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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • gak2gak2 Posts: 2
    OK, but the math might seem a bit squirrelly. And the alignment below is likely to be very squirrelly.

    MSRP for the Standard package 15120
    + Popular Equipment Package 1750
    + Floor Mats 95
    + Trunk Cargo Net 50
    The sticker also had a little addendum on it about the "Adjusted Market Value" of an additional $2000, but we didn't really discuss that. But that might be why the cash value below is only as low as $15970. Maybe I should have fought harder about that.

    The cash price they offered me was $15970
    - 2000 cash rebate 2000
    + License registration fee 113
    + Title fee 55
    + Title and registration processing fee 50

    Hope that helps.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    I am about to take delivery of of a black Elantra Touring with automatic and premium package tonight. The MSRP is 20920 and the price that I negotiated is 16455.87 plus tag and sales tax. What is everyone's opinion? It seems that this is the lowest price that I could get after having 10 dealers compete against each other. Included in this figure is the dealer's outrageous 699 dealer fee so the price without that fee is actually 15756. It just seems to me that I couldn't get much lower; I hope that I'm right.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Given that the rebates are not that big on that car, I think that is a good deal. But "the price without that fee" is really immaterial, since the $699 fee is part of the dealer's quote. Some offer a really low price but huge fees, some have small fees but a higher price. It's all the same in the end.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    The 16455 is the figure that I used as a comparison with the other dealers. I was just pointing out how outrageous some of these dealers are with their doc fees.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    dealer fee's can be negoitiated down if you play your cards right.because of the bad economy and slow auto sales dealers are starving for buisness.i went with a friend of mine recently who purchased a 09 elantra gls with the popular equip package and sunroof.the dealers fee's were 899.00 and he got them to come down to 500.00...he also got a great deal on the car as well.msrp was 18,600.00 which is for 09 elantra gls auto with the popular equip package and sunroof for $15,500.00.
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    I was wondering how you like the car.

    Also, would you mind if I asked the name of the dealership. I am in the market for an Elantra Touring and I would love to get one at a similar price.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46

    If you got the car for $15k why did your buddy get his for $15.5?. Did you get military discount? I am getting ready to trade my 08 Elantra on an 09. Dealer is having me wait a few more weeks as they think there will be another $500 dealer cash avalaible. Using your pricing to compare as I am getting mine in Southwestern PA. Paid $15.2 for an SE with premium package last year (including mats, mud guards, trunk mat and net) plus the tax.
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    The car is great; it's my first Hyundai and I'm impressed. I wish it had more power though. It seems kind of gutless in comparison to what I'm used to but a good car none the less. I got it at Bob Dance in Longwood.
  • scdelanscdelan Posts: 10
    Received internet quotes of 13700 for 09 GLS w/PEP and 14500 for 09 SE model without packages today. Salesman said he'd be willing to drop a little more to make a deal.

    bob225, you think there will be more incentives available soon? $500 cash to dealer would bring in more bargaining room and is probably worth waiting for.
  • trdsddtrdsdd Posts: 14
    Thanks for the information. Hopefully I'll be enjoying my first one too. I'm in upstate NY, and hoping to have someone up here match or come close to their prices.

    Thanks again
  • dsn15238dsn15238 Posts: 1
    Was the car automatic or manual? Thanks.
  • jumblies1jumblies1 Posts: 2
    16 inch wheels/Cruise, not the top of the line package.

    Prenegotiated via email btwn 5 dealers. Bottom OTD price of 17400. Specified NO dealer add ons like floor mats or cargo net (130 for these... are you kidding? Try costco). Asst-GM pitched 17400 before TTL. I smiled politely and asked him to read the email again as it was that OUT THE DOOR.

    Traded 178000 mile Subaru Outback Legacy Wagon with trade appraisal of 1500 from several dealers. This car was probably only worth a few hundred more on the private market, and more in parts, but not worth the hassle. This car was only good for wholesale auction/junkyard parts. I could not have a private sale on my conscience or stomach the liability.

    Comps: Matrix/Vibe: 15200 with trade and 3 year warranty. Versa (not really a comp IMHO), Didn't take the effort to negotiate. I love nissans to death and proudly still own a 1972 Datsun 240Z, but the company has lost it's way. Fit (too small/light to survive crash).

    MSRP 18900
    Inspect 14
    Sales tax 490
    License and title 55
    Dealer Fee 600
    Total 20056 :mad:

    Trade 2619So they fudged the trade value to make up the diff.
    Rebate 1500

    Total OTD: 15938

    Preneg price of 17400 OUT THE DOOR *This was key, b/c I could always reference the email during negotiations*

    Oh, and the dealer ended up including the floor mats, cargo net and ipod cable, which would be stupid if they didn't.

    ** I think you could go lower to 17000 out the door, but that's probably close to the wall.
  • curious31curious31 Posts: 6
    My lowest negotiated price is $14,025 for a base 2009 Elantra SE with auto. transmission. This price includes freight and dealer fees. But does not include taxes, tags or a trade-in. Based on my research this is a good deal (edmunds true market value for same car is $15,882). I have not yet accepted the offer and am still mulling it over so what do you guys think?

  • xavxav Posts: 23
    This is a very good price. I was offered like 14.8k + fees for a 2008 model!!

    Does that include any student or military rebate?
  • curious31curious31 Posts: 6
    It does not include any student or military discounts. Just the $2000 rebate available to everyone. The dealer fees are $100 dollars.

    I got that price by going through USAAs car buying service. But I believe USAAs car buying service is operated by So if you are a member of any of the companies associated with ZAG you might want to give it a try. I believe ZAG negotiates with local dealers to give you an up front price. I myself am not a member of the military but my dad was which is why I am eligible to be a USAA member but I do not get the military discount.
  • lastsmilelastsmile Posts: 1
    Do you mind telling me which dealer you bought your 09 GLS. We are about in the same area. We quotes I received are much higher than your price. Thanks!
  • jumblies1jumblies1 Posts: 2
    If you have some time, I would do the email blitzkrieg. Use that as your starting point and pick 5 dealers in a 100 mile radius. While I think it's good price, I think you can go lower. What is the OTD price?
  • curious31curious31 Posts: 6
    Hi jumblies,

    Thanks for the advice. I will try the email blitzkrieg. I have a list of ~10 dealers within 100 miles that I have already gotten quotes from. I will pass around my best quote and see if any of them can beat it. With regards to OTD price I have not yet gotten the official quote from the dealer. Based on my calculations it should be ~$15,218.


    $13,925 + $2000= $15,925 #adding the rebate back onto the price of the car.

    $15,925 * 0.06= $956 #calculating the sales tax. (Maryland 6% sales tax)

    $13,925 + $956 = $14,881 #adding the sales tax to the price of the vehicle.

    $14,881 + $237=$15,118 #adding tag and title fees.

    $15,118 + $100=$15,218 #adding the dealer fees.

    So assuming I have not left anything out the total OTD price should be ~$15,218. This is based on numbers given to me by the dealer for the cost of tag and title fees, sales tax, and dealer fees. I am in the process of getting an official OTD estimate emailed to me. Hopefully it does not differ substantially from my estimate. If it does again assuming I have not left anything out I would require an explanation from the dealer as to why there is a major difference.

    All the Best,
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Doc fees are meaningless as long as you get the full price with all fees from the 10+ dealers you get email bids from within 100-200 miles of you, usually last week of the month.

    A used 08 elantra auto gls (msrp 17600) barely has a wholesale trade in value of 10000 with avg miles. This is what your 09 will be worth in 12months. I doubt a fully loaded one (msrp 19000) has a trade in of $11000. In other words $14500 is nothing to write home about for the 09 17600 gls. Eating 4000-5000 1st 12 months to drive one of these things isn't great.

    The 08 20400 msrp Sonata gls auto also has a used trade in of $10000 with avg miles. ( $15500 is no great deal on a new one. The 08 $27000 msrp Sonata limited has a trade in of $11000. Once again, what your 09 will be be worth in 12 months.

    Suzuki and Hyundai are the few manufacturers not to post 30-40% sales drops. (They posted 2% sales drops). They are playing their marketing to the hilt.Selling vehicles for possibly more than they did last year at this time.

    The 18500 Mazda 3 i touring value auto may be had for about 15000 and change, and will be worth almost $13000 in 12 mo. A versa $16000-18000 hatch or sedan for about 12000-14000, and worth 10000-11000. A $19500 pontiac vibe or toyota matrix-- $15400 or so. (worth almost $12000 next year)

    The kia spectra forum has a $17500 car similar to the elantra, for possibly $11500 or so (worth $8500 used in 12 months). Sucky depreciation like the elantra yes-- but possibly much more of a discount. Worth investigating if true.

    The mazda is a much better car and value than the elantra, as well as the others. Don't get a ticket getting to the dealer for any of the prices posted, they aren't that great as Hyundai doesn't need to deal. Their sales are great and they are playing their 8% of the market like a fiddle. Check out other options unless for some reason you really really want a hyundai elantra or sonata.

    Good luck
  • 67gtx67gtx Posts: 9
    This is my first Hyundai (never thought I'd ever own one) and up until the past 6 years, I've owned nothing but foreign cars. Since 2002 and in additon to a few foreign cars, I've owned several Jeeps, Dodge Rams and Durangos and I now have an 09 Challenger as my daily driver. All the domestic vehicles have been FLAWLESS but the 2006 Mazda 3 that I purchased new was nothing but problems and had a very sub par A/C system. To say that the Mazda 3 is a "much better" car than the Hyundai is just wrong in my opinion. I've only had the Hyundai a short while but I can tell you that the paint quality, panel gaps and the quality of plastics inside of the Elantra is FAR ahead of the 2010 Mazda 3. I also find the driving position, ride quality/quietness and seat support to be superior in the Hyundai. IMHO, the quality at Hyundai is right there with Honda and Toyota as first rate, with Nissan, Mitsubishi and Mazda seemingly below that level. Today's Hyundai is far different from the Hyundai of just 10 years ago and the public perception of this brand is changing so is the level of depreciation of the most current models.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    scdean...Dealer is hoping to see at least $500 off by this weekend.
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    jfritsch..."A used 08 Elantra auto gls (msrp 17600) barely has a wholesale trade in value of 10000 with avg miles. This is what your 09 will be worth in 12months. I doubt a fully loaded one (msrp 19000) has a trade in of $11000. In other words $14500 is nothing to write home about for the 09 17600 gls. Eating 4000-5000 1st 12 months to drive one of these things isn't great."

    I disagree with this. I bought an 08 Elantra SE with premium package in April 08 for $15,200 (MSRP around $19.5k). Car has 33,000 miles on it. They have already given me a trade in price of $10.k (provided I do not exceed 35,000 miles before we close deal). Looking at the same car but an 09 Elantra with exact same options plus Bluetooth. I want a $5,000 OTD price. He is at $6,000 right now. Hoping to see some dealer cash this weekend to get it to where I want it. I think$5,200 depreciation with 33,000 miles is pretty darn good. I get mileage for work so I already have close to $11K in the bank. Give them $5k and pocket the $6k and for me the car is a money maker. One could argue that I should run my '08 into the ground and not trade in but I would rather rotate vehicles every year if this is the delta after 12 months.
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    I purchased a touring this week in central NJ and I think I got a great price. Cost was 3,050 OTD with a trade of my 2004 Toyota Sienna Ltd with 61,000 miles on it that was in good condition. The way they wrote up the purchase stated that they were giving me $13,000 for my Sienna. The receipt was confusing but the bottom line was all I cared about. I probably could have gotten about $15 for my Sienna selling it privately, but I saved about $1,000 on the tax and this was much easier. It is the base model, black with light interior, automatic, with mats and wheel locks. So far I'm getting about 24 mpg around town in some heavy traffic. I have a question about the key fob. It opens up the car but when I press on the hatch door it does not release it. Is that typical of other tourings or does my fob need to be reprogrammed? Thanks Marlene
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    Marlene, hold the trunk release for 5-6 secs. They have a time delay so it doesn’t open by just tapping it (unintentionally)
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    Thanks. I'll give that a try. That is a good fix over the 2008 Elantra SE that I also own. I've noticed a few times when driving the 2008 that the trunk would be open and realized that the fob must have leaned against something in my purse or my pocket that opened it. I never thought this Toyota only family would now be almost an all Hyundai family, but I love both Elantra's. Thanks Marlene
  • 4elantra4elantra Posts: 10
    Priced Elantra GLS including pkg total $16091 OTD in NYC (tax 8.25%), still negotiating.

    How about you - can you give me some info or copy of estimate (without personal info of course)....trying to get the best deal. Seems like the SE price is better
    Thanks for any help
  • curious31curious31 Posts: 6
    Hi 4elantra,

    I bought the car (Elantra SE automatic) this Monday for an OTD price of $14,967.

    The OTD breakdown is:

    $13,795 car price

    -$295 trade in # My trade in was a real clunker I am happy I got anything for it.

    $930 # 6% MD sales Tax (including the $2000 rebate)

    $200 # floor mats, wheel locks, cargo mat, rear cargo tray.

    $237 #Tag and title fees

    $100 #dealer fees

    Total cost:

    $13500 #cost of car minus trade in


    Total without trade-in is ~$15262

    In my case the first OTD price quoted to me at the dealer was to high by about $500 dollars. After I showed them the breakdown they gave me the correct OTD price. Whether it was an honest mistake or not I have no idea. In any case it saved me $500 to calculate what the OTD price should be based on state tax, dealer fees, etc.

    With regards to price quotes. If you go to Alexandria hyundai web page here:

    And search their new car inventory for Elantras you should find a couple automatic SEs for around ~14,200. I emailed and asked for the internet price and was given a quote of $13,700 for an Elantra SE automatic. I was able to use that quote to get a Maryland dealer to drop their price to $13,795. The MD dealer fees were $100 compared to ~$400 dealer fees in Virginia. Hence overall the MD offer was the best one by about $200. If you can get a similar $13,700 quote for an Elantra SE from Alexandria hyundai you may be able to use it as ammunition with local dealers in NY. Alternatively you can drive down to VA and buy the car directly assuming you think it is worth it. Frankly using the listed price on the Alexandria website for a GLS AT the OTD price is better than $16091. Using a tax of %8.25 and assuming tag and title fees are ~$230. The OTD price for a GLS AT from Alexandria is ~$15,085 (I am assuming this includes the popular equipment package from the Alexandria website this is not clear).

    In any case I have made my purchase and am stuck with it :). I wish you luck in your negotiations.

    All the Best,
  • marlenelinmarlenelin Posts: 87
    The best price I found for the Touring was at Towne Hyundai in Denville, NJ. I took their estimate along with my Sienna tradein to Brad Benson's in South Brunswick, NJ and they were able to beat Towne by $800, giving me that much more for my trade. Do not go to Brad Benson's unless you have a price quote from another dealer that you want beaten. They are vultures and will give you a hard time leaving without buying..
  • familydadx4familydadx4 Posts: 26

    You did very well!

    I've gotten quotes from Towne before and they've always beaten my local dealer by 000's. I may try your manuever if I end up purchasing the Touring.
  • familydadx4familydadx4 Posts: 26

    I do agree with you that Hyundai's resale value is not it's strongest feature. If you tend to hold cars until they die, then it doesn't matter.

    I do agree that, right now, the M3 is the better buy. Hyundai is doing well (compared to other manufacturers as you pointed out and is less inclined to offer those juicy rebates). I am fortunate I am able to wait.

    I'm shopping the Touring, M3, and the VW Golf (tdi in the fall). They are all nice cars and I don't think I could go wrong with any of them. I do, however, try to place a dollar value for each vehicle to assist me in my choice. I can get a 2010 M3 Hatch for @19k. The 2009 Touring was offered to me at a local Hyundai dealership at 17.5k (manual base pkg). I valued the 1 year difference at 2k (2010 vs 2009). I then valued the Mazda vs. Hyundai difference at 1.5-2k (I know Hyundai quality has improved greatly...I did like the car...Mazda does have a stronger resale and most folks would pay more for the don't throw stones). By my reckoning that puts my adjusted value of the Touring at 15-15.5k. So, if Hyundai cuts loose with a great rebate, I'm in. If not, I'll wait for the Golf to compare and then run my adjusted value at that time. Who knows, maybe Mazda will have a great rebate or I can get a government handout (cash for clunkers).
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