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Chevrolet Avalanche Problems & Solutions



  • blink3blink3 Posts: 74
    I thought I read somewhere that the Avalanche had Multi-displacement System where it would shut down some of the cylinders at a cruising speed to save fuel? If so, what year did that start? Does it work?

  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Not yet. GM calls it DOD (Dispacement on Demand) and I think it comes as part of the 2007 re-design. Only thing so far is flex-fuel.
  • I have an 02 AV and am experiencing the "knocking" on the steering which is much more noticeable at lower speeds. Was there a recall notice for steering? This seems to be a rather common problem.
  • I had one of the first 2002 Avalanche's. Never had any trouble. It now has 80,000 miles and my grandson has 20 inch wheels on this good looking dream.
    I bought me a 2003 to replace it when I gave the 2002 to him. It has been a wreck. It had pops and cracks in slow turns and made noises in the body /frame connection. I finally found out the noise in the body was rubber mounts. If you submerge the frome under water the noise will stop for a month or two. I finally found a dealer that put a new rack and pinion box on the steering and the poping and cracking stopped when making turns. Now its beginning to make a noise when it shifts .After coasting and you press on the acceleratorf it races the engine and nakes a noise as it shifts. It started this at about 15000 miles and it now has 37000 miles on it. I think it was waiting until the warranty expired before it falls apart. I sure like the truck but I will probably switch to the new Honda next year.
  • avegirlavegirl Posts: 1
    Does anyone have advice on what protectorants work well on the cladding? they all seem to wash off and/or seep off onto the paint. Any suggestions on brands that don't run, etc.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Believe it or not the best so far seems to be Future Floor Polish. It's an acrylic, not a wax. Available at Wal Mart for about $5. Just BE SURE the cladding, and what you apply it with (cloth ot sponge) is DRY or you get some whitish splotches. If that happens strip it (per label instructions) and re-apply when dry. I haven't personally tried it yet, but that's what the experts on our favorite Av fan club site are saying. ;)
  • nick28nick28 Posts: 5
    Does anyone know anything about the 07 Avalanche? Will it have DOD? Any plans for a hybrid? New features?

  • Have had my Avalanche in 5 times to eliminate the knocking while turning, especially noticible turning left. The local dealer has replaced several parts, but can't fix problem. What can be done if anything?? Does this fall under the lemon law for product liability?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    Lemon laws vary from state to state. Perhaps this article will be helpful:

    Getting Some Lemon-Aid From Your Lemon Maker

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  • What has happened since you decided to go back to the dealer about the noises?
    I am in the same position at this time. Did GM give you any help, or did they deny any problems? Please drop a line and let me hear the solution.
  • When I was test driving a 05 Avalanche I heard this noise that sound like a engine that had no oil but the oil says full. I have the truck for 24 hours I called the dealer and was told that the noise was part of the design. In other words get use to it. My question: is that something that all the Avalanches do or is this particular one having problems. At this point I'm not obligated to purchase but I need to know if this is usual or unusual for this vehicle. I was looking at the Excaulate and was told that the Avalanche had the same features. Has anyone experienced this noise.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I have not noticed that with my '03. I was recently standing near an '05 backing into a parking space and heard it's engine making noise that I thought sounded odd from one that new.
  • I have not heard the engine noise in my 05, but still having noises while turning. The sound is under the left side if the floor, and evryone hears the noise, but no solutions yet. Suggest you drive another new vehicle and ask dealer why it doesn't make the same sound if thats normal.
  • day is Sept. 30, 2005 we hare having one of the worst Fire in San Fernando Valley. i was around northridge 5:30 PM

    i am the typed of guy that hardly complains. i usually give people chances.

    -First bought the car and when i drove the truck home Head light was not working.

    brought it back at the Dealer in Glendale and had it fixed. No Problem

    -Instruments started acting up. i would fill the gas tank full and the gas instruments would read Empty. It would start blinking in Yellow and would warn me of an empty Tank. Great!!!

    brought it back at Rydell Devonshire fixed it. No Problem

    -Truck would make a Clicking Sound when turning the steering wheel. it got really annoying and took it back at the dealership Rydell Devonshire. Fixed No Problem

    -after 1 year the truck would just burned a lot of gas. i dont drive the truck much since my work is only less than 20 miles back and forth. i began to smell GAS coming from the exhaust and could no longer park the truck inside the Garage.
    kids and my house were no longer safe.

    -after weeks i took the truck of a seat belt recall and mentioned about the gas leak somewhere. Mechanic at Rydell said no leak found and the seatbelt recalled was fixed.

    - brought the car to my mechanic for second opinion and found the fuel line is leaking.

    -took it at the dealer and showed them where its leaking along with the recall not being fixed.

    dealer fixed it NO PROBLEM. great.

    - A week later driving with my 4 year old daughter from School an everyday routine the car stalled at a stop light, luckily i cruised the truck to parked it on the side street. truck just died on me and suddenly it smelled GAS.

    the fuel just leaked on the streets and took my daughter out of the truck. car was towed by Chevy and i payed the tow truck $20.00 to clean up the mess.

    the 2004 Chevy Avalanche Vin # 3GNEC12T64G213487 is no longer a safe Vehicle and as a customer would no longer take the truck back. i mean the take my kid to school and my family with the truck. what would happen if the car just exploded or get caught in a fire? who would be liable? i would rather keep my family safe rather than winning a lawsuit with Chevrolet. my Families safety is my priority in life more than anything.
  • gene16gene16 Posts: 1
    HI I recently bought a 04 Tahoe. Now I am noticing a poping noise in the front end while turning slow or backing out of a parking spot. You mentioned a crossmember adjustment. Do you know exactly what they did to fix the crossmember? I was told my Tahoe was out of warranty, so i plan to fix it myself.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    When I had mine done the fix was to somehow slot and adjust the crossmember. It's my understanding that they now install a new crossmember and retorque the bolts.
  • I have had a noise problem on my 05, and the dealer has never been able to fix it. The sound is under the front of truck. They have replace crossmembers, support beam, torqued bolts, new bolts, and even new torsion bars. Nothing has cured the problem. Most dealers know of the problem, but don't have any real true fixes. It is a hit and miss situation. My truck has been in the shop 5 times for the exact problem and stayed as long as 4 days each visit to dealership. I probably will try to get vehicle replaced under the lemon law in my state.
  • i have a 2004 Z71 after i installed a k/n filter i'am getting 13.5 city and 17 highway
    at 60mph
  • i have the same problem. since i have after market step bars they said that the cause was the step bars. i called gm to complain and i removed the step bars took it in and they now claim that they have to order the follwing parts (2) 15053229 and (2) 15772884 if this does not correct the situation i will go through the lemon law
  • I have an 04 with a popping sound in the front and also have a noise in the transmission when it shifts usually 2nd and 3rd gear. Only have 26000 miles on it. Bought it used with 10000 miles and have loved the truck, just hope they can fix the problem. It's at the dealer now and they haven't been able to figure it out. Today they did mention something about mounts being shipped. Did the rubber mounts correct the popping or did it take the rack and pinion?
  • bairdbaird Posts: 1
    I just experienced the exact same problem a few days ago. In the owners manual I discovered the breaker called 'RT Door'; and replaced it and it still didn't work.

    One of the service managers said I would need to make an appointment so they can hook up the truck to diagnostic machine. Said it may be the 'door module'.

    What have you found out?
  • I'm experiencing the infamous knocking/clicking/popping sound at low speeds while turning left in my '04 ... in addition, I can "feel" it in the steering wheel - I compare it to the feeling I got as a kid on my old Schwinn stingray if the forks were loose.

    Anyone getting anywhere with this? Hoping for a recall, but...???

    :lemon: ?
  • I will be taking my truck in again this week, (6th time) to check on knocking sounds. They haven't fix the problem, but I have found that the cooler weather makes the sound harder to hear. The warmer the weather... the more noticable the sounds. This would lead me to believe that the bushings expand and make the connections loose or allow the bolts to move more.

    As I have previoulsy said.... no real fix.... just a hit and miss situation. The dealers know of the sound, the manufacture knows of the sound, and yet no real fix to eliminate the situation.
  • Just last week I got my dream truck... an orange avalanche. Not a new one but it in in great condition and has 28000 miles. (2003) The first tank of gas got me 17 mpg, mostly in town driving. I do however have a few noticeable "problems". One thing is the popping noise in the front drivers side window area at 70 mph. Where exactly does the 2 sided tape need to be applied? And my rear door will not lock with the autolocks but they will open. has anyone else had this problem. The dealer will fix it under warranty but I was just wondering if anyone else ever had this one.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010 the SOM.
  • I saw the orange Grand Prix a few years ago, and told my wife... my next truck will be ORANGE... and now I have it. I don't know what it will be like after a trip to the mountains, but it will wash off. It looks sharp when its all clean. Do you have an AV? I am just wondering if I should go back and get the warranty extension. Any recommendations?
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    Yes, an '03 Pewter WBH. IMO the Orange is not only a sharp color, but it's not that bad for showing the dirt either. 'course you can't beat the Pewter on that count. Personally I've never been one for "extra" warranties, although I am considering it now. I want to retire in a few years and hoping my next Av (coming soon) will be my last new vehicle purchase.
  • Thanks for the insight. Have you ever had the popping sound that comes at about 70 MPH. Sounds like popping corn real fast. I know something is flapping around the drivers side windshield but I don't know where they have said to put the 2 sided tape. Is it on the plastic cowling or the little piece of rubber that covers the bolthead, or the actual windshield? I saw it mentioned before in the messages but i am not sure where to make the fix. The AV came with the bug shield already on so I do not have directions.
  • txyank1txyank1 Posts: 1,010
    I've heard of the problem, and the fix, but haven't had it myself so didn't pay a lot of attention. Do a search for "Chevy Avalanche Fan Clubs" and you'll find a club with all the answers. ;) Or maybe somebody here with chime in soon.
  • dugo1dugo1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Avalanche ( Z-66 ) with the same popping sound from front suspension. Took it to dealer and their was a problem with the steering column, that was giving me a vibration. They replaced parts inside the steering column, and vibration went away. But I still have the popping sound when turning left or right . . I bought the vehicle used with 21,000 miles on it. I have had vehicle for 1 year with 35,000 miles on it presently. The popping sound started around 26,000 miles on it. Can't figure out what it could be. Other that this problem, the truck rides & runs like a dream. I love this truck.
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