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Suzuki Vitara Maintenance and Repair



  • Hello everyone. I called Suzuki of America corporate office to discuss my ongoing issues and I was told by a rather rude individual to "pound sand". In other words, Suzuki said that there is no way that they will buy back my vehicle, or give me another vehicle. :lemon:

    Oh really? You sure about that? :lemon:

    Well, I have found a very nasty Lemon-Law attorney that has dealt with Suzuki before, and told me to start looking for my next car, because Suzuki is at fault, and is liable for my loss. :lemon:

    I'm sure glad I took pictures and documented everything, including all my warranty repair invoices, showing miles and date/time in service. I even recorded all my phone calls to Suzuki of America and all the dealerships I have dealt with. (four Suzuki dealerships in my area have gone bankrupt and shut down). I now have to drive 35 miles to the nearest dealership. :lemon:

    I'll let you know how it turns out. :lemon:

    Regards, Vitaranot4me :lemon:
  • I have a 2000 Suzuki Vitara that has developed two strange problems. 1st is it will not go into reverse. The second is electrical. The car sat for a while but when I tried to start it nothing happened. I changed the battery and still nothing, not even dash board lights or brake lights.Any advice?
  • I have a '03 Vitara with 90,000 miles. Recently the brake light began coming on only during left turns. Any thoughts??

    Thank you!
  • cobcob Posts: 210
    The brake fluid is low so when you turn it moves to the side in the fluid reservor opposite where the level sensor is and makes the light come on. Check the level, but just remember it is a closed system and you should never have to add fluid unless there is a leak somewhere. The fluid goes down as your brake pads wear but, never below the level that sets the sensor off.
  • troyantroyan Posts: 9
    My 2002 Grand Vitara is experiencing little or no heat. This is something new because it always had heat. The Rad is full and the overflow tank is at the normal running line hot... The local parts stores say the thermostat is an OE only part. This vehicle is 6 years old!!!!... How can something like a thermostat be a Dealer item only? Maybe it's not the thermostat?... I need help AND heat....PLEASE
  • grousegrouse Posts: 1
    Don't know if you've been answered but - it has timing chains (2) not belts and they don't (shouldn't) need replacing at 62K. If you change your oil when it gets dirty - short trips do this- they should last at least 125k. Squeaky serpentine belts seem to be the nature of the beast, I changed mine recently around 60k and 5k later when I start it they squeak. It was the same with my 90, 95, and now my 03. They are pretty good vehicles but I can't brag about the dealers. My local one is a crook. Gluck.
  • ncjenncjen Posts: 1
    My 99 GV 2x2 is ideling rough. Has 70K miles, have had for 5 years and had no previous problems. I do hear the timing tensioner rattle, but from what I understand it's a thousand I can save if I just put up with the noise. Any suggestions on what this roughness problem could be?

  • kengonzkengonz Posts: 1
    just got a 2000 grand vitara.1st day was fine second day there is a puddle of tranmission fluid looks like it came out of top of dip stick. any ideas anybody. :confuse:
  • branwenwbranwenw Posts: 3
    I have an '02 Grand Vitara. Recently took it to the mechanic to diagnose distinct ticking on the front passenger side of the engine. Was told it was the timing chain, that there are three, and anwhere from $800-1600 to fix. Under warranty, so took it to the dealer. They replaced the timing chain. 8 days later I'm back at the dealer, this time the ticking is coming from front passenger and driver side of the engine. They replaced the tensioner. All is well until the next morning, very distinctive ticking from the front center part of the engine. Drove it back to dealer. They now tell me this is normal for the age of my car and it's the valves and will go away when the car heats up. I asked how long that takes and was told a couple minutes. Well, I drove it to the dealership which is 45 minutes away, and when I got it there both the service manager and the mechanic at that point told me it was the timing chain, but the service manager I've been dealing with tells me this is no problem.
  • dllldlll Posts: 1
    Twice I had the problem with my 99 Vitara. On the control lever behind the dash the connectin has a very weak plastic ring/clip. It breaks easily. The first time the clip was replaced with multiple clips at a dealership. They lasted three years. This time I had the repair done with metal clips which were welded (non-dealership service). Hopefully your problem is as minor as mine. Just annoying.
  • Wal-Mart broke off my dipstick when they changed the oil last and didnt let me know...I changed my own oil today and couldnt tell from the manual how much oil to use - it looks like 4.4 quarts. HERE'S the question: I have a 2000 Vitara 2.0 stick-shift, 4x4, soft top, 2-door with broken dipstick...How many quarts of oil do I use, and do I use one less iff putting SLICK 50 in it? Thanks.
  • I had the same problem with my 2002 Suzuki Vitara, when I brought it to the mechanic he said it was a cable that came loose, he put it back in place and it worked immediately. It did manage to come off within a week of him fixing it. He put it back in place and my heat has been working like new ever since. I noticed that it was not working earlier this year.
  • Hi, It looks like it's been a while since you wrote your posting...
    Did you ever find an answer to your question. What ever happened?
    I have an almost exact situation.
  • Hi,
    Were you ever able to fix the problem? My 2000 Grand Vitara is having the same problems.
  • Two mechanics had told me it was the timing chain. The dealership replaced a gasket. Two days later it was back in. This time it was the tensioner. Two days later it was back in for the same noise. The third time they determined it was a generic oil filter. They replaced the filter with a Suzuki oil filter, and the noise appears to have disappeared.
  • Thank you for responding. I'm glad your car was fixed.
  • i am looking for guidance on the installation of fog lights on my wife's 2008 grand vitara.
  • Hi,
    On some guy posted pictures and instructions for fog light installation. But read down because another person said there is no need to remove some parts he says to. Good luck. I was also told that taking it to a car stereo installer is another alternative.
  • i have a rattling noise coming from my 2.0td i cant seem to locate it can anyone help me
  • cmhj2000cmhj2000 Se, Pa.Posts: 372
    Front, rear, side, going around corners, driving straight, type of road when doing it, louder with windows opened, stereo on or off????

    A bit of info might get you some real answers.
  • tarubtarub Posts: 1
    Hi, Im from the Philippines and I recently acquired a pre-owned vitara, 98 model auto trans. My concerns is that on idle speed, my dashboard vibrates terribly. It feels like your driving a worn out diesel engine truck.
    What could possibly be wrong? does it have to do with my idling?
    Also, the airconditioning is weak. Replaced my expansion valve, condenser and the sysyem cleaned too but its not cold enough. Any advise on what to do, thanks
  • pinger1pinger1 Posts: 1
    At 90k miles and uses 3 qts of oil in leaks.Only blows whitest smoke going up the mountians.runs fine otherwise.Is it time to junk it?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    White exhaust means that water or antifreeze is getting into your cylinders and is likely due to a failed head gasket. Your engine is probably overheating and serious damage is possible if it's not taken care of.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • my 99 GV is missing while in gear and running down the road , it is also missing while idling now . up until today it wasn't a constant thing . I have changed the spark plugs , the fuel filter and added injector cleaner to it , to no avail . I am also getting a horrible rotten egg smell when it does this . help , it's the only transportaion i have and i can't afford to buy another vehicle .
  • bm000092bm000092 Posts: 70
    (horrible rotten egg smell ), most probably your catalytic converter is clogged.
  • ewelshewelsh Posts: 1
    Hello, i have a 2002 vitara and the radio quit working. The clock display still works when the button is pushed so i think i still have power???? Cant find a blown fuse or not looking in the right spot. Can you help me?
  • My lights began to pulsate more than usual and then the blower didn't work. I replace the blower motor less than a year ago , and thought it may be the resistor, so I changed it. That did nothing. Found the "defrost" fuse blown and replaced it and it began to work, but fuse popped after about 5 minutes. Checked the blower switch and it crumbled into pieces, so I unplugged it, put a new fuse in and still it POPPED! Lights got worst so changed the alternator and solved that light problem. Put another fuse in and all seemed good, but after about 10 minutes(you guessed it) POP! The trouble with this is, the same fuse controls the blower switch as well as the auto light feature. Need to fix, cold now and have no heat!! A :sick: ny answers????? Not an auto electrician by any means and like everyone else can't afford one either, so any help is appreciated!!!!
  • What year is your Grand Vitara ?
  • I have a 2006 grand vatara and the other day, I went to go from air conditioner to heater and it would not go to heater. Then I heard a noise under dash or somewhere and heat appeared. Now when we turn the air conditioner on no air just high heat. the little car on dash is blinking and all I have is high heat and no other control of heater or air conditioner. Can you explain and tell me how to fix this problem?
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