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Buick Rendezvous Maintenance and Repair



  • manny5manny5 Posts: 16
    We purchased 2002 CX FWD in Dec. 2001. So far, here is the list of things we have done, and it cost us a ton of money to own and operate this car.

    1. Computer module
    2. Blown head gasket
    3. Air Conditioner
    4. Driver side power window
    5. Thermostat (It is expensive in this vehicle to replace)
    6. Driver seat motor
    7. Air Conditioner again
    8. Engine mounts
    9. Gas tank leak

    We stopped going to the dealers because we could not afford their charges. We are still running this car because we can not afford a new one. It is costing us almost as much as we pay for a new car. This will be the last GM we will ever own.
  • I also have a 2002 Rendezvous with a laundry list of past problems. I now have 175000 miles on the engine and it is running pretty good. But I'm always waiting for the next shoe to drop. No more GM cars for me either although I did have a Chevy Caprice that was very reliable with over 200K miles. Here is my list that I remember:
    1. Air bag module (under passenger seat)
    2. Blown head gasket ( I was told that the antifreeze eats it away)
    3. Air Conditioner condenser. They said that a screw that was too long was
    hitting it
    4. Front wheel hubs. (several)
    5. Cable to wheel hub sensor
    6. Fan motor control. (did this myself, what a job)
    7. Crankshaft sensor (Car wouldn't start every once in a while)
    8 Rear brakes way before the front brakes.
    9. Dash module showing mileage etc.
    Probably other things I forgot. I put Continental tires on all around and it makes a big driving difference.
  • I have a 2005 Buick Rendezvous and I have been noticing that when I come to a complete stop and then proceed to make a turn my gas response does not kick in right away. I have recently replaced the fuel filter and up'd the my gas to 99 or better octane, but the problem did not go completely away. Has anyone experienced this same thing? If, so please let me know how to resolve the issue.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Cassandraj,
    Have you had the vehicle diagnosed for the problem? How long has the concern been present? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • spike99spike99 Posts: 239
    edited October 2010
    Hi there...

    Sorry to read the long list of problems with your 2002 Rendezvous. For my wife's 2003 FWD "basic model" Rendezvous, we've had to perform the following repairs (since our 3.5 year ownership):
    1 - Front Wheel Bearings - replaced with 3rd party HD replacements.
    2 - Rear Wheel Bearings - replaced with 3rd party HD replacements.
    3 - One time, we replaced Front brake rotors & pads "much faster" then expected. Probably because this vehicle is "front end" heavy and during braking, its front brakes are taking 60% of the stress. For replacement rotors and pads, we selected HD replacements. They's been "good" ever since. But... I'm sure "normal quality" replacements would have needed replacement by now.
    4 - Front right brake cylinder - scheduled for next oil change. Currently, it has "slow return". It will last for another 3 weeks - until our next engine oil change.

    Other then items 1 & 2, our vehicle has been "solid as a rock". And, its other repairs are "as expected" - for a vehicle of its heavy weight. Currently at 180,000 kms (111,846 miles) and still going strong. We hope it continues to give us many more years of reliable and "comfortable to drive" service.

    Only time will tell...

  • Wondering if you ever resolved the overdrive problem and if so how?

  • zootrzootr Posts: 3
    My 2005 RDV is making a whining sound from the rear end. Third row passengers say it sounds like the transmission does not shift out of first gear, although the tach reads 1,500rpm at about 50mph. Just had new tires put on and the rear diff. flush done, still the whining noise. Have 54,000 miles on car. Front wheel hub, right, has been replaced. If this is a rear wheel bearing-hub problem, is it usually on both sides or only one side?

    Thanks, Zootr
  • Our 2005 RDV's transmission just went out. I was driving the car and it just started to slow down, no warning, no grinding, just a click and no transmission. It won't go forward, reverse...nothing. My son said the same thing like it wasn't shifting out of first gear about a month ago. Shop couldn't find any problem...this was a first because anything and everything has gone wrong with this car. I'm letting it sit until I decide to either buy a new one or fix it again! These cars should be recalled...
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Usually just one side
  • Hi folks- I have a 2003 CXL with about 70,000 miles on it. This is a small problem, but darn annoying. My rear hatch gate suddenly will not stay up. I push it up all the way, and after about a second (just long enough for you to put your head underneath it!) down it comes. Arghh! Is there any DIY fix for this...or its it "off to the dealership I go"?
  • bxdbxd Posts: 186
    The rear hatch struts (also called lift supports) have failed and don't have the pressure they need to hold up the hatch anymore. Usually cold weather makes things worse. They cost about $25 each, you'll need one for each side. They are easy to replace and can be found at any auto parts store. If you don't have a strong helper to hold the hatch as you replace them, use a 6' ladder to carefully prop it.
  • Thank you! I'll take your advice. I have a helper so this should be an easy one...whew!
  • I am not a GM or Buick mechanic first of all. I am a back yard mechanic that has been doing this for almost 50 years. I have an 03 Rendezvous and although I have had many of the same issues as I have read , I still love mine.
    Now to what I have learned. There is a cluster of three connections under the drivers seat on the outside of the vehicle. Right where water , salt etc can get into. Mine was and is corroded. I have had 11 pins changed in two separate repairs and have had a couple of broken wires, almost everything behind the driver, electrically, runs through those plugs. Ex:AWD Disable, Service Engine, as well as fuel pump and other stuff. check it out and see if I'm right. When I unplugged mine it was full of water and there you have it. I also had wheel bearing issues, thrust bushings, springs, calipers, front end bushings and many more.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    The connector that creates issues is called the C-305 connector, google 'GM C-305' and you can find most of the issues it can create. From the TSB it suggests problems can be caused by water intrusion inside the cabin and along with fixing the connections the source of water should also be addressed. I believe the connector is weather proofed on outside but not inside so leak somewhere else in cabin may be the culprit.
  • standerson10standerson10 Posts: 5
    edited December 2010
    2006 Rendezvous with 55212 miles needs front wheel bearing assemblies.

    Buick said it wasn't covered under warranty. Buck dealership said the warranty expired two months ago. Dealer was bought the vehicle from said it was "probably" covered.

    We can't afford the $100 diagnosis fee.

    Any ideas?
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    Hard to believe they are both bad at once. Likely one is needing replacement.

    $85 from - 5% discount with a number and +shipping for the Timken bearing.--this is the once with ABS. Without ABS is $95-5%+shipping.

    It would be easier to have a competent garage guy check who will do work being paid for the labor without taking a cut for the parts he sells.

    Again, hard to believe both are bad. is it possible you were being led along by someone hoping to get the service job?

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Had a mechanic check it out. Passenger side is bad and this vehicle does not have ABS.

    How hard it it to replace the assembly?

    Thanks for the reply.
  • Thanks for the lead on rockauto. I am getting ready to order one. What number do we need for the 5% discount?

    Thanks so much for your help.
  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    edited December 2010
    I just replaced my 2nd one. It was the 2003 leSabre. The tire store rotating and rebalancing my tires told me it was getting looser. I knew it was loose last summer but well within GM's specification.

    I would have bought the bearing on and saved $45 or more. But I bought at local Autozone because I was in a hurry to replace it before going to Nashville last weekend to visit friends. Autozone loads the tools needed. They loan a hub nut socket (mine was 34 mm), a 24 inch breaker bar for the nut if tight (mine wasn't), and the hub puller which is a unit that fits over three studs on the hub and has a center stud that you screw inward against the center of the driveshaft to pull the bearing hub off the driveshaft.

    On my cars (1998 and 2003) I had to take off the brake bracket on the 2003 which had two bolts that were on good with red locktite. I had to take off three 13 mm nuts on the backside that hold the hub in; they also had locktite and required a 3/8 inch extension to reach from behind. They were torque to 70 lb/ft. On the 1998, those three bolts were #50 or #55 torx head studs facing out that were reached through a hold in the brake hub. Nut on axle has to be torqued to the right amount. Too tight can ruin a bearing.

    If you can do a brake job and replace rotor and caliper you can do this. I suggest searching the web for youtube on replacing bearing hub. There are probably some guidelines already there.

    Here is one for a Rendezvous.

    With pictures g-front-wheel-hub-assembly

    You might be able to use AllData at your local library. Ours has access to the database from the computers at the library branches. I can print out there or put pictures and text onto a UBS drive to use at home.

    I also recommend purchasing a manual for the cars I have. Carefully look for used ones of Ebay.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • imidazol97imidazol97 Crossroads of America I70 & I75 Posts: 21,319
    edited December 2010

    This is the discount code they sent me. They can also be found searching on the web. It goes in the box on the order page that says, "how did you find us" or something to that effect. Just the number.

    Good luck with the job. Be sure to brace the car with a jackstand. Support the brake rotor with a wire. Use a little red loctite on the threads because it resists heat. Old locktite can be removed by heating to 500 degrees or getting alcohol into the threads.

    I recommend pretreating the nuts and things with JB Blaster after putting alcohol on threads where you can. If yours uses bolt heads on the backside, use a 6-sided strong socket. I had to buy one at Autozone. I bought the higher line because it was a little thicker. I broken my cheap set socket on my 3/8 inch extensions. Mine was 13 mm.

    2015 Cruze 2LT, 2014 Malibu 2LT, 2008 Cobalt 2LT

  • Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the information.
  • Hi, My 2003 Buick Rendezvous has been stalling & dying for months now. We replaced the fuel filter, the fuel pump and then some burnt wires going to the fuel pump. I just got it back and now it's doing the same thing it was before we replaced the fuel filter & pump. If it sits and idles for long when I take off it sputter and sometime quit. Other times I am able to keep it going by pressing the gas pedal hard. Most all of this occurs during a left hand turn. I could really use some help here. Thank You
  • ceriffceriff Posts: 5
    Ours had been doing this and we found a pass through harness under the drivers rear door under the car. It looked as though it had gotten wet and in turn melted a couple of the terminals. We found it because the car finally quit all together and I was tracing the power for the fuel pump and found this. Hope this helps you out.
  • Hi, did you find out what caused your fan setting problem? Mine is the exact same~
  • I found a great deal on cluster repair. He only charges $125. He has a lot of experience and is very professional. All you do it take it off and mail it to him. If you or a buddy has basic tool knowledge, he has a step by step walk through of how to remove it from your dash. It saved me a TON of money. Click the link. His name is Carl.
  • Wow...this is great info to have just in case. I've bookmarked his site. Thanks for posting this, Carson!
  • lllabratlllabrat Posts: 12
    I bought a filter for this car. I have jacked up the front and back and looked all underneath the vehicle and inside the engine compartment and cannot find a fuel filter. Why would the auto parts store sell me one if this car does not have one? Do I need to drop the tank. Now that is a job I do NOT want to do.

    It is a 2006 rendezvous FWD with 3.5 OHV engine. Car has been with me since new (88k miles ago) and other than a wheel bearing has been great. No problems.

  • Hi - all I can say is I have had my fuel filter replaced recently, so I know it does exist. That, coupled with an oil change in which I switched to synthetic oil, has increased my MPG about 1 and half miles per gallon.
    I have a 2003 CXL and other than the routine stuff (and the Versatrack fluid change) its been great. Got about 70,000 miles on it so far.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    The fuel filter is contained in the fuel sender assembly inside the fuel tank. The paper filter element traps particles in the fuel that may damage the fuel injection system. The filter housing is made to withstand maximum fuel system pressure, exposure to fuel additives, and changes in temperature. There is no service interval for fuel filter replacement.

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • jk27jk27 Posts: 244
    Well, it's been a pretty good run with my 2002 Rendezvous. Over the past 9 years of ownership (110,000 miles), my RDV has had a few problems. Thankfully, most were fixed under warranty. All in all, I've really enjoyed owning my Buick. It's been a great cargo-hauler, a safe vehicle, and very comfortable. Today, we signed the paperwork for a 2010 Buick Enclave, with about 11,000 miles on it, and we pick it up in a few days.

    Good luck, fellow Rendezvous owners! See you on the Enclave forums!
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