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Jeep Liberty: Problems & Solutions



  • yippyiayippyia Posts: 10
    Hmmm - very interesting. Thanks for pointing to the earlier mention of this. I have had this phenomena in other cars but never as bad as it is in my Liberty or as easy to trigger (it happens with ANY window open). The VW owner points out that VW was aware of this as a design flaw and had made an effort to lessen it with a preset on the sunroof. If jeep/chrysler did not find this flaw (I would say not being able to drive with the rear windows open is a significant flaw) in their testing shame on them - it is extremely obvious and discomforting. If they did know about it why didn't they make an effort to fix it with rear vents to lessen the problem.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    When you have this harmonic/noise condition with the rear windows down, does it help to have a front window open (or at least cracked)? Or does that not matter?
  • all you need to do is crack open your front windows. At least that's what I found worked when I drove it. Good luck.

  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    Crank either front window an inch or two and the noise is gone. Try a tribute and get constant wind noise with all the windows closed.
  • bagldotbagldot Posts: 9
    Posted this on the Liberty board as well:
    I seem to have an intermittant problem with my headlights on my Sport and wondered if anyone has the same. On some occasions when I try to turn the headlights off it goes from Headlights - to Parking Lights - then they are supposed to shut off, but when I put the switch in the off position they turn back on. I have to put the switch to parking lights again then back to the off position and it will work. This only happens every now and then, and of course when I go to show someone, it never happens. I have to go back to the dealer soon to pick up my plates (tags) and plan to talk to them about it. In the meantime, am I the only one that has seen this?
  • yippyiayippyia Posts: 10
    opening the front windows only helps if you roll them down about 6 inches (and by the way you usually have to open BOTH front windows), hardly a consolation if you don't want your window open at all. But it is very entertaining rolling down the highway while you work all four window controls frantically trying to find that perfect combination before your eardrums blow out.
  • bj02176bj02176 Posts: 115
    Wrong one front window 1 to 2 iniches, not both. Works for me on the Sport, not that I ever want to keep the back windows down.
  • Have you tried waiting to see if they turn off automatically after a few minutes? There's some discussion on the forum about a headlight feature that leaves the lights on for a few minutes if you turn the headlights off AFTER the ignition has been turned off.
    Liberty Forum - "Undocumented Feature?"
  • justintxjustintx Posts: 21
    My 98 Cherokee will leave the lights on for a bit if I turn off the engine before I turn off the headlight switch.
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    looking in the owners manual page 159 - "torque converter clutch" kind of describes IMO what might be happening. although something might be faulty in mine to cause the jerking.

    I ran around town today a bit and I would say I get some kind of jerking (varies in intensity) about 70-80% of the time. there were times when I got no jerking. going in next sat to check it out.
  • Winbro, the symtom you mention in post #61 sounds very much like what my 94 Cherokee does:
    I have the automatic transmission in it, and when I'm braking, *especially* when I'm in a lower gear ("3" or "2"), the moment the Jeep drops below the 20 mph threshold, it downshifts into first, which is a dramatic ratio change, making everything in the car lurch forward. Passengers usually look at me to see if I did something screwy ;)

    Anyway, sound like your prob at all? It may be that they are just using a similar transmission in the Liberty...
  • I have my Liberty sport for 4 weeks now, and last week discovered that the floor on the passenger side was soaking wet. Front and back. I took it in to the dealer for service, but they could not find any problem. The service manager said they ran the air conditioner for a while, and also ran a hose on it, but the problem did not re-occur. I did not imagine this, and it wasn't just damp, the entire carpet was soaked. Has anyone else had this problem, and did you find a reason for it. Mostly I love the vehicle, but this is making me nuts! Please help!!!
  • I used to work at Chrysler Jeep, when it was Chrysler Jeep and Eagle. I've seen my share of problems with all their products, but Jeep is made a little bit better than Chryslers. I'm thinking of buying a Liberty. All cars have problems, there's no escaping it, they are imperfect machines, made by imperfect beings. But anyway, they seem like very nice vehicles. I know for a fact that Jeep service is excelent, at least here in Florida! So I have no worries.
  • Your evaporator casing is clogged. This Is normaly seen in older cars, but it's a posiblity that something became lodged in the drain. The water will show up on the pasenger side floor, right by where your feet would be. Bring it back and tell them to check the evaporator case drain.
  • I have a Liberty with 3000 miles on it and after going wheelin a couple of weeks ago I noticed an annoying noise coming from what I thought was the rear window. After a lot of investigating I found the clips holding the plastic quarter panel trim around the rear side windows had popped out in a couple of places. I popped em back in and no more noise! No other problems besides a pull to the right that an alignment fixed. Just a little info in case someone else runs into this problem.
  • I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix that had the same problem. The evaporator case had separated.

    Also, as a Public Notice. I was told by the dealer that sold me a liberty limited that both GM and Daimler/Chrysler grant 1 free alignment within the first 7500 miles of your new vehicle.
    The reason they do this, is because of how tight vehicles have to be strapped down to the delivery trailer. Guess they just don't advertise this.
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    well I took the liberty in today for the jerk problem in the transmission. (jerk happens as I slow down going around 20mph). the technician felt it and noted it. he checked the computer and there are no updates from DC as yet on this. I scheduled an oil change for early october and will keep an eye on the jerk problem until then.

    2 things:

    a friend from another forum told me to try pushing the overdrive button to OFF and see if the jerk happens. I did this and it did NOT do the jerk. so I rode around in o/d off for awhile, then went back to o/d on. it jerked, but not as bad and not as often. today on the test drive with the technician is too was not as bad but
    still noticable to him. so at least it is documented as the first occurance that I complained about it.

    also, I asked if anyone was complaining about pulling to the right. He said 1 customer brought their liberty in complaining of this. instead of rotating the tires like the TSB says, he just swapped the 2 front tires and that seemed to help that customer.

    no customers in for water on the rug as yet.

    will keep all posted on the tranny issue.

    those with a similar problem, try the o/d off test. I'd be interested to see if you have the same experience with the jerk NOT happening.
  • There is a poster on the main Liberty board named Colorado1974 that seems to be fairly well versed on the Liberty. I asked if he/she was a dealer but they have not posted in a while.

    I have a 2003 Liberty Sport 4WD with about a 1000 miles on it. No brake problems so far.
  • Just bought my Jeep liberty sport. It pulled to the right immediately, got it with only two miles on it. Took it to the dealer and he aligned it. No problems now at 1k. knock on wood have had no problems with windows, sunroof, helicopters(but I have AC why would I need my back windows down?) or inside leaking. Other than this think it is great. Always a lemon somewhere. dr.z
  • Just bought my new Jeep Liberty LTD (fully loaded. :P) However when my car stops (as in waiting on a red light) my headrest shakes considerably--which is quite unpleasant when I'm resting my head during traffic light. This happens on the second day I bought the car. I didn't recall that happening before.... anyone has this problem?
  • Any one having a problem with the fog lamp switch. Sometimes when I turn them on without the highbeems on, there is a delay or they might not come one at all. Other times I have to keep turning them on and off a few times.
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    funny you should mention the fog lamps. mine were working fine until today. I went to use them and nothing. they did not come on. I am guessing it is a fuse type issue, because when they did work, there was a clicking sound as the switch was engaged. today, no such sound.

    also the fog lights ONLY work with parking lights & low beams. they will not work with the high beams.

    so I will add this to my list for my 10/8 oil change visit along with the transmission jerk update.
  • winbrowinbro Posts: 235
    well I tried the fog lamps again today and I found if I jiggle the stalk a little the lights come on. I'm relieved mostly, but fear the fix may be worse than just putting up with it?????

    but I will definitely report it in 2 weeks.

    still have the jerk in the tranny. this DOES NOT happen when I take the overdrive OFF, so it has to be something with the overdrive?????

    will keep the board updated.
  • mad0865mad0865 Posts: 176
    Generally, overdrive is useful for fuel economy on highways, etc. but not beneficial for city driving. Our Taurus has a switch for o/d, and I find myself switching it off when driving on roads with a lot of stop and go type traffic. Unfortunately, I've yet to experience that type of "jerky" response that you seem to be getting. Take it in and have them look at it, might be nothing, might be something serious.

  • I bought my Liberty 3 months ago. I have about 4000 miles on it. I noticed after about 2000 miles that there was this vibration in the wheel. It got worse. The wheel would actually start vibrating and shimmying violently at speeds over 60. I couldn't hold on to the wheel without it vibrating my arms very badly. So, I told my husband about it. He drove it and didn't find anything wrong with it. It was not happening every time. So, I had him ride with me one day and he saw how bad it got. He was worried and we took it to a National Tire and Battery place, they checked the wheels and said its not the wheels. So, we took it to Jeep. They felt the vibration. They replaced the rotors and brake pads because they were not working together and they both had deep grooves in them. It was better for two days. Then I still felt the vibration, but not as bad, but still very much worrisome. So, took it back to Jeep, they still felt the vibration, but just balanced the tires. The vibration is still there. Sometimes its mild, sometimes it vibrates and shimmies very badly. I'm not sure what to do. This will be the third time I take it back to the dealership. I'm scared to drive it. Plus, one of my belts makes loud chirping noises for the first hour or so after I start it. They were supposed to fix that, but they didn't fix it either. My AC was giving off a really bad smell, they did fix that. What do I do? Any ideas? Now, I have noticed that I get a very mild vibration at lower speeds, but it gets worse as you go faster.
  • the dreaded Jeep Death Wobble?
  • mellismellis Posts: 150
    I hate to say this but I had the same problem. Very bad vibration at 55MPH until 65, then again at 70. Took it to the dealer and they had it for a week. Worked with Jeep and they could not find an answer. The bottom line was that since I had not registered the Liberty Jeep took it back and I picked out another one. This one is perfect.

    With 3,000 miles you would have to go lemon law. :(
  • DONT buy black. It is normal, especially wih the softer, lead free paints to get scratched and show every blemish. Go with white or silver. I made my biggest mistake buying my 00 Solara SE V6,black, and am considering Liberty, again, but with my bad DC experience in the past I am waiting a bit. My 97 Dodge Avenger, was the WORST car I have evr owned, and the 5 Star Dealers in my area, get 5 Stars from me for bad service, poorly maintained garages, and bad supply of spare parts. Toyota in my srea stocks everything, even the Premium Rims.
  • Hmm I noticed a mild vibration at freeway speeds & assumed it was tire balancing, was planning on having it looked into at my 3,000 mile oil change. Please keep us all posted. Your experience sounds pretty awful, I would think Jeep would be interested in giving you a new Liberty rather than facing the bad publicity of a Lemon Law suit - particulary when it involves their new "flagship" model.
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