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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I am having the same back brake light issue with my 2002 CRV. The center light comes on as well as everything except the two side lights. I do not see a fuse labeled brake lights and have already changed the bulbs. Does anyone have an answer for this? It would be very helpful!

    Did you check both fuse boxes?
  • flo5flo5 Posts: 1
    Has any one got tips or ideas on how to replace a damaged aerial to 98 CRV positioned over driver side.
  • I have an 04 with about 65 K. If I am driving and I let up on the accelerator I get a "whirring" sound or whirring moan coming from under the chassis. Almost like something is slowing down. No performance issues - everything seems to be working fine but the sound is definitely noticeable

    I did have rear differential fluid changed at about 16K (like everyone else) but it seems like that was a groan and was obvious
  • Did you ever find the real solution to the loose hood even though it is locked? My hood has that same 3/8" of up/down travel and I can see it vibrating at high speeds on the freeway. I also do not think you can simply unscrew the rubber bumpers and the latch does no appear adjustable.
  • Yes, you can fix this problem as I read earlier that those rubber tips you are refering to are adjustable by a simple mechanism to tighten the gap you have. Your service adviser can easily do that perhaps no charge! EasyRider CL
  • danb1danb1 Posts: 1
    :confuse: Costco sez they will not mount one tire on 4- or all-wheel drive vehicles. My daughter's '98 CRV only needs one tire. Is it ok to buy and mount one tire? We already did after wreck and had one tire replaced by body shop. $9k in repair work later and one tire replaced. Now, other front needs replacement. Is it ok to replace only one tire?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    In AWD vehicles especially, a small difference in the outside diameter between tires has the potential to cause mechanical problems or drive train damage.

    The problem is the tread difference between the two. I'm assuming the used tire has significant miles on it. You could have the new tire shaved to match the used tire, I guess.

    Costco is simply following most industry guidelines. A gas station would probably sell you 1 tire, but beware of the risk you're running.
  • This is from the 2007 CR-V Owners Manual, It still would apply to your AWD. It is also in my 2000 Awd Volvo XC. That is one of the hidden "problems" dealers don't talk about when you buy an AWD vehicle.

    Tires of
    the same size, load range, speed
    rating, and maximum cold tire
    pressure rating (as shown on the
    tire’s sidewall).
    Mixing radial and bias-ply tires on
    your vehicle can reduce braking
    ability, traction, and steering
    accuracy. Using tires of a different
    size or construction can cause the
    ABS and vehicle stability assist
    system (VSA) to work inconsistently.
    The ABSworks by comparing the
    speed of the wheels. When replacing
    tires, use the same size originally
    supplied with the vehicle. Tire size
    and construction can affect wheel
    speed and may cause the system to
    It is best to replace all four tires at
    the same time. If that is not possible
    or necessary, replace the two front
    tires or two rear tires as a pair.
    Replacing just one tire can seriously
    affect your vehicle’s handling.
    If you ever replace a wheel, make
    sure that the wheel’s specifications
    match those of the original wheels.
    Also be sure you use only TPMS
    specific wheels. If you do not, the
    tire pressure monitoring system will
    not work on that tire.
    Replacement wheels are available at
    your dealer
  • To me it seems unfair to describe this as a hidden PROBLEM. This same informative text appears in my 2005 CR-V owners manual regarding tire sizing. I don't see how you would think it a PROBLEM; I see it as good maintenance information. Also, it is only hidden to folks who do not read the owners manual.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    As your quote above says, this issue applies to cars with ABS and VSA systems, that is, virtually all modern cars.. Most tire dealers strongly advise replacing tires (at minimum) in pairs on all cars, not just those with AWD.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    So you read the owner's manual before you buy a car? Yankeefan was talking about it being a "hidden" problem the dealer's don't talk about when "buying" the vehicle, not when having the vehicle serviced.
  • Hi guys
    I just purchased 08 CRV EX two weeks ago...
    Unfortunately, I got some huge scratches on the rear plastic bumper.
    Do you know how much do I have to pay to replace it in Honda or other??
  • This may well be the result of Dual Pump Fluid in the rear differential breaking down. This is a well-known and well-documented maintenance problem with Hondas. As early as TSB 00-901 (November 2000) and lately as TSB 07-024 (October 2007) this problem is described. You MUST replace the fluid using ONLY Honda Dual Pump fluid. I'm confident your local dealer/stealer will be knowledgeable of this and can repair your vehicle per TSB instructions. I hope this helps.
  • my honda crv 2001 makes a squealing noise when i turn with hard lock. it sounds as if its coming from the rear diff. can you tell me what this is adn what i can do about it?
  • pt95148pt95148 Posts: 17
    Is there a good website to buy this? Can anyone recommend one site over many that can be found on google.
  • sky23213sky23213 Posts: 300
    Don't need google. Just scroll up, click on the banner - HandA Accessories, and you're there. Genuine parts, cheap, arrive within a week. I've been getting mine from them for the last three years.
    Of course, if you really, REALLY have time on your hands you'll probably, maybe, find something somewhere for a buck less. But again, these guys are known to have the right stuff cheap. Many accessories too. And pdf instructions, which I really like, because I can decide if I can do it myself.
    Good luck.
  • jmyanajmyana Posts: 3
    I took my 2007 Honda CR-V for 10,000 mile service a week ago in Detroit, MI. They changed the oil, filter, rotated the tires and charged me $127.00

    Is this charge reasonable?
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    No. My 10K dealer service in Santa Rosa, Calif was $55. They did the two things called for in the manual--oil change & tire rotation. But I checked the cabin filter and it also needed changing. I paid $30 for the part and changed it myself. It's very simple.

    I'd bet that your dealer did a few other things. Some may have been needed, some not.

    The best defense against this is to read the maintenance section of your owner's manual, know what needs doing, and have nothing more than that done. CR-Vs need little routine maintenance until high mileage is reached.
  • zipalotzipalot Posts: 3
    My service charge for the exact same thing here in Greenville Nc. was $90.16 but that included adjusting the parking brake. Personally I think they were both high and plan to get the work done elsewhere. If Bob Barbour Honda can't be competitive with Jiffy lube(a very high priced service provider) then I will no longer go to Bob Barbour
  • My vehicle is a 2007 Honda CRV EX-L w/navigation. 8900 miles.
    Yesterday on the way home from work, my check engine light came on and the D (for Drive) starting flashing. I didn't notice any major engine changes although it did seem a bit like the transmission was straining. I left my car with the Honda dealership. This evening I found out that there were bones and grease on my engine block. The mechanic said he had seen this before so he knew what to look for. My wire harness had been chewed through by some animal. I am not sure whether the bones were an animal that died there (doubtful since there was no smell) or whether the animal pulled some chicken bones from the trash and dined in my car. It's almost too unbelievable and I'm not sure whether this would have happened in front of my house or in my work parking garage. The new harness is being ordered and I will have to pay about $1000 for parts and labor. Does this amount seem right? Is there anyway to salvage the parts without replacing new. I realize it would be hard to tell without seeing it, but it seems like a lot of money for a wire. And of course this isn't under warranty. This is very upsetting since there is no way to really avoid this happening again. As far as I know I haven't heard the neighbors complaining about a similar issue.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    I'd go back and read your invoice closely, it must have more items listed, most of which are unnecessary at 10K miles. Oil, filter and rotate tires should be 50-60 bucks. Poster lzc in post 5606 gave good advice.
  • Check with your insurance company and see if that is covered under your comprehensive.
  • tcturnertcturner Posts: 7
    Did you get any answers to your question.I just bought an 06 and it being stolen crossed my mind.It is only held on by two zippers.I had a Rav4 and put a lock on it and within a year I had to cut it off because it rusted solid.Maybe if I put a better lock on it wouldn't rust but how do you put a lock on two zippers.
    Jim in TO
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If Bob Barbour Honda can't be competitive with Jiffy lube (a very high priced service provider) then I will no longer go to Bob Barbour

    If Jiffy Lube is a High Priced Service Provider, than Walmart is a High quality store, lol.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    It's the upsells that get you every time. :D
  • rroadkingrroadking Posts: 11
    I too, have an 04 crv with the rubber burning smell since new. My dealership has seen my vehicle way too many times and they have no clue. Could you tell me if you have had any problems or do you think it is "gasses being vented" as stated?

  • terryp1terryp1 Posts: 55
    Sometimes the smell of brake pads after a lot of braking in stop-and-go-traffic can be mistaken for that of burning rubber. See that black smudgy stuff that accumulates regularly on your front wheels and not the back ones (at least not nearly so much because the front brakes do most of the work) might be collecting teeny, tiny little particles of that stuff in your nose while they're still hot off the grill.
  • joekinsojoekinso Posts: 14
    Our '02' CR-V has smelled this way since new. We do a lot of highway driving and the smell is most evident when parking in the garage. Apparently the "lean-burn" system causes the exhaust system to run red hot and any undercoating within heating distance of the exhaust smells like it's burning. I haven't heard of any catching fire but one was observed on a freeway glowing red at night.
    Our latest problem, door and headlight buzzer have quit and interior lights only work when manually switched on. The doors lock in the garage by themselves? Does anyone have a link to a free wiring diagram for CR-V?
  • user777user777 Posts: 3,341
    when you stop, have you determined that your tires are all the same temperature?

    i think if tires were not matched or evenly inflated, maybe you might have a different issue.
  • dave_cldave_cl Posts: 54
    Re: wiring diagram.
    Have you tried Ebay? Look for a "Factory", "Service", or "Workshop" Manual.
    Not free, but reasonable.
    Email the seller before you bid, and ask if the manual contains a wiring diagram. - - l&category0=
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