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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • ssc1ssc1 Posts: 4
    No it is not a certified car.

    I am kind of specific about the model. What price do you think is a reasobale offer back to them? Any specific sites that I should check the price for?

    Yes, it was a rental.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Check, and/or (available through Then print off some of the listings with better pricing and show them to the dealer.
  • cindiw1cindiw1 Posts: 8
    Depending on situation, rentals are a bit harder to negotiate with if you're going through a rental car sales agency. They MIGHT take off $100, but usually are hard to the line pricing. Check out similar models with other rental sales agency websites and/or or I think it's (Kelly Blue Book)
  • ssc1ssc1 Posts: 4
    edited April 2010
    Dealer is quoting $15791 plus Tax, Title & Plates. Price already includes Destination charges, Mat, Wind deflector & mudguard.

    Also, should I get leather upholstery done on this car for another $1200?

  • Just purchased a 2010 Elantra SE from Herb Chambers Hyundai in Auburn Mass. Only options were floor mats, mud guards and ipod cable. MSRP was 18780.

    Out the doow price was 16776.00

    That price included the 1500 rebate, 6.25% sales tax, and all title/registration and dealer doc fees.

    Another dealer was 200.00 cheaper, but didn't have the color I wanted. Six other dealers in the area would not match the price.
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    Hi All.
    As a new arrival, the archive of posts on this board has been very helpful. I am planning on buying my first elantra - leaning towards a 2010 GLS sunroof package with ipod cable and mudguards. Was not planning on any add ins, but some online reviews highly recommend the sunroof. Color will likely be black. calculates an average price of $15.8k (plus TTL) with these features. Anyone think I can do better? Also, is it better to line up financing in advance? Would much rather handle that through the dealer unless there are clear advantages.
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    forgot to mention i live in Long Island, NY.
  • blebnevusblebnevus Posts: 13
    I'm in Massachusetts, collecting dealers' prices for a 2010 Elantra GLS - automatic but otherwise without any special options. (I do, however, want a car manufactured after 12/09 because Hyundai redesigned it then to improve side-impact safety.) Based on what I've seen on the web, a dealer should be able to make a profit selling me the car for $14,500 (including all fees) + tax and title. Best price I've been able to get by phone or e-mail is $14.7K but the dealer has been saying for a week and a half that he's waiting for the newer cars. Other counteroffers start at $15K and go up from there. Any sense of whether these guys would meet my price if I showed up with a checkbook?
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    Purchased my 2010 GLS from Towne Hyundai in Denville, NJ. Total OTD cost was $15.7k (which includes NYS tax). No add ons included but they did donate the ipod cable. None of the local dealers in NY came close to that price.

    One screw up on my part was that I misplaced the spare key on the day after purchase. The FOB is 95430-3K202 (osloka - 310t). I really feel more comfortable with a spare. The dealership quoted me $200. However ebay lists them at a range of $10-$15. It would cost an extra $40 to have it programmed at the lealership. None of the listings suggest that this FCC code will work on a 2010 elantra. Is it unusual that my FCC code is normally associated with older Hyundai models?
  • mcribmcrib Posts: 19
    Has anyone tried doing the Costco deal on the Elantra and see what the prices are? People were getting good deals on the Genesis with the Costco program and I wonder how low they will go :P on Elantras... cing-through-costco.html
  • tannortannor Posts: 7
    I was looking at getting a 2010 GLS with no extras, their MSRP price was $17,810

    they offered me 15,461, plus taxes which in NY OTD was 17,179

    I noticed on hyundai website they have a $1500 rebate. How does getting a rebate work? Do i get that directly form hyundai after purchasing the car? Or did dealer include that in price?

    to me 15,461 does not seem that good of a price if that includes rebate.

    What do you think?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    The dealer should have told you--or you should have asked them--what rebates if any were included in their price quote. In general, whenever you get a price quote on a car, ask for a breakdown on all discounts, rebates, taxes, fees, value of trade etc.

    With a rebate, it's your choice to receive the rebate money or have it applied to the purchase price. I would be surprised if the dealer's offer did not include the rebate. I agree that it was not a great price, including the rebate.
  • tannortannor Posts: 7
    Thanks for all the info.

    Out of curiosity do you know what is a good price?

    If i go back to them and try to negotiate what should I offer and say lowest I go?

    I am really not sure
  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    Try this site... ng=Y

    you might not be able to get that low ($13220), but $14000 before tax and tags seems doable...
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    edited June 2010
    I have seen similar cars advertised in my area (Twin Cities) for around $14,500 (which btw is the best price the Overstock site shows for my area). But NYC is a different market. One unknown is what kind of manufacturer-to-dealer incentives are available, which allow the dealer to sell the car under invoice and still make a profit. There's also the dealer holdback to consider.

    One thought is, Fitzmall (use the obvious url, or google them) has several 2010 Elantra GLSes with MSRP at $17.8k for $14k Internet price, in Gaithersburg, MD. That is including any general rebate but w/o tax/title/license. You could use that price with your dealer to negotiate, as a bottom-line price, and see how close they can come. You might also figure your cost to get down to Gaithersburg to buy the car and drive it back. If your dealer can get close enough to Fitzmall's price + your travel costs, you can buy the car locally. If they can't, you might consider taking the trip to Gaithersburg. Or at least, you can let your dealer know you are willing to do that. ;)
  • tannortannor Posts: 7
    edited June 2010
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

    I just put in my zip code and overstock came up with $14,806

    the same dealer i was going to buy my car from
  • gsoto7777gsoto7777 Posts: 1
    Can someone please tell if this is a good deal because im only 17 and this will be my first car if i decide to get it?? The guy says that it still runs. His original price was $2000 but i told him that i wouldnt go any higher than $1400.

    How many miles is usually expected from a 2000 hyundai elantra as well??
  • 124k miles means the guy drove about 12k per year which is considered average. Private party value for an Elantra in good condition is $1970 according to, and in fair condition is $1445.
  • sean8499sean8499 Posts: 9
    Try Towne Hyundai in Denville NJ. One month ago, I purchased a 2010 GLS for 13.9k plus tax and tags. My total OTD was approximately 15.6k. Basically they matched the Fitzmall in Maryland
  • gizmo64gizmo64 Posts: 1
    Has anyone recently bought a 2010 Elantra GLS with a MSRP of 17500 in the NC area. This included floor mats, ipod cable, and rear cargo mat. It seems like dealers were only going down to about 14100. Would 13500 plus tax and tags seem like a decent price? :confuse:
  • antcocciaantcoccia Posts: 1

    In your region there is currently $1,500 in Rebates plus $1,000 Rebate if you finance with Hyundai Motor Financial. Plus there is $750 Dealer Cash. So...

    - 2,500 Rebates
    - 750 Dlr Cash

    $14,250 Bottom Line. Then there is probably another $700 between mark-up and holdback.

    I would suggest if you can buy the car for $14,000 or better to take the deal. The dealership has to make a small profit, which is only fair.

    Good luck and congrats!
  • jblahjblah Posts: 7
    I'm in the greater DC area and two dealers gave me some hard to believe out the door price. One gave me $13,500 another gave me $13,990 today. I'm going to go check them out and see if it is really too good to be true or if they are telling the truth. It feels like there is something fishy but both of them are reputable dealers.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Two words: Alexandria Hyundai. Nuff said.
  • jblahjblah Posts: 7
    are they good or bad?
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  • jblahjblah Posts: 7
    Well I just got back from the dealer with my new Elantra. they honored their quote of 13,500 OTD price with 3.9% for 60 month. They only gave me a problem with my trade in. I looked at the other dealers they were selling for around 14000 OTD so I figured I had about 500 to work with on the trade in. They gave me 200 below "fair" price from bluebook but I guess overall I had 300 plus in price to begin with. Thoughts?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    What equipment does this Elantra have?
  • jblahjblah Posts: 7
    just the standard stuff. pwr door/windows/ipod connection/security. it was the GLS model.
  • kingdomsakingdomsa Posts: 14
    $13500 including TTL sounds like a great deal. To help me with the base car cost, what was the price before TTL? And what dealer was this at? I'm interested.
  • neil1115neil1115 Posts: 1
    Hi, I am looking to by this car this week and so far the best deal I have found is 14,900 out the door for a GLS with automatic trans. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
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