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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • eclarkeclark Posts: 12
    My 06 Sonata LX has a chain so does your engine probably if it is a V6. 4 cylinder engines have a belt. XG350 w/V6 has belt also. Small light blinks when onboard security is activated. Mine goes out when I insert ignition key and start the engine.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    That is not correct. 2006 and newer Sonatas with the 2.4L I4 have a timing chain, as does the 3.3L V6.
  • 1. I'd find a new dealer.

    2. Blinking light is the Hyundai "security" system working. If your car is broken into five guys jump out of the trunk, kung fu the heck out of the intruder AND call the police for you. Can't beat that!
  • I have a 2007 Sonata GLS automatic with a 4 cylinder engine. Have about 7000 miles on it. Bought it new.
    The engine has become quite loud and has a sound somewhat like a diesel, which I think is coming from the valves or lifters.
    Will be taking it in to dealer in a week. Are the valves and/or lifters adjustable on this engine??
  • Hi gandb , Been there and done that !!,I have got a 2004 Sonata 2.4 engine and I don't know if it the same engine , but it sound the same as my one, I have own it over a year and don't plan to sell it ,other than engine sound it makes ,it a great car. :shades:
  • Mine sounds like yours sometimes (06 GLS I4 23k miles). The lifters are solid and require shims for adjustment. Please post back what the outcome is with your car.
    Good to see you back here Jack!
  • gandb,
    Have you changed the oil recently? As I said above my I4 DID the same. I bought mine used with 13k on it. It was very quiet until I had the oil changed then it sounded like a diesel at times. I have since done my own oil and filter changes and noticed the last two times I did it and put in the required 4.5 qts the oil level always read past the full line on the stick. I changed it yesterday and only put in 4 qts. Guess what....I started it up cold this morning AND NO NOISE. That is the time I hear it the most but can hear it other times as well. I drove around town running errands and it is as quiet as the day I test drove it. Check your oil level. BTW always use a Hyundai oil filter as I've read where aftermarket ones can cause a higher pressure drop causing ticking to occur. Hope this helps.
  • Can anyone tell me what a P1529 Fault Code is? While trying to diagnose a "check engine" light, my mechanic equipment found this code. After checking the code list, this one was not listed. The only other info he could pull up was TCU MIL Request Signal - can anyone assist with more information? Thanks
  • I am having the same problem. My husband just had it checked out and the technician told him it is the transmission speed sensor. He was also told that you can only buy from the dealership. Yes mine is also a 2000 gls
  • ej453ej453 Posts: 5
    I have a 2006 Sonata LX. The dealer replaced the timing chain a few months ago. It is currently in a reputable body shop gettin some minor dings taken out. They called me and said that the steering column now spins freely. Their mechaninc looked at it and said something like it is disconnected where it connects to the rack and pinion grars (was too angry to really hear what was said). They want me to take it to Hyundai to get it fixed under warranty. I know I am not going to pay for it no matter what happens. but...
    To get to the point, has anyone had any probelm with their steering column? Could something have happened when the dealer took the engine out?
  • hi I live in the philadelphia area, and having the exact same problem as you, I did contact a lemon law attorney and found out that hyunda saids that is how the engine is suppose to run, we are in the process of suing hyundai under the warranty disclosure, have a date in december to go to an arbitration hearing. the rough idle has gotten progressively worse in my car, so bad that if I have cd in the side door panel they will rattle, and if you have your hand on the steering wheel it actually looks as if you have nervous problem, I am still fighting hyundai, I feel that if hyundai knew that this engine was going to idle rough they should have made the public aware of it, the sticker that is on the side window when I purchased the car said smooth idling, which they knew was wrong, they just are trying to get over on the public.
  • I apologize for not remember who submitted the information about the speed sensors. Hopefully, if you read this posting, you can return the information to me. You mentioned purchasing the speed sensors "online". I refuse to pay the rediculous price at the Hyundai dealer, and would appreciate you sending me the site where you can purchase these sensors. Thanks, Tom
  • i had purchased a 2005 sonata, has the same problem as you, I have taken the car to a couple of dealers, at first they lie and say they cant duplicate the rough idle, then they say that is the way the car is suppose to run, I am involved with not the lemon law which seems to have failed but now going under the warranty law, but from what I see her hyundai drags this thing out so you get nothing and you are stuck with the car, I am in the process of contacting the attorney general office for consumer protectin and even going to try to see if the news media in my area, would at least notify the public of this problem it seems to me that hyundai doesnt care and keeps making these engines, and once the consumer buys it he is stock with it, of course you know hyunda is so big, they feel they can do what they want
  • I am from the philly area, I did try to go after hyunda under the lemon law, but under the lemon law they say that I can still use the car so that is not valid, so what my attorney did was to after hyunda for the warranty law, which also seems to me to be like a job, after over 1 1\2 years I have a date for an arbitration which my attorney said this is the time now we can start to negioate, so guess what they say hyundai will probably offer me $1,000 to $3,000 to settle the case, and the attorney will be paid by hyundai, but guess what they dont want the car, is this a sham, I miss many days from work because hyundai didnt even bother to show up for appointments and they offer me $1,000. there has to be some law that a car dealer cant get away with this, they make these cars and know there is a problem and dont care, because they know they are bigger then the consumer, Hyundai doesnt want to have recall on their four cyclinder engine could you imagine what it would cost them so they just keep making these inferior quality cars and know they dont have to worry about it. I am in the process of contacting the attorney general office for consumer protection and hope to try to get my local news media invovled. good luck with hyundai you are going to need i
  • i have the same problem with my sonata, if you attorney wants to go a class action law suit let me know, I am there, my lemon law case has been going on now for over 1 1]2 years now my attorney is saying well you can still use the car apparently, I told her I couldnt let the car sit for over 1 1]2 years waiting for hyundai to do something, if hyundai knew that this problem existed they should make the public aware of it, I am also in the process of trying to contact my local news media
    good luck
  • dont waste time with the bbb I did that, it seems the person who rep the bbb is not a mechanic, and there is usually one rep who hears the complaints, and he very well knows the rep from hyundai, even took him for a ride in my car, he saw and felt the vibration, but it seems what they all say it doesnt effect the operation of the car, I am from the philly area, and not only am I stuck with this car, but adding insult to injury had to take time from work and pay for parking only to have the rep say , the vibration is normal good luck
  • Tom,

    Thanks for the tips on how to get Hyundai to repair my car under warranty. I've started the process and, so far, am getting the standard "party line" that they are not fixing this problem under warranty and have not paid ANYONE for this repair. When I said that there a number of people out there who seem to THINK they have received a check from Hyundai, their rep politely said she could not confirm that.

    In an effort to turn our collective effort into a "movement" I'm posting my Case Number (3162725) here for others to reference. I would encourage everyone who is pursuing this issue with Hyundai to post their Case Numbers as well.

    Perhaps we can make it difficult for Hyundai to deny that there are a LOT of us out here.

    Thanks again to everyone who is helping with this!

  • I have a 2007 Sonata SE, with a factory installed alarm. I have started searching for a remote car starter which will be compatible with the Hyundai key fob instead of using a fob included with the remote starter. I have been told there is one pitfall of using an add-on remote starter...the remote starter will only work as far as the Hyundai key fob is set to work.

    I haven't come to a decision on one type over another, yet. I think the distance the Hyundai key fob works from will be fine. Is there some information I'm missing that may sway my decision one way or the other? Are there specific brands and models anyone has had good results with?
  • I can confirm of 10 people who have recieved payment and I know of 21 others who have posted the same problem. I have been work with Mark Cannon from AZ in collecting this DATA, miles and region. I have given my Hyundai claim number to everyone who has contacted me. (544762) It took me 4 months of persitence, but I got them to finally PAY.

    Tom Baker Kansas City, MO
  • have a 2007 Sonata with 10200 miles, a couple a months ago, while at a red light my engine just cut off. Have anyone experience this, Hyudai could not find any codes. i notice ford is recalling over 1 million cars for a similiar reason.
  • Hello,

    Would anybody know how to change the center mounted brake light in a 2006 Sonata? There is an access hole in the trunk, but, I cannot feel the bulb. Any advise would be helpfull.

  • Hyundai Consumer Affairs called me last Tuesday and said that they ARE COVERING my repair under warranty! The case has already been referred to my local dealer and we received a call from them too saying that the part has been ordered and asked when we would like to bring the car in.

    This will cover all parts and labor.

    I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly Hyundai agreed to take care of this. It took 2 weeks from the time I first contacted Consumer Affairs. I can't thank all of you enough for sharing your experience and pointing the way. I know I would not have gotten this resolved so quickly (and probably not at all) without your help.


    Tom Strickland
    Peterborough, NH
  • I have a 2002 Sonata and it was working great until this morning. On my drive into work it seemed to not be shifting. The rpms would rev then it felt like the car would die. Only to have it lurch forward and start revving high again. ( In the red line at some points) My main concern is when I was stopping at a light and it was trying to jerk forward. When it is in park it sounds fine and the rpms are normal. It also starts fine. You can't tell anything is wrong until you start driving. It effects all the gears from 1st and up. I'm thinking it may be my transmission. Any ideas. I'm scared to drive my car home and I can't get a mechanic on a sunday around here. Has anyone else had this problem? :confuse:
  • 1. Check the fluid level.
    2. Call a tow service.
    3. Call a cab.

    I wouldn't drive this car.
  • My '02 Sonata began to shift real tough from PARK to DRIVE. Today it won't even start. Could it be an interlock related to the brake system and/or shift mechanism?
  • My 2007 Hyundai Sonata trunk keeps popping open. I have taken it to the shop on about 4 different occasions now (lemon law time?) and the problem has not been fixed. The dealership repair service says they are out of ideas.

    Is this happening to anyone else? It always happens when the car is turned off. It's not the key fob button being pressed, as to pop the trunk that way you actually have to really hold it down. Once, the trunk popped while we were on vaca for a week and the light being on drained the battery.
  • Oh, and my Sonata (which I bought BRAND NEW) has less than 6,000 miles on it and the shifter needed to be replaced. I would put it in park, turn it off, and try to remove the key. It wasn't acknowledging it was in park so I would have to turn it back on, put it in gear, put it BACK into park, turn it off, and remove the key.

    Too much hassle for a brand new car.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Is there an interior trunk opener on your car, on the floor or glove box or ???

    I would unplug the connector to that switch and see if the problem goes away.

    If that works, go to your dealer and smack them with a rubber chicken

    (don't really do that, but it couldn't be THIS simple, could it?)

    MODERATOR --Need help with anything? Click on my name!

  • i installed window shades on my 2008 sonata to prevent rain water from dripping in my car ,but now the drivers window is wacked out ,when i put it up ,it touches the top and comes right back down again.i have to play with it to stay up.
    is it possible to disconnect the automatic up and down part of the switch?
    my deck lid opens on its own also,any suggestions?
  • You bought the ones that go inside the window correct? Take them out and stick them to the outside. Others have talked about having window problems with the ones that mount inside the track.
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