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Dodge Ram



  • sakosako Posts: 25
    thanks for the info on the chips--rk. i kind of figured the tranny would be the one to take the punishment if you installed these chips-nice to know for sure.
    anybody have bigger tires on their truck without lifting it? what size? any problems?
    does anybody have information on exhaust brakes-good or bad? thanks!! RAM IT BABY!!!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    That is inexcusable to leave a door in that condition. If it wasn't such a long haul, I'd tell you to go to my dealer, but I'll keep an eye out for good Dodge dealers in central NJ.
  • tkabbestkabbes Posts: 14
    On the subject of truck wander. My 95 Ram 2wd was wandering all over and the steering felt a bit sloppy. The problem was a worn pittman arm. The joint at the center link was worn. This truck has 64,000 miles on it and I have no history on the care that it received before I bought it. Just a shot in the dark.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I am truly sorry to read your letter, I could only shake my head in amazement. I would be all over this dealer like stripes on a skunk. My last dealer created some similar problems for me at which point I got the phone number for Customer Assistance. I talked to a man familiar with the technical side of the Ram, and told him of my problems. As my problems continued, I continued to call this same number, and would only speak to my original representative. This was to keep him familiar with my plight, so that he could share some of my frustration. It worked... Due to his interference, Dodge called the dealer and the problems were quickly resolved. You have a few options open to you:
    Take pictures of any damage, keep any pertinent records showing costs to you, lost time, return trips for repetitive repairs for the same problem, etc.
    Find out the name of the Regional Representative, and track him down by phone, and let him know the story. Also tell him that if this is not resolved quickly, you will take this case to the Chrysler Arbitration Board. Find out the contact of the CAB in your area by calling Chrysler. You can also get the Regional REps name and number by the same method.
    Find out from the Customer Assistance Hotline where you can write to complain about substandard work on your Dodge/Chrysler product. Be demanding, but not rude. You will get results, I am sure. Let these people know of the other avenues you are pursuing so they are left with the distinct impression of just how serious you are.
    The Chrysler Arbitration Board is your last stop, if it gets that far. When your Rep finds out you are going that route, they tend to get excited, and will generally raise your concerns several levels on their priority list.
    I have done all these things except the CAB, but they knew I was coming if things were not fixed quickly. ( In truth, after I found out the phone number of the CAB in my area, I called them to tell them what was going on. They explained the procedure that I would have to follow to pursue this through them and were very receptive. Within 20 minutes after calling them the District Rep called ME at home, all excited, to see what he could do to resolve this problem for me. That's how it actually happened.)
    Keep us posted.

  • richram123richram123 Posts: 35
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Thank you for all the info! I'm printing out your posting so I can follow all of your advice. If you have some of those phone numbers, I'd appreciate it. It would save me time looking them up. You can post them here or e-mail them to me.

    That's a big problem for me - there aren't many Dodge dealers close by. There's Crystal Auto Mall out on Rt. 22, and there's another big Dodge place down on Rt. 9. Both are pretty far, but if they offer loaners it may not be so bad. I'd even use your dealer if they're open on Saturday.

    Reedman's is VERY VERY far! Thanks for the help, though. :-)
  • mjsargemjsarge Posts: 1
    I just brought a 99 quad cab Monday and it runs great. 5.9 V8, leather, the works. Does anybody know of common problems I should look out for? Thanks in advance
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    I can try to get some of these numbers on Monday to help out. The CAB and Regional Representative's phone numbers are different based on geographic location. I will try to get you the correct phone number for you to obtain these numbers for your area.
    Hopefully I can post something Monday for you.

  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    Almost time to order a 2K RAM. Wanting 2500 6 speed & diesel. Any changes to the Cummins? They're changing the look of the valve cover aren't they? What about the MY 2000 Cummins ETH engine. Should I wait for it? Any timeline on the Allison trans.?
    KC, got any wisdom to share here???
  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Thanks for the Dodge Pictures
    Looking good ! Keep em' coming

    Topic #775 TRUCK PICTURES
  • nascar6nascar6 Posts: 113
    That's a 1000 series transmission, not a 100 series. *Duh*
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Thanks again.

    I decided to give my salesman, Jay, a call last night. The sales department was unaware that I was having problems, since I hadn't let them know. He was very understanding and sympathetic. He put me through to the assistant sales manager, Mike, who said they would arrange for a rental car for me when I drop off the truck to have the handle replaced. A little while later the general manager, Jim, called me, also very apologetic for the crummy job done at the service department, and he promised that the rental car would be at my disposal for as long as it took to repair the door. Not long after that, the service dept. manager called me, and he must have gotten reamed by the sales department, because his tone was much different than it was when I called him the first time. Hopefully, this will be the end of this problem.

    I'd still like to have those phone numbers and info handy in case this isn't fixed to my satisfaction. I often have a full load of passengers, usually teenagers, riding in that back seat, and I'd like to be sure that the doors were working properly. Also, since the truck is leased, I don't want to be held responsible for any damage that wasn't my fault.
  • diver3diver3 Posts: 3
    Hey Everyone, I just ordered my 2000 RAM. Here's the details: 1500 Quad Cab, Patriot Blue Pearl with the 5.9L engine. The truck should be delivered in the first two weeks of September. I found out the Patriot Blue is NOT offered in the Sport trim. I don't know why Dodge is so stupid about not offering that color in a Sport package, but anyway . . . The dealer also confirmed that the cab is supposed to be 5" bigger, but he didn't have a sheet with the truck dimensions. I'll keep you updated when I find more details.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Yes, the Ram is supposed to be getting the 1000. Allison doesn't make a 6 speed that would fit the Ram's chassis without extensive modification. The 1000 was intended for these very classes (light-medium duty). In fact, GM has already announced they are building a second plant fpor the 1000 to meet "previously unanticipated strong demand" for the 1000. Considering Dodge sells over 80,000 Cummins-powered Rams a year, that could easily translate to 50,000 Allison 1000s, plus repair spares annually.

    I have not heard any prices, but previous rumors have stated a major premium over the cost of the current 47RE automatic.
  • markvdvmarkvdv Posts: 1
    Help! This is my first ever attemt to post. I bought the last '98 cummins 24valve, 5-speed manuel on the dealer's lot and got a great deal. I bought it for the purpose of pulling a 30ft. fifth wheel. It's my first truck and I love it...the noise and everything. It was an impulse buy, driven by the great price. And I didn't think I could go wrong with a cummins diesel.
    My problem: Clutch chatter starting out in second gear. Also when downshifting to 2nd gear. The dealer put in a new clutch the first time I complained. The second time, they put in a new flywheel too. (Buy the way, I don't start out in 2nd when towing) What gives? Does anyone else have this problem, or is it normal for a diesel with manuel tranny? Should I live with it? Should I start thinking lemon law? Any comments would be appreciated...Thanks
  • jriegeljriegel Posts: 1
    Considering having a Jacobs E-Brake installed on my 1997 Dodge Cummins 5-speed with a 4.10 rear end. I currently have 65,000 miles and pull dirt, stone, etc... in a 10,000 lb dump trailer at least once a week. My concerns are:
    - Is it worth the expense ($795 for kit + installation $)?
    - Will it void the 100K engine warranty?
    - Any unforeseen problems with the E-Brake.
    Any advise would be much appreciated.
  • discopuckdiscopuck Posts: 2
    does anyone know if Dodge is planning on coming out with a 4-door 4x4 diesel anytime soon?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Thanks so much! :-) You've certainly put a lot of time and effort into collecting this information, and I really appreciate it.

    I'm scheduled to drop my truck off tonight so they can fix the door tomorrow. They are supposed to have a rental car ready for me (I hope it's a New Beetle - they're also a Volkswagon dealer). I'm keeping track of everything, including phone conversations and time lost. Hopefully, this will be the end of it. I am, however, filing the info you gave me along with all the other related paperwork, just in case this is NOT the end of it. Thanks again, and I'll let you know what happens.
  • hunter21hunter21 Posts: 9
    This is my first time to post so I hope I'am doing
    right. I have a 99 Quad/Cummins/3.56 gear w/8000 mi. and tow a 7000# trailer. I noticed my transmission down and up shifting rapidly when climbing long grades at certain trottle positions.
    Dodge says its the torque converter shifting in and out. They said to either back off or floor it.
    If I back off that means 40-42 mph on the hills and the Fords are passing me or floor it and get that rise in rpms and do 47-50, more like it!
    My question is this normal? Am I doing the right
    thing by flooring it and unlocking the torque
    converter to gain speed? Help?
  • hunter21hunter21 Posts: 9
    I should mention I drive the Northwest and grade
    6 to 9 percent 5 to 8 mi. long and climbing to
    400o to 7000 feet.
    Thanks for any suggestions you have!

  • dave40dave40 Posts: 582
    Need some more RAM pictures in Topic #775 TRUCK PICTURES if you don't have web page e-mail them to [email protected] I will post them in the Truck Force web-page

    ps thanks Ladyblue & kcram
  • mweiblenmweiblen Posts: 5
    Well I finally got results. I took the truck back to the dealer and this time I dealt with
    the service manager. They put the truck on the front end alignment machine and
    found the toe in was quite a bit out of spec and the the cassster on one wheel was
    way out. ( I watched them this time, so I know the work was done.) The truck
    handles much better now. Still a bit more "loose" than I prefer, but it's better than it
  • mweiblenmweiblen Posts: 5
    Does anyone know of a good one. How well do they work, performance or economy.

    I traveled in some rolling hills, not very steep, but it constantly shifted not only out of lockup but out of overdrive and even lower at times, kicked the rpm's way up.

    Or is there a way to modify shift patterns?
  • hunter21hunter21 Posts: 9
    Thanks for your reponse rk and kcram.

    I am shifting out of OD before I start climbing the hills. The Rapid shifting happens when I lose
    speed to about 42 mph. so I have been flooring it
    to get past that trottle position and gain speed.
    Do you think I have problem with my trans?
    Am I doing something wrong? Should I back out of it and be happy at 40 MPH?
    Thanks for your help.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Considering the grade, you may have to stick with 40. Sounds almost like your trans is possibly thinking about second gear, and that's why the torque converter is unlocking (in order to make the downshift).
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Ok, whip out your calculator...
    If I read your response to Hunter correctly, I would guess a gain of approximately 100-150 RPM if I keep it out of OD, which I assume is 5th. What do you get? You probably know what's on my mind here... wanna take a stab at it?

  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    Kcram is being diplomatic about this, but the truth is, after 4000mi on my 3500, the 3:54 rear end is too high for this truck on anything but flat land, or hills with very low grade percentage ( with the Cummins only ). You live in the NorthWest with hills, I live in the NorthEast with hills. We both made the mistake of not sticking with the 4:10 axle. It just makes the truck perform better, IMO, all the way around, and allows 100% satisfaction for most any towing requirements allowed by the RE47 AutoTrans. You give up about 10% on the mileage, and a little speed on the top end, but not many people care. IMO, they should have made the 4:10 standard, and the 3:54 an option. After all, the truck WAS designed to tow and haul large loads. Oh well...

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    You have the 46RE transmission, and behind the 360 (5.9L V8) is ok in a 1500, but years ago was suffering failures in 2500s and 3500s with the same engine. These problems were addressed, and as long as you service the trans regualrly, you should have no problems at all.

    rk and hunter,

    Everybody still has 4 speeds, so OD is still 4th; the 5 speed Allison automatic isn't available... yet. 40mph on stock tires and a 3.54 axle breaks out this way with the 47RE:

    2nd gear - 2320 rpm
    3rd - 1610 rpm
    4th (OD) - 1100 rpm <--obviously lugging the engine.

    Third gear is definitely the best choice, as 1600 rpm is listed as this engine's most fuel-efficient speed, and with a load, I can see the computer wanting a request to second gear, which would increase both horsepower and torque considering the load of a trailer.

    As far as going with a 4.10, it could be what you need if you tow frequently and are always in the hills. In that case, your rpm at 40 would be:

    2nd gear - 2675 rpm
    3rd - 1875 rpm
    4th (OD) - 1275 rpm

    It's definitely a seat of the pants feel. Obviously rk is more comfortable with higher rpms and some extra horses under conditions that I feel my 3.54 is just fine. We respectfully disagree with each other there, and that's not a problem. The reason manufacturers offer the talles ratio as standard is to appease the "compromise" buyer - the one who wants the grunt of that diesel or big-block gas engine, but would like to stay out of the corner Exxon station more than every other day.

    And I have to be diplomatic :) I work here!
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    We have run into several highway situations of 4 lane highways having a long (3 - 4 miles) grade that I don't consider steep, but steady. With the Leer Hard Tonneau cover, assessories, and tools and junk normally carried in my truck, I'm hauling about 600 lbs in the back. When the posted speeds are 65, I run about 73 - 74 mph, and at that speed, I'm pulling about 2000 RPM, if I remember correctly. I distinctly remember having my foot almost to the floor to maintain this speed. It would keep this speed, but only barely. If I dropped to 65 mph, the RPM's would follow, and the truck would not maintain this speed. I'm pretty sure the RPM difference was just enough to boost me a little higher into the HP curve, and provide the needed power. I could see why the additional 200 - 300 RPM would be advantageous for even a relatively empty truck such as ours. I'm developing a "feel" for this truck, as I have for my others, and I am of the opinion currently that the 2100 - 2500 RPM range is where you need to be
    to maximize the power available on the Cummins. After all, with the 47RE, you only have 215 hp to play with, which isn't a whole lot considering the size of the truck. I will agree on the best mileage RPM's, I have seen this as well.

    see 'ya,
  • cdeancdean Posts: 1,110
    I'm not sure that the 360 has enough torque to maintain a load at 40 mph and 1600 rpms, it should be wanting 2nd gear badly. or were you talking diesel? 1600 rpms is a bad power range for just about every gas engine.

    Kc, what do you mean by fuel saving rpm? is that the printed most "efficient" from Dodge? Under a heavy load, an engine is usually most efficient at the rpm that is peak torque.

    Another note, the higher gear ratios don't always translate to better gas mileage. I know figures on a lot of 4x4 Chevy's with the 3.08 rear, those trucks got terrible mileage cuz the gear was so high with the extra weight of the 4x4. the same truck with a 3.73 would get much better mileage.

    It all depends on how the dodge engine torque curve is mated with the tranny ratios. Example: in the chevy's, the 3.73 rear seems to get the best mileage in the C/K trucks, no matter what engine. usually same mileage and better power than the same truck with a 3.42 or 3.08.
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