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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jason50jason50 Posts: 55
    Are you referring to Hyundai's past or their current vehicles? I think they have improved over the years. They've come along way already. My friends own a 2008 Sonata and no electrical issues.
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    So Lester Glenn in New Jersey is quoting me $14,999 for the basic model and an extra $500 for PEP #1. Is this an average, good, or bad deal?

    On top of that, will be taxes, license, registration and a doc fee of about 180$.

    Thanks for your help in davance

    It's okay.

    You can thank the CFC program for tacking on about an additional $1,000 to $1,200 to your price, though, because I could have gotten that same car for $14,300 to $14,500 plus TTL all day long prior to CFC.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Actually, that looks like a decent price to me, provided that they aren't rebate baiting him. Check to ensure they aren't folding in rebates that few people qualify in that price, such as the Military rebate and the recent college graduate rebate; provided that's true, and there are no hidden "Gotcha" fees (such as "Hey, that didn't include the $720 freight! Or the $500 document fee! Or the $350 SUCKER fee!"), go for it. Look at OTD pricing with the rebates YOU qualify for (check the Hyundai website) and the CARS rebate that is appropriate for you (I have three automobiles that I could have used for a trade in.... NONE of them, including a 1989 Camaro V8, a 1996 Plymouth Voyager V6 or the 1993 Mercury Tracer I4 would have qualified because of the 18 mpg mileage bit; the Camaro and Voyager both are rated at 18, and the Tracer..... much higher, though the Tracer died Monday, with 370K miles and a blown head gasket... RIP) If they are quoting $4500 CARS as part of that, DON'T BITE, as it's then a bad deal. If they aren't, it's decent for the PEP price; you could have done somewhat better in April/May, but it's not bad for current deals at all.
  • 18 mpg does qualify for C4C. It is for 18 mpg and below.
  • jfritschjfritsch Posts: 958
    --------------------- This from another forum

    Yowsers! Yep, with the 5% of americans that can qualify for the CFC program hitting the dealers all at once, car prices are propped up. The other 95 % those needing a car now can pay higher prices AND the CFC program through their taxes (eventually)

    Many cars that were selling for $15000 before CFC are now advertised at $17500 or more, with the generous $4000 off from the govt bringing the price down to $13500. (which it would have been for all of us without CFC given the state of car sales and the usual summer clerarance) Awful nice of those dealers to let the pigeon ... er customer keep 1500 of the $4000 don't you think?

    Oh! goody! they are going to EXTEND the CFC program for another 2 months with $2,000,000,000 more cash!

    More pigeons and artificially higher prices for the 95% of car buyers who don't qualify..... isn't government grand?

    Good luck

    looks like the clunker deluge is eroding the consumer power to negotiate
    I will prob wait until this wave is over.
    stranegly I got a deal for LX-S which was lower than LX.
    Are LX-S not popular or was it a mistake of Auto versus Manual?
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Check the Hyundai calculator:

    1989 Chevrolet Camaro 5.0L V8 <-18 MPG Combined
    1996 Plymouth Voyager Rallye Short Wheelbase 3.6L V6 <- 18 <MPG Combined
    1993 Mercury Tracer 1.9L I4 <- 35 MPG Combined (and until it literally blew it's head gasket on Monday, it was averaging ~38 with my 20 year old son driving)

    Not a one qualifies for Clunker cash against a Sonata GLS I4 Automatic.
  • This is my first post. I&#146;m from Canada and bought a 2009 V6 Limited (all options except Nav & bluetooth) last month from Precision Hyundai in Calgary. Canadian pricing is very different from US not only because of currency but also the &#147;higher cost of doing business&#148; argument that protects the profit margin for many Canadian distributors/retailers. This is what I paid: (all in Canadian dollar, rounded)

    MRSP $31,500
    Manufacturer&#146;s rebate 4,500
    Dealer&#146;s discount 1,050
    Block heater (installed) 250
    Document fee 386
    Delivery charge 1,580
    A/C duties/tire levy 120
    GST/Sales tax (5%) 1,414
    Less: Trade-in &#150; 97 Camry XLE 2,500 (163K miles)
    OTD price $27,200

    Dealer threw in these for free: floor mats, mudguard, trunk lip protector and first-aid kit.

    In US$ terms, OTD price is US$22.7K (or US$24.75K before trade-in) with exchange rate at US$1=C$1.2 (which is now lower at about C$1.1).

    Can anyone from Canada comment if I have any buyer remorse?
  • scdelanscdelan Posts: 10
    Some of those vehicles absolutely qualify for the CFC rebate. Not the $4500 one, but the $3500 and only for certain engine types.

    Use the official government site, not Hyundai:
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    I think you info about Hyundai's electrical problems is based on previous models like prior to 2006. I thoroughly researched before I bought my 09 LTD. Consumer reports, MototrTrend, Motor Week, and Edmunds don't mention any of these problems. Check out these resources to confirm.

    I agree with you to buy the additional warranty for the added peace of mind. If you can afford the money, it never hurts.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    Sorry I don't check the forums everyday so couldn't reply earlier.

    Edmunds is the best place to research all the trim and package info on any car.
    PEP for Hyundai is around $1500 and includes the following:

    "PEP = Popular Equipment Package"
    power driver seat, driver's lumbar support, steering wheel audio controls, automatic headlight control, trip computer, power tilt and slide glass sunroof, chrome window belt moldings and woodgrain accents.

    Hope this helps.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    My brother really liked my LTD so we went and get him a GLS+PEP yesterday. He didn't want to spend the extra money for the LTD trim. Here's what we paid for it only yesterday.

    Invoice - $18,517 (GLS + PEP)
    Dest. - $720
    Proc Fees - $349
    PA Tax - $1,196.96
    Tags, title, reg - $202
    Hyundai Rebate - $3,000
    C4C Rebate - $3,500
    OTD PRICE - $14,455.96

    We got it in Manassas, VA, but we live in PA. Reason it was $900 cheaper compared to local dealers and that's substantial saving for a short drive there.

    Keep in mind the 09s are going fast due to the cash for clunkers program. The selling dealer had only 23 left so the color choices are dwindling as well. There is only a $1000 rebate on the 2010 models.

    Hope this helps folks looking to take advantage of the Clunkers program.

    CONCLUSION: There are still good deals out there just have to look harder and not get hosed by the dealers. They are still under tremendous pressure to sell inventory that's been sitting on their lots since early this year.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    There are actually two Popular Equipment Packages for the GLS: Package 02, which does not include the sunroof and lists at $650 for 2010, and Package 03, which includes the sunroof and lists for $1550 for 2010.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17
    Backy is correct. I got the PEP 03 w/ the sunroof.
  • I traded my 2007 Sonata SE V-6 in on a new 2009 Limited I-4 for $1000 difference at Texahoma Hyundai in Sherman, Texas. The sales tax was $62.25 and my TEXAS DAV tag is free.

    This is my third Hyundai and I have never had one in the shop for anything!!!!!!!!

    They are the most trouble free cars I have owned in the past 50 years.

  • bhmr59bhmr59 Posts: 1,601
    That was a great deal going from an '07 SE V-6 to an '09 Limited I-4 for only $1,000.

    Jumping two model years and upgrading from SE to Limited for $500 per model year is unbelievably good. The '09s had quite a MSRP price hike compared to the '07s. While you "gave up" a V-6, the I-4 should be plenty powerful enough and will get better MPG.
  • jc76jc76 Posts: 1
    This quote is from the Mesquite Dealership-Dallas
    MSRP: $19,085
    Absolute Hyundai's Price: $18,885
    Manufacturer Rebate $3,000
    Your Final Price: $15,885*
    2009 Hyundai Sonata - GLS 5-Speed Manual 4dr Sedan
    w/option 1
    carpeted floors matts

    btw: I want auto/option 2 ...what would be a good offer???

    Last question-VERY IMPORTANT

    I've owned my 95' Civic since 00', but I moved abroad for 5 yrs and just moved back
    in April. My car wasn't registered during the 5 yrs, and I just registered 2 months ago.
    Is it possible I qualify for c4c???
    I heard dealerships have their "in-house c4c", is that true???
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    Does that include tax? Either way, that's not a good quote at all. Here's what we paid for a GLS w/ PEP1 last week in Manassas, VA. Looks like you're paying at least ~$1500 (less taxes) for a lot less car/options.

    Invoice - $18,517 (GLS + PEP1)
    Dest. - $720
    Proc Fees - $349
    PA Tax - $1,196.96
    Tags, title, reg - $202
    Hyundai Rebate - $3,000
    C4C Rebate - $3,500
    OTD PRICE - $14,455.96

    You Civic doesn't qualify for the C4C program as it only applies to cars 18 mpg or under. and will tell you about eligibility.

    Never heard of "in-house" C4c by any dealer.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17
    Seems like a classic case of sour grapes. Have you walked in to a dealer since C4C started or is it mere speculation on your part that prices have gone up? It's very easy to criticize everything from your lazy boy.

    I can't say this for every dealer but my brother and I have bought two cars using the C4C program, one the first day it was launched, the other just last week. Dealers have so much access inventory since late last year that they are not in any position to raise prices. Of course, there are always greedy ones who will probably loose business. The dealer we got it from has prices advertised on their website and discloses every additional fees transparently (the only one I could find). Those prices have not changed since June 09 as we were looking for deals in anticipation of the program being approved by congress.

    Forums like this one inform folks so that they can negotiate a better deal. Perhaps you can also benefit from the knowledge shared here and try to negotiate a better deal instead of just being ticked off at the govt.

    Moral: Do your research -get a better deal and when you do help others do the same. No whining!

    Granted only 5% of people qualify for the program, still it's way better than watching your tax money going to wall street fat cats. At least, this way I can use my tax money directly for myself rather than watch less than 0.1% fly in jets paid by me to the Hamptons because those poor souls have to shoulder the weight of saving the entire civilized world from soup kitchens and bread lines. Cry me a river!!!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,306
    1) $200 off MSRP before the rebate is a terrible deal.

    2) No way a '95 Civic will qualify for C4C. It only applies to cars with a combined EPA rating of 18 mpg or less.


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I have also seen direct evidence of prices (of Sonatas, for this discussion) going up since the C4C program started. I am not whining or complaining, just stating a fact. And we should not be surprised this happened, since we have a free market driven by supply and demand. The Sonata is a desirable car right now, given it's reasonably priced and has very good fuel economy, especially for a large-ish car. So I would be surprised had prices not gone up.

    Here is an example: in my area there is a large chain of dealerships that have a "no-haggle" pricing policy. I track car prices pretty carefully (one of my "hobbies", and no, I don't get out much). This particular chain was advertising Sonata GLS AT with no options prices before C4C in the mid-$15's, before T&L. There were similar advertised prices from other dealerships in town. This past weekend, I noticed the same Sonatas (same base price) advertised by the no-haggle dealer for just under $17k, before T&L. In both cases, a $3000 rebate applied. I have seen comparable increases for popular, fuel-efficient models like the Focus (a hot seller in the C4C program), 2010 Fusion and Milan, and Malibu. News reports talk of dealerships flooded with buyers, sales reps working with 3 people at one time. No wonder prices have gone up!

    So, not the best time for someone without a clunker to buy a new car--unless it's one that doesn't qualify for C4C. Then you might get a real steal.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    Good for you that you do the research. I will again say that consumer empowerment is what Edmunds and it's users do best. Dealers are always going to lure you in w/ all sort of ways, free market or not. It doesn't change the fact that supply is still very very high than demand. Sure the Sonata is in high demand right now but there's still access inventory on the lots. Perhaps expanding ones reach beyond local dealers is the way to go. That's what we did and saved a lot of money.

    You should put the dealer's info here so buyers can stay away. My experience is to stay far far away from so called "high volume, low profit, no haggle price" dealers, it's usually a sham. Those to me are red flags to stay away from that dealership. I just had my friend who's interested in a GLS check out the Olathe Hyundai in KS and they have 202 Sonatas in stock and a GLS w/ PEP 03 is around $15,600 (rebates applied) and they are willing to deal as well.

    In my case, I used Edmunds to get price quotes from local and regional dealers by explicitly stating that I will only respond via e-mail and will not answer any phone calls and will block all spam e-mail. I got 3 local and two regional dealers w/ transparent OTD door. 5 moronic dealership were sent to trash folder forever. It took me only 3 e-mails to finalize the deal and then drive 2 hrs to take delivery, a minor inconvenience for $1200 savings. The dealer was so thankful that he gave me $25 GC for a local food joint and an extra keyless remote.

    All I am saying is that you can very easily turn the tide in your favor while keeping in mind that the dealership is a business that needs to make money as well. You decide how much money they make off of you. Traditional car buying/pricing has always been somewhat of a blackbox but Edmunds is helping change that. I remember when Edmunds first started TMV pricing, dealers laughed at you when you showed it to them, today almost everyone prices their cars around that number by advertising "below Blue Book" pricing.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Geetmala, the problem is that Backy is RIGHT. I've been following the current gen Sonata closely since 2006; I fell in love with the car at just the point we needed to replace a Ford Taurus on it's 3rd bad transmission with only 98K total miles; we ended up buying a 2003 Sonata instead (couldn't quite swing the new car costs at the time) and loved it; however, I've driven probably 30 Sonatas of every level since then, pricing, comparing, etc. Last fall, we said we'd finally buy the new Sonata in the June/July time frame (actually glad we went a couple months early now!), and we found the best buys we could from March on... and prices were absolute rock bottom in March. They inched slightly higher in April, and were fairly flat in May. However, in late June, prices rocketed up, and the folks reporting what they were getting were finding deals that were $500-$1000 more for "Good Deals" than what could be had in March. Now, they're ~$1500 more than what they were.... I got a better car than YOU did (same basic car, but with BlueConnect) for less than you paid, with NO trade in, NO C4C, for $200 LESS for the base price pre TTL than you just reported your friend got (now, if he got PEP w/Sunroof, then I'm slightly mistaken; you got $700 for your trade in, effectively, in that case, but it doesn't change the POINT of the arguement).

    Dealers have raised the "bottom line" prices they charge... they're pocketing the excess (not access) money as profit. You "got" a $3500 C4C allowance that the government paid; you actually benefited $700 but gave up your trade in for free to get it. The dealer pocketed the rest as pure profit.

    And for the guy who DOESN'T have a C4C, it's a VERY bad deal, as the dealer isn't going to give him a break since he doesn't qualify; he's going to laugh his way to the bank.

    Best thing for the consumer, NOW, was for C4C to DIE. Instead, they just gave it another $2B. Me, personally, I'd rather they had just given a tax credit next April 15th to everyone who bought a car that got good enought mileage in CY2009 (say, $1500; would have worked out about the same, in the end, but wouldn't have lined the dealer's pockets so much and would have caused a bigger stimulus).
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    There is report today mentioned traffic is beginning to slack off in dealerships, one reason being the models that offer the highest fuel economy are growing scarce. Maybe folks are put off by the higher prices also?

    BTW... re another comment--the Walser dealership chain in MN is NOT a "sham." They have a long-standing "no-haggle" pricing policy. They tend to offer pretty good discounts on their cars, in my experience. Are they the lowest prices that an expert negotiator could get? Probably not. But they are after the buyers who don't like the typical car buying experience, the pressure, the negotiations, the "games" some dealers play. They are pretty successful so it seems there are enough people who like the way they do business. I've found them pleasant to work with in car shopping over the years. Only bought one car from them, a 2004 Prius, as they were the only dealer that offered any kind of discount on the car at the time I bought it. (And I never took delivery, but that is a long story.) Came pretty close on a couple of other purchases, new and used. For people who like to negotiate, there's many other dealers to choose from.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    This is my first Hyundai and I love my Sonata so far. It&#146;s way better value than Accord and Camry. Since I usually drive mine forever till they die, resale is not an issue. Thanks for sharing your experiences, it makes me feel just that much better with my purchase. I am sure you&#146;ll enjoy your for some time to come.

    Few people here report prices hikes after CFC so it must be true to some degree. Seems like we got lucky with static prices after CFC went into effect OR by your account we were just plain duped into trading our clunkers for peanuts. I traded in a &#146;99 Ford minivan with 179K (surprised it lasted that long &#150; it barely did) and the other was a &#145;97 Seville, 162K miles, that had just started to show signs of overheating. Both were worth less than $1000 trade-in.

    I am curious to learn how much did I overpay compared to March prices. So, please share your OTD price breakdown. Here are my price breakdowns again.

    2009 Hyundai Sonata, LTD, 4cyl
    Coco Metallic w/ Coco interior
    Options - Navigation, Bluetooth, Floor Mats, Cargo Net, Cargo Tray, Mud Guards
    Polymer Paint Protection, Nitrogen Filled Tires (these cost the dealer $40, $15 so I don&#146;t consider them part of the deal, although the dealers charge $499-599 & $70-90 for these &#150; what a rip off!)

    Negotiated price - $22,395
    Freight - $720
    Proc fees - $349 (only in VA)
    Tags, title, reg - $202
    Sales Tax - 1,429.14
    Hyundai Rebate - $3,000
    CFC Rebate - $3,500
    OTD Price - $18,595.14

    2009 Hyundai Sonata, GLS, 4cyl
    Ebony Black w/ Gray Interior
    Options: PEP 03 (sunroof), Floor Mats, Cargo Tray & Mat, Mud Guards (I think I miswrote in earlier posts that it was PEP)

    Negotiated Price - $18,517
    Freight - $720
    Proc Fees - $349 (only in VA)
    PA Tax - $1,152.22
    Tags, title, reg - $202
    Hyundai Rebate - $3,000
    CFC Rebate - $3,500
    OTD PRICE - $14,442.22

    BTW: I just called the same dealer and they are out of 09 Sonatas and are expecting 01s next week w/ only $1000 rebate.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    I know quiet a few people who love the idea of "NO HAGGLE" pricing and always go to those dealers. And most in my area claim to have such pricing. It's a matter of pure personal preference and certainly not for me. From my perspective, one needs transparent pricing instead of the black box approach.

    My aversion to such dealers comes from truly arrogant dealers like the one who always has the biggest ad in all newspapers and on TV for NO HAGGLE pricing and when I walked in last year they told me that they are having a special sale this week and I can pick up the new Accord EX for the sticker price as usually there is at least a 10% markup for these extremely high demand black on black models. Surely, it was 'NO HAGGLE' but I felt that I should be thanking my lucky stars that the dealership is bestowing a huge favor upon me and I don't have to sign-over my first born to get the car. Needless to say, I was out of there within the minute never to revisit. Of course, they are one of the biggest dealer in my tri-state region and have been for the longest time, but they are NOT for me. I am willing to pay a bit extra for a courteous and pleasant buying experience.

    BTW, my local Costco's price for the same car was $2,635 less delivered to my home. I just didn't think it was good value even at that price. I didn't like the awkward exterior styling and the equally hideous interior of the new Accord. Again, a matter of pure personal preference.
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    Geetmala, my BUYING experience is at this message; however, to sum it up (top of my head) I paid ~$15630 for PEP w/o the Sunroof, but with Blue Connect for the GLS I4 Automatic, floormats, and the IPOD cable; the MSRP is $900 for the sunroof, so set that to $16530 plus a small bit because I didn't get the mudflaps (and didn't want them). Your price is almost EXACTLY $2000 more than that amount, so I guess you did do better than the 700... by almost exactly the sunroof (as I mentioned in your message, if your PEP was with the sunroof, you did somewhat better than that. Of the $3500, you got $1500, but had to give up you old car; you said it was worth less than $1000. If we assume it was worth $500, you pocketed $1000 of the C4C money, and the dealer took $2500.... and that's since I bought in MAY, when prices had already started the rebound from the low of March (of course, in reality, you did even worse; the TMV for the sunroof is NOT $900, it's something like $710, IIRC, and your trade in was STILL probably worth more than $500... that's what I'll get off my taxes for donating my son's now dead (since last week) 18 year old Mercury Tracer with 370K miles on it to the Kidney Foundation. Your OTD price is lower... because I didn't do a trade in at all.

    Don't get me, or Backy, wrong... you might ACTUALLY end up paying less today with C4C.... but the average amount is ~$1K and giving up your old car "free". If the old car really is worth nearly nothing (like the Tracer, except of course it wouldn't qualify for C4C....), bonus. But if the clunker itself has any value, you get even less. And the $3500 (or $4500) that it's costing taxpayers isn't worth it. And for the poor guy who doesn't have a handy clunker that qualifies....... it's not a good time to buy, at all.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17

    Given my limited math skills, let me see I understand this correctly.

    If your $15,630 is OTD (incl taxes, freight, and options lets say for ~$2000-2400), then, YES I certainly overpaid by >$2000 than you and negated all of the C4C benefit w/ my free trade.

    However, if the $15,630 excludes taxes, fees, and freight then my comparable price is $14,106+$1411(PEP 03) = $15,517 - $3500 (C4C) = $12,017 which as you can see is much less than what you paid. Hey I am just trying to feel better here..... OK.

    Maybe I need to understand the tax code again, as I always thought the value of donated car is applied towards your deductions as a line item and NOT taken lump sump as a tax rebate - big difference.
  • geetmalageetmala Posts: 17
    My apologies to all for hogging this forum w/ these back and forth messages.

    Let's just agree on a reasonably good price for GLS+PEP and LTD trims. Here's what I can tell everyone based on our purchases.

    GLS+PEP 03 = $15,500 (incl $3K Hyundai rebate) and $12,000 after $3.5K C4C

    LTD = $18,000 (incl $3K Hyundai rebate), and $14,500 after $3.5K C4C

    Use these prices as a starting point to negotiate. And try to find a dealer that still has enough inventory of 09 Sonatas. At this point, color/option choices maybe limited as supplies dwindle.

    Good luck and enjoy your new Sonatas to the fullest.
  • mikemartinmikemartin Posts: 205
    CFC is a dealership taxpayer transfer payment program.

    Whether you've bought a car or not, taken advantage of this boondoggle or not, you can rest assured that your taxes are being used to ensure dealers can ask MSRP for their cars, sell a boatload of cars to people thinking they're getting a good deal, when in fact, they'd had been better of buying 3 months ago with no trade in (they could've sold that for gravy, 3 months ago).

    This program should be called TFD (Taxdollars For Dealerships). New car dealerships LOVE it.

    In the case of the Sonata, a new GLS with PEP, auto, could have been had from Fitz for $14,300 3 months ago, AND you could have sold your "clunker" and taken that income off that price.

    Now, Fitz has the same car at....ta da!!! $16,000+.

    Ain't government meddling grand?
  • billwardbillward Posts: 154
    As I said, you actually probably DID pay out of pocket less than in May (and as I said, by the looks of it, comparing direct apples to apples, my calculations say you got up to $1500 in your pocket of the C4C money, if your trade in was worth $0) but their are two caveats; The first is that you get "Nothing" for your old car; you could also translate that as "I got the difference in what Bill paid and what I paid for my old car as the trade in". That may/may not be a good deal, depending on the car. The second caveat is that you now have to pay for the $3500 or $4500 in increased taxes, or decreased govenement services; you only pay your share, of course, but EVERYONE now has to pay. For the $3B, that means that for every man, woman, and child in the country, C4C has cost us EACH $10, on average. For my family, at my tax bracket, it's closer to $55. Of our share, the dealerships around the country pocketed about $40. $15 went to buyers (such as you) that used C4C. I don't mind the $55, per se, but I'd much rather have had those number be reversed in that case.

    C4C might have actually been helpful, briefly.... but now it's just welfare for the dealerships. It's also raised the price of new cars significantly for those who cannot take advantage of C4C (with the SOLE possible exception of those trying to buy a used car... the market for those has decreased).

    And as you asked, yes, the donation counts as a decrease in my earned amount, not a credit; when we did it a few years back, though, it was enough to make a significant drop in our taxable income for the year, because it moved our tax bracket.
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