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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • navotinavoti Posts: 17
    Have you used glass cleaner to clean the windows, in other words are they really scratches in the glass or just marks that can be cleaned off.
  • navotinavoti Posts: 17
    On the Hondas I have owned that needed timing belts replaced, you do it 5 or 10k miles ahead of schedule because if it does go your whole motor goes with it. Preventative maintanance is key with timing belts. Sorry to hear about your issue though, that really sucks!
  • sean15sean15 Posts: 2
    Hi Navoti...

    No they are definitely scratches because I can run my fingernail over them and feel the scratch in the glass and a couple of them are fairly deep. There are about 4 pretty significant scratches on my front driver’s side window and probably about 7 or 8 pretty significant scratches on my front passenger window. I’ve never quite seen anything like it before. I’ve owned cars for 5 or 6 years that didn’t develop scratches like this thing has in 3 months. These have to be happening when I’m rolling the windows down because they were not there up until a week or so ago when I started rolling the windows up and down during the day when I’m out driving around. Up until the other week I hadn’t rolled the windows down but a couple of times because it’s been too cold to have them down and that’s probably why I didn’t notice the scratches until now.

    However, I will say that other than these scratches I’ve been pretty happy with the car...
  • navotinavoti Posts: 17
    I had a similar issue occur with my Tribute. A plow drenched my driver side window and the sand went down into the sleeve where the window is seated in the door and scratched the glass. If you have been splashed pretty good in a snowy area or have parked the car somewhere where a plow or large vehicle could give it a good splash then it may be a similar situation.
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    Whats the problem, you have a defective car they agree and want to buy back. What more could you ask for. If you like the car buy another.
  • stealth6stealth6 Posts: 13
    The thump you hear when going over bumps is the spare tire. Tighten it down good. That burning smell may be electrical since your lights dim momentarily.
  • stealth6stealth6 Posts: 13
    That thumping noise you hear when going over a bump is probably the spare tire. I had the same problem with my 2006 LX and I tightened down the spare really tight and the noise quit. I do have sloshing from the gas tank when it is full.
  • stealth6stealth6 Posts: 13
    Tighten down your spare tire, and I mean tighten.
  • stealth6stealth6 Posts: 13
    That clicking noise you hear is the electrical solenoid releasing the shift lever when you apply the brakes. It's a safety feature to keep you from putting the car in gear without putting on the brake first.
  • de1029de1029 Posts: 52
    2000 sonata approx. 80,000 miles.
    start engine and you can hear it racing. rpms over 2000.
    step on gas to try to break it and it just remains at the new/higher rpm.
    i'm thinking a sensor. believe i am wasting gas, also.
    in addition, rpm's can be dropped by use of brake pedal. but, subsequent step on gas pedal causes rpm's to rev up again.
    of course...there are those quiet moments when the car doesn't do this.
    also, get the impression that transmission lurches or 'drops.'
    i asked dealer to check transmission over a month ago and they said it was ok.
    appreciate any thoughts before i drop in on the dealer.
  • pruoffpruoff Posts: 18
    My car was made in December, so our cars weren't made on the same date. My car does not vibrate when in neutral or park. And sometimes the vibrations are mild, and other times the steering wheel will shake. Sometimes the vibrations start almost immediately, and other times they won't start for 5 or 10 minutes. It's really crazy!

    I'm on yahoo, too. I'm not expecting a reply from the CEO. My daughter said it's probably sitting on one of their lawyer's desks. They have to watch what they say, so if we get an answer at all, it will just be full of platitudes.

    If you have time, let me know exactly what happened during the BBB phone call.

    Will keep in touch.
  • Thanks for the tip about the spare tire. I have since tightened it and the rear end noise is much less but not completely eliminated. I am not sure weather it is still the spare tire or just the fact that the oversized trunk magnifies all sounds coming from the rear.
  • I have also chased the rear suspension noise driving on bumpy roads. Checked and tighten the spare, played with the trunk adjustment, and added some carpet pad between the trunk floor pan and the carpet. It seems the problem is that the rear suspension noise traveling into the trunk area. The trunk being large does not help in filtering the noise. Another approach may be to add the aluminum backed rubber material the audio people use to the trunk floor and spare wheel well.
  • I think you may be on to something here. I think dynamat may be the answer here. Check out the link here
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I don't know if it would help or not, but I haven't seen anyone suggest this possible way to help locate rear end noise.

    Take a passenger in the rear seat, fold down the other side of the rear seat and see if the passenger can locate or narrow down where the noise is coming from.

    Maybe that will help. Maybe it's a dumb idea. But it won't cost anything to find out.
  • I have lowered the rear seat and leaned into the trunk area while my son drove the car. It seems to be the rear suspension noise that I hear. Most is coming through the floor area but some maybe transmitted by the rear shock towers.
  • I have been holding off due to the expensive pricing of the material. In checking earlier, the material alone would be well over $100 to do the trunk area. Let me know your results if you try the dynamat material.
  • lastwraithlastwraith Posts: 350
    Try Iceguard at Home Depot or Lowe's (sometimes also sold as weatherguard). It's normally used for weatherproofing but it's essentially the same thing as brown bread and other dynamat alternatives at a much lower price. Nearly all of these products are foil backed and sticky with some sort of dampener, though much of the benefit is the added weight changing the resonance of the metal. Ice and weatherguard are both foil backed tar based products I believe. Iceguard works quite well though and is much cheaper, as I said.

    good luck
  • sonlxsonlx Posts: 21
    Greetings everyone,

    I hope everyone is happy with their sonata. Aside from my poor city gas mileage I am very happy with mine. A few questions. (1)I am wondering at how many miles folks have replaced their brakes and if they recommend doing that at the dealership? (2) Were the brakes just like when you bought the car? (3) Anyone have any comments on the new 06 Sonata or 06 Azera? Is it worth it to trade up? I have a 03 V6 Lx Sonata with 31000 miles on it.

    Thank You for your time. :)
  • tb88tb88 Posts: 242
    It depends on driving conditions: Replacement needed more frequently in city driving.
    I had a 4 year Sonata with 50K and the brakes were still in very good shape. You will have to take it to a brake shop for inspection: (usually it is free).
    I wouldn't take it to a dealer for a brake job... unless you want to pay double+.
    The 2006 Sonatas are worth the trade up: a lot of improvements!
  • jib4jib4 Posts: 13
    Sadly I only have 180 miles on my new ride but the brakes just are NOT right. I've got a vibration when applying them lightly but it doesn't seem to transmit to the pedal. Called for service appointment for Friday so we'll see if they fix it. Has anyone else had a brake shake, shimmy, shudder like vibration on their new '06 V6 Sonata?

    I'll post back when I get a resolution to this.
  • desertguydesertguy Posts: 730
    I have the same car and I've always thought that the braking was one of the best features of the car. If you don't feel anything through the pedal, it may not be the brakes.
  • jib4jib4 Posts: 13
    My shaking/pulsing only occurs when I press the brakes. Although there is no feedback in the pedal itself the car is providing plenty of feedback. If it's not the brakes, why does it do this only when I appy them? :shades:
  • wgbeckerwgbecker Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Sonata (bought new)with full wheel covers and I've had 5 flats in the last year with the tire valves cut. I have 38,000 miles on the car. The wheel covers are turning and cutting the valves. I believe that there is a flaw in the design of the wheel cover or that the metal tabs that hold the covers to the wheels, that are sharp, are loosing their tinsil strenth and are allowing the covers to turn which pinches the valve sideways and eventually cuts the valve. I recently have taken all wheel covers off and no problems. I put them back on and 2 days later I checked the wheel covers and both front covers had turned and was pinching the tire valve. If I would have left them on I would have had another flat. The Hyundai dealer thinks I'm nuts and says they have never heard of anything like this. But I was a car mechanic for 14 years and it is what it is.
    I will never buy another car with wheel covers.
    Anyone else experiencing this problem?
  • I have had my Sonata LX for about 4 months now with 5000 miles on it. I commute 22 miles each way and it is concrete surface most of the drive. I am hearing more than expected tyre noise and road noise. When I test drove I took it mainly on non-concrete roads and din't feel much noise. After reading all the good reviews I just bought it.
    I read reviews that this is a very quiet car but not to my experience. My wife's Camry drives much quiter on the same road. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem. Any solutions.
  • lostwrenchlostwrench Posts: 288
    That is why you will not see a police car with full wheel covers. Have you ever seen a police Crown Victoria or Impala with full wheel covers? No. They use small caps on the hubs or nothing on the wheels. They do not want the valve stems cut by a full wheel cover when going at high speed. (Or any speed). Tell your dealer to smarten up.
  • navotinavoti Posts: 17
    17" wheels is why you are hearing more tire noise and maybe feeling more of the road too. The size of the wheel and the profile of the tire are important factors in noise. What I would do is test drive a GLS with 16" wheels on the same roads and see if it's better. If so then you could either trade someone for a set of 16" wheels or buy a set of steel wheels or ask the dealer to help you find someone who wants to trade up to the 17" wheels.
  • jake29jake29 Posts: 1
    Just bought an 06 Sonata LX and overall I'm very happy. The only exemption might be the leather interior. The drivers seat is nice and smooth but the passenger seat has bunching. I looked around the lot and no two Sonata's were the same. Some seats were smooth and tight but most had some degree of bunching (some a lot). Since this is my first car with leather I didn't know if that's normal. Is it? Maybe if I was buying a $50K Benz I could complain, but I'm not. I am just curious.
  • lightfootfllightfootfl Posts: 442
    Think maybe its the tires. Some are a lot quieter than others. As much as I have liked the Michlelins in the past, I think I will look for something quieter when I replace mine.
  • alore1alore1 Posts: 2

    I have similar annoying vibrations with my 2003 Sonata when I have my foot on the brakes at a STOP sign or red light. The vibrations are so bad my whole body shakes. Can you give me any extra information about the missing compression ring so that I could try that solution.

    Also did you get it fixed at the dealer, cause the ones here dont even want to try. They say that's the way the car is designed! Any help would be appreciated.


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