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Auburn or anyone that can help.
I am asking this question for a friend. He owns a 97 Honda CRV and it started to stall. This happens everyday at anytime. He will be driving along and the car just stalls. If he puts it in park it will start right up,but somewhere down the line it will stall out again. Service dept unable to find a problem or duplicate at this time. Any suggestions on what to have checked? They say there is no code stored for what is happening.
Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.


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    It's very hard to know with these modern cars...could be a myriad of things, from a bad sensor to a vacuum leak to ???? The dealer needs to come up with a better answer than that! They have the technicians who were trained on this vehicle and the expensive machinery to diagnose it. Your freind should leave it for a few days or a week or whatever and tell them to "keep it and fix it".

    Are we still in warranty here? Probably not, so he/she will need to keep in close touch with the dealer in order to control costs.
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    When it stalls, is it at a stop sign or light?
    Mostly when stopping or decellerating?
    I am assuming it is an automatic.
    If the stalling is mainly when stopping, then a good possibility is the TCC Solenoid sticking, but alot more questions need to be answered.
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    He says he will be driving along and it just stalls out, going up hill, down hill, straight ahead. MAkes no difference. No noises or warnings that it is going to happen. He will manage to pull over, put the car in park and the car starts right up. Could or could not happen again. He only drives the vehicle 14 miles to work and 14 back and it will stall out at least one time going and coming. Service dept unable to find anything wrong and has kept the car for the technician to drive back and forth to work to see if it happens to him.
    I appreciate all the thought of might be's Any other thoughts?
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    Ford just announced a TSB or Recall, I forget which, with the same type of problem you are questioning. Have them check the "ignition".
    Hope this helps.
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    When ever I have my a/c own and I come to a stop. My engine make a clicking sound. If I turn off the a/c the sound goes away. I think the sound my be coming from the compressor. Thanks for any Help Jason
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    Suspect it is the a/c compressor cyling on and off the clicking is the electric clutch engaging and disengaging.
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    I am having a problem with my 97 crv. Whenever I turn sharp, either left or right, the back drivers side wheel makes a high pitch squealing sound. Can anyone tell me what this is?
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    Is that a tire squeal (which is normal for some suspensions depending on tires, etc ...) or is it metallic in nature like a rear wheel-bearing?

    --- Bror Jace
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    Does anyone know if the CRV is wired to accept a CD changer already? If so, where can you find the wiring and place the CD changer? Also, can the changer be ordered from an outfit outside of Honda?

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    It's not a tire squeal, like when you burn rubber. But it's like the noise the powersteering pump makes when you turn the wheels too sharp, only it's the back right tire. Would you consider it a metallic noise? I was wondering about the wheel bearing. It's only turning real sharp that it happens. I hope it's not serious.
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    Read this over:

    Since you have a '97 I'm assuming your CR-V has the Real-Time 4WD system. The standard maintenance schedule requires changing this fluid at 90K miles I think, but some owners are finding that they need to do it earlier. Have this checked out ASAP before the squealing turns into something worse. (FYI, the main page of that site is and it is a gold mine of CR-V related info.)

    Please keep us updated; I want to find out how you resolved this.

    brucebaldwin: From an audiophile's point of view, you're better off swapping in an aftermarket stereo headunit and then connecting a compatible CD-changer. However, if you are honestly happy with the sound quality from whatever existing Honda stereo (you didn't mention your model year and trim (LX, EX or SE) you have now, then consider a compatible Honda changer. The best deal I've seen for this is from -- they are selling the 6-disc in-dash unit for just over $300 right now, which is roughly 50% off the list price!
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    I've done some research on this.
    A few companies makes an aftermarket adapter that allows you to plug your stock cassetted deck into a cdchanger under the driver's seat. This can be an alpine or a kenwood. However you have to spend about $60 on the interface adapter. All in all it is cheaper than buying the Honda parts. I still have not taken the plunge.
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    I tried to change the distribution rotor, but I failed as I could not figure out how to remove the rotor. Does anybody tell me how to remove the distribution rotor? my crv is 1997

    Thanks a lot
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    how can i remove the black thing from the tailgate?
    i just installed a reverse sensor but want to hide
    the wires. i can't find any screws... =(
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    After taking my CRV to 3 different places, I finally got it fixed last week. I took it last to a second Honda dealership. They changed the rear differential fluid and the noise is GONE!!!! I guess at 50,000 miles it definitely needed changing. Now I will know what to do next time. This is the first time that I have owned a Honda and they are certainly a different breed. I really like mine though. Am anxious to see the new CR-V's. Thanks for the tip on the website!
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    In regard to your rear noise, Honda apparently had a fault with their rear differential oil, which broke down much earlier than expected.
    It needs replacing at about 30,000 miles with Hondas replacement product.
    Anyhow, I have a similar high pitched scraping noise emanating from the front steering area whenever the car is in full lock. It is not a tire problem. Has anyone got a clue to the cause of this ?
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    Thanks for the tip on changing the rear differential every 30,000. I will stay on top of it.
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    Honda just sent me a letter on my 97 CR-V. If your CR-V has between 75000-150000, they said to bring it in and they would make any needed repairs or replacements free of charge to the emissions, including spark plugs, ignition wires, distributor caps and rotor and the change the oil and filter. You should be getting this emissions Warranty extension in the mail soon, if you haven't already. That should take care of your problem.
  • kelly1962kelly1962 Member Posts: 6
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    My 2001 automatic SUV rolls back on a small hill and in a slightly inclined driveway while I release the brake to drive. I have to drive the car with left foot on the brake while the right foot on the accelerator while I am on an inclined terrain. I had called my local Honda service department and I was told that ALL Honda vehicles roll back and it was due to the transmittion installation? Can anyone help with this problem? Thank you!
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    My '97 CRV needed an alignment, but can't be fully aligned, because a part (?) can't be adjusted. The mechanics ordered one which the catalog listed as an after-market part suitable for civics and CRVs. HOWEVER, the catalog was wrong - it's only for Civics and apparently there is NO suitable part availabe! Not from Honda, nor anywhere else.

    Anyone else have this problem? Rude of Honda to put this non-adjustable part in this car. Do the subsequent models have this same problem?
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342 far as I'm aware, ALL cars will roll backwards on an incline when the brake is released.
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    Hi Folks,
    I recently bought a 2001 CRV LX but without
    keyless entry. It costs an extra $350(?)from
    the dealership. I've seen handa
    selling it for $66 (apparently, the receiver in
    the car is factory-installed in all CRVs). All
    you need is to buy the transmitter and program it.
    Is this true? I wonder how one CRV will be uniquely unlocked by a generic transmitter. Thanks
    for any help!! - Robert
  • barnonebarnone Member Posts: 118
    you need to "program" the transmitter
    before it could work with your LX
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    The distributor rotor is held in place by a single screw. With the distributor cap off, bump the engine over in small increments until the rotor contact is pointing downward. You should now be able to see screw head.
  • robertr4robertr4 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Folks,

    Need to get a jack for changing tires, in case
    my new CRV gets a flat tire....Where exactly
    can you buy these things at a reasonable price?
  • barnonebarnone Member Posts: 118
    why dont u want 2 use the jack that comes with the CRV?

    seems fine to me...
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    I am the owner of a Honda CRV 1997 with 82 000 miles on it. Up to recently, the reliability was very good. About two weeks ago, I experienced the following intermittent trouble: Running on the road at any speed, the engine stops and the dashboard lights shut off. The headlights and all other exterior lights stay on as well as the radio. I stop along the road and restart the engine, normally. - This trouble now occurs approximately daily. Two Honda dealers told me that they never heard of such a problem and they are reluctant to put my car on the analyzer since this is an intermittent trouble. Did any CRV owner experienced such a problem ? If yes, how did you solve it ? Thanks in advance.
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    In saying that the dashboard lights go off when the engine shuts off, are you referring to the indicator lamps such as the oil pressure, SRS, engine malfunction, seat-belt, and brake-failure indicators? If so, the problem is very likely a defective ignition key switch. A large number of keys or a heavy device on the key ring could also be the cause. While the engine running, turn the switch very slightly to-and-fro. Use very slight movement, certainly not enough to engage the starter. If this causes the engine to die, you have even greater evidence that the switch needs to be replaced. Note that the frequency of the failure will probably continue to increase if it is not corrected. I agree that the analyzer would not help in this case. Please let us know what you find.
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    What happened in 1999 was that Honda boosted the compression ratio of the engine from 8.8:1 to 9.6:1 and revised the intake to breathe easier. You could probably duplicate some of that gain by putting an aftermarket intake on your CR-V.
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    As you suggested, the ignition switch of my CRV '97 was faulty. You were absolutely right. Thanks again.
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    Will be picking up a blue cr-v next week. really like the body color hard spare cover we see on the 1st gen crv. for some reason, 2002 ONLY comes in BLACK. is there anywhere to pick up after market hard spare cover to match the car?
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    Hi. I just picked and a new 2002 Honda CRV. When the car is in drive and I come to a full stop there is this noise that you can hear through the automatic shifter. Just 1 loud tick. If I was to drive in D2 and for about 50feet and come to a stop the noise is not there. Only in D3 and D4. Also when shifting in and out of park when the engine is warm or cold the trany makes a single cluncking noise. Otherwise it drives and rides great. Has anyone experienced this yet?
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    I test drove the Cr-V today and was very favorablly impressed -- seems like a great value and a tremendously versatile vehicle. I'm wondering if anyone else had a problem with the cramped foot (or more precisely "toe") room for the front passenger. There seems to be some kind of soft plastic shield at the extreme bottom of the dash that my toes kept bumping in to. Now I am a size 12 shoe but it was also a detriment noticed by my wife (size 7 shoe). Was this unique to the CR-V I drove, or have others experienced this cramped towe syndrome as well?
  • inkieinkie Member Posts: 281
    I've had my CRV EX for a month and am wondering what was wrong with the one you test drove. I have a size 11 shoe and my wife is a 7.We both have ample room for our shoes and have not experienced that type of a problem. The seats may have been in the foward position which offers less movement but even then I don't think you should have any problems which you describe. Why don"t you go back and test drive another one? Say hello to your brother sirlancealot!
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    Picked up my dark green 2002 CRV EX 1/3/02. I drove it 90 miles for work yesterday and car seems like an excellent value. I paid sticker price for the first time in my life and still feel like I got a deal. I waited 2 weeks for the dark green, now the wait is over 2 months on most colors. Car drives like my wife's 01 Outback which is just what I was hoping for.
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    Well I'm glad you haven't encountered the cramped toe space. I'll take your advice and sit on the passenger side of another CR-V to check if my toes hit the same impediment under the dash. I have plenty of time as the CR-V will replace a 2000 Accord with a lease end date of April 15th.
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    I got these prices from my local Honda dealer in Oregon (no sales tax). I've done some research regarding invoice prices and from reading here, a few ideas of what people who have bought a 2002 crv paid. I'd like to get some feedback from those of you who are/have been looking at the 2002 crv's what you think of these prices. Thanks

    2002 Honda CR-V LX 4X4 AT with Side Airbags:
    Suggested List - $ 21,789.00
    MSRP - $ 20,440.00
    Internet Price - $ 20,348.60

    2002 Honda CR-V EX 4X4 AT:
    Suggested List - $ 24,089.00
    MSRP - $ 22,740.00
    Internet Price - $ 22,239.52
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    I have a CRV EX that I picked up Dec 13, I was lucky to pay 22,000 750.00 below MSRP.Here in New Jersey When I picked up the car different dealers were getting 1000 above MSRP or list which is 22,750. Some added a package with all the options to build the price up to 24,570 or over 25000.I hear from some of the Honda Dealers at the present time these prices are still in affect and they can"t promise delivery or colors. So I can only say your quote for 22239.52 is pretty good I don't know what the LX goes for because I only was interested in the EX. Its a nice car, I like it!
  • rictomrictom Member Posts: 89
    Thanks for the input. We haven't been able to drive one yet as the dealer says most of what they get in are spoken for....sounds like the Odyssey line :-)
    Can you tell me if you had driven a 2001 or older CRV and if so, if the 2002 CRV had more zip? It's supposed to, at least in theory. Did you happen to drive a Subaru Forester?
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    isellhondas -

    Just for the utter trivia of it, my '86 Subaru GL had a feature called Hillholder. I believe it was standard on manual Subarus of the era.

    With the car facing uphill, the manual in gear, and your foot on the brake(and with the parking brake released of course) could take your foot off of the brake and the car would not roll back at all until the clutch was released.

    Not that I ever needed it, but still pretty cool I think. They might sell more MTs in the USA if this was widely available. Or would that cut into profits?

  • inkieinkie Member Posts: 281
    Yes! I have, my daughter has a 2000 CRV SE. I drove it a few times when I visited her. Its a sweet car, shifts smooth has ample power and she loves it. My 2002 EX is much quicker, and does seem to have more power.It is very reponsive in traffic I can change lanes fast and climb hilly roads without any exertion on the gas pedal. I only have 900 miles on it so I am still not playing Barney Oldfield. {He was a racecar driver many years ago so I am dating myself.} In any case, good luck with the car you finally pick.
    No! I have not driven any Forester's sorry.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Yeah, I knew that.

    Subarus ans Studebakers had hill holders.

    Now, that's OLD trivia!
  • rictomrictom Member Posts: 89
    Inkie: thanks for the info on the 2002 crv ex.
    Another question: I've decided that I want the abs, which means I must get an EX. Not only do I not necessarily care for everything that comes on the EX, but of course I don't want to pay that much for it. I could get pretty much everything I want on a 2002 Forester L, but I think my wife will want the Honda. I guess I can try to get a deal I can live with, and if not, it'll be the Forester. I'm realizing I'm upset with Honda for not making ABS standard. Do others feel the same way?
  • barnonebarnone Member Posts: 118
    i wanted the ABS in the CR-V which made me end
    up in an EX. if only there were an LX w/ABS, i
    would have taken it, then add whatever options
    i wanted.
  • rictomrictom Member Posts: 89
    barnone: Exactly! That's what I did when we bought our Odyssey. Got the LX with 1-2 options.
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    What options are available for the LX that someone would add? I can think of side airbags and auto tranny. As far as I know anything else would be an accessory. And even at that, the keyless entry and alloy wheels are what meets that description. This isn't Toyota we're talking about...Honda has very few options in their trim lines.
  • barnonebarnone Member Posts: 118
    i guess what i meant was accessories, like:
    cd player/changer which is better if you buy
    aftermarket.alloy wheels... you get to choose your design.of course: lower monthly payments... :)
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    I am thinking of getting this used 2001 CRV SE. The owner wants $21K. He only has 11K miles on it. I drove it today, the CRV's are loud on the
    freeway! Anyway, I might just own it by this Friday. Super clean. He also bought the 7 year extended warranty that he told me is transferable. :o)

    My wife and I like the 2002, but we know that we would only be able to afford the EX. We would like the SE, but 1) it's not here in Northern Cali
    yet, 2) it will be far to expensive.

    I stopped by a dealer after seeing the private seller. They have a brand new 01 CRV SE, same color and everything. They are selling it for $23,240 (destination charges included). This is not including the tax, lic, registration. The dealer was telling me that they would wheel and deal on this to get it off their lot. He also mentioned that they still might have special financing on the 01's (1.9-3.9%). Whatever. The way I see it, I'm gonna get the best deal of my life for $21K.

    I have to admit that the new motor and new looks of the 2002 are nice, but at the same time that "new generation" engine is just that, NEW. I don't know what the reliability of it will be, but based on Honda's rep, it will probably be outstanding. I think I can save our family a lot of money and settle for the 2.0 liter...
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