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Honda CR-V Owners Accessories & Modifications



  • The Canadian version of the 2002 CR-V has an outside air temp readout on the Odometer. The temperature sensor is located inside the front bumper. I live in northern Minnesota and sometimes knowing the outside temperature can be important.

    Does anyone have any idea whether it would be possible and practical to try to get this feature working on my American V 2002?
  • varmitvarmit Posts: 1,125
    I suspect it would be easier to to install an aftermarket version. I know that it may not have the same integrated look as the OEM temp gauge, but I'd guess it's worth the difference. To install the OEM, you may need to either modify or replace the gauge cluster and run wires through the firewall. Aftermarket devices are designed to make install easier.
  • Being the eternal optomist, I was hoping that the wiring was already in place, and just required the addition of a thermocouple in the bumper or some such easy fix.

    Happy new year!
  • cslee6cslee6 Posts: 6
    I ordered a front tower brace for my 2001 CRV. The company charged my credit card but never sent the order. And it is impossible to get hold of him. Maybe he has caller id and for those he chooses to screw over he doesn't answer the phone. I've left messages, faxed, but still no answer, no confirmation, receipt, or UPS tracking #. The only time I talked to him was the day the charge posted to my account and he said that the order had shipped 'yesterday' and that I would get it in 3 days ground UPS. But it never came. I filed with the Better Busines Bureau and disputed with my credit card company. And according to some people on he (Jon Mandel aka Manb) has done this before. So do not do business with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • swpe8swpe8 Posts: 2
    Does the EX come with Leather seats? I am (strangely enough) getting different answers from 2 different dealers. The specs do not mention either. Thanks.
  • No, the US 2002 models do not come standard with leather seats and they are not available as an option. Only the Canadian EX-L has standard leather.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Swpe8 - Rburnard is correct. Here in the US, The EX comes with cloth. The dealer that is telling you leather is an option is probably trying to sell you aftermarket leather (which may be better, but could also be more expensive).
  • Has anybody use this? How does it fit to CR-V?
  • Just thought I'd give some feedback on ordering accessories on my 2002 CR-V. I rejected the high priced accessories our dealer wanted to sell us for the CR-V. I went to and they had every original Honda Accessory for the CR-V. I ordered the metal look dash trim kit, cross bars for the roof rack, hard spare tire cover, cargo cover, cargo tray and a cargo net. Their price was 1/3 of what the dealer wanted and significantly less then Honda's list price. I received the order in less then one week with ground shipping with everything correct.
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    HandAaccessories has been a strong supporter of the on-line CR-V community. Other aftermarket suppliers like and even dealerships have sponsored a number of CR-V meets around the US. Edmunds even donated t-shirts that have been used at several events. The list is long.

    Get yourself to some of our upcoming meets and share your experience with the rest of us. You may even win more accessories for your 'V. =)
  • wc04wc04 Posts: 2
    I purchased the factory keyless entry system from Handa-Accessories and I am having a little trouble getting the dashboard pocket out. I have sent Handa 3 e-mails asking if they had any advice and they have not responded (I am very disappointed by their lack of customer service). Has anyone here tried installing this?
  • moretjmoretj Posts: 13
    I'm new this board but I may be interested in purchasing a 01/02 HCRV. I have a bike carrier which attaches to a hitch and can carry up to 4 bikes. I understand the HCRV will only accommodate a CLASS 1 Hitch. I'm getting different feedback from the dealerships - ie. Class 1 hitch is too small for my bike carrier whereas others indicate a Class 1 hitch will carry 1,000 1lbs. Does anyone have any input on this subject. I don't want to buy roof mounted bike carrier due to inconvenience.
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    A generic Class 1 hitch can tow a maximum of 2,000 lbs, although the 2002 CR-V in the USA is only rated by Honda for 1,500 lbs (1997-2001 US CR-Vs were rated at only 1,000 lbs).

    What you're really asking about is "tongue weight", how much weight the tongue of the trailor can press down onto the hitch. I don't have the exact numbers handy, but it's probably in the 150-200 lb range. The total weight of the bike carrier and all the bikes shouldn't exceed the tongue weight.

    The other thing to be concerned about is that Class I hitches use 1 1/4" receivers. If your bike carrier is a 2" it won't fit.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  • vdub_97vdub_97 Posts: 1
    I want to carry my kayak on a 2002 CR-V and noticed that my usual racks won't do on the V. Has anyone found any aftermarket racks which will fit this vehicle?
  • varmintvarmint Posts: 6,326
    Gotta love Stevo. This from a member at another site, but I had to share it here.

    The Mothership
  • retlawsoneretlawsone Posts: 1
    Installed this accessory in just minutes. The first time I tried to pull out the dashboard pocket I tried with two hands but it didn't budge, then I put one hand in the center of the pocket made a fist pulled out evenly and it popped out.
  • nycarhuntnycarhunt Posts: 2
    Hello People,

    Please forgive me for the 3 long questions:

    1) Honda says they can install an engine disabling alarm for $459.00. I have co-workers and friends who have gone to alarm places and gotten ones that also autostart their vehicles. Honda told me this would violate my Warranty should an electrical problem occurr. What are your experiences with this?

    2) Also, has anyone looked at the Mechanical Breakdown Insurance that Geico offers? It's $12-14 every 6 months with a $250 deductible per repair. With honda's good records this may be an acceptable safety net.

    3) What is everyone's experience with the Honda Subwoofer's & Tweeters? This is, again, a case where Honda warns me about violating warranties.

    Thank you,
  • theracoontheracoon Posts: 666
    Anytime you make modifications to something on your vehicle you run the risk, however small, of damaging the vehicle. For example, if you install an alarm (or have someone else install it) and you then have electrical problems, Honda may not honor the warranty on electrical components and blame the alarm installer for the problem. They would still be required to honor the warranty for non-electrical problems.

    I'm with GEICO and have the Mechanical Breakdown Warranty. I hope I never need it, and probably won't with my CR-V, but with my last vehicle the "computer" shorted out just before I reached 90,000 miles and also destroyed the fuel injection system. Because I had the GEICO coverage the $2,500+ expense cost me $250. And since it wasn't an accident claim it didn't affect my premiums. Just remember that there are limits to the coverage, in terms of months and miles.

  • nycarhuntnycarhunt Posts: 2
    Theracoon, Thanks for replying to my post.

    I think I will go with the Geico Warranty. I'll think on the Alarm for next week or so (They won't have a CRV for me until June).

    I checked out the site. I will probably buy my Cargo Cover, Wheel locks and anything else I think I might be able to install without screwing up. Things like Bodycladding & Roofrack I'll have to do with the dealer.

    Take care, all.

  • crv139crv139 Posts: 41
    you can put the roof rack on ur self and save the money, all u do is pop off the plastic and screw the rack on. very easy. No need for the alarm. no one pays any attention to them when they go off due to the fact so many are false alarms. get the fog lights instead they are cool.
  • gapdragongapdragon Posts: 4
    Does anyone know of something similar to the K&N FIPK that is available to fit a 1998 CR-V?

    The FIPK from K&N replaces the air intake ducting to allow for better breathing. K&N does not make an FIPK for the CR-V, though.


  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    I'm not sure if it's an FIPK, but you can check out http://www.rons99cr-v to see a CR-V with a K&N intake installed. AEM and DC Sports list intakes specifically for the CR-V. Engine-wise, the CR-V is a close relative of cars like the Civic Si and Integra LS of similar vintage; if you see an intake for those cars that you like, it may be worth asking the manufacturer if it can possibly be a fit.
  • gapdragongapdragon Posts: 4

    www.rons99cr-v/ seems to be a bad link. At least, I can't connect to it. I get:

    The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.


  • wongsterwongster Posts: 7
    Just curious - I know that the CR-V LX's are already set up for keyless entry, and I have the instructions to program the fob, but anyone know if you can override a current program? In other words, if I buy a used CR-V keyless remote, will going thru the programming process set it up for my vehicle> TIA
  • sluglineslugline Posts: 391
    The info below is only meant to cover 1997-2001 CR-Vs. 2002 LXs do not come with a keyless receiver from the factory and may behave differently than what I'm about to write. . . .

    Actually wongster, it's the other way around: Each fob emits a unique code (that cannot be changed). The programming sequence teaches the car to respond to your desired set of fobs. But, yes, this overrides any programming that was there before.

    For example, if you have a CR-V that responds to fobs "A" and "B" . . . then purchase fob "C" and perform programming with only fob "C" . . . the result will be that the CR-V will ignore "A" and "B" but respond to "C." If you want to use all three, then you will need to perform the programming sequence using all three fobs.

    For those of you with keyless entry that subsequently purchase an aftermarket alarm system, you may want to de-program the Honda keyless entry system completely. You can do this by performing all the normal steps for programming, but skip any steps that actually involve the fobs. The keyless system will wind up with a program that recognizes no remotes. Now you can sell those fobs on eBay with confidence that they can never be used to get in your car again!
  • dglozmandglozman Posts: 178
    Is metal grille bars available for 2002 CR-V? I was only able to find them for 1997-2001 models
  • jspain1jspain1 Posts: 2
    Hi Folks.

    Just got my '02Ex (silver) and want to dress it up. Need some advice. Has anyone got the wood or metal dash kits? Which looks better? Also is there any good looking bug deflectors out there. I had one on my "97 CR-V that looked great, but the ones that I've seen for the 2002 models look really bad. thanks in advance for your help.
  • a1speciala1special Posts: 13
    I have installed the wood grained kit on the tan interior of my white 2002 CRV. I believe the metal look would look great on the black interior. Easy to install, but take care, follow the directions. A1Special
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