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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • mikebztmikebzt Posts: 44
    You sit tight. I can't see it worth it. The car is 3 years old.
    Tops the Dealer paid for the car is 10K
    If the dealer has your information they will call you but honestly I can see it worth 12.5K

    Courtesy Hyundai has a used 09 for 15.5K
    Route 44 also has an 09 for 15.5K

    If you are looking I have even seen 08's for 12.8K
    both at Bill Dube and Herb Connolly
  • Hi, not sure what trim package you are looking at on the used car, this makes a
    huge difference in actual price. Like basic GLS or GLS w/ v6 or Gls w/ upgrade.
    Then there is the step up to SE and the Limited. All these also offer different options
    and carry a certain price tag as per package. You should at least compare the car
    in question to Kelly Blue Book estimate value. Also you could check other dealers
    like in another close big city to see if they would have a new 2009 with the same
    trim. You could find a deal you can't pass up. I would say if you still have to add
    tax, title and license to the used 2007 it would bring you in the range of my new 2009
    SE v6, at least well worth consideration. Then you should be able to beat my deal by
    a substantial amount if you elect like the basic GLS (also very nice w/ many standard
    features). Plus all the new car warranty and the value in hand of new car. Go in
    with confidence and a certain price in mind be nice but firm. Don't let them sell you
    a car, buy the car you want at your price, either they will or they won't sell it for that
    price. You have nothing to loose but a little time. May save some money over used.
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for all the responses. This is a case update of our further research into used this 2007 Hyundai.

    I phoned the dealer and it turned out that the car was not Hyundai factory certified - she said being Hyundai certified the dealer has to pay additional ~$1000, which means buyers will carry the costs, so the dealer simply did the 150 safety inspection themselves, so in the end, it's "dealer" certified, not by "Hyundai." The result is then that the car is not subject to additional warranty under Hyundai Certified Pre-owned Vehicle (CPOV) beyond the remaining years of the existing warranty.

    And... you were right that the dealer did call me back before I did to them =). They called back saying that they're "willing" to "split" the $399 doc fee with me, whereas yesterday they're completely adamant about me paying it in full. I obviously teased them and said i'll consider their "sudden" change of mind - but this goes to say how flexible they really are in adjusting prices... as long as you're patient, time and power is always on the buyer's side!!

    I left out the style of this car, it's a GLS base model 2007 Sonata, so the most basic, with no optional package, so no steering wheel volume control, power seat...etc. But we're fine with that =)

    By the way, Edmunds price for 2007 Sonata GLS with 24000 mi is $11227 (buy from dealer) and $10,428 private.

    Thanks for all your response!!

    Looks like $12500 is a reasonable price to settle with, I'll keep working them to see if I can at least get it down to $12k flat!! Will update you on how i make out!!

  • chuck1919chuck1919 Posts: 176
    A local dealer in So Cal (Reynolds GMC/Buick) located in West Covina has several with right around 40K miles for $9,950..00 I noticed on their website.

    This dealer has been in business for years and is known for buying "off rental" and then selling them with a minimal "mark up".
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Why do you think it's reasonable to pay the dealer over $1000 more than Edmund's TMV price?

    If you are serious about this car, you could try a counteroffer of $12k, which includes the doc fee and the Hyundai Certified Warranty. Print out the Edmund's report and show it to them. It's not like there's no used Sonatas out there.

    FWIW, last spring I was offered a 2008 Sonata GLS with the moonroof package and Hyundai Certified Warranty, 30k miles, for $10,900 + tax and license. I passed on it because the car was not in great condition. I realize used car prices are generally higher now than last spring, but $12,500 seems very high for three-year-old base GLS, considering it probably sold for around $15k or less when new.
  • ray78ray78 Posts: 27
    Macarthy Hyundai in Olathe, KS advertised a 2009 Sonata limited V6 for under 18,000 delivered in Sunday isssue of KC Star.
  • Wow! It might be worth the trip to KC for that deal. There are few '09 Limited V6 that I can find in the Chicago area. The deal I identified here is the best I can find. The key here also is that this dealer is giving me the top end $$ for my trade. This is important in Illinois, as if I sell the car on my own I will have to pay sales tax on the full amount of the new car (that equates to $1,400). So, a private party sale would have to be $1,400 better than trade in to make the deal work.

    From what I can tell, Hyundai does not have any financing deals on the '09s and the cheap gas promotion is over.
  • Its high. I bought a similar mileage/Sonata for 10,500 in Attleboro.
  • I went ahead with the purchase of this car. So far I am really impressed. This car is quiet, comfortable and reasonably powerful. The interior is put together nicely and has a quality feel to it. I would put it right up there with Honda and Toyota and ahead of Nissan.

    The dealer experience was great. Knauz Hyundai in Lake Bluff, IL. I recommend this dealer to anyone in the Chicago area looking for a Hyundai.
  • Congratulations! I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

    Could you tell us how much it finally came down to on price? Were there any special APR promos?
  • bob286bob286 Posts: 1
    I think you did real well, I purchased a 2009 limited sonata with Navigation,and we did not trade as my wife totalled our Pacifica,so in the end after a week of shopping and exhaustion,it came down yto..lets get it over,instead of buying used I went for new..list $26,562.00 4 cly limited,I am not a negotiator and wanted it over,paid $22,562.00..inotherwords I didnt get anything from the dealer,$3,000 rebate and another $1,000 off...I am however very happy with the car and warranty and feel I paid $2,000 to much,but dont care..I wanted it over with!!!!
  • MSRP $27,665, paid $21,713. There were no special financing promotions on the '09 models (I got a pretty decent rate from one of their sources). Also, the $1.49 gas promotion had already expired.

    They gave me top dollar for my trade, so I'm happy with the deal. The dealer experience was great and I'm liking the car so far.
  • MSRP $27,915, only 12 miles, dealer installed options include blue tooth,wind deflector,mud guards,cargo net,carpet floor mat,ipod cable, paid $21,533+TTL. 3.75% finance for 48 month. They give me 5 oil changes free for 1st year.

    Freeman Hyundai in Irving, Texas
  • Congrats on your purchase. Looks like you got a great deal. The more I drive this car, the more I like it. Smooth, quiet and powerful. I hope you like it as much as I do.
  • Has anyone heard any inside information on when Hyundai will finally increase the rebates on the 2010 Sonata's? We have wanted to buy a new Sonata since the end of the summer but could not find any 2009 GLS's with the color/options we want. I cannot justify buying a 2010 with a mere $1000 rebate when they could increase it to $3000 any day. Will this be a long wait or will November finally bring some good news?
  • haggardhaggard Posts: 72
    I was wondering that myself. Edmunds shows only the 1K rebate, but Fitzmall pricing (which includes freight) is almost 3000 below invoice, so there has either been some change, or there is other factory-to-dealer money Edmunds isn't accounting for.
  • markm75markm75 Posts: 11
    Does anyone have any inside info if the $3000 rebate will stay the same or increase after its nov 2nd expiration...

    My local hyundai dealer in PA is offering a 2009 (new one) which has a msrp of 26,515 for 21,318 (includes the $3000 rebate)..

    I've heard that they basically make $3000 using the rebates (the dealer).. so i'm wondering if i should try to get them down a little more (this is the v6 SE version, but it doesnt have bluetooth, does have cloth interior etc).

    The best interest rate, given my mostly good, but high ratio credit history is about 7.63 (a bit too high, forcing a 72 month payment of around $400 with no money down, IE: i can get an AWD equinox 2010 for $78 more per month, this seems too high).

    The dealer also said they could install a bluetooth radio (surely at an added cost, not sure if its the same as what the factory would install?)

    Any thoughts or tips?
  • That does not sound like a rock bottom deal. I just bought a 2009 Limited v6 for $400 more than what they are offering the SE to you (the MSRP on mine was $27,665). I would try to get them to come down some more.

    The Huyndai bluetooth (blueconnect) is not a fully integrated system. It is mounted in the ceiling where the sunglass holder would be. This is a port installed option, so the dealer can put it in and it fits perfectly. The only problem is that is is independent of the stereo system, so when you get a call you have to mute your radio. It has it's own speaker, so the sound does not come through the car stereo. It works pretty well and serves my purposes, but just keep in mind that it is not fully integrated. It was a $295 option on my Sonata, so make sure that they don't charge you more than that.

    Good luck!
  • markm75markm75 Posts: 11
    Nice, thanks for that tip on the msrp and bluetooth.. i was hoping the bt was like the one that is integrated in the equinox.. oh well.. i use a moto headset, works fine though.

    Sounds like they may be about $1200 too high, which is what i figured.

    I'm not good at getting them to come down in prices.. i can mention that i know of some that have gotten the limitted series at the price they are offering.. maybe that will help.. or mention they are making $3k either way via rebates..

    The limitted has the dual zone auto air conditioning doesnt it? IE: set it to 72 and it just runs (like my grand prix)?

    Perhaps i could get a deal on a limited that had this feature at your msrp example/sale price.
  • tenpin288tenpin288 Posts: 804
    Not sure what part of PA you are in, but I also live in PA (Johnstown area) and we purchased two Hyundais last year. We ended up buying from a dealer by my sister in DC/VA because at the time, none of the dealers within a two hour drive of Johnstown would go lower than invoice minus rebates, and even that was tough to get! This PA market area doesn't seem to be as competitive as other markets so dealers around here are not as discount happy as others may be. :sick:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    ...or mention they are making $3k either way via rebates..

    How do you figure the dealer is making $3k after the rebates? Markup on Sonatas including the holdback isn't anywhere near $3k. And wasn't their quote less than MSRP even before rebates were applied?
  • markm75markm75 Posts: 11
    by that I meant the dealer gets $3000 either way. Not that they necessarily make that in profit

    so anyone care to conjecture what will happen w the rebates after nov 2nd. Stay same. Go away increase etc
  • Yes, the Limited has dual zone auto climate control. It also has leather, auto dimming mirror, Infinity sound system and sunroof. Please keep in mind that my deal was on a 2009 model. If you can find one in your area, you should try to get the same deal. No difference between the '09 and '10 models.
  • I was traded in a 2007 Hyundai Sonata with 58,000 miles. The 2007 needed brakes but had the sunroof, hubcap rims, had the I4 engine, and xm radio. Owed $9,100 and this is all I wanted on trade in value.

    Purchased a 2010 Hyundai Sonata Limited I4. Did not want navigation or bluetooth. Car was power white pearl had floor mats included. I did not qualify for military or college rebates. Dealer went to $23,100.00. This also included the $500.00 Hyundai loyalty rebate. I also finance with Hyundai Motor Finance for 1.9% over 72 months. I gave up the $1,000 rebate from Hyundai by doing this. I paid title tax and tags out of pocket.
  • Purchased a 2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited I4 with navigation for 21K + Tax+ DMV+Doc fee (55) (Bay area). I am not sure if the price is good and the vehicle quality. However, the edmunds forum information has been a good part of my decision towards this purchase. Thanks for all the postings.
  • dovid2dovid2 Posts: 90
    Congratulations on your new Sonata. I got the same car in April for $21.7, so I think you did pretty well. As for the quality, I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. We've had four Hyundais in the last nine years and each has been great.
    One Web reviewer said this of the Sonata: "It feels like a quality car, and not in a cheap way". By which I assumed he meant it felt like Hyundai had not used cheap measures in the car in an effort to imitate quality.
  • Hello folks, sorry for replying kind of late to your post I just found it and would like
    to add a little information for the people who are may be looking at new Sonatas.
    We all know by now the 2010 has very little or no change from the 2009. I bought
    a new 2009 SE V6 in July this year with all the standard SE equipment plus a few
    add on's like mud guards, body striping, all floor mats including trunk, and a extra
    window tinting on top of the standard solar glass.No bluetooth or navigation in it
    (don't want it, don't need it).
    The MSRP on the sticker was $25,096. I don't know what extra options I could have
    got on it even if I wanted them. Compared to the V6 Limited @ $27,665. thats a huge difference $2569. I'm not disputing the $400. difference at your dealership but
    that is a ridicules price for the SE V6 considering Edmunds, KBB, etc has MSRP
    listed at under $25,000. If that is what they told you the difference was, it would be
    hard for me to believe anything else they say.
  • Wondering if anyone can give me an idea what a Base GLS 5spd 2010 Sonata may go for? I am looking for the entry level 5 speed, a second car for the family. Any help would be appreciated and any links to specials would also help. Fitzmall did not seem to be particulary cheap.

    Thanks in advance!

  • mobo137:

    I snagged my '09 GLS manual for $14,500 OTD back in April. You probably won't be able to get anywhere near that kind of price for a '10 any time soon. In fact, I wouldn't expect to be able to get a great price on the '10 until some time in the spring or even summer of '10.

    Once the newly redesigned '11s start showing up on the dealship lots, I'd expect a HUGE price drop on the '10s, as most people will want the new design.

    Do any of your local dealers have 09 GLS Sonatas in stock? You should be able to get a great price on those now.

    If I had to guess what a base model '10 Sonata GLS manual would be going for right now, I'd say $17,700 - $18,500 would be considered a great deal.

    I hope that helps.
  • dca4dca4 Posts: 5
    does anyone have an idea what's a good price on the 2010 i4 Limited? i got a quote for $21,500 +TTL (no navigation). MSRP is 25,700 including destination charge.
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