even if there is nothing wrong..ohh yeah we find some for you. The Liberty is a new, New Jeep and you guys are already talking and wanting to hear about "problem." it is just because it is a Jeep. Because I just saw the Toyota site and there was no "Any Mechanical Problems yet" for its two newest SUV. It is just because it is a Jeep. The good thing about this is that the Liberty is proving you wrong. And for the one who post the problem with noise when open rear window. Have you ever been in a car and open the window and not hear/feel the noise of the air dynamy.....of course you will feel the same in the Liberty...It is an SUV, not a UFO....Got it. Although this whatever you call this thing may help those looking for advise in buying the New Liberty....let not fucus on the problem but on the like of the Liberty for now because in the end...of course you will have problem no matter what SUV you end with.....just enjoy the ride. For those talking about the Suburu...Please go there and do that....This is only for the Liberty which is a hell of an SUV!!!!A Jeep.
  • rb123rb123 Posts: 51
    It does not make any sense changing the title of this to liberty problems when there is not one message here that talks about any problems. So I really don't see how it would be more appropriate at this point. The liberty could be a great vehicle with few problems which up to this point looks very possible.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    lol, Toyota owners don't have problems, they have maintenance.

    As a prior owner of both a CJ-5 and a Tercel, I didn't find much difference between the two terms:-)

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  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    the saint2
    Thank you. That's what I was trying to say earlier. The vehicle has been on sale about a month, and already we have topic dedicated to "problems." Give the vehicle a chance before assuming it will be trouble prone. If it indeed proves troublesome, then fine, complain away...

  • wileycatwileycat Posts: 3
    I had the vehicle for about a week, and was *very* impressed by it. The drive train was smooth (save for an occasional whine under hard acceleration) although I wish the engineers at Jeep would do something about the Liberty's (as well as the Grand Cherokee's) tendency to lurch when put into gear. The interior was amazing -- it wasn't hard to detect the fine hand of Freeman Thomas (father of the Audio TT) at work.

    I had a couple of concerns, though: Leather coming loose from the steering wheel, loose upholstery on the inside door handles, and a few other things made my tester seem as if it were a pre-production model. I'd have been concerned if this were my vehicle and it only had 4500 miles on the do.

    Anyone else out there noticed interior-figment quality issues?
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    Have there been any real problems yet? It's like there is this big assumption that the Liberty is going to start falling apart at any minute. I say, wait 6 months to a year and you'll have a much better idea as to the quality.

    Steve: Ha. One man's maintenance is another man's problem. My '87 Fox needed (infrequent) maintenance but my Passat had (frequent) Problems. So far, my Jeep has neither.

    BTW, I finally saw a burgundy liberty sitting all by itself on a lot here in Canada. About time.
  • armo1armo1 Posts: 1
    Last week I picked up my black Liberty Sport. I noticed a circular patch of very fine scratches on the hood which gave a dull appearance to the finish. I took it back to the dealer. The service manager polished the area and it looked fine for a few hours but the next day the scratches and dullness were apparent again. I went back a few days later and they buffed it again and actually ended up expanding the area of scratches and dullness.
    Is this normal with black cars? Will the rest of the body eventually be covered by these fine scratches and turn this dull color? Or, is there a trip to the body shop in the near future?
  • As to the post above about black paint. I have owned several black vehicles, Xterra, Honda Civic. I will not buy another black vehicle. The paint does show scratches easily. I had my xterra polished and small black swirles where noticeable afterwards and was never able to get these removed. As to the liberty, I own a fully loaded escape and love it, my father just bought a liberty and loves it! The liberty feels sturdier, interior controls are better, love those door handles and the sound of the door when I closed it. The interior layout fit and finish is good and the exterior styling looks great to me. If i had not purchased the escape in march (after recalls) then the liberty would definately be a top contender. Until i sell my escape (months/years?) i will just have to settle with begging for the keys from my father.
  • anthony921anthony921 Posts: 40
    .....if it involves a Jeep product, especially a new Jeep product, this forum will be filled up soon enough just like the Santa Fe section. It amazes me that anyone would take such a chance on a first year model from Jeep based on their past. A past that has been admitted too in this thread (post#7) as having a bad reputation. The post further up(#10) exclaiming that the SALESMEN was saying how Diamler is doing such a good job with the vehicle along with the money they invested. What else did you expect him to say? He WORKS for Diamler! As to those who insist on 'buying American...Diamler is NOT an American car company. No vehicle will be perfect. There will just be different degrees and levels ofproblems. Based on Jeep's past (where fit, finish and reliability haven't been great to say the least) I think the information in post # 17 is only the start. In any event, to those taking the chance....good luck to you!!! I hope things work out!!!
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    go peddle your doom & gloom somewhere else.
  • anthony921anthony921 Posts: 40
    ...thanks for the well thought out response. I guess the truth hurts. All I'm saying is be an informed , educated consumer. Good luck anyway.
  • dougmckaydougmckay Posts: 22
    >>if it involves a Jeep product, especially a new Jeep product, this forum will be filled up soon enough just like the Santa Fe section.<<

    Maybe, maybe not. So far the only problems I've seen reported in this section include a rough idle, noise with the rear windows down, loose trim items, and very fine scratches in the paint. None of these are catastrophic or even major problems.

    I truly believe that Jeep (aka DaimlerChrysler) is hell-bent on making sure the Liberty is quality built with a high level of fit and finish. Everything from numerous quality checks on the assembly line to a rolling diagnostics test has been implemented in a brand new state of the art assembly plant, all to make sure the Liberty doesn't suffer the glitches that have plagued Jeep vehicles in the past.

    I test drove the Liberty and was extremely amazed at how solid and well-built the vehicle is. No rattles, no vibrations, no squeaks.

    Yes, Jeep has only sold a little more than 10,000 Libertys to date, but so far there have been no recalls. I'm keeping my fingers crossed...
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    lets wait 6-9 months to see what happens with the liberty instead of just lumping it in with the jeeps of the past. For all the reasons stated in msg 24 amd more, the liberty has wonderful potential. Sure there will always be petty gripes and minor problems, this happens in any car no matter what year of production it is in. somewhere, somehow, someone will always get a lemon as well, again this happens in all car lines. And when that somebody gets the liberty lemon that IS out there somewhere, I'm sure this chat room will be filled with complaints. Again a handful of lemons out of 20,000 units is not even statistically significant.
  • acromellacromell Posts: 5
    I bought a Jeep Liberty about two months ago and noticed something when I drove it in the rain. The floor of the Jeep got wet when drove in heavy rain. I am not sure where the leak is coming from. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    where on the floor? what part of the vehicle?
  • I know that most 4x4's have drain plugs in the interior. My friend has a Toyota 4-Runner that has them. I guess they're there for heavy off-road use when you get in "over your head" so to speak. The Wrangler has them too. I guess it's possible that one is missing or came loose? The only other hole in the floor should be for the shifter? Where exactly is the water coming from or collecting?

  • acromellacromell Posts: 5
    It is right in the area of where the passenger's side feet would be. It started off small and the more I drove the worse it got?
  • From that location I would definitely say it's a drain plug. They are usually in low locations like the foot area to make drainage more complete. Should hopefully be an easy fix.

  • acromell,
    i posted something about this in the jeep liberty forum. i hope it gets your problem taken care of.
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