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Hyundai Sonata Owners Meet the Members



  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Tell the service department that you want all the standard equipment functional. You shouldn't have to pay extra for standard equipment to work. Would you expect to pay extra for the power windows or power steering to be functional?

    The car is shipped with the auto locks in a non-activated default so the buyer can select the speed at which he wants them to engage.

    Yes, activating the auto locks is not covered by the warranty. That's because there is nothing wrong with them. They just need to be activated as a part of the dealer prep.
  • bobadbobad Posts: 1,587
    Keep in mind that one option is to NOT activate the automatic power locks. That's the option I chose. The fewer cycles on the locking system, the longer things should last. If I felt I really needed them, I would have had them activated, of course.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    I would think the Cycles over a period of time would be about the same. Except at first, as with a Rental Car, you never know if you are locked, or unlocked. Let me guess, you live in a great area, and never lock your House at night ;)

    But I'm with you. I want to control the Horizontal. I want to control the Vertical. (Sorry "Outer Limits"!) I want to control my locks!
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    My wife has a Saturn Vue that locks automatically when the gearshift is engaged in Drive. She likes the feature which is a great protection against carjacking. I myself found the feature a bit annoying but my previous car had no power door locks at all on it. The day I test drove a Sonata, that car had the self locking doors and when I got mine the first thing my wife asked when she drove it was about that feature. It dawned on my that the test drive car had it and mine didn't, so I enquired. I still haven't decided whether or not I want it activated, was just curious.
  • Purchased a new (2006) Sonata LX on Thursday, July 6. Put 280 miles on it Sunday visiting granddaughter. Returned to dealer on Monday. Loud knocking sound in right front suspension and terrible AM (premium radio option) reception. My wife gave me as a gag a $10 Chinese made transistor radio several years ago and it has much better reception than the Hyundai's. Probably will last longer too. Not thrilled. Suspension was repaired but couldn't find what was wrong with the radio. The car will remain at the dealer until the radio is fixed while Hyundai pays for my rental car.

    Previous car was a 2000 Olds Intrigue purchased new. Thousands of dollars in warranty work and $1500+ out of my pocket in 62000 miles and things still weren't right. History repeats itself.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Is your AM radio reception problem intermittent? I ask only because my prior car, a '91 Chrysler, and my '05 Sonata get crummy reception in certain locations every day. The problem is worse in the warm weather. Mostly this happens near certain traffic lights. There's another couple areas on my daily drive that "knock out" the AM reception. I guess my experience, with two cars, is caused by electro magnetic frequencies, or whatever it's called, emitted by some traffic lights and overhead power lines.

    I'm not a radio frequency expert, but suspect the problem has something to do with the electronic tuning.
  • Reception problem is not intermittent. We live about 50 miles from a 50000 watt AM broadcast station. Normally reception of this station extends to at least 120 miles with a competent radio. My daughter lives 190 miles from the radio station and can receive it with her 2004 Sonata.

    High voltage power lines will kill reception (none near us) but only for a short distance. Traffic lights are insignificant.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I'm in S.W. CT, about 50-60 miles from NYC. WABC (50K watts) usually comes in fine on the radio. On certain stretches of my drive to work the power lines (not high voltage) mess up the AM reception. Most of the traffic lights in our area have many lights making up the green, yellow or red "full circle" in the light. Most don't mess up the reception, but a few do. One in particular doesn't affect the radio north of the light but raises heck for a couple hundred feet south of the light.

    It might be your radio, might not. Have it checked & good luck.
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    More than likely the problem is not the radio but the antenna connection or cable. FM is less bothered by a poor cable or connection than AM is. Also I am sure the back antenna embedded in the glass is more tuned for FM reception than it is AM. So far I haven't noted any problems with either my AM or FM. I am a big talk radio fan and use AM 50% of my listening time.
  • doodadooda Posts: 2
    Hi, I'm DooDa Dave and I traded in a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Ralliart on a 2006 Sonata GLS 4 cyl, on 6/30. I wanted a bigger, quieter, safer and more comfortable care that got as good or better gas mileage as the Lancer Ralliart. Got a good deal on a leftover as 07's were already on the lot and the gorgeous '07 Santa Fe arrived while I was at the dealer. Coming up on 500 miles and I'm very impressed so far. The quality seems better than my wife's '05 Altima, although I'd take the 2.5L engine in the Nissan over Hyundai's 2.4 any day. I also think the Nissan has it all over the Hyundai in handling. However, the quality, features for the dollar, warranty and safety of the Hyundai have it all over most competitors. It's also as quiet as my dad's Lexus. When I saw Sonatas at the NY auto show back in 1995 when I was selling Saturns, I said if they can get the quality up, everyone else would have to watch out. Well, it happened. My mission seems to be accomplished. :)

    AM reception in cars has always been hit or miss. One thing you do have to be careful of with glass mounted antennas is adding window tinting. A lot of metalized tinting films can interfere with reception. Certain cars are more prone to that than others.
  • Finally got the car back this evening (July 21). cajuncycler was right. The antenna cable was kinked during assembly. The poor mechanics tried three different radios before they nailed the antenna problem. Wonder if the quality control inspector will get his pay docked for this one.

    Here's a picture of the car:
  • cajuncyclercajuncycler Posts: 172
    Glad to see they found and fixed the problem. Radio reception can usually be linked to either the antenna, the cable or somehow the tuner was not impedience matched to the antenna at installation. Rarely have I found the latter to be the problem. Beautiful car by the way, ok I'm biased, I do have one after all! ;)
  • dora83dora83 Posts: 5
    pat, thank you for redirecting my question reguarding the vin# not reflecting my purchase of a Hyundai Sonata LX (but as a GLS) to smart shopper. I thought vin#s were like upc bar code or social security#. I was very confused when my when my 2006 LX came back on my insurance as a GLS. After looking at messages posted on the forum and talking to my dealership I am more at ease but still confused. My vehicle is a LX by all that it has on it (and are not an option on the GLS) with out a doubt but I still dont understand why they dont have the vin# reflect it accurately. The dealership made it sound like no one has ever asked this question. I had to call my insurance company and have the policy ammended to reflect a LX not a GLS as the vin# showed.I have not purchased a car in 6 years. Is this a new thing? I can see problems down the road for vehicle replacement value with insurance, trade in value to a non Hyundai dealer, or selling the vehicle on my own if the new buyer checks the vin#. Am I over thinking? Hyundai often changes their trim names from year to year and a GLS in 2007 is their v4 to my understanding. I think this could be a problem down the road.
  • bsancatbsancat Posts: 27
    My 2006 Sonata is an LX model with the six disc in-dash CD player/Radio. It has a rear shelf mounted sub-woofer. When the front-rear fade control is set to the center position, the rear sub-woofer can barely be heard. Only when the fade control is set more to the rear can you begin to hear the sub-woofer. Anyone else have the same results?

  • bsancat, I was test driving an '07 Sonata and was puzzled :confuse: about the placement of the rear speakers. ie. in the rear door instead of behind the rear seats like most cars. My first impression was that the sound did not 'fill' the car as well as a Camry or Accord. :( Did I get the wrong impression ?
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    There's plusses an minuses for either location.

    Front seat passengers like the rear shelf mounted location because they hear it better. Rear shelf mounted speakers can be a problem for rear seat passengers; affecting their ability to converse with front seat passengers. Or worse, rear seat passengers can suffer hearing damage from the shelf mounted speakers.

    Speakers in the rear door are more passenger friendly, even if the driver has to set the front to rear balance higher in the rear.

    I've got pretty bad hearing loss...can hear noises but have a difficult time distinguishing what people are saying. After recent audiology test, both the audiologist and doctor asked if I'd been exposed to real loud noises, such as combat military. (I wasn't) We also hear about musicians losing hearing due to the volume of their music. A lot of them now wear ear plugs while performing.

    Back in '71 my wife & I went on a trip from CT to FL with my parents in their new Caddy, with FM stereo (pretty new at the time and I was 22 yrs old, presumably no hearing problem then). Mom & Dad were in the front seat. Every so often Dad would turn up the radio and I had to keep asking him to change the balance more to the front because I couldn't hear a #%@* word they were saying. Those speakers in the rear shelf were only a few inches from my ears. If the speakers had been in the door panels I'm sure the situation would have been different.

    I'm not trying to say my hearing problems were caused by rear shelf speakers. Just that they can be an annoyance to rear seat passengers.

    Think about the distance from rear shelf to front seats compared to the front speakers. Naturally, you'll need more of the sound coming from the rear to balance it to the front occupants' ears. Then consider rear seat passengers' distance from rear shelf speakers to the front speakers. Front passengers are further removed from front speakers than rear passengers are removed from rear shelf speakers. Over a prolonged period, rear passengers could damage their ears with rear shelf speakers.

    And, those boy-racers with their amplifiers (the ones that shake your car) are asking for hearing problems down the road.
  • I work in an industry where hearing protection is mandatory. I already suffer from tinnitus, ringing in the ears at age 54 after being exposed to high noise levels for years. Remember hearing loss is cumulative. It's not just being exposed to loud noise and music but the amount of time you do. Over time your hearing will suffer if you are constantly exposed to loud music or noise.
  • elationelation Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 sonata but i live in england and there aren`t

    many of these over here. I have a broken indicator stalk

    but cannot get a second hand one.Does anybody happen to

    know if a stalk of another hyundia will fit or even one

    of a Kia magentis. Thank you
  • Hi KarenS Good to see Sonata Club,

    My name is John Live in New Zealand and love my Hyundai Sonata 2004 . In 2003 could not afford a new Sonata so had to wait for a used on to come up for sale As they were not a big seller over here , but Hyundai is making head way now . Now I am a happy owner of a 2004 GLS 2.4 lt . There were a couple of things that I was not happy with. So I got on the net to look for an answer for them and I like to say , I have found it here Thank you . The car great to drive ,it looks great ( The guys at work think I should be in a suit not overalls) , :D Cheers
  • V4? In a Sonata? No such animal.
  • I live in New York State, and tried 5 dealerships- no one sells manual transmission, GLS.

    I bought my last car way back in 1987, (stick), my wife bought a stick shift Subaru in 1999 no problem, I testdrove a 2007 Mazda6 with stick, other manufacturers make a stick shift....why not Hyundai on the east coast?

    If you bought one I'd be interested to find out what state, what month.
  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    van_aken - GLS models are available in the midwest with the manual transmission. I live in Illinois, and I've seen them on the dealer's lots here.
  • I own a 2005 Sonata GLX, am having problem with the clock. It dose not keep track of time, this happen after I took the car in to have the trim around the driving light painted. When I pick up the car the clock was not working, return the car the following day, dealer say it need a new clock, this has been going on for about a month. Has anybody have this problem?
  • Hi All,
    Just purchased a slightly used 2006. Have used this forum to research it, and thanks to you all, getting rear "thump"(shocks) fixed, and had dealer acknowledge timing tensioner ticking problem and will fix. Now if i could just have one of you long time Sonata owners tell
    me where i can find the model tag, i sure would be grateful.
    Want to order some custom seat covers for it, and need
    correct model to insure proper set to order. Dealer didn't put model on slaes contract, but it must be located somewhere on the car. Thanks to any/all in advance.
  • Hi,

    Just to add my troubles to the mix, I also have a slightly used 2006 LX. Mine sounds like a diesel at low RPMs and makes an awful roaring sound when I start it. I presume that is the timing chain tensioner problem you are referring to- is that right? I also have the gas tank sloshing and thudding sounds and my ambient temperature gauge was over the actual temp by an average of 20 degrees (recently fixed). As a family, we also own a 2006 Kia Sedona which has had a few recalls so far. I've owned many Optimas, Sedonas, and Sonatas due to their value, style, and comfort. I'm trying to become one with my 2006 Sonata, so I hope I can get these issues resolved once and for all. I really love my 2006, but I can't spend 1/2 my time in the shop as I did with my 2001 Sonata GLS. Oh, and I've been getting an average of 21 mpg while burning regular unleaded (87).
  • Hi Tuggles:
    Thanks for the howdy. No, i can't say mine sounds quite like that(Thank goodness). As far as the gas sloshing goes, i've gone through 1 and 1/4 tanks, and haven't heard it yet.
    The timing chain tensioner noise i'm refering to is just an audible ticking sound at start up when cold.(nowhere near
    diesel sounding,) and i drive a diesel for a living. I think if it sounded like that, i probably would be driving something else already. My own personal biggest concern is
    the suspension sounds on this thing. Yes, they are willing to replace rear, but the front (struts/shocks/plates) are
    alot more loose sounding than they should be on a basically
    "NEW" car.(8896 miles). How did you determine yours to be the LX model?
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    The model number is included in the first 10 digets of your VIN. (The 10th diget actually represents the model year). The LX has several unique features. The quick & easy answer is "does it have leather seats?" If "yes" it's an LX. If "no" it's not.

    The dealer should be willing to at least check out your front suspension under the warranty.
  • Hi,
    Thanks for the get back. No to leather seats, sooooooo, guess that means it's the GLS?????(it is the V6, with QZ
    trim). Guess that should allow me to order the "right" seat covers for it. Thanks again!!!
  • FYI
    You know these cars have side airbags built into the front seats. Owners manual states not to put seat covers on the front seats.
  • Hi all,
    I just brought a 2000 sonata yesterday with 87000 miles.
    Since I am new to Hyundai's. I would like to know if there are any issues I should be aware of with these models.

    Any Hyundai Sonata owners in the Northern Va area?
    thank you. :)
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