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Dodge Ram



  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    Actually, that figure of 1600 rpm is from Cummins, when the 5.9 is used as a diesel generator. By no coincidence, that is the torque peak rpm. My Memorial Day weekend road run through the mountains of northwest NJ and central NY yielded 24.3 mpg with the cruise control set at 57mph, which translated to 1600 rpm. Not bad for a 3500 4x4.

    By the way, rk - I have 420 lb-ft as well, but just 180 hp. You'd never know it by my throttle response. I must have gotten a good one off the assembly line. This engine is well-known for producing more power and torque than the published numbers - many magazine tests have shown rear wheel hp and torque higher than what the published flyheel numbers say.
  • hunter21hunter21 Posts: 9
    Thanks for all the comments on my hill pulling
    problem. Dodge and other Cummins owners have told
    to put it to the floor going up the hills. Just before it hits the floor I notice the torque converter unlocking and the rpm jumps about 400rpm
    and then I can maintain 48-50 or higher at 2500 to 2800 rpms. Will unlocking the torque converter
    and pulling cause to much stress on the transmission? I just hate it when those Fords pulling same size trailers fly past me on Mt.Hood.
  • bigdbigd Posts: 2
    Any info on the 2000 Dodge Ram 1500 slt Laramie Quad Cab??? Is the cab going to be bigger???? Any info would be helpful.... I would like the Ram but fear I may buy the Chevy if not bigger Rear Seat????

    Thank you in advance!!!
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    here's the scoop on the 5-inch bigger Quad Cab. The St. Louis North plant did build 150 of them strictly as a test, but it will NOT see production yet.
  • ericgericg Posts: 38
    There is only $700 difference between the ram 1500 with the 5.9l v8 and the 2500 with the 8.0l v10. Is there any other benefits besides more power? Is it a better engine? Are there any major concerns for either engine if you take care of them?

    I want to order one in a couple of weeks and i am not sure if i should spend the extra money and get tho v10. I dont have any plans for towing, I just want the best overall quality.
  • I just purchased a 1999 4X4 Dodge Ram 2500 with the Cummins Diesel. My owners manual recommends Diesel Fuel #2 for warm weather and Winterized #2 for Xmas. So, I thought I might cruise around my little town (Right outside New Orleans) to see what they had. The two stations (Exxon and Mobile) didn't know what they had in their tanks and could not produce any paperwork to show what they had. I did get the phone number to Mobile's supplier. Does any one know what supplier I should use that will supply the right type of Fuel? Should I even worry about it? Thanks in advance for the info. I am a first time Diesel owner and so far love it.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    In New Orleans, I doubt seriously you will ever see or need winter-D2. That fuel is for temperatures that consistently stay at or below freezing (32 F). Yes, you do get a few cold blasts down there, but a bottle of diesel treatment with anti-gel will get you through those periods with no problem. Winter D2 is usually blended with a percentage of kerosene and other additives to lower its pour poitn temperature to prevent waxing and gelling.
  • gashoggashog Posts: 10
    cline -
    It appears several people in this topic are experiencing steering problems. I had to take my 99 Ram 1500 4X4 back for steering problems, too. The truck has the larger size Wrangler tires (can't remember exact size) and would wander all over the road. Ontario Dodge folks (Ontario, CA) took care of the problem. They found the alignment was out of spec, especially the caster, and they swapped tires around. Now the truck drives great. I am experimenting with tire pressure to see if I can reduce the bouncing on these beatup CA freeways that I drive on so often. Right now I am 2PSI below factory recommendation. No great improvement yet.

    My RAM has the 5.9L V8 with the 3.50 rear axle. I have nearly 8000 miles on it and have never gotten over 13.2MPG. Maybe because I find it so difficult to keep this buggy much under 75, it just drives so easy. Anyway, I changed to a MagnaFlow muffler recently, keeping the single exhaust, mainly for the improved sounds (it's a macho thing) and got an added benefit of improved gas mileage - up now to 14.5MPG.

    Following up my own post #520 about the intermittent A/C problem I was having, the same dealer kept it for two days before they were able to duplicate the problem. Service manager said the low pressure sensor was defective. Things are great now and the A/C keeps my Black RAM cool just like I like it.

    Sure hope you got your door problems fixed. You got a lot of good fighting advice from several people. A concerned dealer should never let such a obvious problem get out of hand like that. What's the latest status?

  • mkymousemkymouse Posts: 4
    CC1 ,did you take offthe catalac converter and if so tell me how your truck runs now. i am going to cut mine off and put on a 3" flowmaster and run duals out the back ,I wanted to find out how the performance will end up before i do it ...thanks again EDDIE
  • mkymousemkymouse Posts: 4
    Gashog,did you take offthe catalac converter and if so tell me how your truck runs now. i am going to cut mine off and put on a 3" flowmaster and run duals out the back ,I wanted to find out how the performance will end up before i do it ...thanks again EDDIE
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    Hey there, gashog. Thanks for asking. The door is fixed - mostly. They repaired the scratches and put a new handle on. The inside panel is still a little loose, but I guess once you pop those out they never really fit tight again (sigh). Basically, it's as fixed as it's gonna be.

    Thanks to rlkrueger, kcram and all my other Ram buddies who've helped so much. Town Hall has been like striking gold - the information and support is priceless.

    A side note: The rental car they gave me while my truck was being fixed was a Dodge Neon. Now, I've been driving trucks for 10 years, and this was like a roller skate with doors! After two days of that, I don't know if I'll ever be able to own a small car again. :-)
  • stokerstoker Posts: 4
    My names stoker and I recently purchased a 99 Ram Quad Cab/2500HD/ 5.9L/ 4x4. After a little over a 1000 miles I am experiencing brake problems. When the brakes are applied the whole truck starts to shake as though something is out-of-round. I don’t feel it in the steering wheel and there is no pulsation in the brake pedal, therefore, I’m going to assume that the shaking is being caused by the rear brakes. I turned the truck into the dealer today and was wondering if anybody else has had or are having brake problems and how were these problems resolve. Thanks in advance for all of your replies and remember all you Ram drivers, keep the rubber side down and the glossy side up. Stoker sends..........
  • dodgeramdodgeram Posts: 202
    Does anybody know about a software upgrades for the 94 and older rams. My dealer said it's called a flash or something, and it's supposed to reduce idle speed of the truck, so shifts into gear more unoticably.
  • rlkruegerrlkrueger Posts: 98
    The truck probably uses a Flash EProm which is a programmable chip that stores the software you need. Just a guess...
  • khammond1khammond1 Posts: 8
    Stoker, I have basically the same truck as you, it is brand new, only 600 miles. I have noticed that it has started to bounce and shake a little during braking. Did the shaking on your truck get worse over time?
  • heidi8heidi8 Posts: 12
    can anyone tell me about the dodge designation dhg shift on the fly. does that mean that without it you have to be stopped to engage four wheel drive.

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    I'm assuming you're shopping for a 2500. All Ram transfer cases are shift-on-the-fly. The DHG option is simply the heavy duty transfer case option (over the standard light-duty unit). If you're getting the Cummins, the V10, and/or the towing packages, order the HD transfer case. It comes included with the snow plow package, to give you an idea of what kind of abuse the HD case can handle.
  • eric16eric16 Posts: 38
    Can you get manual lockout hubs on the dodge 2500?


  • stokerstoker Posts: 4
    khammond1, No, it remained at the same intensity and was really distinct when a “quick stop” was needed. Keep in mind that I didn’t feel it in the steering wheel and there was no pulsation in the brake pedal.

    Update, I picked up the truck this afternoon and the dealer replaced the rear drums they were warped. Truck run great!

    Stoker sends...............
  • moelarrymoelarry Posts: 2
    Hi Everyone,
    Its fantastic seeing the community effort that goes on to helping others and resolving questions or concerns at this page. I am here because it is time for me to purchase a new truck. I love all the features and the appearance of the Ram. I would like to order a 2000 Quad cab 2-wd with the 5.2L when I positively know of any changes are being made.
    I stopped in one dealer the other night to pick the salesman's brain to see if he heard of any changes. After a couple of minutes, the guy literally walked away from me to some other customers because he knew he wasn't going to make a sale that night. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. Friends tell me to stay away from Dodge. I am banking on Dodge to have tweaked this truck to death with it now in its 7 th production year.

    This would be my first venture away from Chevy. My current S-10 4.3L, which I bought new in '89, has 180,000 miles. It has been unbelievably reliable. The engine and trans. have been, and remain sound, its just that paint wont stay on the truck. Its bubbled up and GM stripped the entire truck down to bare metal and repainted it five years ago for the paint starting to flake off. I see S-10s all over the road with the same problem. The winters and the road salt can be quite nasty in the Mid-west.

    I am interested in the Intense (light) Blue. I few weeks back I saw an older Ram(97' or older) with the dark blue flaking off like crazy. I know they did not offer a dark blue in '99. Could they have discontinued that color for such a reason? Anybody have good or bad luck with Ram paint and corrosion protection? Your help will be quite valuable.
  • I have a "96 2500 LWB Ext.Cab w/ cumings 6 cyl. 50000 mi.
    I love driving the truck and towing, but recently I have noticed the handling has been noticeable different and after a visit to my favorite alingment shop I learned that that track bar ball joint has worn out,$300.00 to fix. I am wanting to contact Dodge about the problem and am wondering if any other people have the same problem. I need a little ammo. I have spoke with the dealer parts dept. and was told they sell a lot of the track bars. This is not under warranty
  • chevycamchevycam Posts: 54

    I have a 1997 Dodge Ram SS/T with all the options. It has been in for service about 25 times in 26 months. They still have not fixed all of the problems! The most recent was they replaced my steering column. It was popping and binding when I turned. There has been a TSB out on this problem since about 1995. I have a friend with a 1999 model, he had the same problem at 425miles. Mine waited until 32,000. DODGE DOESN'T BELIEVE IN FIXING THEIR PROBLEMS. THEY JUST CARRY IT OVER INTO THE NEXT YEAR. DON'T CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT FOR ANYTHING. ALL THEY DO IS TELL YOU TO TAKE IT TO THE DEALER AND LET THEM TRY AGAIN. MY NEXT TRUCK WILL BE A 2000 GMC SIERRA SLE!!!

    I CALL MY TRUCK THE $26,000 P.O.S!! (I only had to pay $22,300)Now I know why!!

  • chevycamchevycam Posts: 54
    On a scale of 1 to 10 (10=best) I rate my 1997 Flame Red Dodge paint a 6 at best.

    It chips easier than any other vehicle I have owned. It had 4 runs in it when it was new. The rear bumper has been repainted due to rust forming under the paint. The rust is coming back again! When I complain about the chipping they tell me that it is normal. When I tell them my 1994 Honda Civic with 88,000 miles has less chips than my 18,000 mile dodge, they don't know what to say! My truck now has 32,xxx miles on it and it is headed out the door within the next 6 months.
  • khammond1khammond1 Posts: 8
    Stoker, thanks for the information, if my trucks bounce keeps getting worse I will have the rear brakes checked.
  • rake14rake14 Posts: 2
    Hello all,
    I'm finalizing up a deal on a 99 Quad Cab 4X4 and I have a question on the rebate.
    The salesman is telling me if I pay cash or do my own financing, Dodge will send me the $1000 rebate.
    I was under the impression after reading Edmunds that I could just lop this $1000 off the price.
    By taking the $1000 of the purchase price, I save about $85 in sales tax.
    What am I missing here?
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516

    It depends on your state as to how rebates are applied. Most states allow rebates to be applied as you suspect, but there are some who don't treat them that way. Check with your state's department of taxation - if you can apply a rebate immediately and reduce the cost and tax, bring that to the sales rep's attention. if he still balks, ask for a manager.
  • sakosako Posts: 25
    sometimes when i turn off my truck-'99 4x4 24v cummins turbo diesel-it squeals, a sharp squelch kinda. is this normal-it only seems to do it if i turn it off right away instead if letting it idle for a minute or two. is it the turbo not having any oil 'cuz i turned it off or ? any input would be appreciated. also, anybody have any idea what would be the tallest tires i could put on this thing without causing speedometer or other problems? i've got lt245/75r16 and they look to small for the truck. thanks ram it baby
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
    I've heard that the 2000 Rams will have a new color - Patriot Blue. I don't know if this is going to replace the Intense Blue, but I would assume so.

    I have the 99 Ram in Intense Blue, and the paint is definitely "delicate." I've had some chips from stones, and when I installed mud flaps, they started to wear away the paint wherever they made contact. Just my observation.
  • Sako

    I agree. Those LT 245/75R16 tires from the factory do look small. I would also like to know the largest tire I can put on this rig without any other changes. I usually run about 1000 rpm the last 1/2 mile to the house because I have a hard time letting the Cummins idle 2-3 minutes prior to shutdown. I would also like to know how important this idle time is since this is my first Diesel.
  • heidi8heidi8 Posts: 12
    when i can get the qc 4/4 diesel i want , i'm going to be pulling a 10,000 lb 5th wheel trailer.
    what rear gears would be best for that weight. i live in the mid-west.

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