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Hyundai Sonata Maintenance and Repair



  • asher3asher3 Posts: 3
    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you know about the induction service they also said I need? Since the car has no problems that I know of, and so little mileage I get the feeling the dealer is trying to get me to do things that are not needed.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    The term "Induction" service sound like he made something up to sound more expensive the "Replace the cabin air filter" to me. The filter should be fine if you do not experiance low air flow from the vents.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Needs AC service? It blows cold right?... ANSWER:yes, no service.... ANSWER: no, needs service. Induction service is cleaning the air intake throttle body. Usually they spray a solvent cleaner into the intake and race the engine a bit to suck the foam deeper into the intake manifold. This service may be necessary @ 100K miles and/or if the engine air filter element was not regularly changed...not at 8K miles....skip it. Finally the cabin filter which filters outside air that ends up in the cabin will dirty and clog but only after at least 20K or more miles. Unless you drive dusty dirt or gravel roads OR through dust storms. Skip it for a few more thousands of miles.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    I have a 2006 Sonata 4 cylinder with about 32,000 miles on it. According to the owner's manual, two filters need to be replaced about now, a fuel filter and a fuel tank air filter. From reading up on these here and elsewhere, and from calling the dealer, I understand that both are in the fuel tank and can only be replaced by the dealer.

    However, to my surprise, my dealer tells me that both are really designed to last the life of the car and that neither needs to be replaced unless causing problems. (I didn't expect anyone at a dealer to ever say that!)

    I understand the fuel tank air filter is a charcoal canister meant to help meet clean air standards. So I can understand why it might not need replacement. (I'd like to do my part for clean air but don't appreciate having to fork over major money to do it.)

    But I'm not so sure about skipping the replacement of the fuel filter. I once had a car, 20 years ago, in which I neglected to replace the fuel filter, primarily because it was my first car and I didn't know there was such a thing. In that case, ignorance was not bliss. I'm about to head cross-country from east coast to west and back and expect to put on another 8000 miles in the next month. Is there anything to worry about?
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    It probably is going to be fine, but there could be a warranty issue if you do not do it. Placing a maintenance item in the fuel tank is ridiculous. You should have a special tool to remove the fuel pump. To save money possibly if you remove the seat and such they will spend less time on the job and you could save some money if you do it.
  • negativenegative Posts: 107
    I agree that placing maintenance items in the fuel tank is ridiculous.

    By the way, it turns out I can't escape the dealer entirely. The sun roof is now leaking, and it's going to be rainy here the next few days. At least it should be covered by the warranty.
  • ctc1ctc1 Posts: 66
    My dealer also said not to worry about fuel filter. Told me they have yet to replace one as a normal maintenance item. did have trans fluid flushed at aamco shop after I noticed a sudden color change. They told me this is not unusual in many newer cars and fluid was probably ok but I'd rather play it safe and flushed it anyway. I also have 32000 miles on my 06.
  • dallasdude1dallasdude1 Posts: 1,151
    My wife has an 05 and the paint is coming off the handles too. I'm driving an 01 Catera and its well worth the problems compared to the Sonata. Its a much better car to drive and more comfortable. The seats are by far better and the ghetto blaster (Bose) is light years ahead. My timing belt has 97,000 miles on its too.
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    Catera and the word better (than anything except a Yugo) in the same sentence? No, do understand " the problems" part says it all. Been there done that. Oh, one more problem will be your engine if you don't have the timing belt changed soon! Catera....bah
  • jvc09jvc09 Posts: 4
    Since the 70k mark - the cruise control on my 04 Sonata does not work. Dealer ballparked the repair at over $250-$300. Is this realistic and is this a repairable item an ASE shop can handle at a better cost?
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Unless you know why it does not work it would be hard to give a price estimate. You could get an estimate from a independent shop that may cost you $50 to $100. Normally an independent would be less expensive once the problem is found.
    For dealer to give you the $250 to $300 they most know what is wrong. If they charged you for the estimate they should tell you what is wrong with it. It could be many different things the switches, electronics, sensor, the actuator or a $1 fuse.
  • james1982james1982 Posts: 73
    I'm sure you've already looked into this, but is it something that is covered by your warranty?
  • vjyvjy Posts: 27
    Hi All,

    I have 2007 Sonata GLS automatic and I have about 32,000 miles on it. When I had 29,000 miles, I went to the dealer for service and he told I need to do

    Transmission Flush, Power Steering Flush, Brake Flush, Cabin Air Filter and it would cost around $500 for these.

    Do you guys think its worth it and do I need to do any of these things when I go for oil change this week? If so how much would be the price for each of these?

    I saw the manual and it says transmission flush at 30,000 or so, but I have heard people say you dont need that at all.

    Any help in this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    At a minimum you need to do the required maintenance in the manual to maintain warranty for those items; i.e. do the trans flush when the manual says to otherwise if you later have a trans failure Hyundai could (rightfully) deny the warranty claim.

    That said, you do not have to have your service done at a Hyundai dealer. Feel free to call local shops & get competitive prices. Also check your dealer's web site; some offer service coupons you can print & use.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • asher3asher3 Posts: 3
    I'm beginning to think that Hyundai dealerships are pulling a fast one on us with their recommended maintenance on items that don't need it. We regularly see posts saying "hyundai recommends xxx service"

    At a regular oil change I was told I needed over $300 worth of work on my 2007 Sonata that I bought new in April 2007. It has less than 8500 miles on it and is kept garaged. They claim I need a/c service, a new air filter and induction service. My air conditioner is working just fine.

    Maybe it's time that someone investigate what is going on with them. I know for sure that I'll never buy another Hyundai because of what I believe are their attempts to part their customers from their money!
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    While the new air filter element might need changed at that mileage the rest probably doesn't need attention. That said, it isn't just Hyundai DEALERS who invent services at various and usually too short intervals. Many (most?) customers are mechanically challenged and to them if the dealer recommends a service then "by God" we had better have it done. So, check your "service interval requirements" booklet in the package you received with your car to see what the manufacturer (not dealer) recommends and at what interval. If the services are substantially different (and I suspect they may be) then do not blame Hyundai, blame that particular dealer. Don't paint with a broad brush because I'm guessing you will find Honda, Toyota, Ford name it...dealers re-interpreting service intervals and services to benefit their service departments.
  • jvc09jvc09 Posts: 4
    I was told it was a sensor and would cost $250-$300. This is an 04 sonata with 94,000 miles, problem started around 70k.
  • jvc09jvc09 Posts: 4
    Car currently at 94k miles, problem started arounf the 70k mark. Warranty done at 60,000.
  • jvc09jvc09 Posts: 4
    04 Sonata with 94k - after cleaning the car, including under the front seats, I noticed the Air Bag light came on and has been for a while now. I wanted to know is this an easy fix or a major issue. Bottom line - how do I get the light to go off?
    Check under the seat to see if you accidently unplugged the wire for the airbag system. I work in service department and can't tell you how many times I've run across this problem when customers are cleaning under their seat or stuffing things under them. If this is the case, simply plugging the wire back in should take care of this without having to have airbag light reset with scan tool.
  • dgb1975dgb1975 Posts: 1
    The battery went dead in the FOB replaced the battry and now the car does not start. The alarm goes off when you put the key in te on position. Any help would be greatly appreciated in resetting the alarm. :sick:
  • How hard is it for a pretty good shadetree mechanic to change the rotors on a 2007 Sonata?
  • sonata01sonata01 Posts: 21
    I don't know if there is much difference over the years, but my '01 Sonata was rather easy. After removing the caliper, (as if you were changing the disc pads) the rotor is ready. Mine was held on by 1 small philips head screw; I understand some just slide on and are held on by the caliper and the wheel/tire. Good luck.
  • oskwioskwi Posts: 88
    Hello all! I have a 2007 Sonata with approximately 78,000 miles on it. I am having this unusual snapping sound from the front left when I turn left AND have the brake pedal depressed. If I slow down enough and turn left WITHOUT braking, the sound is not there. There is no sound when going over bumps/into potholes in the road so I am thinking most likely not strut related.

    I am faithful with my maintenance and even the dealer (Vision Hyundai in Canandaigua, NY) is stumped. They hear the sound too, but cannot see anything wrong when the car is up on the lift since the weight resistance is gone I guess. My car is one of the higher mileage 2007's they have and there is no history in the dealership of any problems of this nature. I am now back in Buffalo and will be going back with Towne Hyundai in Orchard Park to try and get a resolution.

    Any insights anyone can suggest would be most appreciated before I have my service visit. Thank you!
  • same problem.. i have sonata 2006 LX and 62000 mi on it..
    I have a 06 Sonata LX and haven't heard that noise.
  • Hi everyone. I have an '04 Sonata with approximately 91k miles on it. It recently has developed an oscillating noise whenever I press the brakes slightly. The sound increases in frequency as I increase in speed. The sound also goes away if I press on the brakes firmly. The sound seems like its coming from the front brakes, which I had replaced 6 months ago before the issue had occurred. I don't see it being very serious, but was wondering where the sound was coming from and why it stops whenever I press the brake firmly.
  • anareeanaree Posts: 7
    Can anyone tell me what a b1352 code is for air bag light? My light has been on since 1/2007 and was told the passenger air bag needed to be replaced @ $600. Didnt have it fixed for many reasons/cost and Just dont think I should have to pay for something faulty since my car has never been in an accident. Well now it wont pass inspection cuz the govt says it cant be on, went back to Hyundai and they got the SAME code but now they say I need a passenger side seat back @ a cost of $2034.26?????????
    How can this be? same code 2 diff problems and prices....PLEASE if anyone knows something or what I can do I would really appreciate it. Called the customer service and they were useless!!!
    PLEASE HELP!!!! :cry: :mad:
    Did you have them check the wire harness connectors under the seat? They are known to come unplugged if something is tucked under the seat.
  • anareeanaree Posts: 7
    YEP, they tell me its the Seat Back and thats why so much I just dont understand how a b1352 code in 2007 was the passenger air bag($600 quoted) and now in 2009 the SAME CODE is the passenger seat back @ $2000...tryin to understand this cuz it does not make sense to me it would be any different.
    Thanks for all your help, feel like im getting screwed(no pun intended...LOL!!)
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