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Hyundai Sonata Accessories and Modifications



  • lmaxicklmaxick Posts: 46
    Check "" I have bought so much from them, their quality is very good and have a great seelection of floor mats. Myself I used the clear one that really are thick and stay in place, I sent the Mfg. a template of the passenger front mat to redo it as it was not cut right, however the other three are perfect, so if you order Hexomat or clear Hexomat be sure and enquire if "Intro-Tech " has made the new mat from a template sent in by a customer.
  • lmaxicklmaxick Posts: 46 has everything you will ever need
  • Thanks all! I did end up getting the custom cut mats (Rubbertite) from They are a perfect fit and look pretty good, too, for being rubber mats. :)
  • lmaxicklmaxick Posts: 46
    Glad I could be of help, they reall y have some cool stuff.
  • cmw829cmw829 Posts: 19
    First, thanks for the links in the posts above. I've found some nice mats - yes, industrial rubber - that I'll get. I put these in my Toyota Highlander and they have been great at keeping the vehicle clean. Getting the car on Sat!

    To the point of the post - I saw this on a Hyundai dealer site in Delray FL. We live in Boston MA area and called our local dealer. They said that they've only installed one in 15 years. Have any of you installed these? We had them on our Subarus and it make a difference on cold days.
  • craigbrookscraigbrooks Posts: 420
    Thought about getting one of those magnetic heaters to attach to the oil pan. Does anyone know how well they work? I know they won't work as well as a block heater but will be easier to install.

    I agree block heaters are a life saver on very cold mornings. Had one in my Lumina.
  • moocow1moocow1 Posts: 230
    So I talked to my dealer and hyundai and looks like accessories are coming in this month. I'm getting something on the 22nd it seems.
  • Where and how do you access the central locking control module on an 06 sonata in order to program a key remote?
  • It's my understanding the module is under the center console towards the front. Here's how to remove the center console. pdf
  • roblor97roblor97 Posts: 1
    Hi...can someone tell me where the central locking control module is located? Also how do you program a new remote?
  • sduff68sduff68 Posts: 52
    Anyone familiar with the B & B Performance Cold Air Intake?

    You can find it at the following link...It is the first Cold Air Intake I have seen for the Sonata.

    I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and how well it works.

  • sduff68sduff68 Posts: 52
    Here is a link to the custom dual exhaust on my 2009 Sonata Limited 2.4 Liter.

    The exhaust consists of custom Y Pipe feeding into two dual pipes. The mufflers are two Cherry Bomb Turbo Mufflers (actual three chamber mufflers, not the glass packs). The factory resonator is still installed and an aftermarket 15 inch long 3 inch wide "bullet" glass packed resonator is added prior to the custom Y pipe to tone it down since the factory resonator is actually quite un-restrictive and left the Cherry Bomb Turbo mufflers too loud and raspy.

    If you want anything close to a stock sound (which I actually wanted) use OEM replacement type mufflers and just remove the factory resonator to get a more aggressive sound. If you use aftermarket performance mufflers or else you will have to add a big bullet resonator (like I did) to quiet them down.

    The Cherry Bombs replaced two Magnaflows that I tried with the factory resonator. The result was a disaster. The drone was terrible and did not go away even at highway speeds. Every single time I stepped on the gas it droned terribly and you could hear it from a block away. Driving the car was almost unbearable. I tried the bullet with the Magnaflows and it was still too loud so I replaced them with the Cherry Bombs.

    I was hoping to remove the 15 inch bullet resonator and just use the Cherry Bombs by themselves but it was still too loud and buzzy.

    The car drives quite well now and is only slightly louder than stock with a nice muscular tone you can really hear it when you step on it. The car has a lot more personality now and is more fun to drive now (especially when you use the manumatic mode).

    If you go with a custom dual set up or you want to replace your factory muffler I would recommend replacing the factory resonator with a big straight through bullet resonator to tone it down. The factory resonator will not tone it down enough by itself so I would recommend just cutting it out.

    If you want to keep the factory mufflers appearance I would also recommend cutting out the factory resonator entirely and replacing it with straight pipe. My first attempt at a an exhaust modification was to replace the factory resonator with a smaller bullet and I was happy with the results. However, after seeing how un-restrictive it is I figured I would have been better off either leaving it alone or removing it entirely if I would have kept the stock muffler.

    If I were doing this all over again, I would try to get the stock exhaust from a wrecked 2007 or later V6 Sonata. After you remove the plate that covers the unused space on the left rear side of the Sonata it already has the screw holes where you can attach the hangers for the stock V6 exhaust. Plus you could also use the heat shield from the V6 Sonata (which I don't have).

    Also, go with a recommended shop with a reputation for doing good custom exhaust work. I actually had to have my exhaust completely re-done by a second shop when the first shop overcharged me for a truly horrible job.
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    Just viewed your Youtube video of your exhaust and it sounds really nice. I would like to do something similar to mine (same car). I want something a little sportier as well.

    Thanks for the ideas.
  • sduff68sduff68 Posts: 52

    Just trying to prevent someone from making the same mistakes I made. Normally I would expect a factory resonator to quiet down aftermarket performance mufflers (that's what my 99 Mercury Cougar's factory resonator did).

    Some other mufflers I wish I would have considered are the new three chambered Thrush Hush mufflers. I assumed that the Cherry Bomb three chambered mufflers would be relatively quiet...boy was I wrong. The Cherry Bomb three chambered mufflers were almost as loud as the Magnaflows.

    I actually wish I would have kept the Magnaflows with the 15 inch bullet resonator on my car and saved some money since it was only slightly louder than the Cherry Bombs...and the Magnaflows were stainless steel..

    Since I can't do any work on my car myself and I was using a muffler shop I didn't have the money to keep switching out mufflers.

    In the future if I ever do a custom exhaust I will have the shop use clamps instead welding them on on until I make sure I like them...then I will get them welded.
  • Just added a new video showing how my car sounds from the interior while driving.
  • Sounds nice. It has a crisp, clean sound to it.
  • You put Cherry Bombs on a V6 Sonata? Rock on! We put CB's on our V8's in high school....mid 70's. :shades:
  • I am trying to locate the best (reasonably priced) replacement remote key fob. It seems that some way or another the ?rubber cover on mine split :sick: and it is extremely difficult now to operate the locking/alarm button, so far everything else seems to work OK. I know there have been sites listed here from time to time about other parts, but I don't recall seeing anything about the fobs. If you can offer some suggestions I would appreciate it. 2006 Sonata LX
    Thanks, van
  • i360i360 Posts: 74
    Just go on Ebay!

    I bought one a few months ago for like $10.00+ shipped.
    Make sure your fob numbers match the unit your buying...



    Transmitter Assy: 95430-3K202

    Its on the back of the fob you have.

    Although you'll have to go to Hyundai to have it programed. Bring all the fobs you have, because once they reprogram it any other remote to your car will not work unless reprogrammed also. Usually your year Sonata has two....
  • Thank you for the fast reply, however in my case I have had so many problems trying to get Ebay to correct their errors with my account (I never had any unpaid balance) I have not been able to deal in any way with them. I was sort of hoping there would be some other source I might use.
    Thanks again, van
  • I own the Sonata from SEMA 2007. I have pics if anyone is interested. I am looking to sell it before the end of the year. Let me know if you want any information.
  • My wife's car is an 09 Sonata Limited and we are looking to install a remote starter in it before the winter weather hits here in Pennsylvania. Anyone install one yet or have any recommendations as to brands? Any problems with any brand or the installation? We had one installed in her previous car, an 04 Sonata LX, and it worked fine for the most part although there was an small issue with the integration with the built-in security system. The new remote would not arm the factory system so it was a two step process to lock the car. I would like to avoid that this time around. TIA. :)
  • tkumpftkumpf Posts: 27
    Starting in its 18th month, the fuse that manages the interior lights blew. Replaced it and yesterday (3 weeks later) it blew again.

    Symptoms while the fuse is out is also interesting. As soon as you put the key in the ignition, it acts as if the doors are open and the "ding" starts playing.

    Also, each time you put the key in, it resets the MPG readout on the odometer display.

    Just wondering if others have experienced this. I'm going to bring it in for a short-circuit examination.
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