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Hyundai Sonata Accessories and Modifications



  • If anyone has mud guards for a 2007 Sonata, I would be interested in buying them.
  • I want some mud guards, too. My dealer just quoted my $80 for the pair. Installation is extra. They also want $78 for the cabin air filter. This price includes installation. Don't these prices seem a bit steep? Guess I'll get mine online and install them myself.
  • Don't pay the dealer to install the cabin air filter. It is right behind the glove box and your owners manual tells you exactly how to do it. You can get the filter from your dealler for about $38 or buy aftermarket for $18 or so.
  • I got mud guards for $51.17 delivered from in only 3 days. Very pleased. :)
  • Thanks! I'll order from this company.
  • I'm looking into buying some new mudguards and a cargo tray for my 2007 Sonata. Buy I have a question. A few of my friends (one has a 2007 Maxima and the other a 2006 Solara) both have mudguards but they're mudguards match the paint of they're car. I've looked all around on websites but all they offer are black mudguards. Had I got them installed at the dealer, would they have matched my paint(which is silver by the way)? Or would they have been black? Anyone who had they're mudguards installed at the dealer please help with this one.

    Not that I have a problem with the black mudguards, actually I think they accent the rest of the car nicely and go well with my black tints.
  • OEM Hyundai mud guards are black.
  • I am look for Black body Headlight, The only place I can get them is the US, My car is right hand drive .My main concern is how far to the left can the beam be adjust, They should fit on the car ok so I been told. I can't get any Clear tail light has anyone seen any . Cheers Jack :)
  • I would like to install a power seat on the passenger side. Has anyone tried this? Where do I find parts? Can I just replace the current seat platform with a power seat platform? :confuse:
  • Did anyone purchase a 2007/2006 Hyundai sonata cargo tray? Its a black rubber mat that goes in the trunk to protect the carpet. I recently purchased one off of Ebay and its said to be OEM, it covers the entire trunk bed except the right corner closest to the rear passanger side taillight. Did anyone else buy one from the dealer, and is it supposed to be like this? Or was I hustled? It says Sonata on it.... but it may be from a different year.
  • Isn't there a space in that corner (06/07) for phone books, etc.? I wouldn't expect it to cover that. A very good stash place for junk. What did you pay for yours on ebay? I would like to have one.
  • Phonebooks? Uh, not that I know of... doesn't seem to be anything in that corner. I'll take another look in the morning. Otherwise, it's great... i feel a lot more comfortable throwing beer,groceries,antifreeze,oil,armorall and the such back there, and not worrying about a leak. I got it for about $48 incl. shipping. Still wondering about that right side though...
  • If you look there should be a small cover that is held in place by a screw or two over the opening in that corner. I have seen a plastic container that fits there, that is why the factory mat/storage bin has that corner missing.
  • My 06 Sonata has a small storage area in that corner. That's where I store a phone book, gloves, etc. $48 bucks....hmmmm.
  • Oh ok... I pulled back my rug, and I see it now. I guess i'll give this guy possitive feedback now. I'm wondering though, since I have a cargo tray, and all weather mats if I should take my good Platinum badged mats out of the car all together? Right now I just have them under the rubber ones. Hmmm...
  • My regular mats are under my foul weather mats so you should be ok. No sense in changing "out" mats.....just remove/replace the top ones as weather permits.
  • I just lost all my keys including the remote for my 2007 Sonata.

    Does anyone know if there is anywhere other than the dealer to replace them? I've got a price of $102. for the remote & $44. to program plus taxes. Yikes! That's a lot of money! I've only had the car a month.

    Any help w/b appreciated. :mad:
  • E Bay for the remote. The programing fee will be the same.
  • I read somewhere that a person put on Magnaflow 11225 performance mufflers, if anyone has done this please let me know how it worked out. You can contact me at, as I'm new to the forum and am not sure how to get an answer. Mine is an 2006 Sonata LX or Limited if you prefer.
  • or maybe net not sure they ahve the greatest selection of everything.
  • This going to be long so bear with me. I bought an '06 LX or LIMITED if you prefer.
    someone wrote that they were have cracked and uncomfortable seats. After buying my car a 100 miles from home, I noticed an irratation on my right butt cheek. In examination of the seat the right rear corner of the seat was missing a piece of foam and I could fell the heater spring. I took my car to my local dealer and told them I wanted a 30K service and the seat fixed under warranty. This jerk sends the car over to the upholster whod does all their cars. It come back with a piece of foam stuck under the spot. I refuse to take the car, so he sends it back to this guy who tells me the "Service Mgr" told him to do it that way. So apparently he sends it back once again and they put new foam under the cover, I see it and it has wrinkles, and this so called SM tells me thats the way leather is. Now knowing this
    not an Mercedes or any other high dollar car. I take it, while I there I don't see the manusl release cable for the gas cap in the trunk, this imbicle tells me my car does have one. I go home and undo to plastic nuts, reach behind and lo and behold there it is. I get a hold of the agency's general manager and tell him he's got the wrong man for ther job, and I asked hin to look at the seat with all wrinkles in it, he tells me it's normal and has less than the Azura he's driving, this is after Hyundai has relaced the bottom seat cover, I refused to believe that you cannot get the wrinkles out of leather. So... I take it to an upholster who had done some work on my motorcycle, and aked him if he can fixed it, he says yes, He charged me $110. took off the cover placed a new thicker piece of foam, resiults: not a wrikle, not a crease, and talk about comfortable!!!!!!! It has the seat of an Audi quality. Sorry about the long post but I thought you people needed to know that always something can be done, If you let them run over you, THEY WILL.
  • You say your remote changes stations. I just had a remote installed by the dealer & the remote doesn't change (move) to the next pre-set stations, but rather acts as a "search/scan" button. It just move up or down to the strongest signal available.

    Does this sounds right? Shouldn't it move up or down to the pre-set stations? I think they've goofed here.

    What do you think? :confuse:
  • Yes, it does the search/scan, not the presets. I, too, was hoping to go to presets, but I'm happy with the added features. It's much better than stock.
  • I was wondering if I got an automatic starter installed, would it void my warranty? You know, these service centers try any way they can to get out of paying for your claim. I'm worried that after I have this automatic starter put in, they'll try and claim that it was the starter that caused the problem, especially when related to the engine(ie. engine light). Any experience or knowledge on this one?
  • hon247hon247 Posts: 1
    Have it installed through a Hyundai dealer. If you have it installed on your own by a local car audio place, and there's an electrical issue as a result, they're much less likely to be willing to fix your car than the dealer will be.

    In short, it's not going to void your warranty, but if an issue occurs because of a faulty aftermarket install, it will not be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Having it installed by the dealer, if they cause an issue, they're ten times more likely to fix it without cost to you.
  • any body here willing to share??? will be greatly appreciated... thanks in advance...
  • I just bought an '08 Limited with the beige interior. I am wondering what other people have bought for their Sonatas to use as winter floormats.

    I would like to get some tan mats that will match the interior but some of the tan mats out there look more brown than the light beige of my interior. Has anyone used gray mats with the beige interior? I was thinking it might look OK since the dash is gray.

    Any comments on any of the following mats? Quality, color, etc?

    Weather Tech floormats

    All-Weather floormats

    Rubbertite floormats
  • macakavamacakava Posts: 775
    My 2007 Sonata V6 Limited has grey leather and I got the grey(slightly darker) rubber mats from Autozone. Looks fine and is functional.

    I believe that there is a brown set as well.
    Check out Advance Auto Parts as well.
  • mstemmstem Posts: 113
    I have the same interior and use grey mats in the winter, they look just fine! I was going to use the Weather Tech rubber mats, which are great by the way. My wife thought they looked a bit "industrial" in our Sonata, so I simply purchased the grey fabric Hyundai mats at one of the online dealers. We use the gray in the winter, then take them out in Spring and put the beige ones back in. A good scubbing of the grey ones outside return them to OK condition for the following winter. Works for me!

    Note: we have Weather Tech in our SUV and the kids car, they are great and pretty indestructible... just hose them off once in a while and alll is good again.
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