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Chevrolet Avalanche Care and Maintenance



  • ygmnygmn Posts: 179
    I have seen this gray plastic fade on all makes of vehicles...Jeeps, Pontiac, Ford etc etc...

    It fades more when on horizontal surface.....

    This is not just a GM problem....but a material choice problem by manufacturers....

    you canhide the problem...and this is what GM is now doing by applying some expensive stuff that last about 4-6 months....Armo dillo....

    I for one just clean truck and apply some eagle 1 tire shine or similar about every 4-8 weeks depending on rains and washings.....

    Good Luck
  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60
    Hi all. I have finally plunk down a deposit on a 04 av. It would be a waste to let my gm points evaporate Anyway, it's a Z71, i didn't add too many things else as i'll be the sole driver. I got some questions if you guys don't mind:

    1. In canada, on the Z71 package, do i get the G-80 differential automatically? I see in the US it's an option but in canada, that option is not on the selection menu.

    2. Should i spend the extra 800 CAD (600 USD) to have the av coated with anti corrosion, fabric protection and lusterglazed (some sort of polymer clear coat on the paint) ??

  • twotekstwoteks Posts: 5
    The dealer installed rust protection, fabric, etc. are dealer profit centers and have small value to you.
    Manufacturers sometimes recommend against rust protection. The frame of my "03 AV is already coated with something.
    Buy a few cans of "Scotchguard" for the interior and do it yourself. Same goes for the paint protection; there are plenty of polymer sealers for clearcoat paints out in the market. A few hours of your time and less than 30USD you can accomplish the same thing the dealer is selling. I've done this to my vehicles and have been pleased with the results.
    There are two online Avalanche clubs that have a wealth of info about your new truck.
    Good luck.
  • mr620mr620 Posts: 60
    Twoteks, your advice makes sense, thanks. I have call around some detailing shops here and the costs is about 50%-60% of dealer. In the end,i think i'll follow your advice. I had chosen the cladded hardware so i think this would be like anti corrosion for my purpose.
  • Have a tear in the lower section of the rear bumper of my 2005 Avalance. Is there an epoxy or glue that can be used to repair the tear?
  • I use Armor Dillo TS-1. The stuff works very well, and lasts at least 3 months. TS-1 is GM approved. If your Av is still under warranty you can have the dealer apply it at no cost.
  • Anybody ever use one of these? I need to remove my door panels but I don’t want to break the clips.
  • I have a 03 AV and use Meguiar's Cleaner Wax and often get some on my cladding. I use a dry tooth brush to remove it.
  • blesseuerblesseuer Posts: 12
    So what is the latest consensus on GM replacing plastic?
    My '05 bed cover panels and cladding over the rear window
    is starting to fade quick. the plastic on either side of
    the bed cover are fine?
    Any luck getting them replaced? or will they at least
    still put the protectant on it once?
  • mheff1mheff1 Posts: 3
    Upon taking ownership of my first 2005 Avalanche the previous owner was demostrating how the tail gate lock work. After a couple of unlocks and locks it is now stuck in the lock position. Would have anyone else heard about this problem:

  • You don't need to buy any specialty tools...Go to and for $4.99 they will give you step by step instructions on how to remove the door panel.
  • chadxchadx Posts: 153
    Other than parking in one's vehicle in your garage to protect it from the sun and weather, the best thing to protect it is good old fashioned cleaning and maintenance. The bed cover and other plastic from fading is using wipe on protectants, particularly with UV protection. Consider it part of normal maintenance along with washing and waxing the paint, cleaning and protection your dashboard, etc. Granted some plastics and paints are more suseptable to fading, but a little maintenance goes a long way to help prolong the looks and performance of even 'problem' plastics and paints.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    I previously owned a 2004 Avalanche Custom (long story), but now own a 2005 Avalanche with standard tonneau and textured plastic panels (non-cladded).

    They were fading something fierce. There IS a TSB for the fading plastic and the Chevy dealer should have it. The information can be found at the link below:

    Fading black panels

    I had this done to my Avalanche and it looks like a brand new Avy now! IF you can get the dealer to do it (mine did), it is great. If they won't you can STILL buy the products and do it yourself.

    Hope this helps people!

  • garthwgarthw Posts: 15
    edited August 2010
    I'm having problems with my Cladding ! It is fadding BIG TIME ! A good friend of mine has an 04 Avalanche (Same year as mine). He had the same problem, He is currently talking with the Dealer and trying to work out a solution to the problem ?
    Does anybody have any solutions, or contacts to try and get this problem solved ?
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    See my previous post.


  • mtnbudmtnbud Posts: 1
    How do I clean and protect from fading the cladding on my 2011?
  • Hi All, I didn't drive my 2003 Avalanche for about a week and a mouse decided to make a nest in the under-hood fuse box. Of course he was hungry and chewed a few wires and made a mess of things. Nice!

    To make it short..... two wires were visibly bare and may have (probably) shorted together. My symptom is the drivers door window will not work and the drivers door will electrically lock but not unlock.

    I re-insulated the bare wires and verified the window motor works by directly connecting 12v to it. The driver's door controls has 12v going to it and works the other windows and mirrors. I checked all the fuses in the under-hood, driver's door and driver's floor fuse boxes and nothing was blown.

    I decided to order a set of driver's door controls from ebay and the ebay replacement symptoms are exactly the same as the original parts. Grrr...

    Does anyone know where else to look for the culprit? Maybe some other controller or hidden relay or something I might be missing??

    Any help is appreciated!
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