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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jackas11jackas11 Posts: 5
    It was an auto. The taxes were .0625 and all License and fees were $189.00. Some dealers wanted $250.00 for advertising and high dealer prep fees.

    I hope any info I provide is beneficial (I think I provided a fair amount of detail) as I, like the other gent in DFW that purchased a GLS for 10,900, had little else to go on. Oh and it only had 26 miles on it and had been on the lot less than 60 days.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    That is the EXACT quote I have at the moment going into the weekend...jack'. Hyundai Elantra SE auto with mats and mud guards. After $4500 trade, after all the rig-ah-mah-roll paperwork to pay the various government agencies for the right to drive on the Great American Highway, eleven thousand dollars...actually a lil' less by a couple bucks but I'm rounding. All on my VISA card if they'll "let" me. :P

    PS If that number surprises ya, there's actually one or two cheaper but I don't like the color combinations of those cars (Exterior & Interior).
    PSS backy, I caved on the auto vs. manual debate with my wife after reading MANY of your comments on the various boards. If sitting in traffic (and it is getting worse by the day!!!), why not the automatic??? Makes sense.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Tried CT (Danbury), as well as NY (Beacon: Healey and Kingston: Prestige) I'm without my own wheels right now so it's a little difficult to get to NJ. Though I did drop a couple of e-mails and they also seemed disinclined to move. It's sounding like the Elantra is popular with the CARS program around here because of the MPG and the dealers here have noticed it and are starting to firm up on pricing. On the SEs they know they can get it...Healey has almost 10 GLS for every SE they've got, the others seem to be close to reaching that ratio.

    That demo is actually a Touring..looks like that's the only way I'll get into one (I prefer hatches...loved my Mazda3's hatch, but the engine just went on me...have to go whine and rant in the Mazda forums later, rod went 3 months after the warranty expired and put a hole in the block). I should hear back on pricing today: if they can get it below $16,500 I'll get the thing, otherwise I'll have to settle for an SE, since I can't get anyone to go below that.

    If only GM made a halfway decent compact I could check them out: I could always make them move on price. Then again, if they made a halfway decent compact they wouldn't have gone BK. :shades:
  • jackas11jackas11 Posts: 5
    I plan to put the taxes and fees on my AMEX for a 3% rebate as that's all I can afford. The rest (@10k) I'll finance with my credit union at 3.5% interest. The payments will be @ $300 per month for 36 months.

    I did see another SE w/ auto that was about 50 miles away (silver w/ gray interior, pinstripes, floor mats, mud guards AND tinted windows for 11k OTD), but that is too far for me to drive my clunker. Besides, I prefer khaki over silver. If anything should go wrong at the sales floor (high probability of that without a written quote) then I'm stuck

    Cash for clunkers, poor car sales near the end of the year, good timing and just general competition all make for a shoppers paradise.
  • peruchoperucho Posts: 9
    I was able to get that price from Danbury and New Rochelle for the Touring Base. I'm also bringing my clunker so is a 3500 deduction on the price. But you are right they are getting firm on the prices.

    I'm picking my touring tomorrow or Sat. I'm so excited.

    OK just to help with numbers to anyone in the south CT/NY Area.

    Danbury Offered me
    OTD price of 14308.72 ( includes all rebates, cash for clunkers at 3,500 and taxes and fees)

    New Rochelle was 13990 OTD price as well. This is for the Base Touring.

    Could I have done better? may be. But I'm getting 3,500 for my cluncker and 3000 Dealer/Manuf rebates and I don't like being in a dealership.

    New rochelle had only a $45 doc fee and $10 for tires recycling ( I called it BS) and Danbury had Dealer fee of $359 and other fee for $110.

    Hope it helps.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    You know, after adjusting for your Cash for Clunkers, it sounds like you're getting WORSE numbers than me...Danbury basically gave you $17,808. New Rochelle gave you $17,490 ($10 less than Healey did for me). Yep, definitely firming up. Now I'm even more interested in that demo...if Prestige is reasonable I should be able to get it for $15k (Realistically $14.5 but I'd pay $15. Heck I might pay $16 the way prices are going). I figure a 5k mile demo should knock $3k off of any price, and there's still the $1500 in rebates.

    My car doesn't clunk enough for Cash for Clunkers. Of course, right now it doesn't clunk at all, but the "new" MPG was 23 combined I think. Curse Mazda and the engine they rode in on: did you know a used 2.3L Mazda3 engine for a 2004 is $4500 plus labor? I just checked the 2.0L Beta that the 09s use...$2200 plus labor. :shades:
  • peruchoperucho Posts: 9
    Yes, is actually 17490 with 6% taxes included but I'm not paying it. Out of my pocket will be 13990 wich works for me. Obviously taxes are not negotiable ( I wish it was) so from NR , the price of the car not including taxes would be 16440.6, 1200 less than the dealer in Millford,CT wanted.

    Also, there are not many Elantra SE's and Tourings around here but there are many GLs.

    Get the demo if the price is right.

    PS: I could have gone to NJ, but I was afraid my "clunker" would not make it there. ;)
  • Hi Joegiant,

    Sounds like you got a good deal. Just a thought. Instead of using my Visa card, I take the money for the car and invest it in something like Fidelity Ginnie Mae Fund (Bond fund) which gives me about 4.25%. So I make more than I pay in interest. Currently have a loan with Red Rocks Credit Union in Highlands Ranch, CO for 2% for two years. High payments per month, but that doesn't matter to me. Just a thought.
  • kurto2021kurto2021 Posts: 5
    OK here is what I got

    2009 Elantra SE auto, air, spoiler, alloy wheels, cloth interior, mud flaps, car mats.

    After all said and done I got it for 12992.43.

    That includes tax at 6.3% and my $4500 cash for clunkers. Do I push them for cheaper or is that good...I have to go sign on it tomorrow morning.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Push them for cheaper. Even with these guys being firm I was offered $16.5k price for an SE with most of the same options. You're looking at $17.5k without the cash for clunkers. No way a spoiler and mud flaps are worth a grand.
  • rhy1rhy1 Posts: 5
    I just bought a 2009 SE (blue with cloth interior and sun roof) for 14,600. Destination charges were added in and I didn't have a clunker to trace. Bought in Virginia.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    If only GM made a halfway decent compact...

    I think the Astra is quite decent--a risk though given no one knows where Saturn will end up.

    Good luck on the Touring, or SE.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Unfortunately things are very different here in the Northeast, and dealers aren't going an inch below invoice here.

    However, I just got a price on my Touring demo, and while it's not as low as I wanted, it's a better deal than the SE. $16k plus tax and fees.
  • peruchoperucho Posts: 9
    I think you can go 1,000 less than that. Initially I was going to buy the SE, but cause I have kids, I went for the Touring but it costs more, has only 1,500 manu rebate and only get 3,500 from my clunker because the difference between the combined mileage of my clunker and the touring is 9.

    Otherwise I was going to get my SE for about low 12,000 or hight 11000.

    good luck :D
  • dundee2dundee2 Posts: 2
    was that an automatic and who was the dealer and what was the cost breasdown
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    Hyundai has agressively cut the price (thru unadvertised incentives) in different parts of the country for years.

    That said, the price in NY/NJ for the gls auto with pkg (msrp 17400) has been in the mid 14000's at clearance time for several years. Other areas may have higher incentives.

    Your govt has also flooded the market a bit with about 270,000 $4000 cash for clunker vouchers, which will probably raise sales about 10-20% in some parts of the country for a few months. This has jacked up prices a bit around the country.

    I've seen numerous dealer ads around here selling vehicles that were advertised at $15000 for months now at $17000 minus the $4000 voucher. (How generous, they "let" you keep half the govt bucks! -- why shouldn't they? you work hard!)

    Car dealers and congressmen, the lowest trusted professions in just about every survey. (Hint: the car dealers actually rate **slightly** higher than congressmen, er... congresspeople)

    Good luck

    How are you guys getting these deals? I'm in NY state and none of the dealers will budge below invoice minus rebates. I'm looking at grabbing a demo with 5k miles on it just to cut the price.
  • kurto2021kurto2021 Posts: 5
    You guys rule!!!!

    I called another dealership about 3 hours away told them I knew others were getting for 11k and that I currently have one lined up for 12,900. He called me back with an offer of 11,880 no spoiler but with Bluetooth. Scholfield went down to 12,500 from 12,900 but I said no thanks. Driving to olathe in the morning
  • kurto2021kurto2021 Posts: 5
    one last it possible to get a nav system on an elantra? I was told by the dealer it was but can't figure out how.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    There are any number of aftermarket nav systems to choose from. Nav is not available as a factory option on the Elantra in the USA. But since Elantras in other countries can have nav, maybe your dealer knows a way to get one of those units and put it into the dash. Ask your dealer for details.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    That said, the price in NY/NJ for the gls auto with pkg (msrp 17400) has been in the mid 14000's at clearance time for several years.

    Of course. Everyone wants the SE. Not the GLS, particularly with no A/C. As I was saying, the dealers around here have got almost 10 GLSes in stock for every SE.

    I just signed the papers on my Touring, picking it up Saturday. $16,400 plus tax (and after the $1500 rebate). But to get that price I had to get a demo. Automatic, mud guards and floor mats are the only options.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    I was recently quoted $15,113, plus tax, title, and license for an Elantra Touring automatic with floor mats, cargo tray, and mud guards, from Pugi Hyundai in Downers Grove, IL, near Chicago. I purchased my 2006 Elantra GLS sedan from them, and they're good people. The $15,113 price was an outright purchase price, including the $1,500 rebate.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Apparently corporate has additional dealer incentives there. No way anyone up here will get a price like that.
  • colloquorcolloquor Posts: 482
    They sell for the lowest prices I've seen anywhere, not only Hyundai but Mazda and VW as well. I bought our 2006 Elantra GLS sedan automatic in December 2005 for just a tick above $13K, including tax, title, and license.
  • wassabiewassabie Posts: 1
    Hi, do you mind sharing your quote to me or where you purchased the car? I am also looking for the same car (elantra se) in the DFW area. if you do not want to share publicly, you can e-mail me at Thanks!
  • kurto2021kurto2021 Posts: 5
    I am now a 2009 owner. I bought it at McCarthy Hyundai in Olathe, KS.

    I traded in a 1995 Ford Windstar i bought for $400 a year ago. Cash for clunkers credit of 4,500

    I paid $11,543 total (tax, destination, processing all included)

    It is the SE model with Bluetooth, alloy wheels, brake assist, electronic stability control, but did not include the spoiler. I had them tint the windows and add a pin stripe and that was included in the 11,543.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    That's VERY interesting. No XM, but still, not bad at all.

    Too bad it won't work with the Touring.
  • jackas11jackas11 Posts: 5
    I e-mailed you.
  • nairbsodnairbsod Posts: 8
    Just signed the deal last night on a 2009 Elantra Touring base automatic. OTD 15,750. subtract the cash for clunkers (4500) to that, and the price OTD was 11,250. This was from a MD dealer, but the car is registered in VA so tax was only 3%.

    Here's the detailed breakdown:
    $14,371 car price
    +$695 Freight
    +$100 Documentation/Processing fee
    = $15,066
    +$84 State fees
    +$500 VA tax
    =$15,750 final price.
    -$4,500 cash for clunkers
    = $11,250

    financing was 4.39% over 60 months.
  • long island ny. just bought a 2009 hyundai elantra gls auto 02/ab pop package plus mud guards and mats. was hard to haggle 16,700 - 2000- 4500 = 10,200 + taxes and fees = 11,892 got the 60 month loan at 4.39 total monthly = $222. or 51 per week
    brand new 8 miles on the o/d. cashed in a chevy van 1998 a/c not working neeeds compressor power window not working on passenger side nice dent on rear quarter panel bought van in 2001 for 10000 with 30,000 miles now has 125000 miles. I could have gotten a better price if my down payment was cash.Being involved in the cash for clunkers the dealer has to float the 4500 plus all the paper work involveds There were a lot of people in the dealership looking to cash in on this govt handout and i did not want to lose out on the 4500 so i was able to get the price a bit under invoice. 17,770 msrp 17,148 invoice neg to 16,700 i had to really haggle to get that price
    that was my high price was looking for 16000 but they were going to let me leave.
    i already have a 2003 elantra i bought from same dealer in 03. have had no problems with the car except the headlight bulbs. 135,000 miles and everything works well. Bought the car because of the rebate and cash for clunkers plan. and knowing the car is a great value. A bit of advice for those sitting on the fence cash for clunkers program is very popular and they only have about 250,000 vouchers for the whole country that comes to around 5,000 per state, When the money runs out, the program is over.
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