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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I am in NJ and only 1 dealer had it listed on their website, but when I bourght it up to a few others, they said it was in effect.

    $1500 on top of 2000 on a 2009 Sonata if you are a current Hyundai owner.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Interesting! Hyundai's own website shows no such offer in NJ. Sometimes the web sites don't get updated right away... or it could be a special offer from NJ Hyundai dealers, not from HMA. Anyway, you Hyundai owners in NJ have a great deal available to you!
  • Seems to be an ok time to buy.

    Approved for 5.79% for 48 months, not bad either I guess.

    Would really like the V6 SE, but best price was 20,450 outthe door and just a bit more then I want to spend.
    19k I would buy it :)

    18450 is what I am looking at for the Se 4 auto, but dealer does not have it on his lot (no Se4's at all actually).

    Will do my best to push 18k even and buy myself a new car this weekend :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    You might check the rates--was that from the dealer? I could get 4.49% for 60 months on a new or used car at a local bank when I bought a car a few days ago, but went with special 2.99% financing for 60 months from the manufacturer instead. You might be able to find better than 5.79%, depending on credit score.
  • Actually, that was from a bank, not dealer.

    bankruptcy 8 years ago, but even with my FICO is 750ish.

    Hmmm, will have to see if local bank or even dealer is better.
  • palokpalok Posts: 14
    Actually, that's the dealer's decision, and it may be a better option than paying interest on inventory. A $19000 sale is better than paying interest. Make your offer, sales are down right now.
  • I am certainly going to try :)
  • Ok, well the desk manager wouldn't take 19, or 19,500 to the GM, but he did take 20k total out the door on a 2009 SE V6.
    MSRP was 24,435
    Selling Price 21,236.26
    Tax 1486.54
    NJMV tire fee 7.50
    Online processing fee 7.70
    MV 264
    Credit Fee 99
    Doc fee 399

    Total of 23500
    - 2000 rebate
    -1500 lyoalty fee

    $20,000 total take delivery tomorrow.
  • A credit fee of $99? Doc fee of $400? By my math, you paid $777 in fees. That's a blatant rip off. Nothing but profit padding. I bought mine in Doylestown, PA and the fees were:

    22.50 title fee
    36.00 registration
    5.00 tire tax
    15.45 electronic registration fee
    5.00 lien fee
    100.00 documentation fee
    10.00 tag fee

    Grand total of $194 for all fees.

    And they charged sales tax BEFORE applying the rebates?? I think you got ripped there as well. My dealer took the rebate off the selling price and THEN charged tax.

    Here's how mine went:
    • MSRP = 19135
    • Fred Beans Price = 17998
    • Less 2000 deduct = 15998
    • Plus 6% sales tax of 959.88 = 16957.88

    By taking the rebate first, my tax bill was lowered by $120. The additional rebate I got from the dealer was $950, which was applied after tax. But that was a dealer incentive with special rules. My out the door price was $16200 after all taxes and fees.

    You paid an extra $245 in tax because they took the rebate AFTER you paid tax. I have to wonder if they pocketed this.
  • I agree 1000% and did not see all the fees.

    BUT, I did negotiate the out of door price, so to me, I do not care where they allocated the fees.

    The BEST deal I could find out of 10 dealers I dealt with was 19,750 for the SAME car before Tax and fees.

    In NJ at least, they have to charge you tax on the rebates (I remember this from when I sold cars briefly about 12 years ago).

    I was strictly looking for the best deal out of pocket.

    That is the only thing that concerned me.
    If another dealer had fees that were 50% less, but the deal was 21k out the door, that's not better then 20k out the door on same vehicle.

    What car/options did you pay 16,200 out the door for?

    I pad 20k out the door on a 2009 SE V6.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, in the end it comes down to the bottom-line price. If one dealer has low fees but a lesser discount, and another a bigger discount but higher fees, what difference does it make to the buyer? All that matters is what they pay in the end.

    You are correct that some states charge tax before rebates, and some (like MN) after rebates have been applied. The buyer has no control over that--except to pressure their legislators to change the state laws. ;)
  • what options / package? I am currently neogotiating a deal with Fred Beans and they gave me way different pricing.
  • cosmo15cosmo15 Posts: 17

    What dealership did you buy from in NJ. Sound like good price to me.
  • Wayne Hyundai on Rte 23.
    Nobody else would come close to their price.

    Very pleasant experience as well.

    Gave me the best price over the ninternet out the door.

    Then was able to get a few more hundred off in person last night and I just got home with my new SE V6 :)
  • I bought a GLS with 5 speed manual trans, the lowest priced option out there. That said, if you don't mind waiting until tomorrow, I'll post the internet price from them (though I think they gave me just that model since that's what I was after) and Sussman.

    I'd also suggest you check out and Fairfax Hyundai. Fred Beans actually had mine brought up from Fairfax.
  • I've followed these threads on this board for a long time, and I've enjoyed reading about the great deals and buying experiences that many of you have discussed, and I congratulate each of you. I followed many of your leads in my quest for a possible Sonata purchase, and I discovered some really good discounts and reputable dealerships along the way; however, when I made contact with Lee Stephens of Bob Dunn Hyundai in Greensboro, NC (120 miles from my home in Wilson, NC), the game was over. I've made many new and used vehicle purchases over the years and have seen pretty much every scheme, trick, and inducement known to man. I will say unequivocally that never have I had anywhere near the pleasant and easy buying experience that I enjoyed in my dealings with Lee and Bob Dunn Hyundai! In addition, I was given the best deal on my new Sonata SE-4 cyl. that I had seen during my exhaustive research! Guess what---I haven't set foot on Bob Dunn's lot yet nor have I met Mr. Stephens face to face, and my new car is sitting outside in my driveway as I type! Every facet of the negotiations and final consummation of my deal was handled by email and telephone; I never communicated with anyone but Lee Stephens the entire time. My white pearl Sonata was delivered to my home last Saturday morning; I sent the check for the payment back with the driver, and that was it! In the five days that I have been in possession of this automobile, I have received calls from both Hyundai Corporate and Lee Stephens checking to make sure I was happy and satisfied with everything; my answer-YES, YES, YES! I have to pinch myself to make sure this deal went down for real the way I've described it---IT DID! If you're serious about a Hyundai automobile, and they are truly outstanding products, I highly recommend that you contact Lee Stephens ASAP! You'll be extremely glad you did; I promise!!

    Alton Britt
  • These are the prices I was given by Sussman in December:

    Year Sonata Trim Full MSRP Internet Price
    2009 GLS 5 SPEED MT $19,145 $15,889
    2009 GLS 5 SPEED AT $20,345 $17,023
    2009 GLS - V6 5 SPEED AT $22,895 $19,433
    2009 SE 5 SPEED AT $22,495 $18,838
    2009 SE - V6 5 SPEED AT $24,495 $20,708
    2009 Limited 5 SPEED AT $24,995 $20,934
    2009 Limited-V6 5 SPEED AT $26,995 $22,784

    I was quoted 15998 by Fred Beans on the 5 Speed MT. That was the only price they gave me because that's what I wanted. Please note that these are "internet" prices. The price I got from Beans was also an internet price and expired on 31 Dec. It's possible the ones from Sussman expired end of December as well. I did not step inside the dealership until after I reached a deal with Beans.

    During this time, the internet prices reflected the $2000 customer cash, which meant you had to bring your own financing. There were NO owner loyalty rebates reflected in these prices. I know this because I asked. If I'd owned a Hyundai, they would have taken another $500 off...which was the loyalty rebate running in December.

    I assume since you know the Doylestown area you know where Sussman is.

    The rest of the discount that I got was from their Fred Beans AutoRewards program that accumulated from regular service visits for our Nissan vehicles. They doubled it in December which gave me just shy of another $1000 off, which was added to my downpayment. I only financed 10K, which I got through my company's credit union at 4.49%.

    Good Luck. And check out Fitzmall before you buy from Beans. I only used them because the doubled AutoRewards discount was too much to pass up.
  • Just looked at my paperwork again and it seems they also charged my $269 for the window etch (which I hold no value in), but was included in my $20k out the door total, so the actual car itslef was $269 cheaper putting me right around $7k off of MSRP including y 3500 in rebates.

    Not too shabby and if someone steals my car in the next 3 eyars, I get 2500 back,lol.!
  • cosmo15cosmo15 Posts: 17

    Im just curious did you ever get a quote from Stateline Hyundai or Towne Hyundai in NJ.
  • No Stateline, but yes on Towne as that is where I bought my 2003 Accent 6 years ago.

    They were not close and told me their was no way I was getting the deal I did and that the dealer was lying to me.

    Also tried Lynne's, Freehold, Brad Benson, Liberty, Global and a couple of others.

    Interestingly enough, Wayne was the best and by far the closest (within 3 miles) of my house.
  • cosmo15cosmo15 Posts: 17
    I will shoot them an email, Im lookin for a limited V6. Best of luck with your new ride and enjoy.
  • $12k, 21k miles from Wilkins Hyundai in Elmhurst, IL. Pricing was very, very simple, only had car, title, and taxes to pay. They gave me the exact amount CarMax was offering for my trade. Can't beat the 100k mile warranty as it was certified.

    Plus it has the moonroof. I am wondering why this thing was so low priced, but that dealer seems to beat everyone else, including Gartner (who were also nice, btw). I am happy so far, handles fine in the snow. The only thing I dislike is the narrow wheelwell clearance. It makes it difficult to kick the snow, road ice from the whell well liners.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    That is a good price, especially since it appears to be a Hyundai Certified car, with the 100k warranty.
  • Thank you and please let us know how you do.
  • 09 Sonata GLS Auto $16,405
    09 Sonata V6 GLS $18,573
    09 Sonata LTD $22,525

    This is a quote I received from a dealership in my area (suburban Philly). It is internet pricing and reflects the $2000 cash back.
    I never intended to buy another Hyundai but with an additional $1500 loyalty incentive (I had an Elantra for 7 years and hubby has a Santa Fe), it does make the offer very attractive. I test drove an 08 and an 09 Sonata last week..... I didn't enjoy the ride as much as other cars I have been considering but the warranty and the standard features are considerably superior. Now I don't know what to do.....
  • For $20k total out the door, I am very happy with my SE V6 (and glad I opted for the 6).

    Some minor things I don't like, but nothing major (vague/disconnected steering, no integrated bluetooth).
    Other then that, I don't think you can beat it for the $$ and since I drive a LOT of miles each week, need something with the long warranty like the Hyundai.
  • I am now the proud owner of a SE! I just wanted to let everyone know that I ended up having a great experience at Fred Beans in Doylestown, PA.... If you are in the Philly area, please give Kyle Hill a call and he will take care of you - he also takes care of interent sales for all the cars at the dealership, not just Hyundai.

    Take care all and happy shopping!
  • ylzylz Posts: 45
    Hello everyone. I'm buying a 2009 Sonata V6 Limited and am really excited about it. I'm selling my Honda CRV and am hoping to get $5000 for it. Now I want to use that to put a down payment on the Sonata. Is this a normal amount? I mean I have not bought a car in over 8 years. I don't know if I'm not putting enough down or if I'm putting too much? I would like to finance the car for 36 months (0% financing). Do they still have this deal? I looked online and it said to talk to your dealer. Any suggestions on where I should go, or what I should be paying would help. I'm in Long Island, NY by the way. Thanks.
  • jlindhjlindh Posts: 282
    If you can get 0% financing at your negotiated price, put as little down as possible and put the rest of the proceeds from the civic into a CD. You'll come out money ahead.
  • Their is no zero % financing.

    Depending on your credit rating, expect to get between 4.5-7% interest rate.

    V6 limited would probably put you around 24-25k out the door, so figure 25k after rebate (2k rebate only since you do not qualify for the 1500 loyalty I wouldn't think).

    25-5=$20k you will be financing.

    36mos @ 6% = roughly $608 per month for a 20k note.
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