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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • I also experience the same problem. I don't know if TSB for the 2005 model will help or not. Any suggestions?
  • I replaced the diff fluid on my 05 CRV last week at 24,000 miles. It eliminated the shudder from the rear end. Owners manual says something like 90k miles or whatever. Boy is that thing ever WRONG!!!. Bot Honda fluid at the dealer and had Tires Plus do the change. About half the price of what the dealership wanted.

    Next I'm thinking the tranny fluid needs to be changed.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098

    PUL-EESE. Seat covers on a leather seat? :confuse:
  • "seatcovers" was a joke. You won't get the stain out of leather. Live with it and chill out before you have a heart attack.
  • I assume you have had the tires checked for problems such as a belt that is separating under the tread, etc.? You wouldn't be able to see a defective belt so you would have to keep changing each tire till you found the culprit. It has happened to me on a brand new honda before.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 4,098
    "seatcovers" was a joke. "

    You might try putting a ;) or :) in the post for jokes...
  • I realize that this may or may not sound far fetched: what about checking with a detail shop to see what they use or maybe a shoe repair place? Both should be knowledgeable in how to care for leather. There may be a way to re-dye the leather to match the original again. Best of luck with it. ;)
  • I'm starting to experience a rough idle or vibration in my CR-V. It has 23k miles on it and have been faithful in changing the oil every 5k. The vibration can be felt in the steering wheel, but is intermittant and sometimes stronger, sometimes not. I suspect it is stronger when the A/C is on. Could this be an engine mount problem?

    I am taking it to the dealer on Saturday to deal with the rear differential problem. But I don't have complete confidence in the service guys to address this and am looking for the right 'words to say.'

    Help! Leave the sarcastic comments on your own computer, please.
  • jmlljmll Posts: 3
    My wife's '03 CRV has just under 60K and we've had to replace the diff. fluid twice already. According to service technician this is not uncommon w/ CRVs w/ AWD. I don't like it. Another "hidden" maintenance cost. Have already had to replace fuel mixture sensor at a cost of around $300. Additionally, motor mount had to be replaced under warranty. And, the a/c compressor is starting to make an odd bird like 'whooping' noise when it cycles on and off. There's a whole thread on this issue alone. Granted we're in the mtns and she drives it like Mario Andretti in a golf cart, but the maintenance problems and costs on this vehicle have greatly exceeded that of my previous 4 vehicles ( Hyundai, Isuzu, Mazda, Ford) at this stage in their respective car life. In my opinion, Honda's reputation for reliability is not warranted for their current vehicles.
  • There have been several posts where folks have had that rear differential problem. Some people say that it was covered by the warranty, others have had to pay for it even though it had to be done before 90,000 miles. So, when I get this problem fixed on Saturday, will it be covered under warranty?
  • jck2jck2 Posts: 2
    Hello picklepops. Just saw your message. Please see my initial message, #4765. Sounds like we may have the same problem. Took my car back to the dealer today with 95 miles on the odometer. Dealer had the car all day. He rotated front tires and did an alignment check. Car is a little better than before but definitely not right. I'm not sure what to do next. I'm thinking of phoning the service manager and talking to him directly, but I don't feel especially well armed with information yet. Would appreciate hearing from you if you learn anything about the problem. A few quick thoughts:
    -why rotate new tires? and if this works, might I re-experience the problem upon next rotation? and doesn't switching front tires, like they did on my car, not follow service direction for tire rotation pattern?
    -please read FAQ #17 for background on PTTR (pulls to the right). I mentioned in my message, #4765, that I didn't really understand the distinction between "pulling" and "drifting" and had never heard of this distinction before. Distinction still seems to me to be a matter of degree. Interestingly, the first thing dealer asked me was whether the car pulled or drifted. He wrote up service request as "pulls". Obviously, this didn't really help me.
    -TSB's listed in FAQ #17 appear to be for earlier model year CR-V's. I would really like to have info specific to 2006 model when I try to convince service mgr to help
    -In hindsight, it looks like my first trip to dealer was a "hail Mary". These visits are extremely inconvenient for me and I want to plan out my next one carefully, so I'm trying to research the problem. So far, I don't know much and don't have a gameplan. Any thoughts?
    -Agree with your observation that hitting a bump (or really any change in pavement) can cause the car to PTTR. I also seem to sense force needed to make left turns is a little more than force needed to make right turns. In general, car may go straight for a short bit but the slightest pavement irregularity will make it PTTR. It is definitely not right.
    -Please advise me of anything you may learn. Good luck!
  • jmlljmll Posts: 3
    Ours wasn't covered by warranty, either time. Apparently they do not warrant that fluids will not break down, even when they fail way before scheduled maintenance would indicate :sick: .
  • Neither was mine--dealer said it was a maintenance item. I countered with "but the maintenance interval is not up yet", but they didn't budge.
  • Hi, jac2, I also experience the same problem, if you learn anything about this problem, could you please pass the information to me. Appreciate!
  • I just measure the distance between tire front edge and front bumper back edge for both sides. for passenger side, it's 6.3CM, for driver side , it's 6 CM. It's ridiculous! I am thinking this is the problem why my new 06 CRV EX intends to PTTR. I really appreciate for any help.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    Ill be honest if someone sat me infront of the monitor to read these posts and i couldnt see the title/subject of the posts i would swear these were about kia's or something. I had the highest level of respect for honda, but after reading all these posts and seeing how alot of you are not alone. i will NOT be buying a CRV thats for sure! I mean WOW!! are these CRV's really made by honda or what?

  • I bought a 2002 CR-V EX last November. I now have 66K miles on it. It was Honda certified but the bumper to bumper warranty has run out but the powertrain warranty has not. Our A/C and Transmission recently went out and both were replaced by the dealer under either the warranty or a good will warranty. However since we have had it back, we have noticed a bad vibration in the wheel and floorboards when the vehicle is in drive and sitting at idle. The vibration worsens when the A/C is turned on. I took it back to the dealer twice and they loosened and retightened the engine and transmission mounts and performed the idle relearn sequence. However the problem remains. I noticed that there was a recall for Valve Timming Control Solenoid which causes rough idle. If this was the problem would my engine light be on? Has anyone else had this problem and how was it fixed? The dealer said they can't figure it out and I don't want to keep the vehicle if I have to just "live with it".
  • Just got back from the dealer. They changed my rear differential fluid for free. When I asked why it was covered under the warranty, the guy said that since it was under the recommended 30k interval (I have 23k on my CR-v) it was covered under the warranty. Definately a nice surprise.

    I also asked about buying the Honda dual pump fluid & having another mechanic change it for the next time. He didn't have any problems with it.

    I sure hope the new 2007 CR-Vs list the correct rear differential fluid change interval.
  • Keep in mind, Honda sells around 140,000 CR-V's a year in the States and the name of this thread is Honda CR-V Owners: Problems & Solutions. Thinking the posts here are typical of all CR-V owners would be like swearing off iced tea after reading a thread named "iced tea caused my kidney stones".
  • Have a '00 CR-V with 124K miles. Over last 6 mos., has developed stalling/stuttering illnes for first few minutes after morning startup or just about any cold startup. Starts fine; but put it in gear, it dies. Have to pump accelerator to keep it running, and/or keep one foot on brake and one foot on accel at traffic lights and stop signs. Idles horribly. Five minutes later, is OK. Problem less severe when gas tank is full. Any ideas?
  • I am having the same problem with the throttle position sensor. Could you please tell me the location of the Honda dealer that replaced the throttle body for you. Thanks.

  • I have an 02 CRV that the "DRL" indicator comes on after startup. A buzzing can be heard under dash to the left of the steering column. The right headlamp is not lit. The lights (high and low) work fine when turned on by the switch. The "DRL" light extinguishes when the lights are turned on. Pulling the connector off the right headlamp bulb also extinguishes the "DRL" indicator. Does anyone have a wiring diagram? is there a relay under the dash for d.r. lights? Is the buzzing a relay or a buzzer assoc. with "DRL" indicator?
  • Each time when I drive my V a few seconds, a "ka" sound is transmited from back. It sounds like something hook-up. can anyone help me to figure this out? Thanks
  • I need to correct. The sound comes from chassis. It only happens once each time I start engine and accelerate for a few seconds.what is that? appreciate.
  • plim77plim77 Posts: 46
    That "ka" sound is your anti-lock brakes setting. It is normal and will happen everytime you start your car and drive forward. It is mentioned in the car manuel. (If you don't hear it, then your anti-lock brake light will come on.)
  • I have all the power door locks not work sometimes. A few seconds later, they work fine.
    May work for a week, or for an hour, then stop again.
    My vehicle is a '97, with 150k miles, and has an aftermarket lock/starter system.
    Details are: when they don't work, the key fob and the driver door switch both don't work... when they work, they both work.
    I believe that something is preventing them from working in error. A sensor might be bad. The door key mechanism seems to have a switch; the rear passenger door will not turn on the dome light anymore; the hatch light sometimes doesn't work.
    I have checked the aftermarket lock, and it is always providing a momentary ground on the LOCK and ONLOCK lines going into the driver door. It seems that the B+ is not going to the actuators sometimes. Any help with getting the door panel off? Common failures of switches?
    Very frustrating!!!
  • Anyone else having Steering wheel vibration at 70 mph+ ??
  • I used to. I went back to the tire shop where I purchased the tires and had them re-balance and rotate. Many tire places cover the service for the life of the tire under a maintenance warranty. If the car has less than 12K miles, the dealer should cover under the initial defect part of the warranty since not a wear related item yet.
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