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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • I requested an inspection by the regional DPSM and guess what, he approved a replacement hood. This time the underside seams of the hood were sealed by the autobody shop that was contracted by the Hyundai Service department to paint and install the new hood.. :)
  • shikashika Posts: 1
    i need to know how to grease the rear bearings in my 2000 sonata.
  • shika

    I believe you would treat the rear bearings of front wheel
    drive vehicles the same as front bearings of rear wheel drive
    vehicles. Remove and repack.

  • I have been having this same problem... and no one can figure out waht it is. It feels like the car is not getting enought gas... my check engine light came on and those were changed and i am still having the same problem.. changed spark plugs and plug wires, still the same issues.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    What does "my check engine light came on and those were changed" mean?
  • I am so sorry.. apparently my brain was going faster than my fingers... i meant the ignition coils.
  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    I drive with my headlights on all the time. After almost 3.5 years, the right low beam burned out this weekend. I was at the dealer's for an oil change today and asked them to replace the bulb.

    They did--no charge! It was covered by Hyundai's warranty. I had never heard of a burned out light bulb being covered by a warranty.

    It may be a relatively inexpensive, but I think it says great things about the warranty.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, the headlamps are covered by the b-to-b warranty but not other bulbs (e.g. license plate). The others are just covered under the 12-month warranty. I've had headlamp bulbs replaced for free on both Elantras I've owned over the 5-year b-to-b warranty. In fact, on my current Elantra ('04) that's the only part that's failed on the car in 4.5 years. :)
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Sounds like a lot of headlights burning out. I replaced one on a Buick at about 10 years/105,000 but haven't had to replace any on any other vehicle I've had in years. Usually keep vehicle at least 6 years and most 7 or 8.

    Haven't been called popeye lately so I don't think I've missed them. ;)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yep, lots of bulbs. One on my 2001 Elantra in 5.5 years and two (one each side) on my 2004 Elantra in 4.5 years. If that's the worst problem I have (and so far it is on my 2004), I will be very happy. I had to replace two headlamps on my Celica in the first 12 months. Dealer (tried to) install std. bulbs vs. halogens, before I noticed they were not as bright as the originals.
  • nyjahnyjah Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 sonata and I just replaced both low beam bulbs ( not knowing that dealership would do it for me) Now I need to find out how I can adjust them because while driving at night it is still dark....I can not see a thing they point down and a little to the outside. Can anybody help me. I have looked for the adjustment screw but to no avail...
  • nyjahnyjah Posts: 2
    Hi I really do not know what I did but I think I have this message posted somewhere else in this forum. But in case I don't I will ask again.
    I changed my headlights in my sonata and now I can not see where I am going. The lights point down and to the outside...I have looked for the adjustment screws but have not found them... Could someone help me Please.
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    I have a quick question regarding the TPMS light on my 2007 Sonata. After having the tires changed today, and having a new sensor installed since the tech broke the one, the low pressure dash icon came on, and subsequently went off, and the TPMS light came on and has NOT gone off...yet. Both lights were not/are not on simultaneously. Is there some type of reset I need to do?

    Thanks in advance for any information.
  • jayessjayess Posts: 59
    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this ? I'd posted in July about the 'need' (?) to replace the rear brakes on my '07 GLS at 18,600 mi...I know :mad: . We began to hear the tell-tale metalic squeel primarily when turning the steering wheek to the right. Took it in and the mechanic and service guy indicated that the rears were worn down, mainly on the left. Being that I was hearing the noise too, which I knew to be the wear indicators and that my 19 yr old was driving the car mainly to her Summer job, I decided to have them replaced and the rotors turned. Since I'd had the car for 18 months there was little hope of having them replace under warranty. Between this and the 2 other Hyundai sites, I found a few other posts about this problem which seemed to indicate that in fact it might be a caliper or piston or rear pad issue needing an adjustment.
    Today I took my '08 GLS, in service 8/15 last yr., in for the 34 point inspection, thanks HMC for the freebie coupon - and asked that they specifically check the brakes. Well...they found that the "rear brakes were sticking in slides causing glazing" they "freed the pads and machined the rotors" this time on the house :)
    I insisted again that this wasn't normal especially for rear brakes and that there was some chatter on the internet message boards about what the problem might be.
    The service guy, who seems to be a genuinely decent sort pulled up the brake job on the '07 from July, printed it out and offered to discuss the problem with the
    RSM who comes in periodically to see what they "can do for me" I made sure to reiterate that I have 2 Sonatas and not just a 10 yr old Accent! He did acknowledge that the wear war on the low side of normal, I told him that he needs to look up to see the low side of normal for rear brakes.
    So - has anyone experiences anything like this from either of these years ? or have another idea of what might be going on here ? On both cars the driving as about 75/25 city/hwy the 08 is garaged the 07 outside and I'm in W. PA w/4 season weather if it matters. We like both cars but this has me concerned.
  • fixitupfixitup Posts: 2
    Just experienced the same problem with noisy left rear rotor. There is obvious wear on outer perimeter of rotor. Hyundai dealer says 8.4 mm of rotor thickness is needed, when machined mine will be 8.33 mm, so need rotor replacement. Brakes were checked 5000 miles ago and were ok ( more than 50% wear remaining), mostly interstate driving since then. Don't understand why wear would come so quickly to one side unless there is a problem with something sticking.
  • fixitupfixitup Posts: 2
    Just experienced the same problem with noisy left rear rotor on my 2007 GLS. There is obvious wear on outer perimeter of rotor. Hyundai dealer says 8.4 mm of rotor thickness is needed, when machined mine will be 8.33 mm, so need rotor replacement. Brakes were checked 5000 miles ago and were ok ( more than 50% wear remaining), mostly interstate driving since then. Don't understand why wear would come so quickly to one side unless there is a problem with something sticking.
  • Hi

    I am curious what tires you bought to replace your old ones.
    I also have a 2007 Sonata and after only 19K Miles they are needing replacement.
    At about 200 a piece I do not want to get the same ones.
    PS the tire I have on there now are the
    Michelin Energy MXV4 S8
    P215/60R16 94V TOY B
  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Nothing about the way you drive but I find it really strange that tires on a midsize family sedan would need replacing at 19k miles. I don't think I've replaced a set of tires before 50K in my life and most go to 55-65K. Are the tires that Hyundai uses that bad. I really don't baby my tires either.
  • I've got 30,000 miles on the very same tire and look like I could go another 20K. Must be the roads you drive on. I like the Michelins.
  • I just replaced them today with Falken Sincera SN-828
    P215/60R-16 95T BLK. They ride just about as nice as the Michelins. I actually only needed to replace the rear ones. (Selling the others on eBay) I did rotate them but for some reason the back pair went very quick in the last months. As for the roads in Texas I drive Highway and in the suburbs, I an wondering if it the temperature here. Gets over a hundred here for a month or so though.
  • Recently bought a 2009 Sonata limited V6 with NAV, ......and now its 350 plus miles and since past 2 days... the engine cries(noisy) like anything....when I start the engine and till the time it reaches 0-35 mph(with jerks while it shifts the gears), it feels like I am driving a used car/truck. Real pickup...even if its a V6.

    One of the dealers said it needs 89 Ocatne gas....I should not put 87 Ocatne..where as per my user manual... 87 Octane gas is fine.

    Where as the dealer from whom I bought the car asked me to get the car tomow. to their service center..... as they said they r going to fix it..if not then replace the car. Where as its not typically expected of a new car if it really passed Quality tests.....

    Let me know if anyone had similar problem in the past......??
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Let's continue this conversation here where you have gotten a reply: krishnakonline, "2009 Hyundai Sonata" #575, 28 Aug 2008 3:05 pm.
  • I bought a 2004 Sonata GLS 4 weeks ago. It has 45K and is a beautiful car. Now all of a sudden last week I noticed a metal clunking noise when I shut the drivers door. I do not slam the door and I am the main driver of this vehicle. I contacted the Dealer and they told me this is not covered under the remaining warranty. I would like to find out what this noise it but do not want to ruin the door in the process. Anyone else have a similar problem? Any ideas on how to remove the door without ruining it? Thanks.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    Something probably has come loose inside the door. The door itself will not have to be removed, only the inner door panel. this isn't going to be a big deal IMHO. If you have a problem with the dealer fixing it, you might try a local independent radio installer. They remove these panels all the time.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    If the car is still under the factory bumper-to-bumper warranty, then this problem should be covered. If the dealer refuses to honor the warranty, call the Hyundai Customer Service number to complain.
  • That's what I meant was the door panel, I don't want to ruin it trying to get it off. There are caps over the screws, is there a special way to get them off without scratching the panel ? We have a cougar and the door panel was a beast to get off because of clips until I was able to find the schematics for the door panel. I have had no such luck finding anything like that for this car..
    The dealer said the bumper to bumper warranty was over and even if was just a simple loose piece they would have to charge me labor time anyway.
  • My wife's belt came loose on her car... My brother told me to use the nut to adjust the tention arm... I turned the nut on the bottom pully about 3 or 4 rotations... I found out later this was not correct.

    I have the belt back on now... but I am worried about the bolt I turned... I can't loosen it up. Should the bottm pully spin freely... and by turning this bolt will it mess up my timing??? I worried!!!

  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    We need some more information. What kind of car are we talking about, for starters. Also, when you say that you turned the nut on the bottom pulley, do you mean the pulley on the water pump?
  • I have a 2000 Hyundai Sonata 6 cy. I have tried to copy a picture... not sure if this will work. I tightned the big nut on the bottom pully... it will be the one in blue if this works. I guess it is the drive shaft... but guessing. I know the ratchet turned... but the pully may have been turning which made me think I was tighting it. Sorry I can't give you more of an answer.

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    No, none of the 3 pictures show up. You need to post them on the Web someplace (e.g. CarSpace or a personal Web site) then provide the URL to the picture, using the Img tag below.
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