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Hyundai Elantra Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • sri1sri1 Posts: 23
    Pl provide dealer information. I am really interested in buying the car. I am guessing it is touring AT.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Hard to haggle, you ain't kidding. These guys don't MOVE up in NY state. Healey was fine with making an invoice deal (and actually admitted to the invoice price too) but wouldn't budge below that (I guess in NYC there's a little more wiggle room, probably more dealers around).

    Is there a shortage of the PZEV setups or something?

    Oh, cash for clunkers isn't for everyone, though I bet there's a ton of people buying 20 year old used cars for $500 to use on the deal. Or trying to anyway, since now all of a sudden they're worth $4500. :shades:

    On the plus side, I just drove home in my 09 Touring AT. It was a demo (only way I could get one down to the price I wanted) but it feels great...not as much power as I'm used to having but I'll get used to it. Low end torque feels good, A/C works much better than in the old Mazda3 hatch, and the ride is a lot nicer. Got detoured onto a side road for a parade and got to take it through a couple of, not as good as the Mazda3 but not TOO far off: handled them pretty well.

    Prestige Hyundai in Kingston treated me very well...the Healey guys are OK, but Prestige looks like a much better operation and they take better care of you. Worth the extra drive: Healey is a little too much of an assembly-line typical car purchasing experience. And you can see visibly why they can afford to make invoice sales...most of their PCs are ancient and still have CRTs, and the "showroom" is smaller than some studio apartments. :shades:
  • ylykiotylykiot Posts: 1
    Did anyone see a Hyundai national ad on TV Friday, 7/24 for the Elantra with a $2,000 rebate and 0% financing? There is also an ad in my local newspaper that had $2,000 rebate and 0% financing for 72 mos or $1,500 bonus cash/0% financing for 60 mos. This must be in response to the Chrsyler matching to the Cash for Clunkers program. Has anyone seen this bonus cash/financing offer in addition to the $2,000 rebate?
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    One of the requirements of the cahs for clunkers programs is that an individual must have had the car registered and insured in his name for at least 12 months.

    You can't buy a junker today and flip it next week and be elligible for the cash for clunker program.
  • nairbsodnairbsod Posts: 8
    antwerpen was the dealer. I had three of them going at this price, but they were the most straight up with me - felt the others were jerking me around a bit (it was very hard to get info out of the other dealers). I will say that even though we had the price set when we arrived, the buying experience wasn't the best - still took 3 hours and wasn't the most professional. by comparison, our experience when buying our cr-v last december was much better. but in the end, the dealer made our price work, so we were happy.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    People are crooks until proven think no one's finding ways around that? :shades:
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I'd think it would be difficult, to say the least, to prove that one has had a car registered and insured in his name for the past year. The federal forms must require proof and misrepresentation could be a federal offense.
  • stephen987stephen987 Posts: 1,994
    Indeed--with a fine of $15k per occurence. Dealers won't be taking any chances by accepting any documentation other than what's listed in the NHTSA guidelines.
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Over the weekend, pulled the trigger on the new car purchase with the $4500 CARS program voucher makin' it a no-brainer. New '09 Hyundai Elantra SE automatic with mats & trunk mat (came with car, didn't necessarily want or need), $14000 + Taxes, Registration & Tags. After $4500 trade of my $50 truck, wrote a check for $10.7k and change. Not bad. And no, I didn't pull out the credit card and ask 'em to put the balance on it. Felt the dealer was very up front in their pricing and I was given a really good deal. Didn't want to push it further out of respect for the young fella on the other side of the table needing to feed his family as well. All JMHO of course. Quotes from other dealers backed up my opinion that these were indeed good numbers.

    Really nice car for what we need. Again the two words that keep coming back to me on this thing - PRACTICAL & VALUE. Loaded car for the price point. Many safety features standard. Highly recommend. Btw, sales lot was full of customers on Saturday. Across the street at the high end competitor (Audi, BMW, Porsche etc.), no one. Hmmmm...Cash for Clunkers...a Hyundai windfall? I think so.

    PS Parked my ol' pick 'em up truck next to an '85 Trans Am. Pretty cool. Hard saying goodbye to the ol' girl. :cry:
  • bob225bob225 Posts: 46
    What was the MSRP on your car?
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    $18,690 (freight included)
  • dundee2dundee2 Posts: 2
    what state? what dealer? what package?
  • joegiantjoegiant Posts: 90
    Registered in Maryland. Bought in Virigina (Alexandria Hyundai). SE Elantra automatic w/mats & "cargo mat" (meaningless trunk mat but it came with the car).

    And the reason I had asked about MSRP before, all states are different on the fees, taxes etc. etc. Thought by starting with MSRP a shopper can backtrack into what a vehicle IS and what exactly it has on it with the TMV tool on Edmunds. The CARS voucher is a given. Either you get it or you don't. Doesn't effect the price of the apple when comparing apples to apples. That's all.

    Hope the info helps ya'll. Good hunting!
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I am looking for a '09 Hyundai Elantra SE for my son here in Michigan. Does anyone have any good experience with a Michigan dealership? I am looking to buy quickly so any advice (I am looking at the prices paid) would be greatly appreciated.
  • joem854joem854 Posts: 11
    I just purchased a 2009 Elantra GLS a few days ago in Miami, Florida for $11,700 exactly, including the $4500 cash for clunkers rebate. This was the out-the-door price, which included all taxes, tags, and fees. I got it in automatic with the popular equipment package, plus the sunroof and the carpeted floor mats.

    I'd read on the internet about some people getting unbelievable deals on the Elantra. Maybe some dealers in different areas of the country had a different pricing structure. All I know is that I had to fight very hard to get the price that I did. I visited multiple dealerships, and played them all against each other for price. The lowest price I'd been able to get was $12,000 out the door before finding the one dealership that got to $11,700. When I gave the $11,700 number to the dealerships I'd visited previously, they weren't even willing to match it let alone beat it.

    Here's the breakdown of the deal:

    2009 Elantra GLS 4 Door Sedan with Automatic Transmission


    Base price $15,120
    Popular Equipment + Sunroof Pkg. $ 2,650
    Carpeted Floor Mats $95
    Destination Charge $720
    Total MSRP $18,585


    Base price $14,690
    Popular Equipment + Sunroof Pkg. $2,413
    Carpeted Floor Mats $76
    Destination Charge $720
    Total Invoice $17,899

    My Purchase Breakdown From Dealer Buyer Order Sheet:

    Vehicle Selling Price $16,279.49
    Pre-Delivery Service Charges (Dealer Fee) $598.50
    Optional Electronic Filing $24
    Tire/Battery Fee $6.50
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
    = $16,908.49
    Sales Tax* (on $16,908.49) $1064.51
    Tag & Title: $227
    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
    Total price: = $18,200

    Minus Factory Rebate: -$2,000
    Minus Cash for Clunkers Rebate: -$4,500

    Total Out the Door Price: $11,700

    * Florida sales tax on new cars is 6% statewide. In Miami-Dade where I live, there is an additional 1% tax on the first $5,000 of any single purchase (in this case 6%=1014.51 and the 1%=$50)

    After doing the math, I determined that my purchase price on the car was $990.51 below invoice. This was determined by the price I paid for the car including dealer fees, but not including taxes or tag & title fees.

    Of course, the amount a dealer is willing to go below invoice may vary based on your region. And your total out-the-door cost will also vary depending on your region due to the variance in tax rates and tag & title fees.

    I hope that this information is helpful to people.

    I was asked by the dealership I went to not to disclose their name if I listed the deal I got online, so I will honor their request.
  • joem854 - One of the BEST postings I've ever read in terms of content and comprehensiveness of financial information. Taking the time to share this information with that level of detail is no small feat. We truly appreciate your effort. Thank you.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Thank you for one of the best breakdowns of a purchase transaction that I have seen anywhere on this or many other forums. You certainly have provided the kind of information that makes any purchase consideration a lot easier for us all. I also appreciate your integrity in honoring the request of the dealership, although I would have thought they would have been proud to show their willingness to work with their customers by providing all the information they, and you, provided.
    Good deal, again thank you
  • Just purchased a manual 2009 Elantra Touring and I though I would add my pricing to the list as well.

    Price was $17,114 after the $1500 rebate (so $18,614 before standard rebate) but without taxes and license fees.

    The vehicle included:

    Sport package - sunroof, 17" wheels, heated seats - ($1365)
    Floor mats ($76)
    Bluetooth ($292)
    Ipod cable ($24)
  • Purchased from KC dealer. Great deal on a 09 Elantra SE (manual). Bluetooth, floor mats and all the other awesome standard features. Out the door price of $9,650 (w/ $4500 cash for clunkers)=unbeatable deal. We used many dealerships to compete among each other to get the lowest deal possible. I also think if you go with the 5-speed, since there aren't many available, they are willing to part with it for a couple thousand less than an automatic. We wanted a stick anyways.
  • Great post, thank you. Won't attempt to match your detail, but on July 28, I bought essentially the same car you did (2009 GLS w/the popular equipment package) but without the sunroof from a large dealership in Davenport, Iowa, about 60 mi. from where I live in NW Illinois. My local mechanic thinks that undercoating is a good value for cars being driven in Illinois, so I had that done at the dealer, bringing MSRP to just over $18,000. After Cash for Clunkers and the rebate ($4500 + $2000), I was OTD for $12,375.

    You're right, local taxes & dealer fees can vary widely. My dealer's doc fee was $99. Some dealers really jack this up.
  • qinnyqinny Posts: 2
    I am in California. I tried to buy a 2009 Elantra GLS 4 Door Sedan with Automatic Transmission. It is basic model with popular package without sunroof.

    MSRP on the car's side window showed as $ 17,770. The front window showed a price as $16, 800

    (I feel very confused for these prices. The dealer told me that $ 16,800 is the sell price without TTL. However, he calculated the number based on the price of $ 17,770).

    After reducing the $ 2000 rebate and the $ 4500 clunker, and adding the TTL fee. The final result was around $12,600. It seems more expensive than what I learnt from the forum, so I bargained as $12,000, but they still reject it. Finally I left and feel sad.

    Is there anyone would like to give me an advice if the price is reasonable. Particularly, I would like to know some experiences from California buyer. Thanks a lot.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The price is obviously not reasonable for this particular dealer, at this time. They let you walk out and have not contacted you since then (right?). So you can either come up on your offer to this dealer, or search for another dealer that will sell you the car for less.

    You should also ask the dealer to itemize their $12,600 offer. It seems a little high given their offer price before rebates, C4C, and T&L is $16,800. Deduct the rebate and C4C and that brings the price before T&L to $10,300. In CA, it is possible tax is calculated before rebates. But I am not sure how CA handles sales tax on the C4C money. Check to make sure they are not charging you an excessive fee for "documentation", "dealer prep", etc. (Actually there should be no fee for dealer prep, that is included in the price of the car per the window sticker.)
  • I have dealt with Elhart in Holland, MI. They were great. I got a Elantra GLS with pop equipment package, auto and mats for 11K after rebates + CARS (17.7 MSRP) . I found dealers a little less willing to give a deal since they are running out of '09 cars with rebates. You'd like these guys and they still will give a deal and plainly mark the cars with prices (good place to start). (Don't forget MI sales adds about a thousand). Better hurry to catch the 2K rebate.
  • Thought I would always be a Corolla driver. Then I heard about the Elantra's reputation through J.D. Power, Consumer Reports, owner reviews, etc. A better built, more reliable car for less money?!?! I'm in!!! Finally bought mine on July 21st. Here is the break-down:

    09' GLS AT with Popular Package 2 (the one without the sunroof), carpeted floor mats, and a trunk cargo net (what is that thing anyway?)

    MSRP: $17,735
    Invoice: $17,121

    Price: $15,767.00
    7% Tax $1,103.69
    County & Title Fees: $30.00
    Licence: $30.00
    Doc Fee $189.00
    TOTAL: $17,119.69
    Customer Incentive: -$2,000.00
    Out-The-Door Price: $15,119.69

    My old Corolla isn't a clunker so no $4500 and I wasn't going to trade-in anyway. The doc fee is a bit high but I thought the rest of the deal was good enough that I jumped on it anyway.
  • The MSRP is $17,800. I traded in my old cougar and got $4,500 deduction. The manufacture rebate is $2000 and the dealer also gave me some other small rebates.Finally I paid $11,500 including all tax and fees. Hope the info is helpful. By the way, I am in Wisconsin.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Where are you located? That sounds like Northeast taxes...and a Northeast price, to be honest.
  • Indiana...but had to go to Florence, Kentucky (near Cincinnati) to get that deal. A couple of Chicago dealers offered near the same price but Florence was closer.
  • bpizzutibpizzuti Posts: 2,743
    Sounds like that part of the country is getting a bit high too. Don't let it get to you. There's some areas where they're getting the dealers to go $2k below invoice (beyond any rebates mind you). Other areas (like the Northeast) the dealers will drop to invoice and that's it. And some won't even move off of MSRP. Seems to very a LOT by region.
  • Hyundai Elantra Touring Base with A/T, mud gds and carpet mats on July 22 Edmunds TMV was $15,972 after rebate.
    Today that exact car has a TMV of $16,818.
    That is an $846.increase in price in two weeks caused by the Klunkers program. Can anyone say inflation?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Be patient, if you don't have a clunker. The program will expire soon and I think we'll see a drop in prices as we head towards the end of the year. Supply and demand rules... again.
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