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Ford Super Duty



  • catfish4catfish4 Posts: 6
    I ordered a SD F350, V10,4x4,XLT, CC on 2/2/99 and it arrived at the Dealer on 3/4/99. Since it arrived early it fowled up the coordination for installation of the Flat Bed. My boss ordered a SD,PS,Lariet, F350 on 8/8/98 and it arrived on 3/8/99. It appears from what I read and hear the long lead time seems to be for the Lariet 4x4's.
    Good Luck to Ya'll Note: my SD was ordered as a commerical truck.
  • br1br1 Posts: 22
    In the accessories field, anyone have good advice with nerf bars (I ordered a F250 Crew Cab) or tonneau covers (soft variety and I have a short bed)? Any advice would be appreciated. Also, colr is blue over silver - kind of thinking chrome - anyone with this setup?
  • texaszachtexaszach Posts: 119
    br1.......I have some suggestions, try Ranchand Equipment at I have one of their heavy duty rear bumpers on my 97 PSD, they do have nerf bars available, powder coated, if memory serves, so chrome might out of the mix with them.....

    The other outlets are 4Wheel Parts Wholesalers at and the Desert Rat at

    The last two outlets should be helpful on both the nerf bars and tonneau covers, good luck!
  • mroffshoremroffshore Posts: 148

    I thought when you depress both buttons simultaneously on the trip computer, the reading is present fuel milage. Thats what I'm seeing when I depress the buttons and I moving. Am I incorrect in this assumtion?

  • stanfordstanford Posts: 606
    Well, that's the average MPG from the time you press the buttons. If you're on a perfectly level road (or constant incline) I guess it would be correct. Mine fluctuates a fair amount for 1-2 miles after reset though, even on apparently flat land using cruise control.
  • 1cjd1cjd Posts: 9
    br1: There are chrome nerf bars in the Super Duty Accessories catalog from Ford. Part number 16450 ($429 for CC). I plan to throw away my plastic Lariat steps and add the chrome nerf bar at my first service.
  • mjemje Posts: 33
    Thanks for the info on the trip computer. I thought I was going nuts beings I couldn't figure it out. I put about 150 miles on it last night just showing it around to friends. Everyone couldn't wait to see it after hearing about it for the last 7 months. Everybody came to the same conclusion. It was worth wait. I pissed off all my customers yesterday though as I didn't take the baby on my sales calls. ( I am a wholesale liquor and wine salesman) They too have been hearing about the "baby" and couldn't believe that I didn't bring it around to show them. Even my wife loves this truck better than the GMC Z71. It definitely turns heads.
  • meredithmeredith Posts: 578
    This topic is continued in....

    Ford Super Duty - Continued Topic # 605. Please continue there.
  • arrowhdarrowhd Posts: 8
    I finally got the news I've been waiting for. My dealer told me today that my truck (F350 SC 4X4 V10 3.73 Bright Red) would be delivered March 29th. It was ordered on Dec.14,1998 making it exactly a 15 week wait. The one thing that concerns me now is the post #484 that states all 4X4's will be 2" shorter in rear height. I hope this doesn't change the 4X4 look.
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