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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I don't think the EPA city rating is based upon anything resembling NYC stop & go traffic. In fact, that 17 mpg is good IMO.
  • Great board folks, this info is much appreciated. I'll be testing a few trims over the weekend, and will purchase next week. I'll let y'all know how it goes...hdsit and others with the problem, best of luck with your car(s), I hope it works out for you.

  • w9cww9cw Posts: 888
    For reference purposes, do a wheel shimmy search on Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, etc. on Google, and you will see it's a common problem all on makes of cars.
  • My 2006 Sonata V-6 runs fine except I find that the tranny upshifts to 5th gear real fast compared to my 2002 Sonata V-6 (4speed auto). While driving in town below 30 mph it's already in 5th and I can't say the engine is labouring but I do notice that the car seems to be 'chugging' along; kind of as if you were driving on slightly oval shaped tires. If I slapstick the tranny down into 4th gear, it's fine with no more sensation of 'ovaling'. Above 30 mph the revs go up accordingly and everything smooths out and the car runs fine all the way up to speeds I don't wish to say. I briefly mentioned this situation to the service manager and it's a new one to him. Has anybody else felt this sensation at low speeds?
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    The REprogramming of the 5 Speed A/T was disappointing, and they have yet to work out some of these Transmission issues. In fact, they might not be working on this issue at all? :mad: :cry: :confuse: :(
  • Have a 4 cyl AT 1999 with 80,000 miles and the air bag sensor icon on the dash came on yesterday and has stayed on. Anyone know what might be the cause. Is it something that needs immediate attention. Under 100,000 warranty? Possible repair costs ? Any info would be greatly appreciated. :confuse:
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    Did a 1999 have the 100,000 mile warranty? If so, that warranty is for the drive train, not the whole car. The present whole car warranty is 5 yr/60,000 miles, don't know what it was for 1999's.

    I suggest getting it checked at a dealer. It could be minor or major. The dealer should be able to give you an estimated cost to repair. You could always then check with local mechanics, depending on the problem, to see if it'll save you money by them fixing it rather than the dealer.
  • This was a common problem on my 1999 4 cyl with the auto transmission. I believe there was a recall for this issue some time between 2000 and 2003. If my memory is correct it was tied to a wiring harness issue. It happened so many times on my '99 that it almost became funny.
  • tle2tle2 Posts: 4
    Proud owner of 4 Elantras '4, '(2)05's, '06, and
    recently purchased a '07 Sonata LX 3.3L and have noticed at 1500 miles Upper Valve train engine noise at cold start-up for apx 2-3 seconds. Once the oil light goes off (2-3 sec) the engine is smooth and quite. I have concerns about the long term effects of what seems to be an oiling issue.
    Has anyone else experienced this.
  • tle2tle2 Posts: 4
    I just purchased an '07 Limited and notice the same noise, it is defenitely gas tank related. With a full tank until apx 3/4 tank the noise is noticable when slowing and stopping. I have found that the noise is not noticable if I fill the tank to 3/4 full. I will be checking to see what luck you have with a resolution.
  • miamixtmiamixt Posts: 600
    This seems like an isolated incident that should just be posted with other Sonata problems?. My proven 06 LX, also with 1500 miles makes no noise whatsoever?. Oh except that Engine growl when you punch it! :)
  • jprybajpryba Posts: 201
    I noticed shortly after leasing my 06 Sonata last fall that the airbag warning stickers were kind of peeled at the edges. I didn't think much about it, but then in the past month they looked really bubbled up. Go figure that after getting the dealer to order new stickers, in the mail was a letter from Hyundai about a recall. Included were new stickers, which I promptly replaced the peeling ones in my car with. There were also pics of what the affected stickers look like. For all I know, they took pics of the ones in my car! ;)

    Speaking of issues that could lead up to recalls, has anyone else had the latch on the center console of their 06 (and up) Sonata break off? Mine just suddenly felt loose one day, and then before I knew it, it broke free in my hands as I tried to push it back into place. The dealer could just replace the latch, but right now Hyundai is requiring them to replace the whole center console. Seems kind of silly to me, but I guess that's just their policy. Anyway, considering that the center console can fling open at just about any time (either surprising the driver and/or flinging contents all over the place), I wonder if this will become the next (minor) recall for the new Sonata. Hopefully mine is just an isolated case.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    )) "The dealer could just replace the latch, but right now Hyundai is requiring them to replace the whole center console. Seems kind of silly to me..." ((

    Maybe the company became aware of a latch alignment issue that necessitates replacement of the entire center console. It's unusual for any automaker to go to extra expense unless it's necessary.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Very curious. That type of noise isn't unusual with hydraulic lifters until they "pump up" with oil pressure after sitting through the night, but Hyundai went to non-adjustable, solid lifters in the company's new lambda series V6 engines used in the Azera and Sonata lines. Check your engine oil level in the morning before you start it just to be certain it's not low. Anywhere on the dipstick between the low and high marks when cold is OK. (Park on a level surface the night before so you get a true reading.) If everything's OK, take it in to the dealer for them to evaluate - no sense risking damage and having them alleging that you materially contributed to it - and make sure they start an invoice so you have a paper trail in case something develops later.
  • Problem was caused by a disconnected harnass under the driver's seat. Probable cause was sliding the seat forward and back depending on driver. Hope this info helps others to save a trip to service. ;)
  • de1029de1029 Posts: 52
    I need to replace the rear brake light. When I open the trunk I can see what appears to be a shied that covser or houses the rear light assembly. There is an identation at the top that looks like all you have to do is flip it open or pull it down and you would have access to the light housing assembly. Am I correct? Is this how one opens the light house to replace the rear brake light? Or the replacement something the mechanic has to do.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    Have you checked your owner's manual? ;) The one for my '03 Sonata goes into various bulb replacements in quite a bit of detail in the "Do-It-Yourself Maintenance" section toward the back, complete with nice illustrations. I'd be surprised if Hyundai omitted that consideration with the new models.
  • de1029de1029 Posts: 52
    Stupid me! First, I forgot to include the year in my post: 2000. Then, I didn't even think about the manual. I will check my manual and see if that solves my problem. Big Thanks. But, I would appreciate any other 2000 sonata owners responding with their experiences.
  • godorigodori Posts: 3
    I have same problem with my 06 Sonata LX. I just bought it last week as used car with 11K miles on it. I could not notice the problem during the test drive because engine was running right before.
    I found out it is making a loud clicking noise for couple second after start up next morning.
    I am 100% sure it is oil related issue. (oil not covering upper valve train fast enough) It does not happen again if I start the car again right away. But if I wait 15 to 30 minutes, enough time for engine oil on upper valve train to go down to pan, it happens again. I changed the engine oil to Mobil 1 (5W-20) and change the canister style oil filter to improve oil flow but it did not help a bit.
    I just took the car to dealership and I hope they can fix this problem. The service guy didn't think it was a serious problem. I do worry about long term damage like tle2 mentioned and it is also very embarrassing for me to drive less than a year old car making this kind of noise.
    I will post what happen at the dealer later.
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Posts: 1,134
    I went snooping around the HMAService website and found the following TSB:

    Issue Date: 10/09/06; #06-20-002
    An updated timing chain tensioner* is now available. This part may help reduce timing chain noise that may affect some vehicles during the inital 10 seconds of operation after prolonged storage.
    • Model:
    • 2006-07 Azera 3.8L - Produced through July 4, 2006
    • 2007 Entourage 3.8L - Produced through June 26, 2006
    • 2007 Santa Fe 3.3L - Produced through August 4, 2006
    • 2006-07 Sonata 3.3L - Produced through August 4, 2006

    *New Part No.: 24410-3C300
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