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  • It sure would be nice if I could activate my automatic door locks without having to go back to the dealer and maybe pay more to have it done...I would not think twice if the car were brand new but I purchased it used with 20K on the clock.
  • qs84qs84 Posts: 10
    I also purchased with a few thousands miles, and went to a dealer that I did not purchase from. The dealer did mine without charge in minutes while I was in for other service. I really like the feature.
  • Hello all,
    I'm Pedro and I recently purchased a 2008 Sonata V6 Limited Powder Wht Pearl w/ the moonroof pkg. I've owned it a month and very happy that I picked this over the '08 Camry or Altima. Not as techologically advanced as the other two but man you can't beat the $$ saved (comparably equipt) and the quality and feel is the same the other two.
  • Welcome to the club! Good choice in color.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    I agree with what craigbrooks said; I have the same color myself!
    Hope you enjoy your new ride, I luv mine...

  • Hello Pedro Welcome to the club How is the gas milage on your v6 I have a 2006 v6 and get poor milage
  • Howdy! I'm looking for a Platinum Edition, prefer a silver one. Anyone know where to find one? 2nd choice would be to just get an 08. Any idea if there is a separate forum/club? Thanx!
  • I currently average 20.4 (per the car) and 20.8 calculated on paper. This is the only real negative, not regret, I have for buying this car. But the money I saved in monthly payments over a comparably equipped Honda, Nissan or Toyota I believe is a lot more that what I would've saved with these cars at the pump.
  • sonlxsonlx Posts: 21
    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to get some feedback and see if anyone has had this issue. I currently own a 2003 Sonata lx with beige interior, leather seats. The Car is awesome in every way but i was wondering if anyone has noticed that the vehicle interior gets extremely hot in the summer. I have owned several other different cars but none got as hot inside as this one. Please let me know.
  • Hello everyone,

    my name is Chris. I just bought a 2011 sonata turbo. I'm moving over from previously driving a Honda Accord. I recently got my windows tinted and my tail lights blacked out. Next week I get some 3m tape on the hood to protect from chips and also my amp and sub woofer installed. I'm hoping some of you guy's have some input on some performance upgrades to make the car faster than it already is. 275 horses isn't bad for a 2 liter turbo. Hope you can help. Also if anyone needs ideas on things to make your car look great just ask.
  • All I can say is crack the windows a little when you park it and a nice dark tint to keep the sun rays out should help a lot.
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