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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    Looking to purchase an Elantra for the wife, and we only have few days to buy it. Long story short I emailed few dealers in the Los Angeles area offered to purchase it at invoice they all declined. What is a reasonable price to pay for an Elantra when we don’t have much time to negotiate? Wife is looking for one with a sunroof, I was told by one dealer that is the Limited edition. I don’t want to pay sticker price, but if that’s the last resort we just may. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Yes, the Limited has the sunroof.

    In this market, unfortunately you may wind up paying at or near sticker price if you have a limited time to buy an Elantra. Can you travel outside the LA area? You might find a dealer elsewhere e.g. Las Vegas willing to deal.

    Does it HAVE to be an Elantra? There's other good compact cars e.g. Cruze, Forte, and Sentra, available at big discounts.
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    So I just returned from one of the dealerships here in Los Angeles. Wife did a test drive and looks like she really likes the limited edition. The dealership was pretty dead; we were the only customers inside. After the test drive and talking to the sales person a bit we decide to head out. On our way back we get an email from the same dealership from the fleet/internet manager. He had emailed us on a quote for the limited edition for $20,153, as we had emailed few dealerships the night before about pricing. We immediately call back and he says “I just sold that car, if you come in we can see what I can do for you on other car” and he goes on saying “we are super busy here, these cars sell like hotcakes” he had no clue I was in the dealership few minutes ago talking to one of the sales people on the floor. So I told him if you can find another car at that price let me know, he says “we won’t have any other car at that price” I said have a good one. I am very tempted to go online and put a bad review for this individual/dealership.
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    Anyone know what the deal on this $399 for DOC fees are?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    In some states dealers can charge what they want for doc fees, maybe up to some maximum. So some charge a LOT and almost all of it is additional profit to them. You can try to negotiate it down, but if not successful just consider it part of the overall price of the car.
  • lavelilaveli Posts: 12
    edited May 2011
    oh i see, thanks Backy. Would you know what that $1000 rebate to lender is? does that go to the dealership?
  • oboewanoboewan Posts: 4
    I just went through the process of finding one myself. After a horrible experiecne at Alexandria Hyundai, I went up to Pohanka and while they didn't have the color (black) I wanted with the Limited, they had one coming in this week on the next truck. I went ahead and purchased it and it ended up being 23003 or something after all the taxes and stuff. I hadn't intended to get one with NAV but that's what was available so I splurged for that plus the model had the Autodim rearview mirror which I really don't need but paid for nonetheless. I hope to drive it off the lot in the next day or so!

    Good luck,

  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    There are plenty of good c-class cars out there...

    There are good deals on the Mazda3, Kia Forte, 2011 Civic's, and even discounts on the 2012 Ford Focus.

    After reading reviews on who the Elantra actually drives, I would not go near one. The gearing is so tall it actually feels slower than the previous model. The steering is mushy and the handling is nothing to write home about.

    Hyundai is succeeding because it has a flashy design and gets the magical 40mpg highway. Smart on their part, but, I don't see any value in the rest of it, IMO
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Doc fees are virtually 100% profit. With vehicle invoicve prices plastered all over the Internet and customers knowing how much holdback is on cars, it's very difficult to turn a profit and do business in many cases. That is why doc fees are getting higher and higher.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    edited May 2011
    After reading reviews on who the Elantra actually drives, ...

    Have you driven one? Or are you just accepting everything you read?

    If you do, you'll read some very positive reviews on the Elantra. What I found is, the car is plenty peppy for an economy car (148 hp, good power/weight ratio). The steering (electronic) is not as crisp as some cars e.g. Mazda3, but it tracks well and handles fine in everyday driving. If you want a car to carve canyons, this wouldn't be the best choice. If you mostly do commuting (including long drives on highways) and schleppling kids and groceries around cities and suburbs, without a canyon to be found for miles, I think it's worth a look... and drive.
  • I think you will have good luck with Pohanka. I had some "interesting" experiences with a few local dealers last week. Then Pohanka e-mailed me on Sunday to say they had a GLS w/nav in stock but I needed to put a deposit on and come get it that day or it would be gone. I asked the price and he told me to go on AAA and get their price and they would honor it. It was $250 below invoice. I went down there and they honored that price, took good care of me and sent me on my way. I would highly recommend them!
  • cfochscfochs Posts: 1
    I just got back from the dealership. I was able to get $22,500 before tax title and license on a limited with navigation. It seems like a good deal since many people have had to pay close to the sticker price. I didn't really want the navigation, but there weren't any limiteds without it within reasonable driving distance.
  • pbhattpbhatt Posts: 4
    I just got the Silver 2011 Elantra GLS with preferred pkg at $19157 OTD...

    $17250 (MSRP was $18495)
    $1207 (7% Tax in NJ)
    $700 (Fees)

    $17250 is the lowest I got after searching for 5-6 dealership. Other dealership were not lowering than $17800...
  • Got a 2011 Hyundai elantra gls with alloy wheels and Bluetooth. Sticker was 18,861.05. Agreed upon value was $17,525. 36 month lease 12k a year. $100.00 down which included tax, tags, doc fee, etching and first payment. $225.86 a month with free oil changes for 3 years. Residual value is $12,196.80. Let me know how I did please.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    you got a great deal considering that down here in south fla i recently looked at the same car and the dealer wanted the full msrp which was $18, i left the dealership.maybe i'll come up to new jersey and purchase up there and then take the auto-train back
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited June 2011
    Have you driven one? Or are you just accepting everything you read?

    I drove one yesterday, as a matter of fact. Impressed with how it drives? No. It is not a "drivers" car.

    I found the materials and build quality to be pretty good. I do like the exterior design, but, I do not like the interior layout.

    Back to the drive, I found the engine to be lacking in performance for the power it has. Is 148ph a performance car? No, and I was not expecting it to be, however, it felt slower than it should. The steering feel was lacking and the conering ability was pretty poor, for my standards. Living in New England, our back roads are very twisty and hills and valleys are abundant. This car just does not cut it.

    If I were looking for a highway distance commuter vehicle, it would do the trick, but, that's not me.

    Again, this is my opinion. For me, it does not meet the requirements for me to purchase one, if I were in the market for a c-class car.

    Please don't take this as a poor review, because its not. It's just not a drivers car, and it is apparent is was built to serve other purposes, like fuel economy, style and value.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    In other words, targeting the huge market Toyota targeted successfully for many years, and mucho profits. A much bigger market than exists for "driver's cars". Which may explain why the Elantra is outselling the Mazda3 nearly 2:1 so far this year. It's clear to me Hyundai is going after the volume market vs. the niche markets. The market that thinks a roomy interior, fuel economy, and a smooth ride are more important than crisp handling in the switchbacks, and the nervous/bumpy ride that almost always accompanies it.
  • lcw1lcw1 Posts: 36
    Comparing what Hyundai is doing these days to what Toyota did might not be accurate. Toyota had the luxury of competing against bad products like the Ford Pinto,Grand Am and Malibu just to name a few. The Toyota pricing also was not as aggressive as today's Hyundai. Granted Hyundai could be building good cars these days but for dealers to sell at or above MSRP will not be helpful in the long run.
    Check out the prices of the new Accents on, you would think they are selling hot Potatoes. These are supposed to be low end cars. Currently the economy stinks, the job market is disappointing and housing is in the toilet so prudent buyers might need to wait few months till the 'MUST BUY at any cost' crowd is satisfied. Either the rest of manufacturers will drop prices or Hyundai dealers sales volume comes back to where it should be.
  • I have been visiting, calling, and emailing Hyundai dealerships for about a week now and I keep getting different answers - so I'm hoping someone out there can give me a conclusive answer!

    Can anyone tell me for certain if dealerships will not be getting anymore 2011 Elantra GLSs in and can only sell me what they have or I wait for a 2012 to be delivered?

    I heard this and could possibly believe it, based on the inventory I've seen around the Atlanta area, but I was also told that I can only get a 2011 Elantra Limited, and that I will not be able to find a 2012 yet.

    Basically, I want the Limited and the price for a 2012 is about $250 more than the 2011, so I am willing to wait to get the 2012 Limited, but is my hunt useless at this point?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Since some dealers already have 2012 Elantras in stock, I have no reason to doubt what your local dealers are telling you.

    Some dealers will trade cars with another dealer if that other dealer has the car you want. That might be difficult to arrange given the popularity of the new Elantra... 20k sold just in May! Whouda thunkit...
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    With how Hyundai is pricing these cars and offering lots of actual content, compared to Toyota, which in recent years has charged premiun prices for little content, I'm not sure how they are going to have "mucho" profits. Naturally, by increasing sales, you should increase profits, however, I do believe Toyota profits more per car they sell compared to Hyundai.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited June 2011
    Did you even read what I wrote? No where did I mention that Hyundai was not seeing increased profits. I said Toyota probably profits more per car since they offer less and charge more than Huyndai. Nothing in that link you posted has to do with what I said.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    My link does substantiate higher profits. You offered nothing to back up your hypothesis--which is flawed because you did not take into account costs:

    Profit = Revenue - Costs

    Unless you know the cost picture, you don't know the profit picture.

    Also in my area, Toyotas e.g. Corolla are selling for MORE than Hyundais e.g. Elantra.

    Which sort of gets us back to Prices Paid...
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    edited June 2011
    Unless Hyundai has magically found out how to build a car for less that offer more than the competition, it only goes to reason that a compnay like Toyota will profit more from selling a Corolla for the same price, if not for more than a better equipped Hyundai. It's simple economics...

    There was never a question of Hyundai generating greater profits. They obviosuly are because their sales are through the roof. But, ask yourself this....what Hyundai offers for $21,000 in the Elantra vs what you get in a Toyota Corolla for $21,000, is it possible Hyundai is making a higher profit on the Elantra than Toyota is no the Corolla? I just don't see how that is possible!!

    Kudos goes to Hyundai for offering more for less, but, there has to be a slimmer profit margin per unit sold. It's obvious you can be successul with this philosophy since Hyundai is making oodles of money.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    No one has stated here that Hyundai is making more profit per car on an Elantra than on a Corolla. You asserted that Hyundai's profits per car are lower than those of Toyota. That is what I was asking you to provide some substatiation for. If you can't, fine, we'll chalk it up to your opinion and move on (which it's long past time for).

    But here's some facts to demonstrate how Hyundai just might be getting at least as much profit per Elantra than Toyota gets for a Corolla:

    2012 Elantra Limited: MSRP $21,205, Invoice $20,344
    2011 Corolla LE w/Premium Pkg: MSRP $20,510, Invoice $18,958

    Even though the Elantra is only $695 more MSRP than the Corolla, the Invoice on the Elantra is $1,386 more. And if you've been following this discussion, you've noticed most Hyundai dealers are holding close to MSRP on the 2011/12 Elantra.

    This doesn't address manufacturing costs, but consider that the labor for the Elantra is in the ROK and in Alabama, while the labor for the Corolla is in Japan and, in North America, Canada. Do you think the labor costs could be different? Maybe so. Maybe Hyundai has more efficient manufacturing processes (they use their own robots). The costs to make an Elantra could be lower than those to make a Corolla, even though the Elantra has more content. If you find information to the contrary, let us know.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,603
    While this has all been very interesting...

    Let's get back to Prices Paid for the Elantra..



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  • goosenoosegoosenoose Posts: 9
    edited June 2011
    Hi, I'm looking to buy a 2011 Elantra GLS Ltd in a couple of days and qualify for several of the incentives offered on the hyundaiusa page. (Military & New Graduate).

    I'm in particular interested in asking about the new graduate incentive (-400 off on top of a -500 military rebate and -500 loyal hyundai customer rebate)... BUT, a dealership i inquired with about this incentive they advised that i could only use it if i financed through them??

    So I had two questions about this situation:

    a. are they trying to hustle me by requiring that i finance through them?

    and b.

    can i finance through them (for the first month) and then use the loan i've already approved for (60 mo 2.49 apr) and simply cash them out; effectively working around my having had to 'finance through them' ?
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    College grad: Must finance through Hyundai:

    Military: Doesn't mention HMF: (and thanks for your service!)

    As to the finance/re-finance deal, there have been posts about people doing that before, though I haven't seen any for some time and IIRC they waited 60 to 90 days before doing the refi. It's possible the rules may have changed.

    I suggest you ask for a copy of the finance contract so you can review the terms ahead of time. Also talk with the place offering you the 2.49% and make sure they're willing to do it as a refi. They should be, but it doesn't hurt to verify.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • buyer777buyer777 Posts: 70
    Great deal!! Can I ask what dealer in NJ you worked with?
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