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Buick Rendezvous Owners: Meet the Members



  • My wife and I really shopped and discussed what we wanted in a car and decided on the new Rendezvous. We were used to driving a Bonneville that had the jump to it so we were really thinking of waiting to get the new engine but didn't. We actually found this car on e-bay. It had more options than we were wanting but was so well priced for it's loaded condition with 6000 miles that we bought it. We really are enjoying it and still are learning to work all of the controls.

    I especially like the navigation system,memory system and the heads up display
  • cudaalcudaal Posts: 34
    would you, pls share experiences with 3.6L CXL/Ultra version

  • pastevepasteve Posts: 2
    Highly recommend the 3.6L engine, pleasing power delivery. My wife thinks it has too much power, after driving her 2000 Toyota Sienna for 4 years. I love the fact that it gets 18\25 mpg with the bigger engine. X-M Satellite & sunroof recommended. Despite claims, this vehicle does not handle like a good sedan (nor could it), but it beats a minivan or truck based SUV. Not as roomy as a minivan, but I wouldn't trade it for one. It may be a compromise vehicle, but I really enjoy the compromise.
  • Hi Rendevous Owners!
    I'm hoping someone can help with a problem we're experiencing. We've had our 2002 RDV for about a month and it's been in the shop 4 times! There's something very weird randomly happening, so far always at dusk or dark ... After turning the car off, the radio, headlights, and information center cycle back on and off again and again, probably about every 30 seconds or so. It continues for quite a while. The dealer has already replaced the Body Control Module and the Ignition Module ...

    Does anyone have info on this maintenance issue? Please share!

  • Rosemarie,
       You really need to post this on the Rendezvous Problems and Solutions forum and while your at it read thru this forum and you will see that you arent alone with electrical problems.

       We once owned a 2002 CXL RDV and it had so many electrical problems that it wasnt funny.We fixed them by trading it off.Good luck with your RDV.
  • I have the same hate for the horn on my 2004. I have posted a request for help from anyone knowing of a replacement horn that won't mess with the computer but no response yet. Would like to replace with a Park Ave horn. If you have found a solution I would like to know. By the way, I went back to the dealer and checked 6 more 2004s and all had the same horn.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    that twerpy little horn isn't defective?

    I'm driving in NYC a lot and I need something that won't invite bullies to take my lunch money!

    Otherwise....My husband, who has appropriated my '02 Regal loves the RDV almost as much as I do.

    Tons of room, yet short enough to park in a Camry-sized spot, while hauling 6-7 people!

    We're getting about 20 mpg with this brand-new engine. He says it'll only get better when it breaks in 5,000 miles from now.

    Thanks, Buick!
  • billylbillyl Posts: 9
    I really hope that your horn sounds better than mine. Did you buy yours late enough to get the 3.6 V6? You mentioned that you were getting about 20 mpg and I wanted to know what mpg the larger engine gets, not what they advertise. The larger engine was not an option when I got mine.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    Hi, billy,

    Mine's a leftover '04 and the 3.6 was not an option. I was told the 3.6 needs, but does not require, premium gas. It'll run OK on regular, but with less power and less mpg. Otherwise, I think the MPG would be about the same as the 3.4. Hey, every car's a compromise.

    That wimpy horn is #1 on my first service punch list.

    Good luck with your RDV!
  • billylbillyl Posts: 9
    Hello Verdi,

    Thanks for the info. I have about 11,000 miles on mine and have averaged over 21 mpg with a little better on long trips. I am replacing the standard air filter with a K&N air filter based on recommendation from other RDV owners reporting a little more power and mpg. I will find a way to change the horn since I hate it.
  • nidgenidge Posts: 18
    I had to add my two cents worth. Glad to hear it's not only me. I ended up tearing out the left front fender liner(plastic) . Here is where the horn is located. I then attached a quick connect to the hot wire only. I mounted two horns I had laying around and mounted them. It's a good sound for this car and much louder. Does anyone know how to remove the grill? About the K&N Filter. Wow!! What a difference. An entirely different vehicle. I get 23 and 24 MPG on the freeway at 75 and 80 MPH. Really. Lots of power and torque tt. It's kind of a tough job though, but worth it. Filter costs $47.00 special order.
  • billylbillyl Posts: 9
    Thanks, nidge. I am trying to find another way to get to the horn other than removing the inner fender liner. However, if I can't, I will remove whatever it takes to get the horn changed. Had to order the K&N filter for mine and it should be here next week. Hope it gives a little more power and mpg. Haven't tried to remove the grille but noticed someone else who was having a problem removing it posted a question, but have seen no replies with "how to".
  • nidgenidge Posts: 18
    Actually, when you do get the horn replaced, you havea hard time using it anyway. That's because it's to stiff to push on. By the time you find it, the emergency is past. Be sure to use silicone spray as is suggested to install filter(Supercharger). You'll love it.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    nidge -
    In what kinds of road condition do you normally drive? Is it mostly free traffic and little bumper-to-bumper or vice versa? Also, do you normally drive alone or with passengers? And finally, are your roads flat or hilly? I'm considering the K&N but want to understand the conditions under which I can expect those MPGs.
  • I picked up my new 2004 RDV CL-Plus (FWD, towing package) on Thursday of last week and took it on a trip on Friday night. I got 22.5 mpg on the Friday night (hit some traffic). On the way home I averaged 28.5! I'm thrilled, to say the least. I can't wait to see what this thing is getting when the engine is broken in! My friends with Explorers (who never go off road) were pretty surprised to hear I'm getting that kind of mileage. I'd like to have another one of these (AWD) for my daily commute (my Nissan truck feels like an old haywagon now).

  • nidgenidge Posts: 18
    I live in suburban Chicago. Daily driving is typical of everyone. Sometimes pretty congested. Mostly I use the car on freeways other than to go to the store etc. Usually I am alone but my wife pops in once in a while. The K&N Filter was installed at about 15,000 miles. I now have over 21,000 miles and it works fine. Gas mileage has increased also. I just returned for a trip of over 500 miles. At 75-80 MPH I averaged 25.5. At one time I did see 26.4 mpg. Power is great and torque in good too. I'm now going to install a K&K Filter into my daughters 2002 RDV. She drove mine today, and that was all it took. You won't be sorry that you laid out the money for one.
  • nextmoonnextmoon Posts: 386
    Normally for me as I go past 65mph I see the MPG slightly go down. I assume it's related to wind drag. So I'm somewhat surprised you are getting rather good MPG's at those high speeds. Please report back if your daughter gets the same improvements in power and MPG. Thanks!
  • billylbillyl Posts: 9
    Haven't tackled the horn yet but did get a K&N airfilter installed. Took a short trip today from Valdosta, Ga to Jacksonville, Fl. Drove right at the speed limit (Most of the time around 70mph and averaged 26.5 mpg on the way down but only 23 mpg on the way back due to a stormy headwind. I believe the filter will make some difference in mpg, but unable to really tell much on this trip.
  • Went to buy a K&N filter at my local auto parts store. Took it to the cash, I guess it was mis-bar-coded. Scanned as a potted plant for $5.95. Girl didn't notice and I got a K&N for less than the cost of a throw-away. Hee-hee-hee. Bought a lottery ticket on the way home :-)
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    So far [1K miles]- noooo problems.

    We just took a round trip out to Montauk - got a solid 26 mpg! Then, while gassing up [@ $2.49/gal!!], my husband noticed a free air pump. He put the recommended 35 psi - the dealer had delivered the car with only 26 psi! Hubby says they were trying to give us a softer ride. Return trip showed 28 mpg. Moral - watch those tire pressures!

    We hauled home mucho antiques and farmstand goodies - what a handy car!

    Still lovin' my RDV....
  • rap5rap5 Posts: 1
    New member,ordered new rdv, Will not get for a month or better. Now I have a few questions. How do you like your Ultras,any pros or cons. How is the power,should be pretty good. Gas millage city and country. Thank You.
  • bought a 2004 cx awd rendezvous back in august. got a very good deal, basically saved about $9000.00 off of list. we have 4600 miles on it now and the car has performed great. the awd system is just great, better than most others i have driven. mpg is good, with the lowest mileage (16 mpg) coming during a recent cold snap (-24 below), the best was 20 mpg (mostly city). this is a very comfortable car and has accumulated more miles on it than any other vehicle i or my husband have owned. even with today's temperature hovering around -28 below, the rendezvous is keeping me warm and frost free. i've read all the problems people have had with this vehicle but have not encountered any so far and i think i got a great car.
  • verdi942verdi942 Posts: 304
    And noooooo problems - aside from adjusting the parking brake and there's STILL that dinky horn...


    Oh, yeah, cold weather drops the MPG down to about 20 in mixed driving. This is for an '04 FWD CXL.
  • pgn421pgn421 Posts: 5
    Im Patrick , ive had my 2004 Rendevous since late 03, I love it. Ive had many vehicles, an Escalade, and the Rendevous is great. I love the ride. After driving my semi for 12 hours a day, Its so nice to have a comfertable ride home
    Go Wings!
  • 2006 CX FWD. Yup, had the same defects w the a/c and hubs on our 2002 that are posted way too frequently. Tried to buy something else, showed my wife everything up to $40k MSRP. There is nothing out there that beats the RDV for a quiet, comfy everyday ride that can seat 6 comfortably enough to drive from LA to Vegas 3-4 times a year, and we paid just over $24k w CX plus and deluxe pkgs. We ave 22 mpg for 140,000 miles with the same model.

    We debated pros and cons of every other car on earth :-). Some very nice cars out there for $25-35K, but we found them all lacking something that we really liked with the RDV. When the 2006 popped up at a price $1,000 under Carsdirect, I didn't even blink. Called her at work Sat, asked if she wanted it, arranged to drive it Sun night and wrote a check.

    You know what's really nice about the RDV? Look around for mods and accessories; not a lot out there because it already looks, sounds and feels great. I could spend another $1000 on wheels, but it doesn't really improve the profile. Could buy a Bose or some other sound system, but the new car is so quiet that you could listen to a an old transistor radio and hear it just fine. Don't like DVD or NAV systems built-in...invites break-ins; we just plug in the laptop, plug it in to the sound system AND we now have computer for work and games instead of just movies; bought a GPS software program for $200, and voila.

    RDV's have not been trouble free; read the other forums, there's always potential for real trouble. For an economical near-lux suv, RDV couldn't be beat. Glad to join this forum.
  • I just purchased my first SUV this late afternoon a Rendezvous AWD CX Plus '05. I got it at invoice price with 4000 rebate and 1000 worth of gas voucher. Is it a fare deal?
  • dmyer3dmyer3 Posts: 17
    Hi rap5,
    We have a 2004 RDY Ultra which is my wife's vehicle. It has approximately 12,000 miles on it and we have not had any problems. We did have a recall early on and I think it was to reprogram the computer. My wife had a Toyota Sienna and a Honda CR-V before the RDY and I did not like either of them and she was crazy about them either. The RDY she loves and has told me that if we were trading today she would want another one. It is very quiet, has good ride and much power. I have a 2007 Yukon and I think the RDY feels equally as powerful. We took it on vacation two months ago and it was a pleasure to drive. When we first bought it the in-town mileage was around 14. Recently I noticed it has been 16, but maybe that is just a different mix of driving. My wife is not an easy driver. On the vacation I mentioned, we got around 23 mpg, but that was mostly secondary roads and hilly and mountainous terrain.
    I hope you enjoy your RDY and I think it will serve you well.
    I am going to have synthetic oil put in at the next change just for extra protection.
  • javajanejavajane Posts: 2
    We recently purchased a 2004 Ultra Rendezvous. Does anyone know where to get the navigational dvd's and the specifications on the cd player? We would like to connect a cd changer to it since you can't use the navigation system and the cd player at the same time. Plus, we can't play mp3 cd's. Crutchfield simply list a add on tuner type of changer. But I would like to know where to get a manual with the connections available to the cd system.

    Thank you
  • Try ebay as far as a CD changers go youll prolly need a FM modulated one. the ones that say they will plug in the back of the receiver you gotta watch out i hear they need to program the outputs to be active at the dealership. If you do pull the nav unit out can you send me the model number?? I wanna add one to mine but the dealerships say only ones from a buick will work. and cant tell me what model numbers will work. . Have you thought bout jsut getting an IPOD? its alot easier that a CD changer and you can import all your CDs to theIPOD and carry your music library with you/
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    Last Monday morning, my wife & I were driving into our local Saturn dealer to buy a new 2007 Saturn ION-3. Being 15 minutes early, we stopped in our local GMC dealer. One of those "let's burn 10 minutes in her before continuing our drive..." things. To make a long story short... My wife bought a used 2003 RDV FWD model. To this day, I don't know if it's a CX or CLX version. That's how fast she wrote them a check for it. With cloth fabric and only 2 rows of seats (front buckets and 2nd row is bench), I would assume its a basic CX model. Its got 71,000 KMs (52K miles) and not a spot of rust on it. If wondering, it only took my wife 2 test drives to fall in love with it. First time was as a passenger and 2nd time as the driver. She loved it so much, she bought it "on the spot". Talk about a women on a mission and knowing what she wants in life. Certainly caught me by surprise. Currently, our new 2003 RDV is being certified, e-tested, cleaned, etc. She'll be "ready for pickup" this Friday (if things go as planned).

    After surfing the net, I find this site. Yes, after the fact. After reading many historical posts, I'm getting a little worried. Seems to be more electrical and mechanical problems with the RDV then other GMC SUV and mini-van brands. I was under the impression the Buick was a very solid built vehicle. After lots of reading, the "hot issues" that come to mind are: Rear End (for AWD verson), plastic head gasket leaks on the 3.4L engine and electrical problems. Are these "hot spots" (sort of speaking) only unique to the 2003 AWD version or do they also apply to the FWD version as well? Do these problems suddenly appear or do they give early warning signs of gradual failure? If wondering, I'm worried if we should only use this vehicle as a local "run about" or do risk it on long trips?


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