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2013 and Earlier - Hyundai Sonata Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • u shouldn't have i think...once the contract is signed, they couldnt force you to give the car back.. if i was you, i would have told them i am driving on vacation for a month and will give the car back on return :)

    even now if u only verbally agreed, u may have a chance to back out and just continue paying what was agreed in writing.
  • usfarbuo1usfarbuo1 Posts: 35
    don't forget contacting hyundai headquarters-you can contact them on their website. i have a feeling they would be very interested in this.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    I think they can force you to bring the car back... The contract isn't final until the bank accepts it...

    If it were me, I'd never have agreed to a higher rate.... When they find out you are willing to bring the car back, most times they will eat the rate increase (assuming they have to)..


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  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    I did, they said right off the bat, they just build cars they do not sell them. She told me to talk to the manager of the dealership, i said he was the one who did this, she just repeated again............Hyundai can not do anything about it.

    Hyundai does not care.
  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    Question is what should i do if they call again? I already agreed to new rate so to hell with it, i fear they will pull it off again.

    Also how can i findout if they already filed my paperwork so i can finally move on.
  • rick2456rick2456 Posts: 320
    You can always do your own financing. My credit union offers 2.75% financing (up to 60 months (associated credit union)). I only went with hyundai for the 1.9% (36 months). But like a previous poster mentioned, what interest rate is quoted on the papers you and the dealer signed. That is the interest rate they and you are legally obligated to honor.
  • bluepbluep Posts: 29
    the rate i signed was 2.9 for 63 months.witha annual rate of 2.540 if this will help you? this was for a 2012sonata se loaded,turbo and all.
  • azureskyazuresky Posts: 11
    Finally did it!! 2012 Sonata Limited (ipod cable, cargo net & floor mats) Black on Black.
    Purchase price of 26,850,+fees (Costco price) 2.3% for 60 months (BofA). It drives like a dream and
    its so pretty. We're happy! :)
  • tman8thtman8th Posts: 2
    Just purchased Harbor Gray, with gray leather seats, carpeted floor mats, cargo net, roadside
    emergency kit. Think I got a good deal at $26,150 plus tax and fees. MSRP was $27,295
    Great car, glad I bought it. Traded in a 7 year Camry SE, what a difference. Quality Hyundai
    gives you and price beats Toyota.
  • azureskyazuresky Posts: 11
    Forgot to add, it has navigation
  • mtnman1mtnman1 Central OhioPosts: 431
    edited July 2011
    My Brother-In-Law in Pittsburgh has never considered a Hyundai. Loyal Honda owner. Just bought a 2012 Sonata Limited 2.4 Harbor Grey with Cargo Net, Carpeted Floor Mats, Mud Guards, and Wheel Locks. Had 271 miles on it because it was used by a Salesman for two weeks. Out the Door for $26,000 which includes Fees and Pa tax of 7%. Said he paid about $24,000 before the Fees and Taxes. What a deal! He was ecstatic when he called me last night.
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  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    How long does it take to receive a permanent registration, I got my car on 7/13/2011, today is 22nd, should I have received my perm registration already.

    I was so scarred by the treatment at the dealership I am afraid they may pull something else, so just waiting until registration and first bill come.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,724
    Do you have 30 day temporary tags? If so, expect your permanent plates in about 29 days... ;)


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  • seaurchinseaurchin Posts: 57
    I have permanent plates and temporary registration. I guess same 29 days.

  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 143
    I'm in Southern California and looking to a get 2012 Sonata GLS/ES with Automatic. What is the best price I get on one of these cars right now? The MSRP on these are $21,455 for GLS and $23,855 for ES. shows a dealer cost of $20,175 for GLS and $22,164 for ES.

    The best prices on there are $22,357 for the ES and $20,296 for the GLS. Are those pretty much what I should be aiming for as far as prices is concerned?

    I don't know right now if I want to lease or purchase, but is there any further incentive on if I choose one over the other?

    Any feedback from those with recent purchases?

  • ben1986ben1986 Posts: 9
    i think i got a good deal today.... i wanted a better deal on my trade in but got a goood deal on car so im fine with it...
    im just wondering if anybody got a better deal than $24,359 excluding ttl. It came with wheel locks and carpet floor mats. bought it with cash and got $10,000 on my trade in..
    TTL was about 2k..

  • bluepbluep Posts: 29
    do not know but i would say a least two weeks,i have not got mine yet and i bought my car on the 8th.of july.
  • carguy141carguy141 Posts: 1
    Would you mind giving me the name of the dealership?? Thanks!
  • shaneg4413shaneg4413 Posts: 2
    edited July 2011
    Hi Car_Man,

    Could you please provide me with the MF and Residual for the 2012 Hyundai Sonata
    Limited 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 6A) for both 12k and 15k?

    Also, if you could provide the invoice on the car, that would be great. I believe that the invoice is $26,252, but I'm confused if that includes navi and other options? Any direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally, I've read conflicting reports on the cash back available for 2012 Sonata. The dealer is telling me that there is only $500 cash available. Please clarify.

    Thanks in advance!
  • mike08807mike08807 Posts: 2
    I'm looking for a 2012 Sonata GLS with Popular package and carpeted mats. I can't get any dealers to give me the out-the-door price over the internet, just a bunch of promises if I come in they'll give me a great deal. Anybody out there buy one recently? If not this exact one, how much under dealer invoice did you pay? What about advertising and documentation fees? I appreciate the help.
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    Just purchased one in northern Virginia, 2012 Sonata GLS with popular package, no mats, and they matched the best in writing internet price that I received which was located in Baltimore Maryland. The first and only quote from the Baltimore dealer was $700 below invoice with a $199 processing fee which is capped by Maryland state law. It did take me three days of talking with the northern Virginia dealer to match that price, but I would have driven the 70 miles if needed. Good luck!
  • sjmpsjmp Posts: 3
    About to start looking for 2012 ES Turbo - no options. Is true car realisitic? Would I be better off waiting for labor day sales? if the dealer does not have what i want and they have to order the car - do people still negotiate?

    On my trade-in: can I use kelly's bb to use as a realistic price or do dealers use something different? And does the price depend on the dealer vs. national trade in value?

    And when negotiating does it really matter to negotiate the price of the car before discussing the trade in?

    Thanks - SP
  • warren65warren65 Posts: 2
    Hi i purchased a 2011 hyundai gls with power seat, electronic mirror, mud guards and cargo net. the dealer price was $20850. I had a honda crv 2008 for a trade. In florida dealers charge dealer fees of $600. plus 7% tax and about $150 of paper work fees. i should of done better, but i got almost $15000 trade which saved me about $1000 in taxes. I wound up paying about $7100 out the door. If you dont have a trade shoot for $19900 and see what happens. you can always walk hope this helps big w in florida
  • mrtrancemrtrance Posts: 143
    What was the MSRP and your price for the car?
  • tjxtjx Posts: 32
    MSRP GLS Automatic, $20,695, plus popular pkg. $750, plus destination $760 or total MSRP: $22,205. Invoice $21,264. My price $20564 plus $199 processing add on fee(capped by Maryland state law)...Final price $20763 plus sales tax, title, tags, etc that were required which will vary depending on which state you live in.
  • ed_mundsoned_mundson Posts: 1
    edited July 2011
    2012 SE Turbo w/Nav. Went to dealer today and they put an order in since they were out of Sonatas. Sale price was for $1,000 below invoice.

    I tried TrueCar and I guessed it helped. Dealer contacted me with offer after I got a TrueCar quote.
    Good Luck
  • mseccmsecc Posts: 5
    edited July 2011
    Well, I have the 2nd post on this thread, and now the 7940th post. This is now my 3rd Sonata, the first one bought in 2001 (a 2002 model - that I totaled in 2009). The second bought as a replacement of the one I totaled (same 2002 make and model with a couple of different options - that I still have). Now this one (to replace my wife's Mazda MPV). We decided to try living with two family sedans instead of having one and a SUV/CUV/MV, we'll see how this goes and then we'll decide what to replace the 2002 Sonata with in the next 2 years (I hope).

    Anyways, I knew I wanted a 2012 and not a 2011. I knew that I needed either a GLS with the POP package or the Limited Turbo 2.0 since my wife needed power seats (small woman) and we both do not like the stiffness of the SE (nothing wrong just preference). We have always driven 6 cyl cars so that is why we were interested in the 2.0.

    I wanted to purchase through my local dealer which I've always found fair and pleasant (Key Hyundai in Milford, CT), but they did not have the car we wanted. Finally last Wednesday a GLS POP package came in and we put a deposit down to hold it (Pearl Blue with Grey) - the deal wasn't that great on it. They were insisting on MSRP because of the demand. I had gotten quotes from numerous dealers in the North East, used Costco pricing, and and got them to offer $800 under MSRP (I was settling after shopping for about a week). Then Thursday morning Wayne Hyundai in Wayne, NJ called and said they had just gotten in the 2012 Limited 2.0T Grey on Grey if I was interested... They offered $800 below invoice through (MSRP on this car was $29.050 - included cargo mat and floor mats). I was dealing with their internet sales person named Kristina Gorgovski (let me know if I need to delete this name). Personally I thought this was framing up to be something unpleasant since it seemed to good of a deal at this time in the life cycle of this new car. I'm a nervous type of guy when it comes to big decisions, I must of asked 20 times if there were other "dealer fees" or "catches", and they promised me no. So that day (Thursday) asked me to put a $1,000 non refundable deposit on the car (which didn't make feel great - because they also didn't have the greatest reviews online - I will be giving the a positive one), but they ended up not actually processing it (their mistake)(I also cancelled my deposit on the GLS with Key Hyundai but made them aware that I will still service my car their because of their effort). I made Wayne Hyundai aware that I could only pick up the car on Saturday since they were in NJ and I was in CT. Once I made the deposit, the sale got transferred to Fernando. I wanted to get as much done over the internet that I offered to submit my CT registration on my current Hyundai for the $500 loyalty rebate, my DD214 to try and get the $500 military rebate, and to fill out a credit form to see if they could match or beat my current rate I had been offered, but they did not take me up on that offer (all of this was done at my Saturday 9AM appointment - which now that I think about it, it is a great time to make an appointment because they were crazy busy - there were no "hard sell" upgrades).

    I went down there Saturday morning with my wife and daughter. I got there about 20 minutes late. Fernando got me in, reviewed my paperwork, I filled out their credit form. Then we took a test drive (my wife and I both drove it). Fernando was a great guy, really put us at ease, seemed to know exactly what he was doing and was well organized. Went back to the office and sat with Travis the finance guy. Was approved for their 3.99% 60 month offer (I should have applied for the 2.49% offer through PenFed). Was told that I didn't qualify for the military rebate because my 8 years was spent with the Army Reserves and not Active Army (I knew that was a possibility but tried anyways). Travis tried to up sell me some protection packages but was easy about it. We did decide to purchase the tire and rims protection for 5 years. The 18" tires and alloy rims are very expensive, one claim will pay for itself (my wife and I have terrible luck with tires). At first I thought they were trying to add an etching fee to my bill, but they reduced the invoice my that amount... The only "surprise" fees were $5.00 online processing fee and a $99 Credit Inquiry Fee.

    Here's the break down of the invoice (2012 Sonata Limited 2.0T Grey with Grey, Floor mats, Cargo Mat):
    Price of Unit: $25,000
    Tire and Wheel Coverage: $595
    Window Etching: $299
    Total Cost of Car and Coverage: $25,894

    CT Sales tax (6.375%): $1676.18
    Online Processing Fee: $5
    Credit Inquiry Fee: $99
    CT Registration Fee: $299
    Dealer Doc Fee: $399
    Loyalty Rebate: -$500

    Total OTD price: $27,872.18

    After documents were signed, Fernando brought us back to the car and did a complete walkthrough. Hooked up both of our phones. Showed us Blue Link. It was detailed with a full talk of gas. Fernando was a busy guy but gave us all the attention we requested.

    200 miles on the car, my display says I'm averaging 39 MPG (mostly highway).

    I'm feeling good....
  • chuck1chuck1 Posts: 1,405
    edited August 2011
    "The 18" tires and alloy rims are very expensive, one claim will pay for itself (my wife and I have terrible luck with tires)"

    You could have called your auto insurance company and covered the wheels for a TINY FRACTION of what the dealer charged you.

    And what does a tire cost - no more than $200.00?

    The $595.00 is a complete and total ripoff for 5 years of coverage. Who underwrites this coverage? The dealer or an insurance company? If an insurance company, WHO? What is their rating- "A","AA, or "AAA", OR LESS?

    The $299.00 is window etching of the VIN number? OK-somebody steals your car and parts everything out except for the windows.

    Another ripoff charge.

    Enjoy your new car - your happy that is all that matters.
  • mseccmsecc Posts: 5
    You're right about the tires... A little buyers remorse there... I will have to see if there is an option to cancel.

    The etching was done and wasn't an actual charge. They reduced the price of the car by the $299.

    The price should have been $25, 299 instead of $25,000.

    I just put all of the info out there for others to digest. I'm not claiming I got the best deal or anything.
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