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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Is the Sonata that much bigger then the 2011 Elantra? I have a 2011 Elantra as well....I'm surprised you need an upgrade. The Elantra has plenty of room for a baby....
  • Got an offer from the dealer in Harrisburg, PA for a 2012 base automatic elantra for 17,430 before taxes and fees. Was wondering if i can get a better deal elsewhere or considering a civic.
  • Steven, that helps a lot actually. The VG range of the 11 Elantra Limited with 15K miles is 18200 and the good range is 17600. So I think all things considered its a decent trade value at 17500 if you are getting a 16500 offer for yours. Dealerships are never going to offer full value.
    Mine has over 10K more miles. The good thing though, is having a trade-in worth more than the car i want will get me a couple hundred back and saves almost 1000 on taxes.

    The dealer that offered me 16000 was one of those typical high-volume pressuring screw the customer out of value dealerships. I told them that price value was ridiculous, and the salesman went to check again and the sales manager was firm, hoping I'd say yes. So I walked out.

    So thanks for the input!!

    I talk to my dealer on Tuesday, hopefully he is able to get my new Accent SE manual transmission from another city and get it shipped up to my city.
  • According to what I looked at on True Car, thats not bad at all for a base GLS with auto. A few hundred more than dealer cost.

    Especially if that has some of the options on it like ipod, carpeted floor mats, etc.
  • I wouldn't say I got a good deal - probably just average with the way these cars are selling. It's very hard to find a specific model with the options you are looking for.

    I paid 21,500 which was about 400 under MSRP after all the factory install options and a spare tire kit.
  • I got an offer of $17,450 for 2012 Elantra 4dr Sdn Auto (Alabama Plant) Silver/Gray CargoNet CarpetFloorMats MudGuards; Expect at year end, I can do better; but that is yet to be determined. Wait until Dec 31 to cut your best deal.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    is this for a base gsl model?? sounds like the dealers are giveing better discounts where as a several month's ago they would not move from the msrp.
  • yes - base gls. conditions change with supply and demand. current trend appears to be more supply than demand. the economy is still bad and there is the past xmas lull. these are times for only buying good deals. msrp is not a good deal. make your calls toward the end of this week/year and see what you can negotiate. I've been trying to get a handle on pricing the past week. So far seems base gls pricing is: ~$12.5k for 2010 w/ <20k mi.; ~$15.5k for 2011 w/ <10k mi.; and ~17.5k for 2012. A low mileage 2010 seems the best deal.
  • Take a look at Faulkner Hyundai's website for 'year' end/begining pricing data. Looks like they've a "Fun Day" sale on Jan 2. It's a confirmation that deals are available.
  • Hey everyone... I just used the Fighting Chance program ( I called 15 dealers within 30 miles (I'm in MD), and got an OTD proposal from 11 of them (4 refused to participate). My lowest offer was $19,600 (before taxes and fees), about $21,600 out the door.

    I got them down to $19,300 (before taxes and fees) for a total of $21,300 out the door.

    This is the basic Limited - no navi or homelink.

    Is this a pretty good deal?
  • eweinereweiner Posts: 36
    edited December 2011
    I think you should see it as follows:

    1. You asked 15 dealers and got todays low phone price. Seems like a reasonable price given the ease at which you can get "Internet Pricing" these days

    2. To get a better deal you have to go to the dealers start negotiating and then be willing to walk out on them (telling them you have other options). Bring your phone research and show it to them so they know you have done your homework and are willing to go elsewhere.

    3. Come up with a price you like ( go lower than your think is acceptable to them)

    4. Negotiate from there

    Which dealer in MD/DC/VA gave you the lowest phone offer (would help me out as I too am in the market for the same car)?
  • i paid 19500 for my limited no nav last January, so thats a pretty good base price for the car before TTL.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    my girlfriend just got a quote for a 2012 elantra limited with leather and sunroof and compass mirror with no navigation for $19,000.00..msrp was $21, TTT and fee's.this is a great price and i think the reason is because she has purchased several cars from this particular hyundai dealership over the past several years and also because it's the end of the month as well..the color is red allure with the beige interior.looks very nice..she has purchased a tiburon,sonata,and a elantra from this dealership and that's why she's getting a great price...
  • Thanks for posting prices.
    That is the most valuable service you can provide forum members.
    Including any significant fees are helpful (i.e. doc fee) as well as the state.

    Between now and Jan 3rd, expect to be able to negotiate the best deals.

    Keep posting!
  • I just bought the vehicle - Alexandria Hyundai was the lowest offer on the phone and even came down another $300. Out the door was $21,700. Limited including floor mats, cargo net and the iPod hookup. Very pleased - $1300 under invoice!
  • Typo on my note... OTD price was $21,300, not $27,700. Apologies.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hello,iam interested in the same car down here in south florida.what was the final negotiated price before TTT???
  • It is clear there are year-end dealer incentives on the Elantra - NOW.

    I expect to have most success with volume dealers - but don't rule out the smaller ones as they have relationships.

    My calculations suggest I can get an Elantra for ~90% of MSRP between now and Jan 3rd.
    i.e. if MSRP is 20,000, then target 18,000.

    Yes, that is below dealer invoice - but don't worry about them - they're receiving (hidden) incentives from Hyundai.

    By the way, the 90% does not include other programs - such as loyalty/recent graduate.

    Keep posting your transaction prices.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i girlfriend just purchased today down here in north miami florida a 2012 hyundai elantra limited with leather and sunroof and without navigation for $19,000.00 plus TTT....msrp was $21,620.00..we went to look at it a few days ago and she wanted to check around with other dealers during that time to see if they can match the price and they couldn''s allure red with the beige interior and dealer threw in free tinting and pin-stripes..So overall in my opinion she did very well..traded in her 2010 elantra.
  • I guess I didn't do too good.

    I wish I would have found this site earlier.

    Although I called 5 dealers within 40 miles and none of them had one on the lot.
  • I wouldn't worry about it, as you discovered it often times comes down to supply and demand, if the vehicles are moving in one location and stock is down you are going to pay more than others where the supply is more plentiful.
  • Every market is different - and the prices vary by dealership, sometimes by the week. A dealership quoting you the most expensive price one week may be the lowest in a week or two, and vice versa. To maximize your chances, call as many dealerships in your market as you can and try to go at the end of the month. A dealer may be willing to take a loss on a vehicle to hit a bonus from the manufacturer. I recommend that everyone check out
  • jmhjpjmhjp Posts: 10
    I'm in south florida and going to a hyundai dealer tomorrow. I've been dealing with differents car dealers for weeks but none of them can match any price that you guys are saying.
    I don't want to overpay for my new car. The prices that they gave me were by emails or phone , but still they didn't offer me a good price.

    2012 ELANTRA limited with nav
    $23499 *plus tax, tag, and title $25.000

    2012ELANTRA Limited without nav $21995 *plus tax, tag, and title

    Please help me guys..Anyone in south florida can give me more information to get the best price?? I'm dealing with Rick Case Hyundai
  • I adapted the fighting chance approach about a year and a half ago when i needed to get a honda crv for my wife. The approach was similar, email as many dealers as you want - in as many geographic areas as you're willing to consider. The email specifies exactly what you are looking for; requesting a price. Some responses provide prices; others want to become friends (come visit); ignore the latter; take the best price; resend the email (same recipients) stating your lowest price is xxx. Repeat this process until you find fewer responses and/or less price improvement. Eventually you'll have 'price discovery'; At that point, decide if you want to buy from the lowest price dealer (who may be quite a distance away), or, contact local dealers; again via email; stating you will purchase at that price; i found a local dealer who came close enough; Elapsed time was ~3 weeks;
  • I understand current incentives include:


    I'd guess your girlfriend qualified for one/both of these.

    If I assume just the loyalty discount, then her price was 19,500, which is comparable to the 'fighting chance' result.

    I tried .
    Set my zip to Harrisburg PA.
    Only 2 offers received.
    Best: 19,988 for limited (mats;cargonet;ipodcable;rearbumperapplique;wheellocks)
    Wouldn't budge.

    Had another internet offer for limited with same options plus sunroofdeflector: 20,200
    Wouldn't budge.

    I translate this information into percentage of MSRP numbers as follows:

    Carwoo Dealer1 Girlfriend
    MSRP 21650 21695 21620
    Offer 19988 20285 19500
    %MSRP 92.32 93.50 90.19

    This way, when I talk to a dealer, I just ask the MSRP, and apply the lowest %MSRP number I have to determine if it is reasonable.

    Assume a dealer showed me an elantra limited with MSRP 22000.
    Best (lowest) %MSRP above is 90.19, so I'd target a price of 19842.
    (90.19% of 22000)

    Again - it's just a reference point.
  • A 2012 Hyundai Elantra Limited with Technology Package, Carpeted Floor Mats and Auto dimming mirrors for $ $21,731 documentation, title fees & sales tax extra - Is this a good deal? Need advice? What would this cost out the door in CA Bay area.
  • Again - every market is different, and every dealership will have different circumstances at different times. Today, Saturday, 12/31 might literally be the best day to buy a car all year. I contacted 15 dealers in the DC area and told them to send me their price for an Elantra Limited, no navigation. 11 responded, and 4 I considered competitive. The OTD estimates ranged from $21,500 on the low end to $22,600 on the high end. I got the lowest bidder down to $21,300 OTD.
  • Got mine with gray leather interior, moon roof, heated seats, bluetooth, everything pretty much except navigation system. 21,200....i think MSRP was 23, 125. Traded my 2005 PT Cruiser so i'm happy!
  • oh...carpeted floor mats, Ipod cable/connections, cargo net.....there's so much, just can't remember it all. Wichita, KS Schofield Hyundai West.
  • 2012 Elantra Touring GLS A/T
    Preferred Pkg

    MSRP: 19455
    Price: 17800 includes doc fee, not TTL
    Percent of MSRP: 91.4931894
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