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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • You also have to consider that the C4C money does count as income, and will be taxed come April 15. For some people that might not be much, but for others it could easily be over $1000.
  • 8sparkplugs:
    You also have to consider that the C4C money does count as income, and will be taxed come April 15. For some people that might not be much, but for others it could easily be over $1000

    Huh? According to
    Is the credit subject to being taxed as income to the consumers that participate in the program?
    NO. The CARS Act expressly provides that the credit is not income for the consumer.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,124
    Definitely not taxed by the feds...


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  • Now I can't wait to see what deals people are going to get without C4C. Lurkers, please post!
  • On August 31st, I purchased a 2009 Hyundai Elantra GLS w/ the Popular Equipment Package and Carpeted Floor Mats for $14,900 before tax, title & registration. No additional dealer fees. I bought it at the Hyundai dealership in Long Island City, Queens, NYC and paid cash (no financing).

    I came in with an ad they placed in the newspaper, and an internet quote I received from the Hyundai dealership in Manhattan ($13,500). I asked for a bottom-line price because I was ready to purchase, and I told her a story about how my wife (who was at work at the time) was set on the Corolla but that I wanted to convince her Elantra as a better value. She brought my papers to her manager and she came back saying that they could not sell it for $13,500 because it is a financing price. She said that the lowest price she could give me was $14,900.

    I took her first offer because:
    1) It was August 31st and the $2,000 manufacturer's rebate was going to expire. Now I know dealers will frequently renew incentives, but I didn't want to take the risk.
    2) My wife needed a car by mid-September for work, so there wasn't much time left to get one. In addition, she (and I) are new-ish drivers who haven't been on the highway and we need time to practice (further limited by taking a vacation on Labor Day). I had been shopping for used cars in the $9k-$10k Corollas/Civics not including an extended warranty, but then I saw the Elantra deal and thought that it would be a small premium to get a brand new car for our first.
    3) The price was lower than my CarsDirect price, the Edmunds TMV and the KBB price.
    4) The saleswoman was extremely nice to us, didn't try to upsell us on any extended warranty or other features/options like Bluetooth (almost every other Elantra came with it), went above and beyond to show us every single feature in the car and literally explain everything about the car, the warranty, and also gave us advice on insurance. She didn't play any games (which I was nervous about since I've read so many horrible stories about them), came back with a reasonable price, promised us no additional I called my wife to get her approval, and we bought it.

    Now I'm reading some of these deals on the forum and wondering if maybe I should be negotiated a little more. Like maybe I could have gotten it down to 14,500 or even 14,000. To be honest, if I was dealing with a pushier male salesperson, I might have and I can be pretty vicious. I actually had all this stuff I printed out from and that if anyone tried anything fishy, I would pull it out and recite stuff word for word in an insulting tone, lol. I wished that I would found out about this forum beforehand, maybe I could have used info from some of your deals...
  • You probably could have gotten it lower. But, don't second guess yourself. In the long run $1,000 won't make that big of a difference. I paid more then I should have for my 2009 Elantra SE, but it's been a good car and it was the first new car I ever purchased. I didn't find this site until after I purchased my car in May.

    Like you, I had the money to pay cash but chose not to. To make myself feel better about paying too much for the car, I financed the car through a credit union paying 2% per year financing charge. So far I've made about $500 in the last three months investing the money for the car into a conservative bond fund. It makes me feel better. In the long run, I'll make more money than I could have saved by bargaining harder.

    But, I understand the stock market better than I do buying cars. Lesson learned, I will bargain harder next time. But, in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy my new ride. You should too. :)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,023
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  • I was quoted $17500 OTD price for 2010 Touring Auto with popular package. This also includes my trade in 95 Altima. Do you think its fair price or should I wait for rebates to start coming out?
  • I checked the 2010 model today. I thought they were supposed to be $1800 below the 2009 model price (without the alloy wheels and with roof racks). Well ALL the 2010 models I looked at didnt have alloy wheels and only a few had roof racks AND they want more for the 2010 than the 2009. Get real Hyundai, if I have to pay $20,000 for the Touring, Id rather buy a Honda CR-V for that price. I was expecting to get a 2010, manual transmission for $15000 easy. I was blown away and laughed at the salesman when he said $20500. Not only that, but they cant locate a manual transmission. Same story when I looked for a 2009 model early this year. I have yet to see a manual.
  • I bought it today. 2010 Touring auto with popular package, bluetooth, floor mats, mudguards $17100 OTD with my trade in 95 Nissan Altima and Hyundai finance. I probably could get it lower a couple months from now if Hyundai comes up with some rebates but now it seems like a fair price. Thanks everyone for keeping this forum alive, it was really helpful.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Well, the 2010 base Touring with a stick has an MSRP of $16,715 and invoice of $16,245. And that is a lot less than the starting price for 2009. There's no rebates yet, so $15k would be a really good deal for a 2010 right now. $20,500 is ridiculous, almost $3000 over list (if you were quoted on a base model with no options). You should broaden your search or just wait for the inventories to build and prices to drop, as they typically do around the end of the year.
  • I'll volunteer my vehicle purchase info, maybe it will help others in my area.
    09/19/2009 Fresno, CA

    I picked up a new 2009 Elantra GLS "Bare-Bones" (5spd Manual with no option package. No a/c, radio, cruise, vanity visors, nothing!) for $11,800 + TTL (i.e. the $11.8k computed from $13.8k less 2k rebate with no trade-in or other discounts). OTD was $13,374. Calculation is as follows: $13,800 - $2000 rebate + $1,243 (CA sales tax) + 55 doc fee + 29 electronic dmv filing fee + 160 license + 87 registration.

    Considering asking price on the window was $14,820 (pfft) which already reflected the 2k rebate and the final sale was $11.8k I assume I did well -- but I'm open to your opinions.

    Caveat: They were looking to dump this vehicle since they had two "bare bones" in stock that had been sitting for a LONG time on their lot. This particular vehicle is showing MANUF DATE NOV 08, MODEL YR 2009 and had 47 miles. There were significant (albeit very minor) little clear-coat scratches near the door handles which I assume is from a lot of test drives. The dealer documentation showed they initially received it back in Feb -- over 7 months ago! Isn't this a long time? It doesn't surprise me that nobody wanted a car without A/C in 100+ Fresno weather and without a radio. But I'll have it installed myself using the same vendors the dealers use in this area. I guess I'm only a little saddened that the beloved "New Car Smell" is only about half as powerful as the "Newer, Newest and Brand New!" cars on the lot.

    What do you think?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    What I think is that I would have expected a significant discount off list, before rebate, for a car that had been made ten months ago, had been sitting since February, and didn't have proper equipment for the area. Also one that had been used as a demo. But I live in an area with 8 dealers within an 80 mile radius. You might not have that level of competition in Fresno.

    Given the choice between the stripped Elantra for $11.8k or a used, well-equipped car with a certified manufacturer warranty, I would go for the used car. And that's before the additional costs for AC and radio.
  • You make some good points. However, I knew the vehicle had been there a while but I couldn't know how long until after purchase (then they show the dealer "inspection checklist" that shows their purch date). I regret not looking at the Manuf Date under the hood before negotiating, but it probably wouldn't have made that big of an impact on me.

    We have only 2 dealers in our immediate area (60 miles). The other dealer wouldn't even reply to my internet inquiries (of course I didn't tell this dealer that). If willing to travel 100 miles there are a bunch more. But I say this with the proper degree of self-humor (loathing?) that in general Fresnans do not drive far. We are spoiled (or lazy) about driving even though our roads and freeways are easy to navigate. A long work commute is 15 minutes and waiting through two red lights at the intersection is so detestable that most people just run the light 3-5 seconds after it turns red. So annoying.

    >> Given the choice between the stripped Elantra for $11.8k or a used, well-equipped car with a certified manufacturer warranty
    That was the decision we've always made with our prior car purchases.
    My wife and I went back and forth for two months, doing research and identifying our own needs before we finally decided on a new Elantra. We wavered so much we just decided to stick to that decision and focus on not getting taken on the purchase side of it.

    This dealer was pleasant to work with (relatively speaking of course) and definitely didn't play any obvious/obnoxious games. But even they used the "edmunds tmv is 12,300 and we can't go less than that". They hope you believe the 2k rebate is THEIR discount on the auto, so they are breaking even or losing money going lower than 12.3k (which incl rebate). Which of course is not true, they are getting 14.3k for it. And everyone in the back office is trained to tell you "wow what a great deal you are getting". I'm pretty hard nosed but it even made me lower my guard after hearing it a few times being there for 3 hours.

    I was definitely on a high after buying it yesterday. But if others have input I'd appreciate hearing an honest opinion about where I landed on the numbers side. I can't tell if the TrueCar report is the base GLS or if the Edmunds price is the car sale price (before rebate).

    Thanks for your input.
  • Q: What do they call a car with no A/C in Florida?

    A: Scrap metal

  • I went in to the dealer pre-approved from my local credit union. I knew my rate wasn't great (my Experian fico 718) but I settled at 5.49%. I told them my rate and the Finance office came back with 5.29% (showing my TransUnion fico at 740) and they assumed I would take it (looking shocked after I declined). Now a day later, papers signed and I'm home (but have yet to finalize and take them their check since my credit union was closed this weekend) they leave a message on my phone saying "Wait, we found a better rate for you at 4%".

    Are there dealer kickbacks/profit on the financing? I assumed not but I'm wondering since THEIR first choice in financing was just barely under my pre-approved rate. My wife thinks its another game. Are we being too distrustful and should be happy they're trying to find better financing after the deal was essentially closed?
  • I agree with "backy" about the deal, re a used equipped rather than the new stripped.
    I also wonder about the financing deal? I think even 4% isn't the greatest. Sorry, don't mean to rain on your parade, but think you could really do better overall.

  • tifightertifighter WAPosts: 1,878
    I also wonder about the financing deal? I think even 4% isn't the greatest.

    Regarding the financing, I disagree. Getting 4% in this scenario is pretty good. Remember, those subsidized rates that manufacturers advertise (0%, 2.9%, etc.) almost never can be combined with a rebate. If he can swing a 4% rate on top of the rebate he already received, things are looking up. I'd guess the dealer gets some kind of kick back for setting up the financing, but if the customer ends up paying less interest overall, then everybody wins.

    To the buyer, I think it would be worth looking into. Just be sure to pay attention to the overall interest paid before sining anything...

    15.5 XC70 T6 / 16 Soul EV / 17 Toyota 86

  • Thank you for replying.

    The new financing is directly via Hyundai. I know you can get very different rates depending on which credit reporting agency the banking institution chooses. In my case, if the Hyundai is choosing TransUnion my credit rating is 36 points higher -- crossing the critical 720 mark. It may be the factor?

    Just be sure to pay attention to the overall interest paid before sining anything...
    Thanks for the warning -- I verified the new numbers appear accurate, it's going to save well over $300 over life of the loan with this rate.

    I guess my question was: are there kickbacks to using one bank vs. another, ie. a more dealer-friendly financeer that knows they only have to barely beat 5.49 -- rather than offering the lowest rate they could? And therefore give a bigger finders fee to the dealer?

    Oh well, I guess it's just a question of whether they WERE originally "playing games" to try to get the most $$$. Things are better now.
  • Sorry, don't mean to rain on your parade, but think you could really do better overall.

    That's OK I have pretty thick skin and can take criticism. Mostly because I'm my own worst critic -- it's been raining on my parade since I came home with the vehicle. Buyers remorse and all. I knew when I posted (and so should anyone else) I put myself out there for criticism. Worst case, it will help someone else with their purchase when bargaining.

    However, I would appreciate a more direct answer. It wasn't an option for me to buy used-equipped, that's more of a subjective personal decision rather than a "mistake" in my purchase. This way I can spend the extra 1750 installing the options I would like -- even if I don't get bulk discount having it pre-equipped from the manufacturer. Again I'm willing to pay a bit more to customize as I'd like.

    TrueCar is showing Great Price at 11,770 and Good Price12,240.
    Edmunds is showing Customer Cash Adjusted True Market Value $12,279.
    Both do include the rebate in the price adjustment.

    Given that, what's your opinion about how much a decent deal would be for a GLS manual w/out options? Let's assume the dealer is willing to do "moderate" amount of negotiating?

  • It is difficult to know the best way to go on a vehicle like this that has been on the lot as long as it has, but my thinking is that the dealer should have been able to go with a better price. Remember you are dealing with a "stripped" model which would normally have less demand, and the fact they have had it this long means they may already be paying extra each month for it still being in stock. You obviously have looked around your area and know what would be the most reasonable way for you to go on this, or any other deal. I live in Florida, and our prices are different, so I guess I really shouldn't be trying to advise you except to say that I personally would have to think very hard before I would take that deal. I hope you are well pleased with whatever your decision ends up being. I love my 2006 Sonata LX, in everyway but the mileage. I am still on the low side, regardless of techniques, tricks, etc..
  • 2010 Elantra Touring, manual, no other options. OTD $15000. I live in northern virginia. How much lower can I possible get? Many thanks.
  • What do you guys think?

    MSRP - 20935
    OTD (Including 7% tax and title) - 20071

    No money out of pocket.
    No trade.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
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  • So I just bought a 2009 Elantra GLS automatic with all the options minus sunroof. I want to here some opions on the deal I recieved. I paid 15,780 OTD (TTL). Do you think that was a good price for this car.
  • ke72spnke72spn Posts: 12
    We just today pruchased and got a great deal from a dealer on the South Side of Richmond, VA.

    Sale Price $17000, $2000 rebate

    We went in approved from Capital One at 4.42 and they were able to approve Chase Auto Finance at 3.79 w/gap insurance.

    Anyone in Central Virginia considering an 09 Elantra should consider this dealer since they have 100 plus remaining.
  • Interested in the 09 Elantra. Located in the NYC Metro area. Does anyone know of a dealership that still have 09's? Richmond, VA is bit of a drive... :confuse:
  • aksebnaksebn Posts: 15
    Just purchased a 2009 hynudai elantra gls pzev with popular equipment package, mud guards, floor mats, cargo tray, and blue tooth for $13,399 + tax tiltle plates for a total of $14,505. msrp was $18,095. no trade. what do you guys think was this a good deal??
  • In Maryland I got a 2008 Hyundai Elantra Se Prz automatic , 33,000 miles for 13,800. They paid off my $800 Lease , put in a remote start and 4 year premium warranty. I'm pretty sure you can get a better price or some add ins for a manual at 14,900. I went a Koons ford that needed to meet a quota on cars sold so I'd look for a used dealership that isn't doin good business right now and and have them make you a good deal for an Elantra.

  • bought 2009 in June, Brad Benson, NJ for under slightly under $15,000 OTD (include all taxes & MV fees), included ac, cruise, power windows, mats, cargo net..)
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