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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • Does anyone know where the fuel filter is loacated on the 3.6 ltr engine. I searched under the car during my last oil change and couldn't find it. I have an 05 RDV Ultra
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Not sure where the filter is on the vous, I have heard its sorta near the drivers seat (underneath vehicle of course) in the Pontiac version, but haven't been there nmyself yet. Just follow the fuel lines from the tank until you find it. (BTW you do have to be careful not to get an eyeful if you do change it, have something ready to catch what comes out of it). For the milage thing, it may jsut be winter fuel and colder temps (depending on where you are), my vehicles are dropping now also.
  • Brian,
    It was the 2002-2003 RDV's that had most of the bad problems.The 2004-2007 RDV's were much better.Our 2002 CXL AWD was roomy and rode and handled great.However,it was underpowered and the reliability wasnt there.

    If anyone is buying a used 2002-2003 Rendezvous from a dealer,please call the former owners to see why they traded it off.Theres far too many problem ones out there.They had numerous problems such as BCM's,AC Condensors,Intake And Head Gaskets,Wheel Bearings,Stalling And Refusing To Restart,and much more if you got the wrong one.I've seen some 2002's have up to a dozen different problems.

    I wish you well with your 07 RDV.
  • I just found this post. My 02 Rendezvous is doing exactly the same thing except that since I don't have AWD my traction control and ABS lights periodically flash on. Several days ago my car woudn't start and seemed like a weak battery. After 12 hours coming home form work I tried starting again and it started with exhibiting any problem or apparent battery weakness. This am I tired starting again and I heard a "click and all lights and power including dome and headlights died. The batt is 2 years old, the alternator , plugs and cables are 2 months old. I know someone stated that it couldn't be a BCM but I am at a loss and don't have the money to take it to the dealer. Any help would be apprecieated. Thanks , PK
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Sounds like it may be battery cable connection problem. I had a similar problem with my Pontiac version. Check my post #34 in Pontiac Aztek starting issues topic.

    For the TC/ABS lights , I would fix the other problem first and see if its still an issue, anything electrical could potentialy be affected by weak current
  • We are also more or less happy owners. We bought our 2003 Rendezvous from a dealer in Sept w/73,000 miles. We didn't find this website until after the purchase and we were both very worried. HOWEVER, we used what we read on this site and knew what to look for. We did have to replace the BCM unit shortly after purchasing but my husband ordered the part straight from Buick, ordered a BCM unit for a 2007 Rendevous and we haven't had a lick of problems since. We need to have the back up sensors cleaned so they work properly. We immediately (after reading this site) had the transmission fluid completely changed out to the "better stuff" - whatever that means to a women! LOL - and replaced one ABS sensor (about 120 bucks).

    For the price we paid for the car and the repairs that we did , we are still under book value for the car. I love the way it drives. Gas mileage isn't bad. Comfortable for kids. No extra room when seating more than 4 but what crossover does?

    We are aware of it's problems, but for real, research ANY car/make/model and you find just as much if not more......

    We are happy
  • I slipped on the ice and hit a parked trailer with my '05, and I was able to drive away, didn't relize the damage until later as it was dark, but after driving about 7 miles on an icy highway, I got an error message that came up that my vechicle was "shutting down" and I lost total control and it went off into the ditch and hit hard. Has anyone ever had there car shut down like that?? I am just glad I didn't get too hurt, but also my airbags did not go off at all when I hit the ditch hard.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    You hit a trailer? What kind of trailer?

    I've been in frontal accidents before. To get past the front bumper, grills, etc. takes a very strong impact. You couldn't have done all that damage and not realized you had damaged your car, even if it was dark. If it was dark, how did you drive, since your headlights would have been destroyed??

    But until you break through the bumper etc., you aren't getting to anything engine related that would make the car turn off.

    Now if you DID break through all that, your air bags would have gone off when you hit the trailer.

    If you had broken the radiator, you would have gotten a low coolant message WAY before any disasters engine shutdown. Further, I've been a GM man for life and have never heard of this "shutting down" message. Where did it display this?

    Finally when any engine shuts off, you still retain some braking ability and the steering wouldn't lock.

    Care to share some more details and explain what really happened?
  • thanks for your interest. I hit a tow truck trailer that was parked on the wrong side of the road when I slipped on the ice and it hit the corner of the vehicle and my left headlight was damaged. The grill and the body of my car looked fine, but the underneath of the bumber got destroyed when I hit the ditch 6-7 miles later on the highway when my car totally shut down. I could see because the right headlight was ok. It was a hard corner impact to my car...but I really don't know why the shutdown message came up in the center of the dash where all the other messages come up. I was totally shook up and driving very slow after I hit that trailer and was just trying to keep on the road as it was extremely icy. Can the body shop where I had it towed be able to check any computer messages that came up on the vehicle?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    hit a parked trailer with my '05, and I was able to drive away

    Of course, you drove away after you exchanged information with the owner of the trailer or filed a police report? That would have been a good time to inspect your Rendezvous thoroughly.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I recently bought an 03 Rendevous; does anyone know where to find Chilton or Haynes type repair manuals for this vehicle?
  • I recently bought an 03 Rendevous...
    There is a mysterious leak. I've found older threads talking about the roof rack or sun roof needing to be sealed better. Is there any newer information about this? We can hear a dripping when we just get in the car during the rain, and the front passenger carpet is wet.
  • I recently bought an 03 Rendevous...
    The driver door doesn't set right. It howls as we go down the road, and when it rains hard some water drips in from the top. According to carfax this car was never in an accident. Any ideas???
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    So what kind of RDV do you own? What year? What trim? Is it AWD? Which engine?

    Back to the unfortunate situation........

    A body shop may or may not have the needed scan tool to pull up OBD codes that might have been set. Depends on how high tech & modern they are. I would say most will not have the tool.

    So if the extent of the damage when hitting the trailer was one headlight, that means the other incident would be totally unrelated, you just didn't do enough damage to make your engine quit on you.

    I truly feel bad for what happened to you. It sounds like you were first caught off guard, driving too fast for conditions, and had a minor accident. But then you didn't learn your lesson unfortunately, and still drove too fast for "extremely icy" roadways. As I said before, when an engine shuts down in any car, there is plenty of brake reserve to bring the car to a stop if you simply remain calm and slowly brake. And the steering wheel may feel hard to turn but the car is steerable too. Just remember next time to let the car coast to a stop or use your brakes gently, steering gently as well. Any jerking of the wheel or slamming on the brakes can send you sliding.

    Please be more careful out there.
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    The best way to diagnose the leak is to compare the driver's side and passenger side. First, with the doors closed, look at how your passenger's door lines up with the rest of the car. Note where it meets at the top, how big the gaps are in front at the fender, and at the rear of the door edge where it meets the back door. Then the bottom gap as well.

    If all four sides are "gapped evenly" between passenger and driver's side, next I'd check the weather stripping. With both doors open, compare all the rubber, noting exactly how it's sitting, where it starts/ends, which way it angles, etc.

    Try also standing at the front of your car by the headlight. Look down the side of the car. Does the door seem flush with the rest of the body panels?

    This should get you started. Of course, if you bought it at a dealer recently, there might still be a warranty that you can take advantage of.

    My bet would be on a worn piece of weatherstripping somewhere, and the leak point should help you figure out which one. If you think you found the bad piece but just aren't QUITE sure, when the strip you suspect is dry, apply a thick coat of white petroleum jelly. Go for a drive to re-create the howling and/or drip, and see if it has diminished. The jelly would temporarily seal up the area, at least in part.
  • bxd, thanks for the quick response. There is a definite gap happening. Viewing from the front, the top of the drivers door has a noticable difference than the passenger, almost as if the door were flat vice curved to meet the roof.

    I had the used-dealer reset the door twice, but no joy ... and the weather stripping seems fine. I think this door was taken by the wind and forced open once upon a time, but I've looked at the hinges and they don't seem adversly bent.

    Have you heard of a way to maybe shim the door so the leading edge is more flush with the frame?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,579
    You could test the seal using masking tape placed cross-wise over the seal in various spots. If you can't pull the tape out when the door is shut, it's probably sealing pretty well. Or a business card or some such.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    If the door is clearly sticking out, I bet he'll be able to pull the tape through no problem.

    I haven't taken a close look at the hinges on my 2007 RDV to see how they are setup. But I think you are on the right track with the hinges.

    If they are bent just a tiny bit, too little for the eye to see, it will translate to a great angle difference at the door seams. If you can get any recourse from the dealer, I would insist they replace the hinges.

    Otherwise, take it to a respected BODY SHOP in your area, they deal with this kind of thing all the time.
  • cruzakcruzak Posts: 11
    My first time to do tire rotation by myself, bought a torque wrench but I don't know how much lb/ft should I apllied on wheel nuts. Need your advice, thank you :)
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186 ick

    100 lb / ft. And as you'll note by glancing over that chart, 100 is a great choice if you're ever caught in a situation, changing a wheel on a car you're not familiar with.

    The most important thing is to tighten them in a star pattern and make a couple passes. On the first time through the star, I only tighten them till they feel snug. Then the second time through I tighten to the spec. This makes sure the wheel sits flat and even on the rotor hat.
  • 442455442455 Posts: 64
    100 ft lbs is correct, that is listed in the service manual for the Rendezvous. The way I was taught is to do the star pattern, but to do it in three passes. First at 33 ft lbs, second at 66 ft lbs, and third at 100 ft lbs. If you have wheel covers with the plastic lug nuts that hold the cover to the wheel, those only get tightened to 27 INCH POUNDS (just a little over 2 ft lbs)

    When storing your torque wrench, set it at around 20-25 percent of the maxium limit. In other words, if you have a 100 ft lb wrench, set it at 20-25 ft lbs and leave the "lock" UNLOCKED in stored condition. This prevents the springs and other internal parts from going out of calibration or "setting".

    Perhaps a bit of overkill with the three passes, but I have worked on many peces of equipment in the nuclear industry, and this is the proper way to torque nuts and bolts, unless the equipment maker stated otherwise.
  • we have a 2002 rendezvous going on 5 years with nothing wrong. All of a sudden we have to every morning we have to jump start it. We have had everything checked and in the dealers shop and they can't find anything wrong with it. Maybe electrical. Thats why i was wondering when moosie stated she or he had problems with electrical if she found out what the problem was. We have shut everything off to see where the draw is coming from, bought a new battery, nothing works so we just hook it up to that thing tee,hee (don't know the name of the thing, Im a woman who doesn't know cars) but my hubby does. I'm checking online for him. I'ts very frustrating. To finish my sentence we hook it up every night so it starts in the morning but that is no guarantee what will happen when we are far from home and have to jump it. Anyone with this problem. by the way our contract just expired
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Sounds like an electrical drain as you probably already figured out. These can be tough to trace unfortunately. I would first double check every electrical device after leaving the car for the night visually: dash completely off, all interior lights are off, etc. I'm guessing you've done that... so there's gotta be a module of some kind putting a continuous drain on the battery.

    Probably something you have to take it in for unless someone here can identify a common failure point for these symptoms.
  • I had the same thing happen to me. The wind whipped it open and caused the drive side door to spring really bad. I had it reset but now there is a very noticeable wind noise coming from the door and a very large gab between the driver side front and the driver side back door. I hope to get it fixed, but I am afraid that they wont be able too. If anyone has any solutions to this that would be awesome.
  • cruzakcruzak Posts: 11
    Thank You for the advice
  • cruzakcruzak Posts: 11
    Thank You for the advice
  • I had a flat tire last night and when I went to buy a new one I was told I need to buy all four because if I didn't I could damage my car. Does that make sense?
  • cwebercweber Posts: 10
    Over X-mas my wife and I drove 12 hours to her parents and when we got there I found out that my 02 Rend used 4qts of oil. This has happend the last two trips there. So I did what and mechanic would do, I checked the plugs so sign of burning oil. I drove the vehical about 10 miles and parked in my garage and left it sit till it cooled then looked to see if any oil leaked on to the concret and there was nothing. I also checked the air cleaner to see if I was getting any blow by no evidence of any. I also checked the exhast just incase it was burning oil and some how the plugs just werent showing because it was such a small amount and as I suspected no indication in the exhaust that it was burning oil.I also checked the PCV and it was working properly. I then proceded to take it to the local chev dealer and they found nothing on there diagnostics equip to indicate that it was using oil. I am very mechanically inclined and have been servicing my own vehicals since I was 14. I am 28 now and in all the years that I have serviced vehicals never have I come across anything that I cant diagnose my self from listening or from past experiences than my current problem. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS. This is the most frusterateing problem I have ever encounterd with cars. :confuse:
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    Hope we can help you... first some questions.

    1. Is the terrain the same on the whole 12 hour trip? Or is it, for example, flat the first 3 hours, then mountainous for 3 hours, then flat for 6?

    2. I assume this is the 3.4 OHV V6. How many miles? AWD?

    3. Do you REALLY mean you were down 4 whole quarts? Because the whole crankcase capacity is only 4.5? Not doubting you, just asking for clarification.

    4. Did you look at the coolant level? Normal?
  • cwebercweber Posts: 10
    Well we drive through the eastern side of ND through MN on I 94 into Wisconsin and end up just south west of Ripon WI 30 min. So its pretty much exactly how you described it. Yes its the 3.4, a little over 95k, yes AWD, and finally yes 4qt. Coolant level normal. I Know Im only 28 but I have had 14 years of experience working on vehicles and never once have I run into this. Most of what I know about vehicles I taught my self from trial and error, along with asking a local VW mechanic. I rebuilt my first engine which was a 1600 VW engine and attempted to mount it on a Go-cart lol and FAILED, but it ran like knew. sold it for 800 back the the mechanic that gave it to me. So I naturally ruled out every thing that I could except for the rear intake manifold, which I have read in my research that REND ar notorious for. So next week it will be at the dealership.
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