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Jeep Liberty: Problems & Solutions



  • Another 03 lib owner that I know has the same problem too. They went to the dealer and they told her it was normal. I know crazy, I had mine looked at and they did "major sanding" to correct the problem, that seemed to do the trick for about 6 weeks. I have noticed that now the weather is getting cooler here, it is not doing it as often as it was when it was hot. Maybe just a fluke with the "major sanding". I know there are others out there with the same problem, anyone have a solution? There use to be post from a dealer on this site, I will look for the nick, maybe they can offer a suggestion.

  • Yep, that's what they're trying to tell me also. . .I'm not buying it though! I've got a few friends checking it out also hopefully they can shed some light on the subject.

    till then. . .
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    I see his last posting was on August 27.

    tidester, host
  • In regard to post# 2 I too have noticed vibrations in my steering wheel at idle.I just bought a new '03 liberty limited 5 days a go.I wonder should I contact my dealer and let them know or if this is just part of the breaking in process due to being brand new
  • I have it too. Seems like a rough idle. Mar truck only has 205 miles now, but has had since the day I picked up.

  • My jeep was making a grinding noise at slow sharp turns. The dearler replaced the carrier
     Two days later it started a thumping noise. Now the dealer is replacing the
     rear axle.This is an update from my previous message. The problem still exist. The dealership has had my Jeep for 4 weeks now and they are calling engineers to help them solve this problem because they have no clue whats wrong. My jeep only has 34,000 mile on it.
  • 60146014 Posts: 1
    My troubles started from day one. A terrible vibration in the drive line sent it back to the dealer for a new carrier assy. & drive shaft. That eliminated 80% of the noise and vibration. And there still exists a vibration in the drive line between 50-65. There is a "clunk" in the front suspension or front universal or hub, I've brought it back to the dealer and they can't find it. I have 15,000 on it and have had to replace the rotors and pads they warped terribly and I do not drive hard at all. When I make left hand turns there is a krinkling sound like a loose bearing in the rear. I will warn anyone thinking about buying one of these poorly engineered vehicles..."DON'T"
  • I've owned my 2WD Liberty Sport for five weeks now and have had it in the shop twice: once for the right rear door rattling a tad when being shut, the other time for the passenger airbag light coming on.

    They fixed the door rattling with who knows how much padding. There is a definite heavier "thunk" sound over the other doors when it is shut now, but nevertheless, no rattle. I guess I'm satisfied but still perplexed as to how they can't just look at the inside of the other door and just do "monkey see, monkey do"? (laughs)

    Of course, the airbag light wouldn't come on the two days they had it the other time it was in the shop (they couldn't get to it the first day, and in all fairness, warned me that they probably wouldn't when I dropped it off). Anyway, they told me to drive it back in if it comes on, and they'll look at it immediately. Its been a week now and no airbag light, except for the normal test when I start the ignition. Sure, I'm satisfied that its not coming on...just perplexed as to what was causing it to come on those couple of days.

    I'm very satisfied with my new Jeep Liberty so far, but I thought I'd post in case anybody else has had similar problems. Neither problem has been a big show stopper. I still had my old Honda Civic to drive around while the Jeep was in the shop, so no real inconvenience there. However, I admit that I've been feeling really PARANOID about things going wrong, especially considering I owned 2 Hondas for the past 15 years. My last one never went in the shop for anything other than your normal maintenance/normal wear & tear-type things. Unfortunately, I had to sell it the other night as I don't want to insure and maintain two vehicles. :-( Hopefully, there won't be any more trips to the dealership! grrrrr

  • I've read the posts here about the noises coming from the rear differential and I suspect I may have a similar problem, but so far the dealer only wants to drain and refill the differential fluid. I have an '02 Sport 2WD with almost 29,000 miles on it. I started hearing a groaning type sound from the rear about 4-500 miles ago. It seems to only happen when the vehicle's cold (backing out of driveway in the morning, turning out of parking space when it's been sitting for awhile and has cooled off). It's very noticeable when making sharp turns in either direction. The best description I can give is it sounds like a groaning from the rear end that "seems" to come from the passenger side. When it was in for an oil change I had them check this noise out and the dealer says it means the differential fluid needs to be changed... it's recommended every 12K miles; about $120 a pop.
    I've never had to have the differential fluid replaced on any vehicle before and was surprised to hear them say it's recommended so frequently. Is this a typical Jeep/SUV thing? Are they jerking my chain? Do I pay to have the fluid replaced and see if it fixes the problem? Those of you who've had the carrier bearing and other rear end parts replaced... did they first insist on draining and replacing the differential fluid before they'd troubleshoot further?
    Thanks for any advice...
  • I had the same problem that may of you are discussing about a shudder and a rough downshift with my first '03 liberty sport. After 4 months of games taking it into the dealership they agreed that there was a major problem with the transmission and that DC had just discovered the problem and was working on the fix for the problem. The dealership put the lemon law into effect and I chose a new '03 off the lot. The new '03 freedom edition was a dream until a week ago when it started the same shudder when coming to a stop. I called the next day and talked with the mechanic. ( He knew as soon as he heard my voice that the same problem was back in the new jeep.) The up side is that they now have the computer program available from DC. Here is the info from my invoice from the service....
    Flash TCM for 4-3 harsh downshift.
    4669020 label-authorized software.

    I hope this helps some of you who have felt the shudder when coming to a stop and when accelerating between 45-50mph. I suggest talking to your dealership about the transmission not just the rear end differential. The transmissions were changed in the new '04 for a good reason. The '03 upsidedown tranmission was not a smart concept.
  • I've had my Jeep Liberty for 4 months and I love it. Just one bad problem. It leaks water from the floor of the drivers and passengers seats. I know some others have posted on this same problem and I think I've discovered what the deal is with mine.. though not the exact location of the leak, yet. I took the car to the car wash 1 week after buying and noticed that the floor was wet along the door edge on both sides.. soaking wet. So I thought it might by that the windows were cracked or something. Then each car wash and rain after that, no problem.

    Last week it rained so hard I ended up driving down a flooded street.. water splashing all under the vehicle.. next day, car was all damp and musty. ! That first car wash.. I did the Super-duper wash.. including undercarriage. Dang!

    So off to the dealer I will go this week. I am so dreading this. Ugh!!! At least I think I can tell them how to search for the leak... start from beneath.

    Anyone else dealing with this problem? Thanks!
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    This may be no help to anyone....but....

    I used to own a '97 Jeep Wrangler and experienced the same problems you all are regarding water on the passenger floor board. The problem in my Wrangler was a poor design of the base of the passenger windshield. It wasn't the actual windshield, but the vent below it that deflected water inside the passenger compartment and onto the passenger floor board.

    I liked that Jeep, but because of all the problems, my wife would kill me if I ever thought about purchasing another Chrysler product. It seems like quality control has not improved!!!
  • I test drove a liberty renegade today with only 10 miles on it. It performed very well at speeds of 75 and above. The ride was fairly quiet and confortable. After reading some of the problems that some liberty's owner are having with it, I am having second thoughts about buying one.
    What do you think, should I look at another SUV or take my chances with the Liberty? What other SUV of comparable price range would you suggest?
  • I own a 2003 Jeep Liberty & so far, no problems with it, other than getting only 18mpg around town. However, that is what the sticker said, so just understand that it pigs on gas. Before buying the Liberty, I looked at the Mazda Tribute. The gas mileage was better & the cost was comparable. In fact, Mazda had $2,500 rebates on the 2003 models in August.

    From what I read & heard, the Mazda is made for over the road use, where the 4WD would be used in the snow. The Jeep Liberty would be capable of off-road 4WD-ing. I did not test drive the Mazda, mainly because the local dealership would not give me a reasonable trade allowance.

    The Mazda has a better warranty ( 4yr 50k Miles ) vs. the Jeep's 3yr 36k miles.

    They are priced roughly the same, excluding the rebates.

    Also, consumer reports has a favorable rating for the could probably go down to the local library & access the annual car buyers guide & the actual monthly magazine where both trucks were evaluated.

    If you have not already done so, make sure you know what the invoice price is, incentives, etc before you go into the dealership. Also, try to time your shopping & purchase near the end of the month, when the dealers are trying to meet quota's & are more willing to make a deal.

    If you buy the Jeep, ask about the program they had for 14 free oil change coupons.

    Good luck-
  • I heard a clunking noise that sounded like it came from the rear end when I backed up--did not happen all the time but enough so I took it in--they replaced the struts and tires (20,000miles)and now it makes a grinding,rubbing noise on the left side when I turn left --it still makes the clunking noise in rear--now , they tell me they are replaceing the rear end assembly---is this a problem with the 03 Liberty and what do you do to keep it from happening with the new parts which are problem the same as the ones they are replacing--
  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    they say the first year of a new vehicle is the worst. reading all you guys' problems just makes me appreciate my '02 sport 4x4 even more. I truly think the '02's are the best liberty's to date (the pre-lowered ones that is). they sit nearly an inch higher than current libs, they have the much better and stronger transmission in them, they weren't decontented like the '03's were and '04's will be, and last but not least, they don't have any warping disc brakes in the rear. long live the original liberty sport 4x4. they will be hunted down by knowledgeable buyers in the future just for those advantages.
  • I've got a 03' Liberty and whenever I backed out of the garage in the morning, the rear breaks made a loud noise for the first few hundred feet. It sounded like the breaks were sticking or something. I brought it to the dealer and they said it was a common problem with all jeeps and that Jeep just came out with quiet break pads to fix the problem. I was able to get a pair for my Liberty and the noise is now gone. The mechanic said they were hard to get, they are on back order now. Hope this helps
  • Were you having the same problem as described in my post #767. Please advise.

  • Sounds like the same problem. I would only hear the noise when I first drove the car. When I would bring it to the dealer it would no longer make the noise. The car had to basically sit overnight before I would hear anything again. The first time I contacted the dealer they had no idea what it was, the second time they told me Jeep posted a technical bullentin on this problem which would be fixed by a quiet brake pad which was just developed. My only other probelm is a weird groaning, sounds like it is coming from the engine every once in a while, it is more apparent when the A/C is on. It seems to be common to all Jeeps as I sat in another new Liberty at the dealer and heard the same sound but not as loud as mine. Anyone hear these groanings from the engine. Thanks
  • Sorry for being such a pain. But, do you know of a part number for these quiet brake pads? Just in case my dealer tries to play dumb! Or is "Quiet Brake Pad" the actual name for them?

    Thanks, I hope this is the solution, its not a good feeling when you back out first thing in the morning and having people look at your new jeep as if there is something wrong with it when it makes that loud wooooooo noise.

    thanks once again motion26

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Heh, good digging, that one has been archived for a while now - here's a link for those interested:

    jjjn "changing jeep liberty oil" Oct 14, 2002 5:58pm

    Steve, Host
  • I have the actual printout from the dealer in the car, I'll check it out tomorrow. Hey, any chance u have that same groaning noise from the engine every once in a while. I'm just trying to get some feedback on it.
  • Sorry, can't say I have heard any groaning noise, I will turn the stero down and listen for a couple of days. I will also check with another Lib owner that I know.

  • tbunder1tbunder1 Posts: 257
    yes, i have heard it. i only hear it when the a/c compressor is running. the liberty makes funny sounds mechanically, you just have to get used to them. tranny clicks when you put it in gear, etc. remember that your compressor runs in all settings except floor and vent.
  • I hear the groaning sound even when the ac is off, guess I have to get used to it. The dealer said they have no idea what it is and that they will let Jeep know. Yeah the clicks of the fuel injectors are real loud. Jeepspaz I didn't forget about u, I've just been real busy with grad school. I'll try to get that info for u later tonight.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    I've had my Liberty for a little over two years now and it has been a very solid vehicle. A problem which I have had from the start is a vibration/resonance/flutter when I approach 75MPH. It goes away above that. I can actually tell when I am approaching that speed without even looking at the speedometer. I have NEVER mentioned this to the dealer because I thought it was just a harmonic imbalance at that speed that I could live with. I am thinking there is something amiss in the drivetrain. I don't want the dealer to start changing parts just for the fun of it. I really LOVE this vehicle but unfortunately I will be parting with it very soon. I have 25,000 miles and have been reading too many horror stories lately. I just can't take a chance and have an unreliable vehicle. Oh.. it is true what a previous poster mentioned. The first generation of Liberty's were the best. I have the R45 tranny and it is prelowered.
  • djasonwdjasonw Posts: 624
    Okay... so I will have a FWD Liberty to test the theory. If the vibes go away, then what is the fix? Does that mean that it is the rear diff causing the problem? Unfortunately I am the type of person that has ZERO patience when it comes to car problems. My new car is arriving in three weeks. A car that is SO different from the Liberty it is funny!!!! I am getting an '04 Prius (fully loaded). It will be comforting to get close to 50MPG as opposed to 14 MPG in the city. I'll stick some blizzaks on it in the winter and should be able to hold my own. I'll miss the Libby.
  • I've had my liberty for one year. Last week we had a day long downpour (they don't come too often in Texas). When I got in my car, I had puddles in the front drivers and passenger side and the back driver side. Anyone else had this problem?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    We had a similar report last month:

    bluelibertyaz Sep 28, 2003 6:51pm

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Steve, Host
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