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Honda CR-V Maintenance and Repair



  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Well, any place I know of includes installation in the price of the battery. I'd think the dealer would just do it for no charge. It's simple and won't take more than a few minutes. If they wanted to charge much, I'd take the battery and install it myself. But, you might not want to bother with it. If so, I'd think anything higher than about $25 would be out of line. Good luck.
  • I have the same problem with my 06 Accord, I had it on "trickle' charge for two days because I drive our CR-V in the winter and then left it for two weeks and it barely started. The reason I put it on the charger was because it was totally discharged last year in the winter after a couple of weeks in the garage and had to reset the radio code. I'm going to check the current draw on the Accord and get back to you. Unfortunately, this will require resetting the radio code. Other than this, the Accord has been a pleasure and the CR-V @ 100K Miles has been trouble free except for dome lamp switches and brakes at 90 K Miles (mostly highway), wait, the cruise control has given up on the CR-V, doing it myself now.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    If your vehicle is completely stock with no aftermarket addon's such as alarm, stereo, amps. ect. then battery should not have died from just sitting.

    I would check the draw when off. Something is draining the battery.
  • Cruise control stopped working. Switch near door jam no longer lights.
    I checked fuse "Meter" and it is o.k.
    Is there another fuse to check?
  • I let my boyfriend drive my brand new CRV while his car was being repaired. He drove it for about a month. I only had the CRV for a little over a month and totally babied it. It ran quiet and smooth and I loved it.
    Since his driving it, the car now runs very loud. When the steering wheel is straight the car goes left no matter what kind of road I'm on. It shakes and vibrates hard moving or just sitting at a red light. I had taken the car to dealership 2 times and they don't want to help me. I asked if the car needed and alignment, they said no.They said my car is making normal vibrations and gave me some silly story about my having stuff in my cupholdlers making the normal vibration seem worse than it is.
    I think they just don't want to fix my car. I'm a woman, and yes, know very little about cars, But what I do know is my car is messed up. They balanced my tires both times for me and just hoped I would go away.
    My boyfriend is the type to deny deny deny no matter what,.he claims nothing happened while he drove it.. but the entrance into my community where I live is a grade that if you are unaware of it, you will be airborn if you hit it hard and fast. Most everyone who is unaware of it does. I know he was unaware of it because I just moved here and he never drove here because his car was being repaired and I did all the driving. He made a statement a week ago that the entrance is really hard on the front end of a car if you don't know about it and it was like his confession to me without admitting that's what he had done. Another thing he does and I just never noticed until he was driving my CRV, is that he drives with two feet. Gas-right foot, brake-left foot. Another thing that happened was we were on a road trip and it was raining very hard the whole way and he drove. When we got to where we were going, I took over driving and something happened where we lost brakes for a couple seconds at a red light and the CRV made a crunching sound. We drove to a gas station and he checked under the hood and said the transmission fluid was low and he proceeded to go into store at gas station and bought transmission fluid and put it in. I don't know what kind of Transmission fluid, but it was something at a convenience store/gas station. I'm not sure, but was told that he checked the transmission fluid wrong and the way he did it, it would read empty when really it wasn't.
    Can someone please help me figure out what he did to the car so that I can take it back and tell them to check for something specific instead of them telling me nothing is wrong?
    Thanks for your help!
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Read the manual. The transmission fluid HAS TO be the 'Honda' type (purchase from Honda dealers), so gas stations/ convienance stores do not have the HONDA type. If he added in then you have to change all the transmission fluid ASAP or the warranty is VOID.
  • illcarillcar Posts: 5

    I bought 2008 CR-V in April 08, and I am driving it occasionally. It only has 3000 miles by now. And the oil life is at 80%.

    Should I go for oil change, or wait for it to drop down below 20%?

    Thanks for suggestions.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Posts: 1,207
    Take a look at owner's manual if there is a period like 6 months or 5000 miles. If it says 6 months then do the oil change.
  • I'm sorry to say but your boyfriend has done some evil things to your new car. It almost sounds as if he took it off road. You've seen enough evidence as to his driving habits when he is with you......I fear what he does when he's alone. If your car is steering as badly as you say, I find it crazy that a dealer doesn't notice this in a test drive.

    You wouldn't be pulling our leg here would you??
  • Check your owners manual, it's there, change the oil at 12 months regardless of the mileage and have the maintenance minder reset, Change it every 12 months, pay particular attention to the rear diff fluid change requirements and do not let anyone "substitute" any fluid for "Genuine Honda Fluids" except for waranteed approved engine oil and filters. Beware of big "oil changing" companies that may substitute another "Genuine Honda" Tranny fluid for the genuine diff fluid with a part # that is "almost" the same. My 02 CR-V is still purring like a kitten in spite of the incompetents at Mr goob, that thought, "close enough" on part #'s for diff fluid was OK.. Multiple flushes and aggravation seems to have put her right. We're on the edge of 100K miles and I am about to perform the first spark plug transplant, due for an emission test this month. This little van has never let us down unlike other vans we have owned. Keep her oiled, filters changed, down gear on grades and off ramps, and at 3K per year, I'm guessing your kitten will be the last you will have to buy.
  • illcarillcar Posts: 5
    I checked the service manual, and it says 12 months. wow, I couldn't believe it.
  • I am not pulling your leg. I am going to take it to another Honda dealership because for some reason, it seems that they just don't want to help me and they are wasting my time. I don't think he took it off road because there really isn't any place for him to do that where we are. He's not really interested in that kind of thing anyhow. He is just very irresponsible and a very bad driver. By the way.. he is soon to be my X-boyfriend .. I had no idea that he was like this.
    I really think that just didn't respect my vehicle and went too fast over that grade that I had mentioned. I wouldn't waste anybody's time here in asking the things that I asked. I am just really at my wits end and know very little about cars in general. SO to make a long story short, I knew this guy for 30 years and we were the best of friends when we were young kids until we graduated high school. I went away to college, he joined the army. We lost touch for 24 years and reconnected. We started up a relationship and he completely misrepresented himself and how established he was. The guy is a 43 year old teenager who has become a professional moocher. He was one of the ones that you would have expected to have grown into a very decent man. He lied his way into my life and it has been a hell that you can not imagine.He not only disrespected my honda, he has ruined things in my home. I am having a hard time getting him out of my home. You see, we lived in different states and he moved here and moved in... and was supposed to only stay until he got an apartment of his own. That has been since the beginning of August. It is like I have a 43 year old teenage son who doesn't want to work, doesn't contribute to the bills, he has ruined things that can't be fixed or repaired and all he cares about is having food and a roof over his head. He is moving no matter what sob story he tells me on the 24th of Jan and I don't care if he has to sleep in his car. He is out of here. This is the hugest mistake I have ever made and I based my decision on having grown up with him and how he represented himself and the fact that he was only supposed to stay with me until he found an apartment of his own. It was all BS. He wants a woman to take care of him and he wants to work meaningless jobs to have money in his pocket. He came to the wrong woman expecting that. He has ripped my financial life in shreds and I am trying to pick the pieces up and fix what I can. I really want my car to be fixed and I am getting a complete run around from these mechanics at the dealership where I bought the car. I am going to take it to another dealership but I want to go in there and tell them to check this that or the other. I did tell the other dealship I thought my car needed a front end alignment and all they told me was to always have all 4 done.. not just the front. The car pulls something awful to the left and is loud and shakes.Everything I mentioned in the original post is 100 percent accurate. Can someone help me?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I don't think he took it off road because there really isn't any place for him to do that

    That is all the more reason to worry! Off roading in designated areas is generally safer than off roading in makeshift areas.

    he is soon to be my X-boyfriend

    I had to resist the temptation to offer personal advice regarding your original posting but I will say that I think you are making a wise decision. :)

    Good luck!

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have an 04. The are three dials in the middle of he dash that control heater, fan speed and direction of the heat/ac

    The one on the left - fan speed I believe is completely dark while the others have backlights on them. I presume there is a little bulb behind them. Looks to me like you would use a little screwdriver just to get behind the inside of the knob (as I see a seam between the knob and the frame of the knob). Is that how to get to that?
  • jakilljakill Posts: 1
    Hi Coldfoot,
    My 1997 CR-V just had this same thing happen. Can you share what the final outcome of your wife's probems were? Thanks.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I am pretty sure you have to remove the HVAC controller and bulbs are on the PCB on the back.
  • joshuagjoshuag Posts: 92
    You need to go to your Honda dealer and tell them that if they don't repair the car properly you contact your states lemon law commission. At that point they might take you a little more seriously.

    Now the boyfriend deal. Tell him he needs to be out in a week. The day that falls on have a policemen come over to the house and escort him out and have the cop scare him a little, and he should be gone for good.
  • trysjptrysjp Posts: 1
    I have 2002 CRV with same brake lights problem.
    Although I replace lights, they still did not get on.

    Anyone find solution on this ?

    Please let me know at trysjp @ hotmail . com
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Please let me know at trysjp ...

    It's best to keep the conversation right here so all will benefit. :)

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Not sure if it's the same....
    In my 1999 CR-V, brake lights (aka stop lights) are on the same fuse as the horn.
    It's a 15-amp fuse located under the hood; check the fuse box label for the one indicating horn and stop lights.
    If your horn is also out, then they're on the same (blown) fuse.
    This is the 3rd time I had to replace the fuse in 2 weeks, last time I replaced the fuse I blew the horn the fuse immediately blew (must be a short somewhere in the horn).
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    It's the same on Gen 2.
  • I have a new 2009 CR-V EX 2WD.

    My Innova 3100 scanner will not link and returns the ERR message when trying to link which means the scanner will not link up with the CR-V's diagnostic computer.

    The scanner works fine on my 1998 Ford Ranger so I know the scanner is working. Anyone else having issues with a scanner not linking?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    You may need to connect it while the car is off, and then turn the ignition to "ON" without starting.
  • jpd3jpd3 Posts: 1
    I recently had the battery replaced in my CRV.

    Now the odometer, outside temp and door open indicators are no longer displaying on the cluster. The backlight for the odometer is lit but no numbers appear. Speedo and other guages all work fine. Mileage is about 72,000km.

    Any ideas on what might fix this - short of replacing the cluster (yikes!)?

  • nolajnolaj Posts: 4
    I was going 70mph and all of a sudden my speed started dropping and i put the accelerator all the way to the floor and i still was loosing speed... It was almost as if I was running out of gas but i had over a half a tank.. I pulled over and turned the engine off then it would not start again... what could be the problem?
  • circlewcirclew Posts: 8,609
    Fuel pump? Clogged fuel filter? Gas cap on tight? Gas cap tested?

  • dtstofdtstof Posts: 61
    I had an Accord that just stopped. It was an electonic module in the distributor or what ever they call it now. Fuel pump?
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I pulled over and turned the engine off then it would not start again... what could be the problem?

    If you are not the original owner, or don't remember the history of the vehicle, check to see if the ignition switch recall has been performed.

    The easiest way to check of previous recalls and to be notified of new recalls is to register you vehicle at American Honda Owner's Link. You can find the link by going to

    Also, the valves need to be adjusted, on the loose side of the spec, every 30,000 miles.
  • nolajnolaj Posts: 4
    the mechanic told me it was the timing belt... then someone told me that i have an interference engine and that it probably messed up my engine... any thoughts?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,564
    Yes it's an interference engine. Did you miss the timing belt change interval for some reason?

    IF the belt did indeed break, then chances are good that there is engine damage, yes. How much damage remains to be seen once the cylinder head is removed.

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