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Jeep Liberty: Problems & Solutions



  • That is exactly what happens. I pull on the handle - the door opens and when it shuts behind me, it re-locks automatically.
  • meyerlevinmeyerlevin Posts: 15
    Now,I understand precisely what you are describing. No way should the power door locks relock themselves when you are out of the car or in the car,EXCEPT when you first enter the car,close the door and drive away.Only then,if you did not lock your doors,will they automatically lock themselves when you reach the speed of approximately 15mph.Something is definitely amiss,and Chrysler should know what to do to correct the problem.Good Luck!!
  • Well here's to update you on my unluckyliberty. Since the last time my vehicle was in for the idling, it was June 7, 2004, I got it back June 10, 2004. It went back in the shop on June 14, 2004 for the check engine light going on, and the "rough idle" once again. It was in the shop from June 14-June 24 (10 days), when I got the vehicle back, they told me it was because I was using a blend of gas called "winter gas". Ummmm can we say BS! They told me to use 93 octane fuel in it. So I did, do you think it helped???? NO! I got my vechilce on June 24 at 5:00 pm and on June 25 at 5:00 pm it went back in the shop again and its been in the shop since then. I have yet to have my vehicle for a single day in July. So far since I've gotten my Liberty its been in the shop 53 days, I've only owned it since May 7th (and I've driven my current rental car more than my my NEW Liberty) anyone else having these kind of problems???
  • Can you tell me more about the idling? I just stumbled on to this thread, But I too have a new 2004 Jeep Liberty Limited, and have been experiencing a rough idle since new (February), although it sounds like yours is a lot worse.. I am about to bring it into the dealer for it's first 5000 mile service, and was going to mention the rough idle to them. It's not real bad, but is noticeable to me at stop lights. Otherwise, I love the vehicle.

  • That 'rough idle' you talk about, if you read teh owners manual, it'll say that rough idle speeds is normal in your liberty. You're talking about an engine that churns out a lot of HP for its size, not some dinky car engine here.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    I just seen on our local news broadcast that the Jeep liberty made the top 10 Lemon lawed car for 2004. You might wanna look into this. and keep record of all the times you take it in for warranty work.
  • truckedtrucked Posts: 9
    i have a liberty renegade with 4000mi on it. i rent before i buy and was quite satisfied with the two i rented for aprox 8 days on two occasions. when i took delivery of mine, i immediately noticed that it has a mind of its own. once it gets to 40mph with light pedal pressure, all is well. when speed gets to 42 mph the tach needle flies up to the top and the car downshifts and takes off , prompting any passenger to make remarks about my hurry. on a steady flat highway it does it at 42 mph and 52mph , zooming up to 5mph higher than intended. when a slight incline occurs, the libby does not sense the incline and speed drops off fairly quickly despite increasing pedl travel , even up to one inch. there is a flat period while you press down more and more, and when its ready ( could be when foot is lifted off pedal) it wakes up and xcharges ahead but further up in speed than it was before. on cruise control this i very, very apparent. at 60 mph, in cruise control, upon encountering a slight upgrade, vehicle will fall off speed quickly until you are now at 55mph before it responds. the response i an over-response and the speed tops off at 75, 10mph more than the cruise cntrl was set at. driving at 40mph yesterday the road started to dip down . the speed increased to that magic 42 mph , and i rounded the corner approching a red light, th spurted off and had to have brakes tapped to keep from going above 50mph, especially since it was time to decelerate for the red light. i called my dealer prior to the 3000 mi check up and he said let it break in. t that time with the 3.7 l eng, i was getting 16.5 mpg but now i am getting 16.3. this is not really city driving. i am usally at hwy speeds in a few blocks of my home. they quote 17 city and 21 hwy.. its not even close. on a long 3hr hway trip this summer, i tried to maintain 70mph but was frustrated by the speed falling off with the same pedal pressure that should hve kept it constant. this is a constant iritant. also upon leaving stop sign and merging onto a one lane rd by my home, it did a double downshift and spun the wheels , squirting me out onto the road like a kid with his first hot rod..again my pssenger looked at me an said woah!! whats your hurry?.. i am due to take it to my orig deler next week for a second opinion, since my more local dealer does not "see any problm" ha!! i think , if the tranny can't be adjusted electronically on my visit next week , i will persue writing to the company at large. i already called them but they say the dealer is th first and last word and that i shouldget a second opinion , especially since i did not buy it from the dealer whose shop di my 3000 mi check up. i love the car but not like this.
  • truckedtrucked Posts: 9
    it would seem that the liberty is not taking well to the mercedes/chrysler merger. i spoke to a man who said he was a jeep salesman and what he found and why he left them , was because he found that all the complaints on this forum are legit which means the libbys are all a bit different and have a bunch of problems not unique to them as a group but as individual vehicles. we all have purchased a jeep that has one, two or many glitches which they are apparently ill equipt to handle. it would behoove us as a group to perhaps get together and press a class action suit when our problems are not remediated. the most offensive of all is the company quoted mpg. that alone would be irksome but when added to all the other driveabilty problems, this model needs to go back to the drawing board and we all should be reimbursed. see message by "trucked" re my problems posted today.good luck to us all. i will report on whetehr or not they fix my malady neaxt week.
  • I have had my Liberty for a year. I have had very few issues. Gas milage is poor in the city but seems much better on the highway.

      My dealer Hassan Bros. in Quincy Ma has been great. Any issues are handled and they have proven very helpful.

     The wife loves driving the Jeep and my son also loves it.

     I would buy another without having second thoughts.

  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I have the same behaviour on my diesel Liberty.
    42 MPH is when the 4th gear engages and 52 MPH is when the 5th gear comes into action. I usually press on the O/D button when approaching red lights or highway exits to force a downshift into 3rd gear. This saves the brakes and reduces speed in a comfortable way. For city driving I keep the O/D OFF and the torque converted stays locked as long as I keep the pedal slightly pushed in. When in cruise control, if you are missing torque at the low end, the engine will give all it can during downshift; this is often too much correction and the speed will no longer be stable. The ride was much worse when the trannies had only 3 gears (~1980s) and you were on a roller coaster profile road.
  • wgorillawgorilla Posts: 20
    My 1 year anniversary is today.

    My "problems" experiences:

    1.) I had one minor issue with a rear passenger door rattling when shutting it, but the dealer was able to fix it to my satisfaction.

    2.) The first month or so of ownership, I noticed the acceleration issue around 3rd/4th gear that others have noted. It would occasionally drop back into 3rd too easily and rev up to, if memory serves correclty, 3,000 rpms when I was getting on the highway. Either it got used to my acceleration habits or I got used to it. Either way, I seldom ever notice this anymore. I've noticed weird acceleration patterns when driving my wife's Honda Accord, so I'm starting to wonder if car manufacturers are making cars too smart for themselves these days. People complain about the power window controls being on the center console. I've gotten used to complaints here.

    3.) My 17.5 to 18.5 MPG/city is pretty good compared to what I've seen others post, but it would be nice to get the low 20's for city and 25 highway. Maybe I'll look at a Liberty CRD in a few years, but I worry that the diesel engine option might be Jeep's myopia right now. Why don't they start designing a hybrid?

    Overall, its been very reliable and solid thus far. I could go on and on about what I like about it, but since this is a "problems" forum, I won't digress. I ditto what frankc58 said...I'd buy this car again.

  • 2putter2putter Posts: 6
    We bought a new 04 Liberty after driving one for awhile while the insurance company was attempting to pay us for our other car that was destroyed in a wreck. No one was hurt and it wasn't our fault. Since buying the Liberty we have had no problems at all, it idles good , runs great and looks great. We love it and would buy another . As in all vehicles there are some that have issues and most can be worked out, also some people would not be satisfied with anything they own, do as I always do, dont listen to what others have to say check it out for yourself. LUV Our Liberty
  • truckedtrucked Posts: 9
    i will be taking my 2004 hesitation waltz liberty , in for a "second opinion" to the dealer where i purchased it. my local dealer, of course said he could not find anything wrong re hesitation or its tendency to downshift and accelerate whenever it hits 42mph or 52 mph, usually when i am not interested in accelerating. the hesitation and acceleration ws there from day one. i called about it to jeep and they say its up to the service dept to fix it. in believe any problem that is not fixed after 3 visits, qualifys for the lemon law. look it up on line. i believe they have all received memos from their head office telling them that the car is not right but that they must keep denying it despite what the customer knows is true. i believe it has made the top 10 on the years lemon list for a reason. for poor mileage alone we should press a class action suit for false advertising their mileage as 17 city and 21 hway. i have yet to do better than 16.3 even when on the hway. this is due to its penchant to fall off speed at 65 mph if a slight incline is met and then after dropping down to 55mph it downshifts after failed attempts to accelerate and zooms up to 70 , pulling strongly all the way. my liberty has just over 4000mi on it and i smell a rat and a major industry coverup re its short comings. i even researched whether or not the rear end gearing was too high and was putting a drag on the the acceration but was told they all have a 3.73 axle ratio. i have no faith that they can or will fix this problem. someone said in this forum that the tranny is a constantly variable one,(perhaps of the type that employs belts instead of gears) and therefore it is confused as to when it should shift and how fast.. all in all its a great dissapointment especially in the mpg dept as i would have bought an expedition if i wanted atrocious mileage but great accelarion. i rented two libertys before buying this one, they were fine. it is my only hope that they were not flukes and that the svc dept can fix us up. i'll keep you posted and know what you are experiencing , first lady was told she needed premium gas to solve her rough idle problem...just add sugar and stir..we've got lemonade!!
  • truckedtrucked Posts: 9
    very lucky you! i believe that yours will serve you well since it started out ok.. the rest of us are in for a rough time
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Your assumptions are both valid and prophetic; I have a friend who used to work in DC powertrain development; off the record he told me some real horror stories about the Liberty tranny. He related that he transmission control unit depends on a phased array of twenty pulse width modulated heterodyne sensors. If just one sensor drops out of chronometric alignment it will cause the transmission unit to lose the synchronization lock with the vehicle LAN bus. The TCU will then default to a fail-safe algorithim that is unable to compensate for widely out of phase signals such as those generated by the throttle position sensor-unwanted downshifts are the usual result. DC is hoping that revised software will alleviate most such situations, but my friend thinks that nothing less than a complete redesign of the array will completely correct the problem.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm curious - was your friend's name Wesley Crusher?

    Steve, Host
    (slooow Sat. night here <g>)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I wouldn't push it - div2 did say it was off the record! We wouldn't want him to compromise his sources. ;-)

    Now where did I leave my transparent aluminum chassis??

    tidester, host
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I think I saw your chassis lying near the first jeffries tube to the right of the Deck Four turbolift...
  • 2putter2putter Posts: 6
    Very Happy with our Liberty, we took in on a short trip about 600 miles round trip, cruised easy at 75/80 with no problems. Fuel averaged around 22/23 mph, very pleased. SO FAR
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    A few years ago 'Fuzzy Logic' was introduced in industrial controllers. Perhaps this denomination was considered too long, and DC got rid of the 'Logic'...
  • franziafranzia Posts: 18
    Can any one please tell me how to fit the owners manual in the glove box. I have an '04 Columbia Edition and it didn't come with an owners manual. So I ordered one from Chrysler. The new manual came yesterday along with the service book and the warranty information in the little vinyl case. Well when I tried to fit it in the glove box, it wouldn't go. I've owned other Chrysler products (Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler) and this is the first one that this has happened to. The vinyl case looks like all the others. Is the glove box that much smaller in the Liberty? Any help would be appreciated.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    It fits in a special slot just above the open drawer. I had the same problem so don't feel too alone---I'm sure there are others as well.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    The slot is wider than the booklet, and this was a source of noise in sharp curves. I leave mine in the recess under the rear left passenger seat opposite to the jack. The dealership put my anti-theft wheel nut adapter in there as well. This quickly gets on peoples' nerves.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    I have extra papers and receipts jammed into the booklet so its very snug in the slot. No noise. Thanks for the heads up on the nifty storage recess. Didn't realize it was there. It's already filled up with important stuff.
  • I have to agree with you. If the milage was better it would be a great SUV not just a good one.

  • 2putter2putter Posts: 6
    Lucky so far, if it flops and dies, i will buy another Saturn L Series, they run for 100,000 ++ miles and then some with no problems, i have owned 2 the first one got totalled from running over a Ford, it had 60,000 never been in shop except for oil changes. Have a 2001 with 43,000 only problem with it is it needs new tires. Maybe Jeep should get with some of those Saturn folks and get help.
  • I like the look of Fog Lights on the Liberty.

    Are they difficult to install? How much would a dealer charge.

  • we took another trip over the Labor Day weekend to Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg in the Smoky Mountains. Drove total of 1378 miles, We averaged gas mileage on the interstate from Pensacola FL to Pigeon Forge as 22.3 mpg to 22.8 mpg at 75 mph with cruise control. Mountain driving average around 16 mpg at slow speed over the Mountains to and from Cherokee, NC and into Cades cove area. Liberty rode great and have yet to have rough idle. Transmission shifted normal with no mishaps, early or hard shifts. Very pleased with this vehicle. Must have just been lucky and got a good one. Sorry everyone else has problems but maybe they can be worked out.
  • My Liberty is also 6 mos old and I have the same exact problems! I have a noise in the drivers side door that comes up sparatically, and the airbag light also comes on for no reason. Did you find out if the seat had a sensor? I didn't think that they did. My light started coming on right after I bought it but I haven't taken it back. It hasn't happened in probably 3 mos. I figured it would have submitted a code.
  • I have an 04 sport but I would imagine it would be the same. Open the glove box and there is a small area on top of the box where the manual will slide right in. The salesman gave me this tip. Fits great!!
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