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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in St. Louis, MO. I have a quote from a dealer for $17,393 - after I asked about any other fees they said there would also be a $199 dealer fee. This is for a 2012 GLS, MSRP of $18,720. I told the dealer price was my priority and I would take the least equipped car they had in stock, and this was the price I got. It seems like a good price to me, but does anyone disagree?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    sounds like you got a pretty good got off easy with the dealer fee.when i recently purchased my 2013 elantra a few weeks ago the dealer fee was 899.00 which i negotiated down to 399.00 and got them to thrown in window tints and oil changes.the dealer fee although they won't admit to it is just pure additional dealer profit..much like staying at a hotel and being charged a resort fee.
  • zllttzlltt Posts: 2
    how much price difference is fair? what do you think

    and btw i found this on about the safety issue on early 2012 model,maybe useful to you.

    Note: Star ratings are valid for models produced before or on June 22, 2011 if manufactured at the Hyundai Alabama plant (before VIN# 5NPDH4AE0CH084176), or July 19, 2011 if manufactured at the Hyundai Ulsan plant in South Korea (before VIN# KMHDH4AEXCU255243).
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i recently purchased a 2013 elantra gls with preffered package a few weeks ago.i traded-in a 2012 elantra gls base model.while looking at the elantra's on the lot i noticed there wasn't a big difference in price.example...2012 elantra gls with the preffered package had a msrp of $19,265.00 while the 2013 elantra gls with preffered package that i purchased had a msrp of $19, it's really not that much more to get a 2013 and make your friends and family the way,the elantra i traded-in was built at the ulsan plant while the 2013 elantra i purchased was built at the alabama plant and the quality is much better from the alabama plant.
  • Hello Jakestorm
    I'm also looking for a great deal on a 2013 GLS Elantra. Which dealer in LA did your daughter purchase her elantra? I'm also in LA and I would love to deal with the same dealership.

    Thanks :)
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    maybe jake can get a commission out of this for recomending another
  • lovethelancerlovethelancer Posts: 66
    edited June 2012
    Wow. That is insane. We ended up getting ours for $23,500. We got 3.29% through Capital One Auto Finance...The dealer offered us that through Capital One so we just decided to take it. They wouldn't let us do the College discount even trying through Hyundai. I think he just didn't want to go lower than $23,500

    EDIT: Our was a 2013, but still...geesh. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Been working over the past day via email/phone with some local dealers on a 2013 Elantra GLS Auto with Preffered Pkg (plus other small misc. items) and I have a verbal sale price of $18,124 for a $19,605 MSRP car. This is the best I've gotten, other two offers have been $18,350 and $18,824. Doc fee of $398 and then plus tax, title and tags.

    Go forward with it?
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    yes,it's a good and another forum member named jake just recently purchased the same car you have.2013 elantra with the preffered package.i live in south florida and jake is in los angeles.he paid $18,150.00 plus TTT for his and i paid $18,163.00 here in florida plus TTT for your price is within what we paid which seems to be pretty much what others are paying on this forum.
  • gman4911gman4911 Posts: 43
    edited June 2012
    That's pretty close to what I paid for my 2012 three months ago. Mine included the iPod cable, mud guards, cargo net, cargo tray, rear bumper protector, and floor mats.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    my 2013 elantra with the preffered package included all these things you just mentioned.msrp was $ final price was $18,163.00 plus TTT..iv'e heard from others saying that this is what they paid for their 2012 elantra so i feel i got a good deal.
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    Well the dealer tried to pull the good ol' shady tricks that they are known for. The $18,125 price was with a $500 military rebate...which they never asked about and we don't qualify for. They want $18,625 now.

    The lowest I've been able to get a quote for is $18,325 + tax/TTL/doc for an out the door price of $20,695. Another dealer gave me $18,350 + tax/TTL/doc...neither seems to want to budge any lower.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    well,this is the price you are paying for a car that is very popular and in demand.stick by your guns and your bound to find a dealer that will sell at the price you want...
  • hx_guyhx_guy Posts: 39
    I've pretty much talked to all the local dealers, seems like this is the best they are willing to go as they don't seem to be in any hurry to call me back and go any lower. Guess $18,325 is going to have to be it.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i guess your right.the $18,325.00 isn't that far off from what most others have paid which is around $18,150.00 on average so i would go for it at that price.just make sure it's a 2013 model and not a 2012...
  • Yup, I think he should work out some type of commission deal with the Hyundai Dealers... heehee. I'll be really happy if I'm able to get a similar arrangement once he notifies me of which dealer he dealt with here in L.A. I've seen sticker prices as high as $20k for a GLS model in my neighboring dealerships but I'm not willing to go that high.
  • dkahanedkahane Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2013 Elantra GLS with auto transmission for $17,850 + taxes & title. I did NOT get the Preferred Package, but the price included carpeted floor mats, cargo net, cargo tray, iPod cable, mud guards, rear bumper protector,...and lifetime oil changes.

    Good deal? (I'm in Northern Virginia.)
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    well,just for comparison,i myself recently purchased a 2013 elantra gls with the prefered package down here in south florida for $18,163.00 plus for only 300 bucks more you could have gotten the preffered's worth it to have the extra features that come with the prefered package not only as useful features but it also adds value to the car.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • dkahanedkahane Posts: 4
    Different strokes for different folks. For me, there are better things to spend the $300 on. There is nothing in the Preferred Package that makes it worth the money to me: I don't use my cell phone while driving, so Bluetooth has no appeal. Ditto the wheel-mounted audio controls, as my in-car audio use is confined to jumping among a few FM radio stations. Lighted ignition vanity mirrors? Meh. Finally, I'm 73 years old and expect the Hyundai to outlast me, so the resale issue is probably moot ;) .
  • Shopping for 2013 Elantra Limited with Tech Package, sunroof deflector and all weather mats. Been given an "out the door" price of $23,567, $200 below invoice (all fees included). Have only approached one dealer so far. Thoughts on quote?
  • I got the EXACT same car last month (but a 2012) in NH for 22,600. Two dealers accepted that offer from me, and one got the car in within the time frame I wanted.

    Check around and offer lower to a few dealers and see if you get a response. I was told there was no way I could get one for less than 23K. Oh, and the navigation package is totally worth it.
  • rickpro13rickpro13 Posts: 5
    edited June 2012
    Looking at a 2013 Elantra GLS w/ the following options:
    Auto-Dimming Mirror w/Homelink
    Cargo Net
    Cargo Tray
    Carpeted Floor Mats
    Preferred Package
    iPod Cable

    MSRP of $19,720. Price the dealer offered was $18,500, plus TTT

  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    i purchased this same exact car with the same features down here in south florida about a month ago.msrp was the same as yours but i got the car for $18, TTT.your price of $18,500.00 isn't that far off but i think you could probably do a little better.problem i had with mine was getting the desert bronze color which seems to be hard to dealer had to get one from another dealer that was over 200 miles a was worth it because this color is very stunning on this car and i get lots of compliments on it....
  • miranda200miranda200 Posts: 15
    I purchased a 2011 Elantra limited from John @ Town & Country Hyundai in Milwaukie OR in April 2011 after shopping around a few months in the Portland area. John matched the average "good deal" True Car value here on and was able to get the color I wanted. All negotiation by phone or email. No unpleasant surprises or hastles at time of pick up. Professional and smooth. They were able to license on the spot which saved time for me. Other dealers couldnt even get a car in at that time even w/ a $500 deposit.

    AVOID: Worst dealership was Beaverton Hyundai where they PROUDLY posted invoices of 12 past elantra sales on their public showroom wall for $500 - $1200 OVER MSRP. Would not come down at all on their price, they were so very proud of ripping people off. I wont even go to them for service now even tho they are the closest dealership to my house.

    Let us know how you wind up.
  • Update, after email correspondence from Portland area dealer #2.

    He would not match or beat quote from dealer #1 ($23, 500) because the cars they had on the lot had more options- rearview mirror Link, cargo net, cargo shelf, and wheel locks (additional $400 in "stuff) in addition to floor mats and sunroof deflector I had requested.

    He would be willing to go $23,500 but I would have to pay my own DMV ($300)- car is now at $23,800. Essentially we would be buying extras we hadn't originally wanted for $300 instead of $400 retail, which doesn't seem like much of a deal.

    Dealer #1 participates in a free tires program, where scheduled maintentance has to be done at their dealership in exchange for free tires when the originals are shot. I mentioned that to Dealer #2 who was less than impressed when I suggested he throw in the extras on his Elantra (matching the OTD door price of $23,500) since they are about the value of a set of new tires I'd get at Dealer #1 if I bought there. Was that unrealistic of me? Dealer #2 added "I will talk to my sales manager to see if there's anything else I can do with the price"..

    Dealer #2 is very close to my house as well, not that that should be a deciding factor.

    Thoughts welcomed- great forum.
  • Remember, the alleged $400 worth of options aren't worth $400. That's a bogus number, and not what they would be losing.

    1. I think with the navigation package, the rear camera for backing up is included. It was in mine. Backing up is a big part of MY navigation through life, at any rate.

    2. I got a cargo net on ebay for 10$.

    3. When we agreed on the price I said no extras beyond the navigation package. The car they found came with the sun roof deflector and the mats, so they ate that.

    4. I drove too far away to this dealer. I've got 3 much closer. In some ways I regret that. So, perhaps the manager at #2 (as the month comes to a close) will meet your price in a day or two. The convenience might be worth that, even with the terrific gas mileage. If #2 has the color you want, perhaps you might remind them that if they want your business, then they will find you the exact car you want, but a swap is more work for them, and perhaps affects their profit margin. He shouldn't be using 'what we have on the lot' as part of the negotiations.
  • rodneyckrodneyck Posts: 3
    I had to go out of my area about 120miles to find my car. The local dealers either did not want to deal much lower than the sticker price, or had limited stock and/or choices. It was worth it. Brought home a new 2013 Elantra with Pref Pkg, pluc cargo net, tray, mats and ipod cable for $18,200 plus TTT. Final out the pocket price including taxes/licenses, etc $19,924.

    It really helped that I started with a good quote from one dealer and then shopped around. It took some patience and finding a dealership who could beat the quote, even if I had to go outside my area to deal. I also used truecar dot com to see where others were buying the car, a great site.

    So far...I love my Elantra!
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    sounds like you got a pretty good deal.your price falls in where others have paid also.i purchased the same car about a month ago.price was $18,163.00plus TTT...however like yourself i had to travel about 100 miles from where i live to get the color i wanted which is desert bronze metallic.for some reason,this is a hard color to get and not many dealers have it on the lot.out of maybe 15 elantras any one dealer may have on the lot only 1 would be in the desert bronze color.i live in hallandale beach,florida and had to go to naples on the west coast to get the car but it was worth it because this car looks so good in the desert bronze color and i get many compliments on it from people.
  • Hey just wondering what dealership. I am also from South Florida looking for the same package.
    Thanks in advance
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